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Kigar Realty & Auction
Restaurant Equipment Online Auction - June 30th, 2019 Closes at 9:00 p.m.

Item Description
1.Lot of Small Kitchen Appliances - Griddle, Coffee Grinder, Etc.
2.36in x 36in 4-Seat Table
3.Mr. Coffee and Assorted Coffee Pots
4.32in x 21in 2-Seat Table
5.Assorted Coffee Percolators
6.24in x 24in Table
7.Misc. Sherbet and Sugar Containers with Lids
8.Lot of Candle Holders, Shot Glasses + Misc.
9.6ft. Banquet Table (3ft x 6ft)
10.Large Lot of Commercial Syracuse China (Approx. 350+) Coffee Cups, Plates, Saucers and More
11.Assorted Beer, Wine, Etc. Glasses
12.Clear Salad Bowls (75+)
13.3ft. x 6ft. Banquet Table
14.(Approx 350+) Pieces of ITA Commercial China - Includes Various Bowls, Cups, Plates and More
15.3ft. x 6ft. Banquet Table
16.(Lot of 65+) Assorted Steak Knives
17.(Approx. 20+) Carving and Paring Knives
18.36in x 36in Tabsle
19.Approx. 30 ITI Dishes
20.23 Large ITI Bowls
21.(Approx. 50) Buffalo China Fruit Bowls
22.36in x 30in. Table
23.Large Mixing Bowl (20qt.)
24.2 Large Aluminum Pans
25.Hamilton Beach Vintage Bar Mixer
26.3 Assorted Aluminum Frying Pans (14.5in x 12in x 8in)
27.Stainless Steel 12in. Frying Pans
28.(9in x 5in) Aluminum Pan and (6in x 3in) Pan
29.Box of Clear Beer Steins (9 Pieces)
30.2 Plastic Bus Tubs
31.Box of Assorted Stemware
32.42in x 36in Table
33.Assorted Rocks and Other Clear Glasses
34.Assorted Rocks and Other Clear Glasses
35.Assorted Rocks and Other Clear Glasses
36.Assorted Wine Glasses
37.Ash Trays
38.Small Pitchers and Assorted Bowls, Etc.
39.48in x 36in Table
40.36in x 48in Table
41.36in x 48in Table
42.36in x 48in Table
43.2 Crock Pots and Deep Fryer
44.Panini Press and Deep Fryer
45.(8) Smith Glass Table Lamp and Candle Holders (Frosted Glass)
46.Lot of Salt and Pepper Shakers
47.Lot of Condiment Holders (Approx. 15)
48.(Approx 35+) Clear Salad Dishes
49.Oil Lamp and 4 Bottles of Lamp Oil
50.Assorted Tabletop and Lamp Candle Holders
51.Assorted Beer Pitchers and Village of Swanton Centennial Pitchers and Totes (1883 - 1983)
52.Oster 10-Speed Blender and Batter Dispenser
53.Lot of 42 Cafeteria Trays
54.Stainless Steel Chafing Dish, Cookie Sheets, 12in. Frying Pan and Misc. Mixer
55.Grease Board, Serving Tray and Flag Banners
56.36in. Round Table
57.36in. Round Table
58.36in. Round Table
59.36in. Round Table
60.36in. Round Table
61.36in. Round Table
62.36in. Round Table
63.36in. Round Table
64.36in. Round Table
65.36in. Round Table
66.36in. Round Table
67.Assorted Clear Glass Ash Trays (32+)
68.Assorted 14/5in. Shelves and Shelf Brackets
69.2 Potato Chip Racks/Displays
70.(2) 27in x 24in Cabinets
71.(1) 42in x 30in Cabinet
72.Overhead Kitchen Pan Rack
73.Lot of Misc. Including Glass Washer
74.2 Boxes of Clear Libbey Salad Plates (Approx. 2 Dozen)
75.Assorted Coffee Cups and Drinking Glasses
77.Commercial Can Opener
78.Universal Footswitch
79.Vintage Bingo Cards and Chips (3 Boxes)
80.36in x 36in Table (Single Pedestal)
81.36in x 36in Table (Single Pedestal)
82.36in x 36in Table (Single Pedestal)
83A.Cork Board
83.(4) 20in x 30in Casement Window Unit
84.4 Barstools (32in) (Needs Painted, Paint is Worn Off)
85.4 Barstools
86.4 Barstools
87.32in. Door with Closer (Privacy Glass) + 36in x 80in + 36in x 86in Door
88.Wooden Bar Stool
89.8 Padded Dining Room Chairs
90.8 Padded Dining Room Chairs
90A.8 Padded Dining Room Chairs
91.8 Padded Dining Room Chairs
92.8 Padded Dining Room Chairs
93.Clarke 2000 Burnisher
94.Assorted Floor Mats and Misc.
95.(3) Chrome Fire Extinguishers
96.(10) Fire Extinguishers
97.Shelf Unit
98.(22) Burgundy Chairs
99.(8) Black Chairs
100.(8) Black Stacking Chairs
101.5ft. Base Counter with Butcher Block Top
102.86in. Oak Back Bar with Locking Drawers and Keys (Formica Top)
103.Locking Aluminum Display Cabinet
104.Cafeteria Tables
105."Fresh-Brewed Coffee" Sign
106.Chafing Dish and Misc.
107.Hot-Dog Roto-Grill Warmer (Works)
108.Tabletop Pizza-Pal Oven (Works)
109.128in x 36in Stainless Steel Counter with Sink
110.Star-master Deep Fryer (236V)
111.Single-Door Warming Unit (32in x 24in x 17in)
112.27in Stainless Steel Prep Station with Cooler (Needs Refrigerant)
113.Lang Single-Door Convection Oven
114.Super Systems Proofing Oven (2 Door)
115.6ft 4-Compartment Stainless Steel Bar Sink
116.4-Door 100in. Keg Cooler with Remote Compressor and Beer Tap (Works) (Buyer Must Disconnect the Line)
117.80in x 26in Beverage-Air 3-Door Under-Bar Beer Cooler
118.Electric Glass Cleaner
119.Original 20ft L-Shaped Bar (Bring Your Own Help, Some Help May Be Provided)
120.6ft x 28in Rankin-Delux 8-Burner Gas Grill