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Kigar Realty & Auction
Clarene's Doll Auction #2 - April 25th Starts to Close at 8:00 p.m. @10 lots per minute

Item Description
1.Star Wars - Disturbance at Lars Homestead
2.High School Musical 2 - Taylor and Chad
3.High School Musical 3 - Ryan and Kelsi
4.High School Musical 2 - Sharpay and Ryan
5.High School Musical 2 - Sharpay and Ryan
6.High School Musical 3 - Gabriella Sings
7.High School Musical 3 - Tiara and Sharpay
8.High School Musical 3 - Troy and Gabriella
9.High School Musical 3 - Troy and Gabriella (duplicate)
10.High School Musical 3 - Sharpay and Zeke
11.High School Musical 3 - Troy Bolton
12.High School Musical - Gabriella
13.High School Musical - Gabriella
14.High School Musical Gabriella (Duplicate)
15.High School Musical 3 - Gabriella
16.Desperate Housewives - Bree van de Kamp
17.Desperate Housewives - Gabrielle Solis
18.18 Desperate Housewives - Edie Britt
19.Desperate Housewives - Edie Britt (stained/damaged box)
20.The Waltons - Johnboy and Ellen
21.The Waltons - Mom and Pop
22.The Waltons - Grandma and Grandpa
23.The Waltons - Johnboy and Ellen
24.Ballerina Barbie Outfits by Mattel 
25.Ballerina Barbie Outfits by Mattel
26.Ballerina Barbie Outfits by Mattel
27.Ballerina Barbie Outfits by Mattel
28.Ballerina Barbie Outfits by Mattel
29.Ballerina Barbie Outfits by Mattel
30.Ballerina Barbie Outfits by Mattel
31.Ballerina Barbie Outfits by Mattel
32.Ballerina Barbie Outfits by Mattel
33.Ballerina Barbie Outfits by Mattel
34.Barbie Collection - My Favorite Career teacher
35.Barbie Collection - My Favorite Career Nurse
36.Barbie Collection - Bewitched
37.Barbie Collection - Alfred Hitchcock's “The Birds
38.Barbie Collection - The Wizard of Oz Glinda, The Good Witch
39.Ken as the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz
40.Barbie as Dorothy The Wizard of Oz
41.Barbie as Dorothy the Wizard of Oz (Duplicate)
42.Barbie as Glinda The Wizard of Oz
43.Winkie Guard and Winged Monkey The Wizard of Oz
44.Ken as Tin Man The Wizard of Oz
45.Barbie Collection - Scarecrow The Wizard of Oz
46.Barbie Collection - Tin Man The Wizard of Oz
47.Barbie Collection Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz
48.Barbie Collection - Dorothy the Wizard of Oz
49.Barbie Collection - Dorothy the Wizard of Oz (Duplicate)
50.Barbie Collection - Dorothy The Wizard of Oz
51.Barbie Collection - Dorothy The Wizard of Oz
52.Lord of the Rings - GALADRIEL
53.Barbie as Snowflake The Nutcracker
54.Barbie King Dominick the Prince and the Pauper
55.Barbie Princess Anneliese the Princess and the Pauper
56.Barbie Princess Anneliese the Princess and the Pauper (Duplicate)
57.Barbie Batgirl
58.Barbie Poison Ivy
59.Barbie Superman Returns Lois Lane
60.Barbie Cat Woman
61.Barbie Marvel ELEKTRA
62.Barbie Sesame Street Barbie and Elmo
63.Disney Mary Poppins Jane and Michael Barbie Collector
64.Disney Mary Poppins Bert Barbie Collector
65.Disney Mary Poppins Jane and Michael Barbie Collector (duplicate)
66.Disney Mary Poppins Barbie Collector
67.Disney Mary Poppins Jane and Michael Barbie Collector (Duplicate)
68.High School Musical 3 - Disney Set Kelsi, Sharpay, Gabriella, Taylor
69.Barbie Collector’s Edition Doll Series II Little Debbie
70.Barbie Collector’s Edition Doll Series III Little Debbie
71.Barbie Skipper 50th Anniversary
72.Disney Prince Charming from Cinderella
73.Barbie Fantasy Tales Ken as Fairy Tale Prince
74.2015 Holiday Barbie
75.2015 Holiday Barbie (Duplicate)
76.Barbie Hollywood Legends Collection - Barbie as Scarlet O'Hara
77.Barbie Hollywood Legends Collection - Barbie as Scarlet O'Hara
78.Hollywood Legends Collection - Starring Ken as Rhett Butler
79.One Direction Louis Tomlinson
80.One Direction - Zayn
81.One Direction - Liam
82.One Direction - Harry
83.One Direction - Niall
84.One Direction - Louis
85.Betsy McCall Betsy's Family
86.Bell Doll Designed Exclusively for Telephone Pioneers of America
87.Presenting “ZuZu” Karolyn Grimes from It's a Wonderful Life
88.Collectible Doll by MENN Britney Spears (stained box)
89.Star Trek - Mr. Spock
90.Star Trek - Ilia
91.Moonraker - Drax
92.Moonraker - Drax (Duplicate)
93.Moonraker - Holly
94.Moonraker - James Bond (Damaged Box, Stained Pockets)
95.Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Set of 3 Action Figures – Willow Rosenberg, Buffy Summers, Daniel “Oz” Osbourne
96.Space Academy - Tee Gar Soon and Chris Gentry (damaged/missing hands)
97.NSYNC - Chris
98.NSYNC - Chris (Duplicate)
99.NSYNC - Joey
100.MC Hammer (Damaged Box)
101.Madame Alexander - Ugly Betty
102.Kathy Collection - Porcelain Music Doll
103.Coquette Jackie - IMAX 39095
104.Grace Kelly Appearing as Princess Alexandria in the Show
105.A Portrait of Vanna White
106.Aaron Carter Doll
107.Jeffrey 12-inch Pose-able Figure with Movable Arms and Legs
108.John Travolta #610
109.Blossom Joey Russo
110.Barbie Pink Label - Barbra Streisand
111.Barbie Collectibles - Diana Ross
112.Barbie Pink Label - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
113.Barbie Pink Label - The Carol Burnett Show, Went with the Wind
114.Barbie Pink Label - Reba
115.Barbie Pink Label - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
116.Starting Lineup, Timeless Legends: Arnold Palmer
117.Dorothy Hammill and Her Ice-Skating Rink
118.Tiger Woods, 2000 US Open Champion
119.Roger Clemens - Houston Astros
120.Cooperstown Collection - Lou Garrett: New York Yankees
121.Starting Lineup - Mike Piazza, Derek Jeter, Dante Bichette
122.Abbott and Costello - Who's on First: The classic comedy routine, with cassette tape
123.PNC Park Exclusive - Bobble head, Doumet, Duke and Duffy
124.Dream Dolls - Melissa Diana and Holly
125.Aaron Carter Doll
126.Baywatch - Pose-able Fashion Doll, Lieutenant Mitch Buchanan
127.Vanna White Doll
128.Paramount Pictures Presents - Audrey Hepburn Collection
129.Spice Girls - Posh
130.Spice Girls - Victoria Adams
131.Spice Girls - Melanie Chisolm
132.Princess Diana and Prince Charles of Wales Royal Wedding Collection
133.Xena Warrior Princess - When in Rome, Roman Xena
134.Xena Warrior Princess - Warlords Senior
135.The Godfather - Talking Wacky Wobbler Bobble Head
136.Timeless Treasures - Elvis in the White Eagle Jumpsuit
137.The Hardy Boys - Parker Stevenson Playing Frank Hardy
138.The Hardy Boys - Shaun Cassidy Playing Joe Hardy
139.Dorothy Hammill and her Ice-Skating Rink
140.The Hardy Boys - Joe and Frank Hardy, Kenner 1978
141.LeAnn Rimes
142.Dolly Parton Doll
143.Laverne and Shirley Dolls
144.G.I. Joe Classic Collection - Bob Hope
145.The Prince of Egypt - Moses
146.Our Family Time - Jesse from Toy Story
147.White Christmas - Betty Haynes and Bob Wallace
148.White Christmas - Phil Davis, Betty Haynes
149.The Witch - Samantha Fashion Doll
150.The Cheetah Girls - Concert Fashion Collection
151.It's A Wonderful Life - George Bailey, Mary Bailey, Clarence Angel
152.James Dean - Rebel Rouser Dean
153.James Dean - Rebel Rouser Dean
154.Marilyn Monroe Collector Series - An American Beauty Classic
155.The Vanna White Limited Edition Doll
156.Disney - The Incredibles: The Incredible Mr. Incredible
157.Star Wars Episode One - Queen Amadala, Red Senate Gown
158.Star Wars Action Figures
159.Star Wars Action Figures
160.Star Wars Action Figures
161.Star Wars Action Figures
162.Star Wars Action Figures
163.Star Wars Action Figures
164.Star Wars Action Figures
165.Star Wars Action Figures
166.Star Wars Episode One - Electronic Talking Darth Maul
167.Star Wars Episode One - Electronic Talking Jar-jar Binks
168.Star Wars - Queen Amadala: Royal Elegance
169.Star Wars Episode One - Jar-Jar Binks
170.Star Wars - Princess Lea Ceremonial Gown
171.Star Wars Episode One - Beautiful Braids Padme
172.Star Wars - Master Yoda Talking Doll
173.Star Wars - Master Yoda Fortune-Teller, Master Yoda Miniature Nutcracker
174.Star Wars - Cutaway Millennium Falcon
175.Star Wars Millennium Falcon Action Spaceship
176.Star Wars - Luke Skywalker (Empty Box in Good Condition)
177.Star Wars - Interactive Story-Telling Jedi Master
179.Star Trek Generations - Action Figures, Data and Guinan
180.Star Trek: The Next Generation - Data and Captain Picard
181.Star Trek: The Next Generation - Lieutenant Worf Action Figure, Guinan, Lieutenant Troi, and Locutus of Borg action figures
182.Hercules, The Legendary Journey, Olympus Games, Disney's Hercules, Fashion Secrets, McGara
183.Disney's Enchanted - Robert
184.Barbie: Black Label - 75th Anniversary Gone With the Wind - Scarlet O'Hara
185.Barbie: Black Label - 75th Anniversary Gone with the Wind - Rhett Butler
186.Barbie Hollywood Legendary Collectibles - Barbie as the Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady
187.Barbie Hollywood Legendary Collectibles - Ken is Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady
188.Barbie Hollywood Legendary Collectibles - Ken is Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady
189.Barbie Hollywood Legendary Collectibles - Barbie as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady
190.barbie Hollywood Legendary Collectibles - Barbie as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady
191.40th Anniversary Barbie
192.2008 Holiday Barbie
193.Barbie Collectibles - Mann's Chinese Theater
194.Angel at Peace Barbie
195.Married with Children - Al, Kelly and Bud
196.Happy Days - Mrs. Cunningham and Joanie
196A.Happy Days - Fonzie, Chachi and Fonzie in Falcon Jacket
196B.Happy Days - Potsie
196C.Happy Days- Fonzie
197.Happy Days - Fearless Fonzarelli and Al
197A.Happy Days - Potsie, Richie
197B.Happy Days - Fonzie
197C.Happy Days Play Set featuring the Fonz
198.Happy Days - Fonzi in Mechanics Outfit and Mr. C
198A.Happy Days - Fonzie, Ralph Malph
198B.Happy Days - Richie
198C.Happy Days - Potsie
199.Fonzi Jumps Sharks and Joanie
199A.Happy Days - Ralph Malph, Richie
199B.Happy Days - Potsie
200.The Brady Bunch - Mrs. Brady and Bobby
201.The Brandy Bunch - Mrs. Brady and Marsha
202.The Brandy Bunch - Cindy and Jan
203.The Brandy Bunch - Alice and Greg
204.Isis 8" Action Figure (1976)
205.Ghostbusters - Winston Zedemore
206.Houdini Action Figure
207.Houdini Action Figure
208.Warriors of Virtue - Willy Beest and Elysia
209.Oscar Wilde Action Figure, Charles Dickens Dickens, William Shakespeare
210.RoboCop, Madigan, Robocop's partner, Men in black, flame blasting Jay
211.Annie Oakley action figure, Jane Austen
212.Platoon action figures, Private Chris Taylor, Private Gator Lerner
213.Heroes of the American Revolution, Nathan Hale and Benjamin Franklin
214.Heroes of the American Revolution - Patrick Henry, John Paul Jones
215.Heroes of the American Revolution - Marquis de Lafayette, Paul Revere, and empty box of Daniel Boone
216.Norman Rockwell - N R Crisfield MD
217.Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen - Mary Kate
218.Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen - Ashley
219.Archies, Jughead and Veronica
220.Debbie Boone
221.Debbie Boone
222.Diana Ross
223.Disney - Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas
224.MC Hammer and Exclusive Cassette Tape
225.Barbie Collectibles - 2000 Barbie
226.Barbie Collection - Dianne Carroll as Julia
227.Blossom, Blossom and Joey Russo (damaged boxes)
228.Barbie - Wedding Day Kelly and Todd
229.Elizabeth Taylor in Father of the Bride - Elizabeth Taylor Collection
230.Barbie, Victorian I Skater Special Edition
231.The Apprentice - Trump Talking Doll
232.Spiderman, Mary Jane, 12” Fashion Doll
233.Barbie - Blossom Beauty Mulan
234.Kermit the Frog
235.Barbie - Disney Princess, Jasmine
236.Barbie - Disney princess, Jasmine
237.Barbie - Blossom Beauty Mulan
238.Disney Princess - Blossom Beauty Mulan
239.Barbie the Island Princess - Luciana
240.Barbie as the Island Princess
241.Barbie is the Island Princess - Prince Antonio
242.Barbie - Rapunzel's Wedding, Prince Stefan
243.Disney - The Little Mermaid, Prince Eric
244.Barbie - The Diamond Castle
245.Barbie - Mariposa
246.Disney - Princess Flynn Rider
247.Barbie - Holiday Angel
248.Disney - The Little Mermaid: Prince Eric
250.The Little Mermaid - Story Collection
251.Cinderella Story Collection
252.Beauty and the Beast Story Collection
253.Sofia the First, Sophia and Royal Vanity
254.Narnia - The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe Figurines
255.The Disney Fairies - Tinker Bell and Friends
255A.Dora and Friends - Emma Magic Adventure Charms, Kate Magic Adventure Charms
256.The Smurfs - Smurf Village Construction Adventure Pack Seven Pieces
257.Cabbage Patch Kids - OlympiKids Collectibles
258.Disney: Frozen - Complete Story Set
259.Disney: Frozen - Figurine Set
260.Disney Princess - Figurine Playset
261.Rugrats - Pickles Family Winter Time
262.Peanuts - A Charlie Brown Christmas, Mini Figure Clip on Collection
263.Peanuts - A Charlie Brown Christmas, Lucy Van Pelt, Charlie Brown
264.Christina Marie, Elf Fun with Pop-in-Kans, Hide and Seek Family Fun
265.The Wiggles - Anthony
266.The Wiggles - Murray
267.The Wiggles - Jeff
268.The Wiggles - Greg
269.The Wiggles - Action Figures
270.Disney Hero Pack - Jake Neverland Pirates
271.Little Miss Marker - Sarah Stimson
272.Little Miss Marker - Sarah Stimson
273.Upper Deck - Muhammad Ali, 1965 world heavyweight champion
274.Gilligan’s Island - Gilligan
275.Gilligan’s Island - The Professor
276.Gilligan’s Island - The Skipper
277.Kelly, Sweet Phil, Peppermint Girl, Nutcracker, Detective Tommy, Be Mine
278.Enchanted Amy Adams as Gisselle
279.Taylor Swift
280.Sabrina the Teenage Witch
281.Disney Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen - The Princess and the Frog
282.Disney Princess, Beautiful Rose, Transform Prince into Beast,
283.Winx Club - Bloom and sky
284.Puffy Ami Yumi
285.Superman Returns
286.Quints 5 Times the Fun, Party Time, 5 Tiny Baby Dolls
287.Barbie Collectibles - Goldilocks and the Three Bears
288.101 Dalmatians - Cruella Deville,
289.Barbie Collectibles - Starring Barbie in King Kong
290.Barbie as Veronica
291.Barbie as Betty
292.Skipper as Velma in Scooby Doo
293.Skipper as Velma in Scooby Doo
294.Prince Ken
295.Wedding Day Midge
296.Prince Ken
297.Austin Powers Doll, Austin Powers Action Figure
298.Barbie Collectibles - Cher
299.Barbie Gold Label Collectibles - Campus Sweetheart
300.Barbie - Alice in Wonderland, The Queen of Hearts
301.Barbie - Alice in Wonderland: The Mad Hatter
302.Alice in Wonderland
303.Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments - Barbie, friendship, fashion, and fun
304.Disney Classics - Alice in Wonderland
305.Disney - Alice in Wonderland and the Cheshire cat
306.Barbie as Rapunzel
307.Barbie as NASCAR Race Car Driver
308.Snow Princess Barbie
309.Millennium Crystal Barbie
310.Barbie - Every Girls Dream
311.Barbie - Magic Pegasus, Rayla the Cloud Queen
312.Barbie - Magic Pegasus, Prince Aidan
313.Barbie - Magic Pegasus, Brietta
314.iCarly - Carly Shay
314A.The King and I, Musical Tuptim and Tusker, Playmates
315.Wizard of Oz - Munchkins Barbie Collector
316.Wizard of Oz - Action Figures
316A.Wizard of Oz - Action Figures
316B.Wizard of Oz - Action Figures
316C.Wizard of Oz - Action Figures
317.Wizard of Oz - Tommy as Lollipop Munchkin and Mayor Munchkin
318.Wizard of Oz - Tommy as Lollipop Munchkin and Kelly as Lullaby Munchkin
319.Barbie - Swan Lake as Odette
320.Barbie as the Swan Queen in Swan Lake
321.Barbie - Odette and the Swan in Swan Lake
322.Barbie - Odette and the swan in Swan Lake
323.Barbie - Swan Lake Prince Daniel
324.Barbie in the 12 dancing princesses, Princess Genevieve
325.Barbie in the 12 dancing princesses, Princess Genevieve
326.Barbie as the Island Princess
327.Barbie as The Island Princess
328.Barbie as The Island Princess
329.Barbie - 12 Dancing Princesses, Princess Isla and Hadley
330.Playmates - The King and I Musical: Tuptim and Tusket
331.International Velvet, Sara Velvet Brown
332.Pillow Talk Barbie
333.Drew Carey
334.Drew Carey
335.Miracle on 34th Street Kris Kringle and little girl
336.The Good Luck Pony Pose-able Doll
337.The King and I Magic Dancing Anna and the King
338.Ballerina Cara and Ballerina Barbie
339.Baywatch Ocean Lifeguard
340.Barbie - Star Trek Barbie and Ken
341.Millennium Crystal Barbie
342.Barbie - Angel of Joy
343.Barbie - A Christmas Carol
344.Barbie - Coca-Cola Barbie
345.Barbie - Coca-Cola Barbie Cheerleader
346.Disney - Mary Poppins, Jolly Holiday Editions
347.Disney - Mary Poppins
348.Disney - Mary Poppins, Jane and Michael
349.Ella Cinders
350.First Lady: Laura Bush
351.Genuine Ballerina - Polynesian Doll
352.Walt Disney - Cinderella Special Edition, KB Toys
353.Suzanne Gibson Dolls from Reeves International, Little Miss Muffet, 7000
354.Baby Doll
355.Girl Doll
356.Originals International
357.Karen - A Bride of Denmark
358.Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End - Will Turner, Animated Jack, and Jack Sparrow action figure
359.Ballerina - Porcelain ballerina, Set of Two
360.Disney Princess - Snow White
361.Disney - Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Dopey and Happy
362.Disney - Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Bashful and Sleepy
363.Disney - Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Sneezy and Doc
364.Disney - Snow White, The Queen
365.Disney - Snow White, Snow White
366.Disney - Snow White, The Witch
367.Disney - Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, The Prince
368.Heart Chair
369.Bicycle and Bench
370.Coca-Cola Swing
371.Coca-Cola Bench
373.Barbie - Mini Kingdom Ornaments, Barbie in the Nutcracker, 3x
374.Storybook Dolls
375.Storybook Dolls - Nancy Ann
376.Storybook Dolls
377.Gnome Family
378.Jollie Follies - Snowman Nativity
379.Clever Finger Dolls - The Monkees
382.Peggy Nisbet, HRH Prince Andrew P1034, Princess Ferguson
383.Vogue Dolls - Ginny
385.Suzanne Gibson by Reeves International
386.Suzanne Gibson by Reeves International
387.The Ashton-Drake Galleries - Tommy the Clown
388.Mark Roberts - Nutcracker Fairy 16”
389.Gustel Wied-Doll
390.1890’s Bell System Operator Doll White Doll with Auburn hair
392.Treasury Collection Paradise Galleries Porcelain Doll
393.Treasury Collection Paradise Galleries Porcelain Doll
394.Treasury Collection Paradise Galleries porcelain doll
395.Effanbee - Kewpie Doll
399.Loretta Lynn
405.Duck House Heirloom Dolls
408.Kimberly Doll
409.Effanbee - WC Fields and Mae West
410.Marilyn Monroe, 18”
411.First Ladies - Suzann Gibson by Reeves International
412.Bitty Baby - American Girl
414.Barbie - Star Trek Barbie and Ken Giftset
415.Disney Toy Story - Jessie and Buzz Lightyear
416.Disney Toy Story - Jessie and Sheriff Woody
417.Disney Toy Story - Jessie and Sheriff Woody
418.Disney Toy Story - Jessie, Sheriff Woody, and Bullseye
419.Small Fry, Easter Play Figure
420.Charlies Angel Doll Set with Case
421.Little Debbie Doll - 75th Anniversary, 1980
422.Ring Bearer and Flower Girl
423.Peggy Nisbet - Prince Charles, Flora MacDonald
424.Peggy Nisbet - Paul Revere
425.Peggy Nisbet - Sir Francis Drake, Kin Louis XV (stained shoes), Queen Matilda, Unknown (no boxes)
426.Peggy Nisbet - Ronald Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt, Uncle Sam, Unknown (no boxes)
427.Peggy Nisbet - Prince Charles, Queen Victoria, Prince Philip, Lady Diana Spencer, Guard (no boxes)
428.Peggy Nisbet - Sherlock Holmes, Judy Garland, Peter Bull, Pearly King, Stewardess (no boxes)
429.Peggy Nisbet - Margaret of Anjou, Princess Anne, Lord Mayor of London, Unknown (no boxes)
430.Peggy Nisbet - Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth, Mrs. Wallis Simpson, Pearly Queen (soiled/stained shawl train) (no boxes)
431.Camp Rock - Shane
432.Sesame Street - Tickle Me Elmo, Tyco
433.Teddy Bear
434.Miss Sunbeam, 1970
435.Pair of Ethnic Dolls
436.Pair of Ethnic Dolls (Missing One Wooden Shoe)
437.Pair of Ethnic Dolls
438.Pair of Ethnic Dolls
439.Pair of Ethnic Dolls
440.Set of Ethnic Dolls
441.Set of Ethnic Dolls
442.Set of Ethnic Dolls
443.Set of 11" Philippine Dolls, 1978, 1979
444.Set of Ethnic Dolls
445.Set of Ethnic Dolls
446.Set of Ethnic Dolls
447.Set of Ethnic Dolls
448.Set of Ethnic Dolls
449.Set of Ethnic Dolls
450.German Dolls
451.Set of Asian Dolls
452.Avon Dolls
453.Set of Ethnic Dolls
454.Set of Ethnic Dolls
455.Byers Choice Doll - Baitz (Holes in Orange Jacket)
456.Set of Ethnic Dolls
457.Suzanne Gibson Doll, Ethnic Doll
458.Set of Ethnic Dolls
459.Set of Ethnic Dolls
460.Set of Ethnic Dolls
461.Set of Ethnic Dolls
462.Set of Ethnic Dolls
463.Set of Ethnic Dolls
464.Set of Ethnic Dolls
465.Set of Ethnic Dolls
466.Set of Ethnic Dolls
467.Set of Ethnic Dolls
468.Set of Ethnic Dolls
469.Set of Ethnic Dolls
470.Set of Ethnic Dolls
471.Set of Ethnic Dolls
472.Set of Ethnic Dolls
473.Set of Ethnic Dolls
474.Set of Ethnic Dolls
475.Set of Ethnic Dolls
476.Set of Ethnic Dolls
477.Set of Ethnic Dolls
478.Set of Ethnic Dolls
479.Set of Ethnic Dolls
480.Set of Ethnic Dolls
481.Set of Ethnic Dolls
482.Set of Ethnic Dolls
483.Set of Ethnic Dolls
484.Korean Native Dolls
485.Set of Ethnic Dolls
486.Set of Ethnic Dolls
487.Set of Ethnic Dolls
488.8” Rossi Poland Wood Couple, Wooden boy and girl
489.Set of Ethnic Dolls
490.Set of Ethnic Dolls
491.Set of Ethnic Dolls - Sacagawea
492.The Little Dutch Girl
493.Set of Ethnic Dolls
494.Set of Ethnic Dolls
495.Set of Ethnic Dolls
496.Native American Doll
497.Native American Series Doll
498.Set of Ethnic Dolls
499.Danbury Mint Indian - Elke Hutchers 1993
500.Set of Ethnic Dolls
501.Alaskan Friends Eskimo Dolls
502.Set of Ethnic Dolls
503.Eskimo Doll
504.Set of Ethnic Dolls
505.Annalee - St. Patrick’s Day, End of the rainbow pot of gold mice
506.Annalee - A Christmas Carol Series
507.Annalee - A Christmas Carol Series
508.Annalee - A Christmas Carol Series
509.Annalee - Ornaments
510.Annalee - Ornaments
511.Annalee - Ornaments
512.Annalee - Halloween Pumpkin
513.Annalee - Ornaments
514.Annalee - Ornaments
515.Annalee - Ornaments
516.Annalee - Ornaments
517.Annalee - Ornaments
518.Annalee - Coca-Cola Christmas Gift and Decoration
519.Annalee - Ornaments
520.Annalee - 5" Woodland Owl, 2015 Exclusive, Skunk
521.Annalee - New Hampshire
522.Annalee - 7" Polar Bear and Donkey
523.Annalee - Figurines
524.Annalee - Christmas Giraffe and Lobster
525.Annalee - Wedding Day
526.Annalee - Figurines
527.Annalee - Ornaments
528.Annalee - Figurines
529.Annalee - Christmas Figurines
530.Annalee - Angel Figurines
531.Annalee - Chef and Octopus (stained hat on Octopus)
532.Annalee - Easter Bunny Figurines
533.Annalee - Fox and Raccoon Figurines
534.Annalee - A Christmas Carol Series
535.Annalee - A Christmas Carol Series
536.Annalee - Santa and Mrs. Claus in White Attire
537.Annalee - Elf and Reindeer in White Attire
538.Annalee - Figurines
539.Annalee - Figurines
540.Annalee - Figurines
541.Annalee - Figurines
542.Annalee - Easter Bunny and Chick figurines
543.Annalee - Santa and Mrs. Claus figurines
544.Annalee - Ornaments
545.Annalee - Figurines
546.Annalee - Flamingo and Elf Figurine
547.Annalee - Halloween Bat Dracula figurines
548.Annalee - Halloween Witch and Black Cat
549.Annalee - Halloween Figurines (stained shoe and page in book)
550.Annalee - Halloween Witch (has a discolored dress)
551.Annalee - Black Crow and Puffin Figurines
552.Annalee - Vulture figurine
553.Annalee - Camel and Donkey figurines
554.Annalee - Santa and Mrs. Claus Baker Figurines (small spots on apron and jacket)
555.Annalee - Elf and Reindeer
556.Annalee - Figurines
557.Annalee - Figurines
558.Annalee - Figurines
559.Annalee - Easter Bunny and Figurine
560.Annalee - Reindeer and Dog
561.Annalee - Figurines
562.Annalee - 13" Reindeer
563.Annalee - Santa Claus with Gift Bag and Reindeer
564.Annalee - Figurines
565.Annalee - Figurines
566.Annalee - Figurines
567.Annalee - Santa and Mrs. Claus Chef Figurines
568.Annalee - Seal, Killer Whale, Koala Bear Figurines
569.Annalee - Bird Figurines
570.Annalee - Cat Figurines
571.Annalee - (Spots on Elf Legs)
572.Annalee - Stain on Back of Jacket
573.Annalee - Chef/Baker Figurines
574.Annalee - Figurines (small amount of dirt on mouse)
575.Annalee - Figurines (small amount of dirt on mouse)
576.Annalee - Alligator and Elf figurines
577.Annalee - Dragon figurine (minor wear)
578.Annalee - Figurines
579.Annalee - Giraffe and Mrs. Claus
580.Annalee - Santa and Elf Figurines
581.Annalee - Elf Figurines
582.Annalee - Figurines
583.Annalee - Santa and Reindeer Figurines
584.Annalee - Elf and Pilgrim/Quaker figurines (stain on girls hat)
585.Annalee - Figurines
586.Annalee - Figurines
587.Annalee - Giraffe and Mouse Figurines
588.Annalee - Penguin and Penguin and Snowman in a Candy Cane Sled figurines
589.Annalee - Bird Figurines
590.Annalee - Santa and Mrs. Claus Baker Figurines
591.Annalee - Reindeer figurines
592.Annalee - Figurines
593.Annalee - Habitat Worker and Elf Figurines
594.Annalee - Figurines
595.Annalee - Figurine and Elephant Ornament
596.Annalee - Elf Figurines
597.Annalee - Figurines
598.Annalee - Figurines
599.Annalee - Musical Figurines
600.Annalee - Figurines
601.Annalee - Graduate Figurines
602.Annalee - Fisherman in a Boat Figurine
603.Annalee - Large Figurine with Tennis Shoe on Shirt
604.Annalee - Santa Claus Figurines (Small Wear)
605.Annalee - Large Patriotic Figurine


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