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Kigar Realty & Auction
Clarene's Collectable Auction - Closes April 14th Starting at 8 p.m.

Item Description
1.Le Max Snowflake para drop
2.Le Max old town Playhouse
3.Le Max edelweiss cabin, minor box damage
4. Le Max the cha-cha, water damaged box
5. Le Max the music box shop
6.Le Max Yulesteiner brewery
7.Le Max 12 days of Christmas Manor, water damaged box
8. Le Max Bateau whale watching
9.Le Max Trudy's confectionery classic 12 piece set, minor box damage
10. Le Max Christmas barn dance, damaged box
11.Le Max First national bank lighted building, water damaged box
12. Le Max Amy's pancake house, damaged box,
13. Le Max Amy's pancake house, damaged box
14. Le Max Barnacle Bob scuba and boat salvage lighted building, damaged box
15.Le Max Vail youth center lighted building, damaged box
16.Le Max Horseshoe plaza lighted building, water damaged box
17.Le Max ranch house lighted building, minor box damage
18.Le Max Public library exterior lighted building, water damaged box,
19.Le Max KJoy radio station 1360, water damaged box,
20.Le Max puppet maker lighted building,
21.Le Max puppet maker lighted building,
22.Le Max La Belle Vie bistro,
23. Le Max Twirly’s soft serve lighted building, damaged box
24.Le Max Walker’s department store lighted building, damaged box
25.Le Max penguin’s house lighted table accent, damaged box
26.Le Max Paw prints pet shop lighted building, damaged box
27.Le Max Megasin S & H green stamps lighted building
28.Le Max Nick’s vintage sports car shop, damaged box
29.Le Max David's Fort lighted table accent
30.Le Max River bell lighted and animated table accent
31.Le Max River belle lighted and animated table accent, damaged box
32.Le Max Nutcracker Suite set of seven, water damaged box
33. Le Max Boys versus girls lighted animated table accent, around we go animated table accent damaged boxes,
34. Le Max Boys versus girls why lighted animated table accent, giraffe cage animated table accent damage box,
35.Le Max Madame Viola's tent by the table accent
36.Le Max Land’s End outfitters lighted building, damaged box,
37. Le Max Panda cage table accent
38. Le Max Kiddie Cruise Ride, damaged box
39.Le Max Twas the night, damaged box
40.Le Max Rothchild Automobiles exterior lighted building, damaged box
41.Le Max Bradley Academy of arts lighted building, damaged box
42.Le Max Anderson family grocery store lighted building, water damaged box
43.Le Max Alpinistes Mountain climbers table accent, damaged box
44. Le Max The lawn and garden shop lighted building,
45.Le Max woodland retreat lodge,
46.Le Max O'Reilly's Irish gift shop
47. Le Max the Wildwood Theater lighted building, damaged box
48. Le Max Peterson ice house and cold storage lighted building, damaged box,
49.Le Max natural history Museum exterior lighted building, damaged box
50. Le Max Glad rags school for dogs,
51. Le Max Chelsea Pub lighted building,
52. Le Max, Vail Village, Rural Rustic tent lighted building, damaged box,
53.Le Max quick clean laundry mat lighted building, damaged box
54. Le Max Captain Andrews residence lighted building, damaged box
55. Le Max O’Connor’s billiards, damaged box
56.Le Max Saint Ellie’s chapel lighted building, damaged box no Styrofoam
57.Le Max the cottage art gallery lighted building
58. Le Max Cedar Creek Church, damaged box
59. Le Max the music box shoppe
60.Le Max blue Lotus yoga and Pilate’s studio, damaged box
61.Le Max Crawford resident slated building water damage box
62.Le Max Lookout Mountain Visitor Center lighted building, Sugar and Spice
63.Le Max McIntosh cider press
64. Le Max Tim's Train’s and hobbies store
65.Le Max, Village Collection, Porcelain lighted house, damaged box
66. Le Max S and R hardware lighted building, damaged box
67.Le Max Daily Gazette lighted building, damaged box
68.Le Max Al’s Gas station by the building
69.Le Max Pinehill ski lodge lighted building, damaged box
70. Le Max side shows carnival, damaged box
71. Le Max Hogan’s creek pro shop, 19th Hole
72. Le Max Olde time toys lighted building
73.Le Max Christmas village with message board, soiled/stained, without box
74. Le Max Cities Zoo visitors set of seven water, damaged box
75.Le Max Dog show Pageant lighted animated table accent
76.Le Max Jack's auto parts and tools lighted building, damaged box
77.Le Max Saucer Fun lighted and animated table accent, damaged box
78.Le Max Steven's hideout set of four, damaged box
79.Le Max Village volunteers, Phaeton carriage, damaged box
80.Le Max High Meadow skating pond, lighted and animated table accent, damaged box
81. Le Max Cherry Blossom Chinese Restaurant (missing roof ornament), Shells Beach Aquarium (missing front ornament), both boxes damaged
82.Le Max Tony's Pizza Shack lighted building (Water Damaged Box)
83.Coventry Cove by Le Max, Almost home rescue and adoption's,
84.Le Max Cafe Norsk without Styrofoam,
85.Le Max Patty’s Donuts lighted building missing front bushes, Victor’s Pianos lighted building missing building sign, both without boxes
86.Le Max, Somerset lanes bowling lounge, no box, 1/2 Styrofoam
87.Le Max, Safari ride, water damage box
88.Le Max, Menard Cashway lumber, Styrofoam damage,
89., Le Max, Susie's ice cream shop lighted building, missing a flag, water damage box,
90.LeMax - Hoop Stars (damaged box)
91.Le Max, Spooky town collection, Halloween party, Lighted and animated building, water damage box
92.Le Max, Engine company number 33, missing fire alarm, no box, 1/2 Styrofoam,
93.Le Max, The village arcade lighted building, missing flags on top, no box, 1/2 star foam
94.Le Max, Hall of justice, hanging wall siding, water damage box
95.Le Max, The plaza restaurant, water damage box
96.Le Max, Wonderland woodwork's lighted building, no Styrofoam in box
97.Le Max, Carnival corn stand, Carnival amusements set of six, water damage boxes
98.Le Max, 12 days of Christmas Manor, Missing milking cow, missing lattice on roof top, no Styrofoam inbox,
99.Le Max, Pinnacle Pete pool hall lighted building, missing Indian, four tables, the top of the chimney, the flag, and a few barrels, water damaged box with no Styrofoam, Around Rigo table accent, water damaged box. 
101. Le max village collection, Santa’s animal rescue, garden shed, Christmas doggie parade,
102.Le Max clam shack, sleigh service station, Horse carriage Christmas tree collection,
103.Mush, decorating the Christmas trees, stone bridge,
104.Le Max 36 Miscellaneous collection small figurines,
105.Le Max 30 Christmas collection small figurines,
106.31 Le Max Christmas collection small figurines,
107.Le Max 12 Christmas collection small figurines,
108.Le Max 3 Holiday Figurines,
109. Le Max 20 miscellaneous figurines,
110.Le Max The max village collection animal cages set of three, carnival entryway (Water Damaged Boxes)
111.Le Max The carnival ticket booth with figurine set of five, Animal cages set three of three (Water Damaged Boxes)
112.Le Max Carnival kiosk set of five (Water Damaged Boxes)
113.Le max Father Christmas set of two, family sleigh ride (Water Damaged Boxes)
114. Le Max Thank you kind sir set of three, Christmas coach set of three (Water Damaged Boxes)
115.Le max Carnival corn stand (Water Damaged Boxes)
116.Le Max Romantic carriage ride, Christmas coat set of three (Water Damaged Boxes)
117.Le Max I've got one, skate rentals,
118.Le Max Hot cocoa and donuts, building max’s dog house,
119.Le Max Cutting down the Christmas tree, a day of curling (Water Damaged Boxes)
120.Le Max Decorating front yard tree, Santa and gift truck (Water Damaged Boxes)
121.Le Max Tuckered out, tailgating, grilling,
122.Le Max Fishing hole, ice fishing,
123.Le Max Kissing booth, strong arm challenge (Water Damaged Boxes)
124.Le Max Pet portraits with Santa, 12 days till Christmas,
125.Le Max Anybody home, A doe and her fawns (Water Damaged Boxes)
126.Lee Max reindeer rides, Merry Santa,
127. Le Max Christmas brass band, and stone bridge, eggnog stand,
128.Le Max Festive fire engine set of three, country day school bus, School bus duplicate
129.Le Max Festive fire engine set of three, country day school bus, School bus duplicate (Water Damaged Boxes)
130.Le Max City zoo entrance, equestrian flag bearers set of three (Water Damaged Boxes)
131.Le Max Jungle gym, angel’s wings,
132.Le Max Swing time, see-Saw fun,
133.Le Max cotton candy Stan, pretzel stand (Water Damaged Boxes)
134.Le Max Christmas parade marching band set of eight, Christmas Parade marching band
135.Le Max Carnival entryway, gingerbread competition (Water Damaged Boxes)
136.Le max Wooden Bridge with trees, I wouldn't gazebo round, water tower
137.Lee Max Christmas doggie parade, and snowman contest,
138.Le Max Nativity set of 14 (Water Damaged Boxes)
139. Le Max  Sugar and spice Wishing well delights set of two, gingerbread bars set of two, sugar cone Christmas tree large, sugar cone Christmas tree large,
140.Le max Sugar and spice ginger sweet manner, candy cane gazebo (Water Damaged Boxes)
141.Lee Max figurines six patrol rescue triplicate, to the rescue, a snowmobile,
142. Le Max and Coventry Cove Figurines school teacher, chow time, Mrs. clause, carrion milk, Nun, Flower peddler, snowy stroll, strolling woman, shopping,
143.Le Max and Coventry cove figurines Hot off the press, lasso bell, playing for change, grocery boy, fire eater, banker, Carolina man, Town crier, paperboy, the Scrooge, roulette wheel, the bookworm,
144.Le Max Figurines school teacher, waiting for the local, Mrs. clause, strolling woman, school ma'am, new poinsettias, nine, shopping, Carrie and milk,
145.145, Le Max And Coventry cove figurines gathering kindling, a good days catch, sweeping up, roulette wheel, conductor, ladies and gentlemen, Holiday festival, fire eater, Dr., jewelry cellar,
146. Le Max And Carole Towne collection figurines canoe excursion X2, big fish X2, kayak building, ice fishermen, fly fishing with Dad, Mending net set of two,
147. Le Max, New poinsettias, missed calls, scrub woman, Carolyn woman, come and get it, strolling woman, Baker, shopping, Nun,
148.1 Le Max And Coventry cove figurines, Bangor, how about the press, the cyclist, Town crier, fire eater, roulette wheel, Charlie groundskeeper, baker, conductor, the Scrooge, clearing the wall, paperboy,
149. Le Max And Coventry Cove figurines, banker, carpenter, Carrie and flour, chimney sweep, Puddle Jumper, fire eater, roulette wheel, pretty poinsettia,
150. Le Max And holiday time and apartment 18 figurines, birdwatching family, along the trail, I see one now, tales of the sea set of two, ring the bell, boat rides, park ranger x2,
151.Le Max and Coventry cove figurines, Play house surprise, candy cane copper, beautiful bonnet, bubblegum fun, early Christmas presents, Street sweeper snow cone stand, feeding pigeons, sticky apples, Hello there
152. Le Max, Coventry cove, Carol town, holiday time Figurines, country cat and tree, Playhouse surprise, wishing well, family tradition, welcome home, a teddy of my own, feeding the birds, capturing the Christmas tree, Sticky apples, ice dancers,
153. Le Max, Coventry cove, Carole town figurines, Send us a new suit, mail Elf, Santa Claus, Christmas decorating, lighted toy soldiers, Toys for everyone, Santa’s Wonderland, Santa sculpture X2, snowman North Pole, time to make the toys
154.Le Max, Carol town figurines, Thank you Officer, Stop Please, Coffee break set of two, Holiday time Coffee break 2005, The Crossing guard
155.Le Max And Coventry Cove figurines, after school, homecoming rally set of seven, school day, off to school X3, sea salt fun, the crossing guard, school kids, sticky apples
156.Le Max And Coventry Cove and holiday time, doll maker, photographer set of two, kids with popcorn, all aboard, Crossman truck, bonfire, wishing well, snowman, tea with Teddy
157.Le Max And Coventry Cove figurines, walking with nanny, shopping with grandma, babies first Christmas, perfect poinsettias, family shopping, ice cream was a kid, shopping with Sparky, we have a winner, dad's Christmas surprise,
158. Le Max , Coventry cove, Carole town Figurines, and shopping, doll maker, shopping, Out to dinner, out shopping, Jolly Christmas shoppers, babies first Christmas,
159. Le Max, Coventry Cove, holiday time figurines, fireman the donation and hydrant, firefighter, shake, firefighter, silly boy, firefighters, village heroes, tending the fellows
160. Le Max Figurines, Oktoberfest, German American festival,
161.Le max sugar and spice frosted candy Road set of two, toffee  Topiary, gum drop streetlamp set of two, icing the tree, setting with snowman set of two, sugarcane Christmas tree medium set of two
162. Le Max sugar and spice  Candy stand, gingerbread sled, jingle bell shuffle set of two, toffee topiary set of two, cupcakes and candy set of four, ginger family carolers, sugar cane Christmas tree medium set two of two,
163. Le Max  Figurines silly boy set of three, 10 in the fellows, fire truck, village heroes set of two, firemen, firemen, firemen the Dalmatian and hydrant set of two, fireman's friend
164.Le Max  Figurines, just married, a perfect proposal, puppy love, newlyweds, wedding couple figuring, just married, just married, the kids, wedding day
165. Le Max Figurines,  Street side trio x2,  Street serenade, Street Trio,  Dixieland band, Christmas harmony, courtyard Carolers, Christmas band set of five, and a quartet.
166.Le Max, Carole Towne, Coventry Cove, Home Accent figurines Santa and mass, Santa Claus, North Pole signs, Santa’s Wonderland, Father Christmas
167. Le Max Dad and fans, polar bears, dogs and sweaters, mother goose and her gander, Mother bear Chipmunks, stag, stag, birds at fountain, dear, dairy fans,
168. Le Max figurines Ol’ Read, milking the cow, tractor, the price pig set of two, churning butter, fill 'er up X two, churning butter, pig feed, father and son,
169. Le Max, Carole Towne, holiday time figurines, woodland animals, fox and a pups, geese friends, Stag, Young stag, cats drink milk, plumbers perch, Stegen Del, how they dogs, expert trails, raccoons in out house
170. Le Max Figurines, Holiday time, Coventry Cove figurines, baggage handlers, hot cocoa, toy peddler, rickshaw rides, chatting, corn husking, sweeping up, shoeshine boy, lamplighter, barbecue grill,
171.Le Max, Coventry Cove, Holiday time figurines, chimney sweep, shoeshine boy, doorman, clearing a path, street sweeper, get your shoeshine, bicycle delivery, bread peddler, fresh popcorn,
172. Le Max, Carole town figurines, Visiting Santa, donation center, light a toy soldier, Santa’s Wonderland, Santa advance, mail out, Santa Claus, Santa clause gives cat, send a sculpture x2, Time to make the choice,
173.Le Max, Carol town, holiday time figurines, sled dogs, snack time, feed for the horses, dog food, dear topiary, building beavers, stag, stag, trash pandas, north pole ski rack, penguins cooking,
174.Kurt Adler Santa’s world, airplanes, piper PA-23 Apache loose parts, Emigh Trojan, Antonov An- 2, Aeroncal-16
175. Holiday time figuring this, they do with the horse, kids play with the horse, man with saddle, kids and barrel, rodeo king, Santa Ana horse, where do you king, countryman and boy, lady with horse, three women singing figurine, salvation army carolers, rodeo king, three women singing figurine,
176. Le Max, Coventry cove, Carol town, holiday time figurines, seesaw phone, teeter toddler figurine, children plane, Coventry cove, Carol town, holiday time figurines, seesaw phone, teeter toddler, children playing, Playing leapfrog, recess pause, Seymour sack race, Rob skippers, pogo, dodgeball, snow palace, snowball fight, who will be in, snow fortress,
177. Le Max Spooky town collections, Snake charmer, under his spell set of two, queen of hearts, it's a live set of two, trick-or-treaters set of three, swashbuckler set of two, two Indians were chief
178. Le Max, Holiday time, Carrolltown figurines, hula hoping, snowball fight, fun with grandpa, Rob skippers, sitting with Gramps, playing leapfrog, no fortress, dodgeball, cat in the tree, antique anchor, William job soon,
179. Le Max, Holiday time, country Cove figurines, mailman, Letter to Santa, mailman, mailman, postal carrier, urgent delivery, a popular address, newspapers, anything for Mr. Post man,
180. Le Mac , Carol town, home accents, Coventry cove figurines, letter to Santa, postal predicament, letter to Santa, mailman, mailman, postal carrier, newspaper boxes, urgent delivery, the postman, Christmas resin figurine, mailboxes,
181. 10 Saint Nicholas square figurines,
182.10 Saint Nicholas square figurines,
183. Le max, Carrolltown figurines, Christmas band, courtyard carolers, brass ensemble, quartet, Christmas harmony, village troubadours, three-piece band, carolers, three-piece band, carolers,
184.Le Max Figurines and Carole Town, three-piece band, one-man band, streets a trio, carolers, youth Christmas crap carolers, townsfolk, courtyard carolers, chapel choir,
185. Le Max, Coventry cove, Carol town figurines, coffee break with friends, puppies Paul, girl with fan, stroll with poodles, free kittens, pet the dog, piggyback ride, clock, walk in the poodles,
186. Le Max, Coventry cove figurines, free to good home, shopping granny, no littering, flying high, decorate the doghouse, Strong with the poodles, winter clamming, pet the dog,
187. Le Max, Carrolltown, Coventry Court, holiday time figurines, a street sweeper, or showing, more tea for the lady, astronomy, lobster man, Cooper's, lamplighters, ladies hat Peddler Karma Chestnut peddler, hot cocoa peddler,
188. Le Max, Carrolltown, Coventry Cove figurines, checking in, soccer season, tennis anyone asked to, cross country skiers x2, batch time, so a wreck, downhill fine, Air time,
189. Coventry Cove, holiday time figurines, barbershop trio, lifting hair, the Scrooge, waiter, Painting a winter scene, Frank tunes up the plow, blacksmith, try your luck, hotdog vendor, autumn Shores,
190. Le Max, Carrolltown, Coventry Cove Figurines, organ grinder, first time at the salon, Beato bumble, two ladies walking, sharing ice cream, jolly Christmas shoppers, kids with Tommy tiger, village people, spoonful of sugar, girl Brandon,
191. Le Max, Coventry Cove, home accents figurines, tennis anyone, girls talk, shoppers, rugged snowshoers set of two, fun with dad, wagon ride, anything for me Mr. postman, set up for ensemble, around the snowman, church family,
192.Lee Maxx, Coventry cove, home accents, Carol town figurines, Cooper, the Scrooge, Christmas cheers, brew maker, Christmas Porter, lamplighter, three Crossman figurines, candle dipping pond, Christmas rider, Christmas resin,
193. Le Max,  Coventry cove figurines, potato Baylor, shoeshine boy, the Scrooge, Mr. Brennan, roasted chestnuts, roasted chestnut vendor, rickshaw ride, craftsman Frank tune-up stuff plow, hot pretzels vendor, tea with Teddy,
194. Le Max, Coventry Cove, holiday time, Carrolltown figurines, or teddy bear of my own, ladies day, this way please, Jolly Christmas shoppers, hanging around, motor scooter, kids popcorn, even at the opera, skater girl, skating follies,
195.Le Max, Holiday time, Carol town, Coventry curve figurines, helping out, wedding day, hula Hoopers, the Scrooge, digging out, learning to ride, tasty treats, decorate the house, skating lessons, anything for me Mr. Post man,
196.Le Max Carrolltown, Coventry cove, holiday time figurines, skating valleys, Victorian church sign, to the music lesson, Could evening at the opera, this way please, fresh cut Christmas trees, learning to ride, antler art, ladies day, unicycle clown,
197. Le Max  Figurines, tales of the city, shoppers, evening ma'am, sledding, the Rocking horse, skate sharpener, hanging around, skin, nothing for me Mr. Post man, snowball fight,
198. Le Max Figurines, doll maker, shopping, school kids, dancing, Christmas tree song, wow, my first craftsman truck, ranger Anderson, set of five winter, set of sex, blue and cotton candy,
199.Le Max Figurines, waiting for the logo, dancing, sitting on the bench, strolling, shopping, proud parents, set of six holiday, why did accessory set of four, at the carnival, doll maker,
200. Le Max, Carrolltown, Coventry Cove, holiday time figurines, lets not be late, he's going to be OK, the doctor appointment, Way to go champ, gift for grandpa, Sharon ice cream, school ma'am, dress to impress, decorate the house, letter to Santa, romantic bike ride, pharmacist, unicycle clown,
201.30 Le Max, Coventry Cove, Carole Towne figurines
202.Coventry cove, penguin warm up, flower cart, decorative buckboard water damaged boxes
203. Coventry cove, Neighborhood Santos, cold Creek Bridge,
204. Coventry Cove, Dirty box,
205. Coventry Cove, Tuscany trattoria,
206. Coventry cove, Royal opera House,
207. Coventry cove library, water damage box,
208. Coventry Cove mainline station, water damage box,
209. Coventry Cove sneak a peek, water damage box,
210. Coventry cove, Parkside elementary school,
211.Book Worm
212.Coventry Cove Black Bull Tavern (Water Damaged Box)
213.Coventry Cove Bikes and Roller-Skates
214.Coventry Cove Highway Patrol HQ (Water Damaged Box)
215.Coventry Cove Oxford Hotel
216.Coventry Cove The Rialto Theaer
217.Coventry Cove Watson House
218.Coventry Cove Prominence Corner Arcade Display Box (Slightly Damaged Box)
219.Coventry Cove Oxford Hotel
220.Coventry Cove The Rialto Theater
221.Coventry Cove Vandemere Art Gallery
222.Coventry Cove Maddie's Candy Shop
223.Coventry Cove Village Apothecary (Water Damaged Box)
224.Coventry Cove Athletic Department (Water Damaged Box)
225.Coventry Cove - Bingo Hall
226.Coventry Cove - Lyon's Photography
227.Coventry Cove - Village Cobber
228.Coventry Cove - Kegler Lanes (Water Damaged Box)
229.CaroleTowne School Bus, The Roadster, CaroleTowne Bus (Water Damaged Box)
230.CaroleTowne Police Car and Bloodhounds, Snow Plow (Water Damaged Boxes)
231.CaroleTowne Cruiser Craft, Snowed In set of 2 (Water Damaged Boxes)
232.CaroleTowne Dog walker, March, Petting Zoo (Water Damaged Boxes)
233.CaroleTowne, Fireside Fine, Massage
234.CaroleTowne Bus Stop, Eagles Feeding, Subway Entrance
235.CaroleTowne Gazebo, Stonewall
236.CaroleTowne Stealthy Fox, Anybody Home (Water Damaged Boxes)
237.CaroleTowne North Pole Cowboys, Little Water Boy
238.CaroleTowne Taffy Stand, Dunking Booth
239.Caroltowne, Will You Sign Shack, Candy Apple Stand (Slightly Damaged Box)
240.Caroltowne Rocking Reindeer, Animated Angel's Wings
241.CaroleTowne Hockey Tryouts
242.CaroleTowne Hook and Ladder (Water Damaged Box)
243.CaroleTown, Edison Theater
244.CaroleTowne Balloon Rides, That's Funny
245.Caroltowne A Taste of Italy (Water Damaged Box)
246.Caroltown Lobster Fishing
247.Caroltown junior flight school (water damage box)
248.Carrolltown sky-high city park
249.Carol town, Jones school
250.Carrolltown, we people daycare center, (water damage box)
251.Carolltown Wendy's Kate Shop
252.Yummy Ferris wheel
253.Kate or Donald's Restaurant, No Box
254.Crazy cars
255.Cha-Cha Covenry Cove
256.Campbell soup Truck/Ginger bread competition
257.Holiday time accessories, bench, LED arch gate, LED hedges, LED picket fence x3 time accessories, how do nativity, LED Arch gate X2, LED hedges, LED picket fence X2, picket fence
259.Carole Towne accessories, metal bench, Christmas out house, Northport, Street clock, why did wrought iron fence X2, flood lamps X2, large lighted silhouette tree in blue
260.Le Max accessories, Water well, park benches, cone shape and sculpted topiaries, Jefferson Davis statue, telephone poles X2, gas pump, illuminated Christmas tree, mountain pine large, illuminated Christmas tree, three Arbor snowy Cedar, Red Moped,
261.Coventry Cove accessories, Mirror lake , Bicycle set of two, Christmas out house, water bill, Cone shaped and sculpted topiaries, rocking chairs, dear fountain, spotlight asked to, colonial Street labs, 36 chasing mini lights, Parisian street lamps
262.home accent accessories,  Park bench with a street light x2, Fence with post and lights x2, right, iron fencing gate, stone entrance gate, picket fence with gate, lighted street lamp, lighted decorative polls
263.Le max, Coventry Cove, dickens collections, Carol time accessories, Iron gate and wall set of five, illuminated green Christmas tree, illuminated street light, illuminated clear Christmas tree, large arbor tree, two small arbor trees, wrought iron fence and gates, barn mailbox, red and black motorcycle, British telephone booth, light post
264.Lee Max And home accents and Coventry Cove figurines, Reverend Smythe x2, Nun x2, Rolls for father x2, Proud parents, jolly Friars, hand bell choir X2, the choir set a 5X2, father and child,
265.Coventry Cove accessories, Gas lantern streetlamp, decorated Yule tree, lighted wrought iron fence, colonial streetlamp, Railway stop light, metal Victorian sunset, parking meters, Rocking chair,Valley Vineyard, gas pump
267.Le max Accessories Jefferson Davis, north pole park bench, Vail Village welcome sign, parkbench, carnival flags, tree arbor, barn birdhouse, two true arbors, Street clock, country road mailboxes, brick and pebble Road
268.Le Max, Holiday figurines, 19th century figurines, no boxes
269.Le Max, Fishing with Santa figurines, kids playing snowball hockey, No boxes
270.Le Max, Hall of records, no box
271.Le Max, Two lighted gingerbread houses, no boxes,
272.Le Max, The Coca-Cola café, ribbon gift wrap factory, missing items on front and side, no boxes
273.Two gingerbread houses, gingers ornaments, both missing items in front of the house, no boxes
274.Le Max, Toys for tots, Santas house, no boxes
275.Le Max, Countryside vet and Arian, Klondike sled dog excursions, both missing item in front of building, no boxes
276.Dept 56, Buckingham palace, no flag and no box
277.Department 56, Dickens Village series, Kensington Palace, no box
278.Department 56, The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy's house in munchkin land and accessories, in styrofoam, no box
279.Department 56, A Christmas Story, Chop Suey palace and bowling, no box
280.Department 56, A Christmas Story, Higbee's department store, no box
281.Department 56, A Christmas story, Cleveland elementary school, no box
282.department 56, A Christmas story, the firehouse, no box
283.Department 56, A Christmas story, chop Suey palace, no box
284.Dept 56, Disney parks village series, Mickey's Christmas Carol, fantasy land Walt Disney World resort Florida, no box
285.Department 56, the sound of music, the von Trapp Villa, No box
286.department 56, churches of the world, Notre Dame cathedral Paris, no box, and Styrofoam,
287.department 56, New England village series, pigeon head lighthouse, no box
288.department 56, Dickens village series, butter tub farm house, no box,
289.department 56, Dickens village serious, gads hill place, no box
290.department 56, Christmas in the city series, the Times tower 2000, no box
291.Department 56, holiday sales building, no box,
292.Department 56, a Christmas story, police station
293.Department 56, Elf Land Entrance, no box
294.Department 56, Rudolph the red nose reindeer, Santos castle, no box
295.Department 56, Alpine Village series, gastoff Mittenwald, No box
296.Department 56, snow village, St. Luke's church, missing top of steeple, No box
297.Department 56, New England Village series, sleepy hollow school, no box
298.Department 56, north pole series, gift wrap and ribbons, candy cane and peppermint shop, no boxes
299.Department 56, north pole series, M & M’s Santas workshop, no box
300. Department 56, Williamsburg collection, Fives and drums, drum major and bass drummer, telling stories, going to church, Charlestown morning shipment,
301. department 56, Williamsburg collection, kings arm tavern, Damage Styrofoam,
302. Department 56, Williamsburg collection, taliaferro cole shop, Damage Styrofoam,
303. department 56, Williamsburg collection, Bruton Parish Church,
304. Department 56, Williamsburg Collection, R. Charlton's coffeehouse
305. Department 56, Williamsburg collection, Taliaferro-cole House, No Styrofoam box,
306.Department 56, Christmas in the city, music in the city, The Macombo, damaged Styrofoam
307. Department 56, Christmas in the city, the Fox theater
308.Department 56, snow village Halloween, Zelda's wax museum, dirty Styrofoam
309.Department 56, snow village Halloween, Halloween dance
310.Department 56, Halloween collection, village accessories, candy corn tree, Damaged box, Swampy boat ride, dirty Styrofoam
311. Department 56, Snow village Halloween, Madame Zelda at work, damage box, Halloween festival billboard, no Styrofoam box, Harvest yard fun
312. Department 56, storybook village collection, Raggedy Ann and Andy's patchwork house, water damage box,
313. Department 56, Storybook village collection, frosty frolic castle, water damage box,
314.Department 56, storybook village collection, Rudolph red nose the lighthouse, water damaged box
315. Department 56, storybook village collection, Old MacDonald’s Farm, water damage box
316.Department 56, storybook village collection, frosty the snowman country nurseries, water damage box
316A.Dept 56, Snowbunnies, Noah’s Ark, in styrofoam, no box,
317.Department 56, snow bunnies, spring cleaning, I'll color the Easter eggs, don't burst my bubble, No box cover for don't burst my bubble,
318.snow bunnies and snow babies collection, spring cleaning, water damage box, the bunny dance, dirty box, trimming the tree, damaged box
319. Department 56, snow bunnies, rain rain go away, water damage box, ripped cover
320.Department 56, snow bunnies, springtime cottage candle house
321. department 56, snow bunnies, the bluebird cottage candle house,
322. Department 56, snow bunnies, Lillypad, Birch Bench
323. department 56, snow babies, rubber ducky, have some fun,
324. department, Snow babies, let's add a smile
325. Department 56, snow babies, trimming the tree with tink,
325A. Department 56, snow babies, riding the sea with Ariel,
326.Department 56, special edition gift set, crystal ice Palace
327.Department 56, special edition gift set, crystal ice Palace,
328.Department 56, storybook village, the butcher baker and candlestick maker, water damaged box
329.Department 56, storybook village, Little boy blue petting farm, water damage box
330.Department 56, storybook village, HD Diddle Fiddles, water damage box,
331.Dept 56, storybook village, Mother Goose book cellar
332.department 56, storybook village, Humpty Dumpty Cafe, no box, in Styrofoam dirt on styrofoam
333.Department 56, Queen's house of cards, in Styrofoam, no box
334.Department 56, Starbucks village collection, sign x2, one with a missing flag, water damage box,
335. Department 56, Heritage Village collection, Disney parks village series, Disney parks family, damage box, old world antiques I, Liberty Square, Walt Disney World resort Florida, damaged box
336. Department 56, heritage Village collection, Disney parks village series, Mickey's Christmas Carol, fantasyland, Walt Disney World resort, Florida, damage box,
337.Department 56, Mickey's merry Christmas village, a treat for minis dog, Mickey and Minnie go skating , Damaged box,
338.Department 56, Mickey's merry Christmas village, Mickey's Christmas list, damaged box, Pluto's kittens, Mickey's three musketeers, damaged box,
339.Dept 56, Mickey's merry Christmas village, Mickey ski and skate, damaged box
340.Mickey's merry Christmas village, Mickey's Christmas castle,
340A.Minnies Bakery
341. Dept 56, Mickey's merry Christmas village, Donald's toys,
342.Department 56, Mickey's merry Christmas village, Pluto's pet shop, damaged box
343.Dept 56, Mickey's merry Christmas village, mini’shouse,
344.Department 56, Mickey's merry Christmas village, Mickey's cinema
345. Department 56, American Pride Collection, 911 Memorial, damaged box,
345A. Department 56, Heritage village collection, Independence Hall, water damage box,
346. Department 56, American pride collection, fireman's memorial monument, water damaged box,
347.Department 56, American pride collection, The White House, damage box,
348.department 56, Rudolph the red nose reindeer, Hermes elf dormitory, damage box
349.department 56, frosty the snowman, frosty the snowman's house Damage box,
350.department 56, frosty the snowman, Frosty's slides N’ saucers, Damaged box,
351. Rudolph the red nose reindeer, reindeer flight school, damaged box,
352.Department 56, The Grinch Dr Seuss, grinch holiday gifts that, damaged box
353.Department 56, the Grinch stole Christmas, Cindy Lou who’s house, damaged box
354.Department 56, Harry Potter
355. department 56, the Easter story, the holy land, church of the holy sepulcher , Damaged box,
355A. Dept 56, Little Town of Bethlehem, Olive Harvest, no styrofoam,
355B.Department 56, little town of Bethlehem, town gate, damage box,
355C.Department 56, little town of Bethlehem, olive harvest,
356.Department 56, Little town of Bethlehem, desert oasis, damage box
356A. department 56, Little town of Bethlehem, wise men from the east, damage box
356A. department 56, Little town of Bethlehem, wise men from the east, damage box
356B.Department 56, Little town of Bethlehem, Wiseman from the east, damage box
356C. Department 56, little town of Bethlehem, merchant cart,
357.department 56, Little town of Bethlehem, Herod’s temple, Damaged box
357B. Parables of Jesus, the holy land, the good Samaritan, damage box, the prodigal son, damage box
358.department 56, little town of Bethlehem, 12 piece set, three lighted buildings, nine piece accessories, damage box
359.The Easter story, the holy land, house of the last supper, damage box and Styrofoam,
359A.department 56, Little town of Bethlehem, gatekeepers dwelling, damage box
359B.Department 56- Inn Keeper's Caravansary
360. Department 56, snow village Easter, happy Easter church, damaged box and Styrofoam
361.Department 56, homes for the holidays, 1997, the house that love built, Ronald McDonald house, slightly damaged box
362.department 56, the original snow village, McDonald's, no Styrofoam, damaged box
363., Department 56, Disney, frozen, trinket box and Elsa figurine,
364.Department 56, Disney's frozen, Elsa’s Ice palace, damage box and Styrofoam
365.department 56, monopoly, Oriental express, water damage box
366.dept 56, royal stock exchange, No box no Styrofoam,
367.Department 56, Christmas in the city series, the Ed Sullivan theater,
368.Department 56, Christmas in the city series, gardens of Santorini, Damage box,
369.department 56, Dickens village, covered bridge at the manor,
370.department 56, dickens Village, Scotland yard station, damage box
371.department 56, Christmas in the city series, radio city music hall, damage box
372.Department 56, Christmas in the city series, Ebbet’s field, Damage box
373.department 56, the dickens Village, Burwickglen Golf clubhouse, damage box,
374.Dept 56, Christmas in the City Series, the Art Institute of Chicago, no styrofoam and damaged box,
375.Department 56, radio city music Hall, no box and no Styrofoam
376.Department 56, dickens Village, Windsor Castle,
377.Department 56, dickens Village, Big Ben, water damaged box,
378.department 56, dickens Village, tower bridge of London, damage box,
379.department 56, dickens Village, Big Ben, damage box,
380.Department 56, village animated Rockefeller Plaza skating rink, NIB,
381.Department 56, Christmas in the city series, Golden Gate bridge, water damage box,
382.Department 56, all around the park, village animated accessory set, damaged box,
383.Department 56, village animated skating pond, damaged box,
384.department 56, let it snow village snow machine, battery-operated, damaged box, NIB
385.Department 56, the original snow village, farm accessory set,
386.Department 56, Christmas in the city series, East Harbor fairy
387.156, dickens Village, Heathmore castle, and damaged box and Styrofoam,
388., Department 56, Dickens village, Victorian university, damage box,
389.Dept 56, Dicken’s Village, The Old Globe Theatre, damaged box,
390.Department 56, Christmas in the city series, the consulate, damaged box and Styrofoam,
391.Department 56, dickens Village, Margrove Orangery, Damage box and Styrofoam,
392.department 56, dickens Village, the old Royal Observatory, damage box and Styrofoam
393.department 56, Dickens village, Shakespeare's birthplace, damage box and Styrofoam
394.Dept 56, dickens Village, tattyeave knoll, Damaged box and Styrofoam,
395.Department 56, dickens Village, Shakespeare's birthplace, no box, damaged Styrofoam
396.Department 56, north pole series, Coca-Cola fizz factory, damage box and Styrofoam,
397.and Christmas in the city series, Coca-Cola soda fountain, damage box and Styrofoam
398.Dept 56, Christmas in the city series, Coca-Cola soda fountain, damage box
399.department 56, gone with the wind, Tara-gone with the wind, Damage box,
400.department 56, east village row houses, Christmas in the city series, damage box and Styrofoam
402.Department 56, literary classics, Little women, the March residence, damaged box, classics, gone with the wind, Tara-gone with the wind, damaged box,
404.Department 56, literary classics, Little woman, the March residence
405.department 56, good morning America, damage box and Styrofoam,
406.department 56, literary classics, the adventures of Tom Sawyer, aunt Pollys house, damage box
407.Department 56, literary classics, west egg mansion, damage box
408.Department 56, the counting house, classic Christmas Carol, damaged box
409.Department 56, literary classics, great expectations, Satis Manor, Damaged box
410.Department 56, literary classics, Little Women, the March residence, Damage box,
411.department 56, accents, baseball stadiums, Yankee stadium, damage box
412.department 56, Victoria's doll house, Christmas in the city series, water damage box,
413.department 56, accents, baseball stadiums, Wrigley field, damage box,
413A.Dept.56 - Up, Up and Away animated reindeer and sleigh.
414.Department 56, literary classics, great expectations, Satis Manor, No box or Styrofoam,
415.Department 56, literary classics, great expectations, Satis Manor, No box or Styrofoam,
417.Department 56, dickens Village series, Nicholas Nickleby cottage, damage box,
418.Department 56, dickens Village series, Oliver twist, Maylie cottage, Damage box,
419.Dickens village series, Geo Weeton Watchmaker, damaged box
420.Dept 56, dickens Village series, boarding and lodging school, damaged box
421.Department 56, Dickens village series, Oliver twist, Fagin’s  hideaway, Damaged box,
422.Department 56, dickens Village serious, KNottinghill church, Damaged box,
423.Department 56, Dickens village series, giggleswick Muton and ham,
424.Department 56, Dickens village series, East Indies trading company, damage box,
425., Department 56, the dickens Village series, the old curiosity shop, damaged box,
426.Department 56, dickens Village series, Oliver twist, Maylie cottage, damaged box,
427., Department 56, dickens Village series, the flat of Ebeneezer Scrooge, damaged box,
428.Department 56, dickens Village series, the old curiosity shop, damaged box,
429.Department 56, dickens Village series, fezziwigs warehouse, Water damage box,
430.department 56, dickens Village series, Oliver twist, Fagan's hideaway, damage box,
431.Department 56, dickens Village serious, Tutbury printer, damaged box,
432.Department 56, dickens Village series, Oliver twist, brown low house, water damage box, Start from damage,
433.department 56, Dickens village series, Kings Road post office, damage box,
434.Department 56, dickens Village series, Geo Weeton watchmaker, damage box
435.Department 56, Dickens village series, Nicholas Nickleby cabbage, water damage box,
436.Department 56, Dickens village series, the flight of Ebeneezer Scrooge, water damage box,
437.department 56, Dickens village series, David Copperfield, Betsy Trotwood's cottage, water damage box
438.Department 56, Dickens village series, cottage toy shop, water damage box and damage Styrofoam
439.Department 56, Dickens village series, East Indies trading company, water damage box,
440.Dept 56, Dickens village series,  Crooked parents cottage, water damage box,
440A.Department 56, Dickens village, start a tradition set, set of 13
440B.Dept 56, Dickens village, David Copperfield, Betsy Trotwood's cottage
440C.Department 56, Dicken’s Village, David Copperfield, Peggotty’s seaside cottage
440D.Department 56, dickens Village, David Copperfield, Mr. Whitfield solicitor
440E.Department 56, dickens Village, aldeburgh music box gift set, Damaged box, dirt on styrofoam
440F.Department 56, dickens Village, Thomas Gaines worth, portrait artist to the queen, dirt on star foam
441.Department 56, dickens Village series, Scrooge and Marley counting house, water damage box,
441A.Dicken's Village - Barton's Holiday Greens
442.Department 56, Dickens Village series, WM sweet cakes and putting's, water damage box,
443.Department 56, dickens Village series, nephew Fred's flat, water damage box,
444.Dept 56, dickens Village series, Victorian station, water damage box
445.Department 56, dickens Village, Saint Ives lock house, damaged box,
446.Department 56, dickens Village, McShane cottage, water damaged box,
447.Department 56, dickens Village, dickens gads hill  Chalet, water damage box
448.Department 56, dickens Village, the China trader, water damage box, damage styrofoam
449.Dept 56, Little town of Bethlehem, Water damage box,
450.Department 56, dickens Village, the China trader, water damage box and damage Styrofoam
451.Department 56, dickens Village, T Watling ships and sales, damaged box,
452.department 56, Dickens village series, Ashbury Inn, water damage box, damage Styrofoam,
453.department 56, Dickens village series, giggleswick Mutton and ham, damaged box
454.apartment 56, Dickens village series, the pied bull inn, damaged box,
455.Department 56, dickens Village serious, a Christmas Carol reading by Charles Dickinson, damaged box
456.Department 56, dickens Village series, Sir John fallstaff inn,  Damaged box,
457.Department 56, 12 days of dickens Village, six geese a laying, two turtledoves x2, Three French hens, and a Partridge in a pear tree, damage boxes,
458.department 56, dickens Village, a Christmas carol morning set of three, Christmas carol characters , Fezziwegs and friends, Dickens Village sign, a Christmas Carol, water damage boxes,
459.a Christmas carol visit set of four x2, one of them is missing two pieces and has a damaged box and styrofoam, the other is missing one piece, both missing pieces are the ghost of Christmas future,
460.department 56, dickens Village, a Christmas Carol Bob Cratchit in Tinytown, a story for the children, damage box, the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, damage box, Hadley's currency exchange
461.department 56, dickens Village, the charitable vicar, Here we come A-wassailing, Damage box,
462.Department 56, dickens Village, A fine shoeshine, Christmas Carol spirits, damaged box, YE old lamplighter,
463.apartment 56, dickens Village, fine Asian antiques, damage box and Styrofoam, the halfpenny showman, the halfpenny showman, water damage box Caroline with the Cratchit family, water damage box , Dickens village, the queens parliamentary coach, water damage box,
464.The Queen's Parliamentary Coach
465.department 56, Dickens village series, nephew Fred's flats, water damage box
466.department 56, Dickens village, dickens birthplace damage box
467.department 56, Dickens village, Fred HoliWells house, water damage box,
468.Dept 56, dickens Village, Browning cottage, No box, and start phone
469.Department 56, dickens Village series, the cottage a Bob Cratchit in Tiny Tim, no box, in damaged styrofoam,
470.Department 56, Dickens village series, Scrooge and Marley county in house, no box,
471.department 56, Dickens village series, the old curiosity shop, no box, damage Styrofoam,
472.dept 56, dickens Village serious, Oliver twist, Fagin’s hideaway, no box,
473.Department 56, Dickens village series, wittlesbourne church, Water damage box,
474.department 56, Dickens village serious, Bell's house, water damage box,
475.Department 56, dickens Village series, hedgerow garden cottage, water damaged box,
476.Department 56, dickens Village serious, David Copperfield, Peggotty’s Seaside Cottage, no box or styrofoam
477.Department 56, dickens Village series, theatre royale, Water damage box*phone damage
478.department 56, Dickens village series, the flat of you been Water damage box*phone damage
478A. department 56, Dickens village series, the flat of Ebeneezer Scrooge, water and Styrofoam damaged box,
479.Department 56, dickens Village series, bishops oast house, No box or Styrofoam,
480.Department 56, dickens Village series, Oliver twist, Maylie cottage, No box or Styrofoam
481.department 56, Dickens village series, the cottage of Bob Cratchit and tiny Tim, no box or Styrofoam
482.department 56, Dickens Village series, bishops oast house, No box or Styrofoam
483.Department 56, dickens Village series, Nicholas Nickleby, Wackford squeers boarding school, No box, in damaged Styrofoam
484.Department 56, dickens Village series, Oliver twist, Maylie cottage, No box or Styrofoam,
485.Department 56, dickens Village, Temple bar, water damage box Department 56, dickens Village, Temple bar, damaged box
487.Dickens Village- The Old Curiosity Shop
488.Dickens Village- Dedlock Arms
489.department 56, Dickens village series, JD Nichols toy shop, water damage box
490.department 56, Dickens village series, Oliver twist, Brownlow house, water and The box,
491.probably 56, dickens Village serious, the mermaid fish shop, water and start from damaged box,
492.Department 56, dickens Village serious, fezziwigs warehouse, water and styrofoam damaged box,
493., department 56, dickens Village serious, boarding and lodging school, water and styrofoam damaged box,
494.dickens Village series, Blythe pond mill house, Water and Styrofoam damaged box,
495.Dickens village series, their mermaid fish shop, water and Styrofoam damaged box
496.dickens Village serious, Nicholas Nickleby cottage, water and start found damaged box
497.Department 56, the Poulterer, No box or Styrofoam,
498.dickens Village Water and Styrofoam damaged box
499.department 56, Dickens village series, Victorian station, water and start found damage box
500.department 56, the heritage Village collection, Oliver twist set of three, David Copperfield set of five, fezziwigs and friends set of three, Styrofoam damaged and dirty Boxes
501.Dept 56, the heritage Village collection, Nicholas Nickleby set a four, Oliver twist set of three, Caralers set of three, water and styrofoam damaged boxes
502.Department 56, the heritage Village collection, Nicholas Nickleby set of four, Oliver twist set of three, and all of her toys set of three, water and Styrofoam damaged boxes
503.Department 56, heritage Village collection, Oliver twist set of three, David Copperfield set of five, Nicholas Nickleby set of four, water and start phone damage boxes
504.Department 56, dickens Village serious, a Christmas Carol accessories and figurines, no box, damage Styrofoam
505.Lot 505, department 56, carnival village accessories, ball toss at the carnival, family day at the carnival, damaged, Styrofoam and boxes,
506.department 56, The first house that love built, classic ornament series, send in the clowns ornament,
507.department 56, bucks county, the abandoned gas pump,
508.department 56, the heritage Village collection, New England winter assessor he sat damage Styrofoam, New England Village sign, fresh paint, damage Styrofoam
509.56, heritage Village collection, ye old lamplighter, New England Village sign, damage boxes,
510.Department 56, New England Village series, Jannes mullet Amish barn
511.Department 56, New England Village series, sleepy hollow, Van tassel manner, damaged box,
512.Department 56, New England Village series, old North Church, damaged box
513.Department 56, New England village series, sleepy hollow, sleepy hollow church, damage box, ‘
514.department 56, New England village series, sleepy hollow, Ichabod crane's cottage,
515.department 56, heritage Village collection, gatehouse, damage box
516.department 56, New England Village series, Jannes Mullet Amish farm house, water damage box,
517.Dept 56, New England Village Series, Cape Keag fish cannery, damaged box,
518.Department 56, New England Village series, Jeremiah Brewster house, water and star phone damage box,
519.department 56, New England Village series, Pennsylvania Dutch farmhouse, water damage box
520.Department 56, New England Village series, sleepy hollow school, Damage box,
521.Department 56, New England Village Series, timber knoll log cabin,
522.department 56, dickens Village, fine Asian antiques, water damage box, members of parliament, water damage box, ship figurehead carver
523.Department 56, here are you citizens, postal pick up, sleepy hollow , New England village series, water and star found damage boxes,
524.department 56, new England village series, Jannes mullet Amish farm house, water damage box,
525.department 56, New England Village serious, the Emily Louise
526.department 56, New England Village serious, the Emily Louise, Water damage box and Styrofoam,
527.department 56, look it's the Goodyear blimp, NIB,
528.Department 56, New England Village serious, coastal lights, Chesapeake bay light house, damaged box and Styrofoam,
529.Department 56, New England Village series, sleepy hollow church, damaged box and Styrofoam,
530.Department 56, New England Village series, Jannes Mullet Amish farm house, water and start phone damaged box
531.Department 56, New England Village serious, sleepy hollow, sleepy hollow school, Styrofoam damaged box,
532.Department 56, New England Village Series, Sleepy hollow, Ichabod crane's cottage, star phone damage box,
533.Dept 56, dickens Village, Abington canal boat, damaged our phone, polo players, damage styrofoam,
534.from 56, heritage Village collection, the old man and the sea, Chelsea market fruit monger and cart, damage Styrofoam
535.department 56, heritage Village collection, Chelsea market flower monger and cart, no box, Puppeteers show, no box, 56, heritage Village collection, tally ho, no box, all around the town, no box, damage Styrofoam,
537.Department 56, Dickens village, street merchants, fine Asian antiques, damage box and Styrofoam, polo players, damage box and Styrofoam
538.five and 56, Chelsea market hat monger and cart, central park carriage, damage box and Styrofoam,
539.department 56, one man band and the dancing dog, organ grinder set of three, street musicians set of three, Chelsea market fish monger and cart,
540.Department 56, Chelsea market curiosities Monger and cart, damage box, Amish family, Buying bakers bread set of two, Christmas bazaar sign, damage box and Styrofoam,
541.department 56, holiday coach,
542.Dept 56, Tally ho
543.Department 56, stone trestle bridge,
544.the fire brigade, missing ladder, the old man and the sea, Starfall damage, Victoria and wrought iron fence and gate set of five, damage box,
545.department 56, Climb every mountain set of four, damage box, Heidi and her goats, damage box,
546.department 56, Alpine villagers set a five, climb every mountain set of four,
547.department 56, town Square because Zibo, our own village park bench
548.department 56, polka fest set of 3, Chelsea Lane shoppers set of four, Set of three, water damaged box,
549.Department 56, Lionhead bridge, stone train Trussell, damage box and Styrofoam
550.department 56, a new batch of Christmas friends, climb every mountain set of four, damage box,
551.department 56, our own village park bench Lighted snow tree,
552.department 56, climb every mountain set of four, water damage box, Heidi and her goats, water damage box,
553., department 56, poultry market set of three
554.department 56, tending the new calves
555.apartment 56, big smile for the camera, sleepy hollow set of three, Brixton Road watchmen, water and styrofoam damaged boxes,
556.Department 56, Heidi and her goats, water damage box, thatchers, Styrofoam damage,
557.Department 56, village sign with snowman, Styrofoam damage, Christmas putting costermonger
558.Department 56, polka fest set of three, water damage box, chamber Orchestra set of four, styrofoam damaged,
559.Department 56, 1994 village gathering special edition, village express van, damage box, the Holly and the Ivy, 1997 event piece set of two, damage box
560.Department 56, fine Asian antiques, damage box, holiday travelers set of three Damage Styrofoam, portobello road peddlers set of three, water damage box
561.apartment 56, village evergreen trees set of three, water damage box
562.Dept 56, village evergreen trees set of three,
563.Department 56, Kings Road cab
564.Department 56, Village porcelain pine large, damage box and Styrofoam,
565.department 56, Alpine Village serious, Metternich Wurst, Damage box
566.from 56, New England Village series, the patriots hat play, damage box, doctors house call,
567.Partman 56, our own Village Park branch, Socks, Christmas bazaar sign, Alpine Village sign, no box,
568.department 56, Alpine Village serious, stoder grist mill, water damage box
569.Department 56, Alpine Village Series, Alpen Akademie der Musik, Damage box,
570.department 56, I'll Pine Village serious, Kamm Hays, Damaged box,
571.Department 56, Alpine Village series, Spiezeug Laden, Damaged box and Styrofoam,
571A.Dept 56, Alpine Village serious, the sound of music gazebo music box, damaged box and Styrofoam,
571C.Department 56, Alpine Village serious, Christmas market, the ornament booth, star phone damage,
571D.Dept 56, the sound of music gazebo music box, water and styrofoam damaged box,
571E.Department 56, Alpine Village series, Christmas market tree topper booze, styrofoam damage,
571B.Department 56 - Alpine village series, Christmas market tree topper booth. Styrofoam damage
572B.Department 56, Alpine village series, Christmas market tree topper booze, styrofoam damage,
572.department 56, Alpine Village serious, Metterniche Wurst, water damage box,
573.Department 56, alpine village serious, Kukuck Uhren, Damage box
574.department 56, Alpine Village serious, Danube music publisher, damage box
575.department 56, Alpine Village series, Burgermeister house, no box,
575A.Dept 56, Alpine Village series, Weihnachten Glasgutte, styrofoam damage
576.Dept 56, Alpine Village serious, Metternich Wurst, Water damage box,
577.Dept 56, Alpine Village series, Milch-Kase, Water and start phone damaged box,
578.Department 56, Alpine Village serious, Heidi's grandfather's house, water and styrofoam damaged box,
579.Department 56, Alpine Village series, Nicholas figurine, water and styrofoam damaged box,
580.Department 56, Alpine Village Series, Metternich Wurst,
581.Department 56, Alpine Village series, Alpine elementary school, damaged styrofoam and box
582.Department 56, Alpine Village series, gasthof eisl,
583.Department 56, Alpine Village series, Getreidemuhle Zwetti Grain Mill,
584.Department 56, village animated holiday singers,
585.department 56, north pole series, Santa is rooming house, water and Styrofoam damage,
586.department 56, north pole series, elf bunk house, water and Styrofoam damage,
587.Department 56, Christmas in the city series, the doctors office, water damage box,
588.Department 56, snowy village, prairie house, Styrofoam damage,
589.Dept 56, North Pole Series, Marie's down museum, Styrofoam damage,
590.dept 56, north pole series, Water damage box,
591.Department 56, two Rivers bridge, box damage
592.Department 56, north pole series, Kringle ElfMentary school, Damage box and Styrofoam,
593.Department 56, snow village, village Legion Hall, damaged box and Styrofoam
594.Dept 56, north pole series, Starlight Dancehall, damaged box
595.Dept 56, north pole series, Santa’s bell repair, Styrofoam damage,
596.Department 56, snow village, the dragon parade, water damage box and Styrofoam,
597.Department 56, North pole series, reindeer barn, water and Styrofoam damage,
598.department 56, north pole series, village animated polar roller rink, no box, dirty Styrofoam,
599.apartment 56, Siri's, Santos lookout tower, missing flags, Styrofoam damage,
600.Apartment 56, Christmas in the city series, Wongs in Chinatown, water damage box,
601.department 56, snow village, Rockabilly records, box damage,
602.department 56, north pole series, Luckys pony rides, Styrofoam damage,
603.department 56, Christmas in the city series, Miss Stover's Bungalo candies, damage box
604.Department 56, north pole Series, north pole grandmas bakery, water damage,
605.Department 56, north pole series, elf Mountain ski resort, water And Styrofoam damage box,
605A.Department 56, Hensley Cadillac and Buick, Christmas in the city
606.Department 56, Alpen horn player, Star phone damage, unknown house, No box,
607.apartment 56, snow carnival king and queen,
608.Department 56, north pole Series, north pole beauty shop, NIB,
609.Department 56, north pole Series, raising the flag at the north pole, damage Styrofoam, to protect and to serve, dirt on box
610.Department 56, North Pole express, village accessories, year-round lighted lawn ornament set of sex, damaged box,
611.Christmas in the city series, to protect and to serve, water and Styrofoam damaged box, tracking in the snow set of three, Alpine Village serious damage box,
612.Dept 56, Christmas in the city series, Sidewalk games, A new batch of Christmas friends, Damaged box,
613.Department 56, Christmas in the city series, Luigi's gelato treats, salt water taffy boardwalk booth, damaged box,
614.Department 56, Christmas in the city series, Midtown new stand, damage box and Styrofoam, printing our own Village sign, damage Styrofoam,
615.Christmas in the city series, Russell Stover delivery truck, Styrofoam damage, village express van, star phone damage,
616.department 56, village accessories, Christmas luminaries, lighted snowy tree with 45 mini LED lights and adapter Star phone damage,
617.department 56, Alpine Village series, Alpine traveling band, north pole series, elves on track,
618.department 56, village accessories, good fishing, dirt on Styrofoam,
619.Dept. 56, Raising the Flag in the City, Your telegram Ma’am, America’s Finest, sewing the Stars and Stripes, Ready for Duty, damaged boxes,
620.department 56, north pole series, Augies Christmas carols, Styrofoam and water damage box,
621.department 56, north pole series, frostbite treehouse daycare, water damage box,
622.department 56, north pole series, Elfin snow cone works
623.Department 56, snow village, Dutch colonial, styrofoam damage
624.department 56, north pole series, Ulysses the Christmas bell maker, damage box,
625.Department 56, north pole series, frostbite treehouse daycare, damage box,
626.department 56, Christmas in the city series, on to the show, today’s specials, teaching the Torah, dickens Village, congratulations graduate, Ye royal scrivener, master and apprentice, styrofoam damage,
627.Department 56, New England Village series, baby dolls first check up, dickens Village, love or money, congratulations graduate, Christmas in the city series, free soda for you Today's specials teaching the Torah, box and styrofoam damage
628.department 56, north pole series, Christmas around the world Feliz Navidad, guess your weight, one cent, Alpine Village series, Alpine traveling band,
629.Department 56, Dockside Stevedoor, making beautiful ornaments, glassworks craftsmen, Damage boxes,
630.Department 56, celebrate love, chapel of love, box and Styrofoam damage,
631.Department 56, Snow village, home sweet home, house and one mail, box and Styrofoam damage,
632.department 56, north pole series, route one, north pole, home of Mr. and Mrs. clause, water damage box,
633.department 56, Jacobs Field, no box,
634.Department 56, New England Village series gift sack, Verna Mays boutique, Fox damage,
635.department 56, Crystal Gardens Conservatory, Christmas in the city series,
636.Department 56, North Pole Siri's, Elsie's gingerbread, damaged box,
637.Department 56, village accessories, elf treehouse, no box,
638.Department 56, It’s almost Thanksgiving, no box,
639.department 56, Village accessories, elf treehouse, no box,
640.department 56, today's specials, damage box and Styrofoam, fresh oysters, master potter , Damaged Styrofoam box, city professions-housepainter a newspaper boy, city professions, postman and dairy delivery man,
641.Department 56, snow village, our lady of Guadalupe, no box,
643.Department 56, I love New York theater, no box, family Styrofoam,
644.Department 56, a Coke for you and me, damaged box, Reading the Bavarian cow, pitching horseshoes, damage to box and Styrofoam, pitching horseshoes, hear ye hear ye, Head of cheese,
645.Department 56, Teaching a lesson, Christmas pageant dress rehearsal, happy new year, Christmas around the world, Scandinavia village accessories, village steps, damage boxes and Styrofoam,
646.Department 56, village accessories, fireworks, Village lookout tower, damage Styrofoam,
647.Department 56, here ye citizens, damage box, here ye here ye, village statue of Mark Twain,
648.urban 56, the strange case of Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde, Tarpleys store shoppers Bringing home the baby, conversation over coffee, under the mistletoe, damage box and Styrofoam,
649.department 56, after college, Christmas band, learning the Charleston, jazz at the jambalaya, damage boxes and Styrofoam,
650.Department 56, saltwater taffy boardwalk booth, bringing home the baby, all in together girls, Sir John Falstaff Inn,
651.department 56, Village accessories up in the Apple tree, no box,
652.Dept 56, snow village, Nutcracker ballerinas, bright lights Christmas parade snowman float, styrofoam damage, at the barn dance, it's alllenmande left,
653.Department 56, Town crier and chimney sweep, winter sleigh ride, wood cutter and son, slide and skis, A ride, yes Virginia, damage box,
654.department 56, English postbox, rod iron park bench, yes Virginia, rest ye Merry gentlemen, winter sleigh ride, damage box, winter sleigh ride,
655.Department 56, snow village, at the barn dance, it's Allemande left, unknown,
656.department 56, seasons bay, a stroll in the park, the garden cart, trick or treat,
657.Dept 56, Platform No. 1, Flag Pole, no box and damaged styrofoam,
657A.department 56, seasons bay, a stroll in the park, trick-or-treat, the garden cart,
658.Latisse obelisk, seasons face sign, beach front,
659.Dept 56, Seasons Bay, Chapel on the Hill, water damaged box,
660., Dept 56, seasons bay, Parkside pavilion, water damage box,
661.department 56, seasons bed, base street shops,
662.Department 56, Christmas story, singing carols, bring in the tree home, the perfect tree, Water damage boxes,
663.Department 56, a Christmas Carol, singing carols, Ralphie and all blue save the day, you'll shoot your eye out kid,
664.Department 56, a Christmas story, good finds at the joke shop, my secret decoder arrived, Higbee's Santa, police car, Scott Farkas and his toadies, damaged box,
665.Department 56, A Christmas story, Cleveland elementary school, no box,
666.department 56, dickens Village, Piccadilly gallery, no box,
667.department 56, a Christmas story, Ralphies house, no box
668.department 56, snow babies, Damage box
669.department 56, see picture For description
670.department 56, snow village, the Dutchman's pancake House, damage box and Styrofoam,
671.department 56, snow village, Dick Clark's American bandstand, damage box,
672.department 56, snow village, mission style house,
673.Department 56, snow village, Roadside billboard set a three, damage box and Styrofoam
674.department 56, snow village, Budweiser Clydesdale's, damage box and Styrofoam,
675.department 56, snow village, Luckys Irish souvenirs,
676.department 56, snow village, the Looney Tunes animation films Dirt on Styrofoam,
677.department 56, snow village, Christmas Lane holiday helper, National Lampoon's Christmas vacation, shopping with Todd and Margo,
678.department 56 snow village, work a little, play a little set of four, car wash fundraiser set of two, damage star phone
679.Send in the clowns, quality service at Ford, car wash fundraiser, damage Styrofoam,
680.Department 56 snowvillage- Send in the clowns, Car Wash Fundraiser, Quality Service A ford
681.Department 56, snow village, we have a deal, ice cream for everyone, damaged box, will win for sure, damage Styrofoam,
682.department 56, snow village, Fourth of July celebration, roadside produce stand, minor box and Styrofoam damage, ‘ and 56, snow village, start your engines, will win for sure, newsflash, damage Styrofoam,
684.department 56, M & M’s birthday party, Water damage box,
685.Department 56, M and M‘a Easter bunny house, water damage box,
686.Department 56, M and M’s harvest barn, Damaged box,
687.Department 56, M & M’s Easter bunny house
688.Department 56, possible dreams, putting on the Ritz
689.five and 56, possible dreams, Mary-oh net
690.part of 56, possible dreams, two by two
691.Department 56, possible dreams, I see you,
692.Department 56, possible dreams, friendship,
693.Department 56, possible dreams, world peace,
694.five and 56, possible dreams, Mary cruiser,
695.Department 56, possible dreams, Bearly Christmas,
696.Dept 56, possible dreams, tiny dancer,
697.Department 56, possible dreams, close knit couple,
698.Department 56, possible dreams, red and green plums,
699.Department 56, possible dreams, tiny dancer, damaged box,
700.Department 56, possible dreams, Celtic cross roads,
701.Department 56, possible dreams, priority mail
702.Department 56, possible dreams, pint of pride,
703.Department 56, possible dreams, king of the castle,
704.Department 56, possible dreams, jolly ol Baker,
705.Department 56, possible dreams, doodle doo,
706.Department 56, possible dreams, Scotty's pageantry,
707.Department 56, Possible Dreams, Scottish Pageantry
708.Department 56, possible dreams, three French hands,
709.Department 56, possible dreams, father Christmas,
710.department 56, possible dreams, sweet tee,
711.department 56, Celebrate it, treasured Santa,
712.department 56, possible dreams, once upon a time,
713.Department 56, possible dreams, eight tiny reindeer
714.department 56, possible dreams, we hold these truth,
715.Department 56, Possible dreams, Christmas booty,
716.department 56, possible dreams, Christmas chorus,
717.Department 56, possible dreams, Christmas boutique,
718.Department 56, possible dreams, Santa clause network,
719.Devon 56, possible dreams, sweet gifts,
720.Dept 56, possible dreams, Carpenter
721.parent 56, possible dreams, Christmas orbit,
722.apartment 56, possible dreams, homerun for the holidays,
723.Department 56, possible dreams, Class of 2000,
724.Department 56, possible dreams, Christmas in the Alps
725.department 56, possible dreams, class of 2000,
726.Department 56, possible dream , Mary fisherman,
727.department 56, possible dreams, star of wonder,
728.Department 56, possible dreams, jingle bells,
729.Department 56, possible dreams, Hungarian rhapsody,
730.Department 56, possible dreams, Santa start your engines,
731.department 56, possible dreams, Item number 721001,
732.Department 56, possible dreams, item number 721001
733.Department 56, possible dreams, Holiday hoopster
734.Department 56, Possible Dreams, Go Round, Damaged Styrofoam and Box
736.Department 56, possible dreams, go-round
737.Department 56, Alpine village series, Saint Nicholas Kirsche 1991, no box
738.Department 56, A Christmas story, the uptown theater, no box
739.Department 56, Kings Road cab, Alpine Village, applehorn player, no box
740.Department 56, Elvis Presley Graceland, north pole beauty shop, no boxes
741.Department 56, Snow village, Santa comes to town, 2001, lightheaded, no box
742.Department 56, Peanuts, Snoopy's Easter doghouse, lighted, no box
743.Department 56, Elvis Presley's Graceland, dickens Village, lighting the gas lamp post, no boxes
744.Department 56, Theodore, Billy, and clock, no boxes
745.Department 56, Disney, Bibbity bopity boo, no box
746.Department 56, Classic ornament serious, north pole serious, Santa's workshop, deadlock arms ornament, crown and cricket inn ornament, Dicken’s Village Mill, no boxes
747.Department 56, Village express, delivery truck, damage paint, Harry Potter, Harry and Hagrid at Gringotts, no boxes
748.Department 56, Snow babies, let's pretend, per-fect pumpkin, damaged box and styrofoam, M & M hug and carrying gifts, no boxes
749.Department 56, Crystal ice king and queen, damaged box, village accessories Christmas band, dickens miniatures, Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim’s house, No box
750.Department 56, dickens Village, Dudley darker
751.Department 56, Alpine Village, sport laden, no box
752.Department 56, home sweet home windmill, no box
753.Department 56, National Lampoon's Christmas vacation, cousin Eddie's RV, lighted, no box
754.Department 56, Dickens Village, a Christmas Carol, Bob Cratchit and tiny Tim's house, no box
755.Department 56, New England Village, WM Walton fine clocks and pocket pieces, no box, damaged Styrofoam
756.Department 56, Eminem's building a snowman, cookies for sale, Disney, Mickey builds a birdhouse, No boxes
757.Department 56, fourteen miscellaneous pieces, no boxes
758.Department 56, seven miscellaneous pieces, no boxes
759.Department 56, Christmas in the city series, grand central railway station, no box, no top to Styrofoam
760.Department 56, Snow Village, Nantucket renovation, no box, dirty Styrofoam
761.Department 56, dickens Village, old Michael Church, No box,
762.Department 56, Dickens Village, Tower of London, Tower of London gate, and three accessories, no box
763.Department 56, Dickens Village, Tower of London, Tower of London gate, and three accessories, no box


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