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Kigar Realty & Auction
Antiques, Collectibles & More #6 Online Auction - Ending Sunday, November 29th Closing at 8 PM

Item Description
1.Slaw Cutter (Complete)
2.12V Spotlight
3.Clear Glass Horse and Carriage Planter
4.Box of Assorted Girl Scout Pins
5.Box of Assorted Costume Jewelry
6.10K Gold Butterfly Bracelet
7.Art Glass Paper Weight
8.Campbell's Soup Figurine (Napoleon Plant)
9.Lot of Winner's Circle Dale Earnhardt, Etc.
10.(2) Die-Cast NASCAR's
11.(5) Sterling Silver Rings
12.Sterling Silver Bracelet and Earrings
13.(2) GE Transceivers
14.Panasonic Radio
15.Pair of Stabo Model SH-7000 Radios
17.Shell Oil Can
18.Horse Clock
19.Vintage Wall Paper Steamer?
20.Noritake Covered Dish with Fenton White Hobnail Shoe
21.Horse Planter
22.Wheaties No. 3 and Quaker State No. 26 Die-Cast NASCAR
23.Wooden Pulley
24.Antique Fisher Price Happy House Boat
25.Ammo Box
27."Flying Cloud" Ship Clock
28.Carriage Clock
29.Gumball Machine
30.Carriage Clock with Team of Horses
31.Mounted Horse and Clock
32.Pickle Jar with Wooden Handle
33.Dale Earnhardt 2002 Die-Cast
34.(4) Wooden Corner Décor Pieces and 1973 Cedar Point Souvenir Plate
35.Ammo Box
36.Dale Earnhardt No.3 Telephone
37.Box Lot of Bungees
38.Magnetic CB Antenna
39.Metal Sprinkling Can
40.(3) Kerosene Lanterns
41.Box Lot of Assorted Costume Jewelry
42.2005 Limited Edition NASCAR Fuel Tanker
43.Cedar Point 1971 Lakeshore Penn Central Plate with Cigarette Case
44.7x50 Binoculars
45.Cobra CB Radio
46.Box Lot of Assorted Necklaces and Jewelry
47.Box Lot of Assorted Necklaces and Jewelry
48.(9) Assorted Yo-Yo's
49.1977 Commemorative Bexback Pin
50.Pewter Clown Figurine
51.(2) Pill Bottles
52.Lot of Assorted Rings
53.Lot of Assorted Sew-On Patches
54.Lot of (5) Assorted Rings
55.Lot of (5) Assorted Rings
56.(6) Assorted Marbles
57.Elgin Gold Pocket Watch
58.Large Lot of Collectible Marbles
59.(2) Collectible Marbles
60.(3) Collectible Marbles
61.Lesney Moving Van and Sand & Gravel Truck
62.(2) Flour Sifters
63.Duck Walking Stick
64.Primitive Hook and Stove Pipe
65.2001 Signed and Dated Marble
66.Signed and Dated Marble
67.1.5in Handmade Antique Marble
68.Ice Tongs
69.Box Lot of Assorted Wrist Watches
70.Assorted Pins, Badges, Etc.
71.(4) Lighters
72.(4) .925 Sterling Silver Rings
73.(7) Assorted Lighters
74.Nude Bottle Opener
75.Box of Toy Cars
76.Harley-Davidson Pocket Watch with Fuel Tank Case
77.(2) Miniature Cast-Iron Pans and Figurine
78.German Commemorative Pin
79.(6) Royal Soldiers
80.Assorted Knives, Fishing Lure, Etc.
81.(2) Deer Figurines
82.(4) Women's Rings
83.(5) Early Toy Car's including (2) Auburn Rubber?
84.(3) Kerosene Lanterns (Missing Globes)
85.Bailing Hook
86.Primitive Noodle Winder
87.(2) Metal "No Trespassing" Signs
88.(2) Metal "FOR SALE" Signs
89.(3) Metal "FOR SALE BY OWNER" Signs
90.Family Plaque
91.Kissing Natives
92.Clamp-On Hook
93.(2) Primitive Spoons
94.Clamp-On Hook
95.Egg Crate
96.Lot of Knives
97.(4) Harmonica's
98.(3) Harmonica's (2 with Boxes)
99.(2) Harmonica's with Boxes
100.Primitive Roasting Pan
101.Box of Skulls
102.Primitive Jar Carrier
103.Primitive Drill Bit
104.Early Planter
105.Michigan State Spartans License Plate Frame
106.(2) Ice Tongs
107.Coachmen Emblem
108.Vintage Sled
109.1961 Oak Harbor Moore Orchard's Crate
110.Coleman Lantern, Dual-Fuel with Box and Carrying Case
111.Countertop Showcase
112.Bakco Pail
113.Wooden Sculpture
114.Spring-Loaded Playground Horse
115.Cranberry Bowl
116.Metal Tonka Concrete Mixer
117.Tote Full of Assorted Spray Paint
118.Galvanized Wash Tub
119.Set of Dodge Hubcaps
120.Portable Grill
121.Lot of Cookbooks
122.Wooden Crate
123.Wooden Bench
124.Floral Pattern Footstool
125.Turtle Footstool
127.Kid's Ironing Board
128.Pair of Wooden Planters
129.Vanity Chair
130.Sprinkling Can and Metal Stool
131.ConAir Foot Spa
132.Wooden Kid's Chair
133.Box of Assorted Furs and Hides
134.Metal Waste Basket with Sprinkling Can
135.Vintage Wood Plane
136.Vintage 7-Up Cooler
137.Simplex Toy Typewriter
138.Toy Cash Register
139.Hobby Air Compressor
140.Lot of (7) Rolling Pins
141.(3) Assorted Teapots and Shaffing Pan with Stand
142.Primitive Scale
143.Pair of Dolphin Book-Ends
144.Dale Earnhardt Playing Cards
145.Spear Attachment
146.(2) Dale Earnhardt Paper Items with (2) Winston Cup Collector Cars
147.Box of Fishing Reels
148.Box of Fishing Reels
149.Box of Fishing Reels
150.Champlain Beating Machine Box
151.Vintage Flashlight with Covered Tureen
152.Fenton Praying Boy Figurine
153.Busch Beer Tap
154.Lot of Assorted Signed NASCAR Memorabilia
155.Lot of Assorted Bobby LaBonte Memorabilia
156.Tonka Pickup Truck
157.Rotary Dial Telephone
158.Old Bobber Holder and Metal Military Plaque
159.Powder Horn with Leather Case, Etc. and Primitive Bell
160.Box of Vice Grips
161.Anchor with Rope
162.Pitcher Pump Parts
163.Box of Assorted Alarm Clocks
164.Rotary Dial Telephone
165.(2) Boxes of Assorted Trading Cards and Box of Trading Card Cases
166.Box of Assorted Ball Cards with Baseball Card Album
167.Heavy Duty Cast-Iron Bean Pot with Lid
168.Box of Fishing Reels
169.(2) Boxes of Lace, Doilies, Etc.
170.Galvanized Wash Tub
171.Large Tonka Dump Truck
172.(2) Folding Army Cots
173.Crayola Die-Cast Airplane
174.CB Radio
175.(2) Graniteware Bowls
176.Box Lot of Assorted Milk Glass, Etc.
177.Fisher Price Cash Register
178.Box Lot of Miniature Army Toys
179.Assorted Tools
180.Army Tank and Search Light
181.Assorted Opened and Boxed End Wrenches
182.(50) McDonald's and Burger King Toys
183.Wire Stand
184.Plant Stand
185.Engine No.7 Fire & Rescue Pedal Car
186.Primitive Belly Lamp
187.Banquet Lamp
188.Miniature Table
189.Jug, Crock, and Crock with Lid
190.10-Gallon Crock
191.4-Gallon Crock
192.(2) 3-Gallon Crocks (1 Has Damage)
193.(2) Crocks (1 Damaged)
194.Box Lot of Assorted Watches
195.Box Lot of Assorted Dive Watches (As-Is)
196.Large Handmade Religious Quilt
197.Wooden Miniature Yard Swing
198..925 Sterling Ring
199.(5) .925 Sterling Rings
200.Box of Assorted Costume Jewelry
201.Box of Assorted Watches including Clinton, Fondini, Geneva, Etc.
202.Box of Costume Jewelry
203.Box of Costume Jewelry
204.Box of Costume Jewelry
205.Flatware with White Handle
206.Box Lot of Misc. including Bottle Openers, Pocket Watches, Etc.
207.(7) C-Clamps
208.Battery Operated Metal Train Strayco Express
209.Box of Cheese Crocks
210.Pullers and Flaring Tool
211.(7) Assorted C-Clamps
212.Box of Muscrat Traps
213.International Express Locomotive
214.Hubley Truck
215.Metal Farm Truck
216.Hubley Truck
217.Structo Jeep
218.Tonka 2-Place Horse Trailer
219.(2) Tonka Car Carriers and Tin Friction Toy
220.Battery-Operated Bump-N-Go Fire Department Jeep
221.Big Brute 18-Wheeler
222.Nylint Metal Earth Mover
223.Structo Tandem-Axle Open-Top Metal Semi Trailer
224.Ben Franklin Tractor Trailer Rig
225.Gabriel Industries Rare Dump Truck
226.Buddy L Ladder Trucker
227.Shortback Chair
228.Vintage Framed War Photo
229.Reserved Parking Sign
230."NO PARKING" Sign
231.Cloth Gun Case
232.Primitive Rake
233.Cold Beer Metal Sign
234.FFA Metal Sign
235.Omaha Standard Sign
236.Old "YIELD" Sign with Embossed Letters
237.Jacka$$ Sign
238.Clide, OH Municipal Building Sign - 1977
239.Wooden Barrel Pump
240.Sound Machine Semi Truck
241.(2) John Deere 4-Wheel Wagons
242.(2) Open-Sided Wagons
243.Red 4-Wheel Wagon
244.Green Tractor with Wagon
245.Grain Wagon
246.Elevator (Not Complete)
247.Tonka Jeep
248.Horse Figurine
249.ERTL Wagon with Tractor
250.Ford Tractor
251.Hubley Jr. Tractor
252.Slik Toy Tractor
253.Children's Turntable
254.Gumball Machine with Key
255.Rotary Dial Telephone
256.Daisy BB Pistol
257.Basketball Memorabilia including Die-Cast and Plates
258.(2) Die-Cast Motorcycles
259.Lot of (8) Assorted Collectible Cars
260.Lot of (12) Assorted Collectible Cars
261.(15) Assorted Collectible Cars
262.(10) Assorted Die-Cast Cars and Ken Erwin Figurine
263.(11) Assorted Cars
264.(28) Assorted Racing Champion's Cars
265.Home Tool Kit with Case
266.Craftsman Bush Wacker Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmer
267.Box of Assorted Lamp Globes
268.Model-T Luggage Rack
269.Box Lot of Assorted Tools, Sockets, Etc.
270.Box Lot of Tools
271.Axe Head, Chain Hook, Block and Tackle, Etc.
272.Box of Assorted Pliers
273.Assorted Cutters and Pliers
274.Metal Shears, Etc.
275.Cast-Iron Coat Hook
276.Cast-Iron Fork and Spoon
277.(2) Coal Shovels
279.(2) Golf Wedges
280.Pair of JC Higgins Ski's
281.(63) Assorted Fast Food Giveaway Toys
282.Box of Approx. (30) Pez Dispensers
283.Fisher Price RC Race Car (No Remote)
284.(21) Assorted Pez Dispensers
286.3-Tier Metal Display
287.Beaded Purse
288.Lot of (3) Assorted Flower Sifters
289.Egg Crate/Carrier
290.Antique Air Rifle with Wooden Stock
291.B&O Railroad Tag
292.Primitive Jack Component
293.Plastic Drawers with Culligan Jug
294.Paper Log Roller
295.(2) Invalid Grab Bars
296.Nativity Scene
297.Graniteware Roaster with Lid
298.Air Popcorn Machine
299.Tootsie-Toy Air Rifle
300.Large Hay Knife
301.Walking Stick with Rear View Mirror and Horn
302.Walking Stick with Cardinal Bird Handle
303.Hay Hook
304.Disney World Aladdin Thermos
305.Wooden Stand
306.Wooden Oar
307.Battery-Operated Wheelchair (Needs Batteries)
308.Blue & White Quilt
309.Pair of Oriental Figurines
310.Wagon Wheel Horseshoe Lamp
311.Wooden Stand
312.Wooden High-Chair
313.(4) Assorted Canes
314.(9) Assorted Campbell's Soup Christmas Bulbs
315.Draw Knife
316.Draw Knife
317.Draw Knife
318.(4) Adjustable Wrenches
319.(2) Axe Handles
320.Wooden Outdoor Santa Claus
321.Pogo Stick
322.Campbell's Soup Battery-Operated Clock?
323.Folding Shovel
324.Unusual Lamp
325.(5) Brass Hooks
326.McCoy Planter
327.Child's Wooden Rocker
328.Conn Trombone with Case
329.Outdoor Wooden Santa
330.Heavy Duty Fireplace Tools with Stand
331.Porcelain Chamber Pot w/Lid
332.Box Lot of Assorted Pipe Wrenches
333.Box Lot of Assorted Tools including Sockets, Ratchets, Adjustable Wrench, Etc.
334.Box of Assorted Tools
335.Container with Straps
336.Box of Assorted Lace Items
337.Box of Assorted Lace Items
338.Assortment of Embroidered Linens
339.Galvanized Sprinkling Can
340.Rotary Dial Wall Phone
341.Sunbeam Mixer with Bowls and Attachments
342.Box of Assorted Clocks
343.Pitcher Pump
344.(3) Assorted Coffee Pots
345.Metal Sprinkling Can with Décor
346.Large Roasting Pan with Lid
347.Wooden Décor
348.(2) Boxes of Toy Cars, Etc.
349.(2) Boxes of Toy Cars, Etc.
350.Toy Cars and Misc.
351.Box of Early Cars, Cast-Iron Bank and Misc.
352.Old Books, Newspaper, Etc.
353.Box of Buttons
354.Vintage Coca-Cola and 7-Up Bottles
355.Early Wood-Handled Kitchen Items
356.(2) Plastic Ducks
357.(2) Early Coffee Pots
358.Box of Assorted Toy Train Items
359.(2) Amber Oil Lamps
360.Primitive Dispenser?
361.(2) Irons
362.Cast-Iron Double-Handle Griddle
363.Cast-Iron Garlic Press
364.Aluminum Griddle
365.(2) Cast-Iron Items
366.Large Metal Tray
367.Harley-Davidson Phone
368.23-Channel Portable CB Radio
369.Coleman Dual-Fuel Burner
370.Ideal Dairy Milk Bottle, Kalamazoo, MI
371.Red Hobnail Glass Basket
372.Cast-Iron Double-Handle Griddle
373.(2) Early Cast-Iron Toy Trucks
374.Unusual 3-Footed Cast-Iron Pan
375.Lead Pot
376.Cast-Iron Bowl with Handle
377.11in. Cast-Iron Skillet
378.Wagner 9.5in Skillet
379.Cast-Iron Corn Mold
380.Cast-Iron Tea Kettle
381.(2) Small Cast-Iron Pans
382.Toy Steam Engine
383.(2) Cast-Iron Trivets - Cleveland Foundry and ?
384.Corn Mold and 6in. Cast-Iron Skillet
385.Wardway 10in. Skillet
386.10in. Cast-Iron Skillet
387.(3) Candle Stands
388.Brass Torch
389.Group of (4) Assorted Flower Sifters
390.(2) Cast-Iron Cars
391.Printer's Drawer
392.Lot of (4) Assorted Birdhouses
393.Ornate Coo-Coo Clock
394.Small Milk Can
395.Ship's Clock
396.Aluminum Tea Pot
397.Cast-Iron 3-Footed Bean Pot
398.Cast-Iron Pot
399.Rubber Toy Car
400.Lot of Assorted Toys and Novelties
401.(2) Boxes of Assorted Glassware including Planters, Steins, Cheese Crock, Etc.
402.Box of Assorted Toys including Wooden Airplane, Die-cast, Etc.
403.Box of Assorted Metal Toys (Missing Parts, Etc.)
404.Box of Insulators
405.Porcelain Pot and Lid
406.Box Lot of Assorted Cookbooks
407.Box Lot of Vintage Christmas Items
408.Large Lot of Assorted Silverplate Pieces
410.NASCAR Calendar's
411.Eagle and Angel Emblems
412.Silverplate Cup and Donald Duck Wheatpuffs Container
413.(2) Small Vices
414.Box Lot of Assorted Advertising Items, Etc.
415.Box of Toy Cars and Misc.
416.Box of Assorted Hand Drills
417.(3) Horse-Grooming Tools
418.(6) Salt Dips
419.Old Books, Playing Cards, Etc.
420.Tonka Single-Axle Truck/Tractor
421.Nylint Tandem-Axle Dump
422.Tonka Tandem-Axle with Drop-Deck Tractor
423.Cast-Iron Stirrups
424.Ladder Truck
425.TrueValue Delivery Van
426.(2) Metal Trailers
427.Tonka Road Grader
428.Metal and Wooden Display Stand
429.Portable Receipt Dispenser
430.Campbell Kid's Doll Kit and Plastic Bowl, Plate and Cup
431.Cast-Iron Trivet, Ash Tray and Lighter
432.(2) Rabbits
433.Assorted Hobnail Pieces, Nesco Cream & Sugar, Etc.
434.Glass and Wood Game Set
435.School Bus Banks
436.Army 4-Engine Airplane
437.Coca-Cola Advertising
438.Box of Individually Wrapped Open and Boxed End Wrenches (Mostly Metric)
439.Stack of Assorted Blue Jeans (Various Sizes)
440.Pliers and Cutters
441.Box of Hinges, Etc.
442.Oil Lamp
443.Box of Assorted Open and Boxed End Wrenches
444.Box of Assorted Open and Boxed End Wrenches
445.Box of Assorted Open and Boxed End Wrenches
446.Box of Assorted Tools
447.Opened and Boxed End Wrenches
448.Knife Set with (12) Knives and Holder
449.Box Lot of Assorted Tools
450.Assorted Fast Food Giveaway Toys
451.Box with Planters, Mustache Cup, and Misc.
452.Draw Knife
453.Assorted Sockets, Ratchets, Etc.
454.Spoon Rack
455.Spoon Rack
456.Spoon Rack
457.Box of Assorted Bicycle Accessories
458.Ice Tongs
459.Sprinkling Can
460.Curtain Tiebacks
461.(2) Buggy Steps
462.Box of Assorted Knives
463.Lot of Hand Scythes
464.Box of Assorted Dolls
465.Box of Assorted Figurines
466.John Deere Lunch Pail and Other Misc. Items
467.(4) Model Cars
468.Polaroid Land Camera, Box Camera, Etc.
469.(3) Die-Cast Trucks
470.Olympia Camera
471.Wooden Duck Decoy
472.Coleman Lantern with Case
473.Vintage Light
474.(3) Vintage Santa Claus Figurines
475.Conestoga Wagon
476.Wicker Conestoga Wagon
477.Box of Scrap Leather Pieces
478.Spit-tune, Glass Tea Pot, Etc.
479.Box of Bells
480.Molds and Misc. Décor
481.Cheese Boxes
482.Large Lot of Wooden Décor Items
483.Snap and Store Game
486.Box of Assorted Lace Items
487.Tiger (Paper Mache?)
488.Dodge Viper and '57 Chevy Model Cars
489.Mobile Assault Command Center and Etc.
490.Miniature Lead Soldiers
491.Box of Assorted Games
492.Box of Open End Wrenches
493.Cannon Mount Zoom Lense
494.Quilt/Bed Spread
495.Flags with Holder
496.(2) Sunoco Trucks
497.(3) Assorted Semi Trucks
498.Milk Glass Hen
499.Box of Adjustable Wrenches (Open and Box End)
500.(4) Assorted Milk Bottles
501.Jenga and Other Games
502.Misc. Coca-Cola Items
503.Ram Hubcaps and Vintage Flashlight
504.Hanging Scale
506.Canvas Army Bag
507.Hand-Blown Birds
508.Hand-Painted Glass Ornament with Box
509.(2) Boxes with Outlets, Covers, Toilet Fill Valve, PVC and Misc.
510.Miller 2000 Hobby Air Compressor
511.Sanitary Dairy Products Milk Bottle
512.Dual-Fuel Coleman Lantern with Box
513.Box of Pez Dispensers
514.Box of Pez Dispensers
515.Bench Vice
516.Rolls Camera with Box and Instruction Book
517.Egg Crate
518.Vintage Metalworking Tool
519.Vintage Planer
520.No. 8 Iron
521.No. 6 Iron
522.Birds, Feathers and Misc. - Jim Belcher
523.4pc. Canister Set
524.Light-Up Peacock
525.Marble Horse Head Book-Ends
526.No. 35 Planet Junior
527.Black Panther
528.Small Milk Can
529.(2) Toy School Buses
530.(2) Kerosene Lamps (No Globes)
531.2-Tier Duncan Phyfe Stand
532.1996 Texaco Tanker
533.(2) NASCAR Die-Cast Cars
534.(3) Racing Champions NASCAR Die-Cast
535.Hamilton Authenticated Truck and Trailer
536.Box of Crossman CO2 Cartridges
537.Limited Edition Sunoco Fuel Delivery Truck
538.Row of Misc. Toys
539.Row of Misc. Toys
540.Row of Misc. Toys
541.Sunoco Tanker Truck
542.2005 Limited Edition Sunoco Tanker Truck
543.(2) Winner's Circle Pit Rows and (2) Racing Champions "Under the Lights"
544.Jewelry Chest
545.Wood Plane
546.Wood Plane
547.Wood Plane
548.(2) Boxes of Kellogg's NASCAR Corn Flakes
549.Remington Die-cast Bi-Plane with Box
550.Tabletop Mail Scale
551.Register Cover
552.(6) Longeberger Basket Liners
553.Goodwin Ball Glove
554.1776 Liberty Bell Bank
555.Assorted Doll House Furniture
556.Metal Toy Cash Register
557.White Sew-Easy Sewing Machine
558.Vintage Headphones
559.Johnson Card Shuffler
560.Game in Case
561.(2) Wooden Boxes
562.The Jazz Man
563.Metal Toy Cash Register
564.Box with Misc. Décor Items
565.Steven King Books
566.Funeral Fans and Misc. Paper Items
567.Assorted Cookbooks
568.Hanging Western Display with Horse Shoes, Bit, Etc.
569.Box Lot Full of Girls Dolls, Bratz, Etc.
570.(2) Boxes, of Assorted Glassware, Canning Jar, Knives and Misc.
571.Steak Knives, Etc.
572.Cheese Grater, Strainers and Misc.
573.Box of Assorted Saws
574.Box of Assorted Novelty Hangings
575.Box of Bottles and Misc. Glassware
576.Tool Belt
577.(2) Barn Lanterns
578.L&R Precision Cleaning Machine
579.(7) Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments
580.Box Lot of Bottles
581.Keen Cutter Grinder
582.Glass Wheel Barrow
583.(2) Draw Knives
584.Panasonic Boombox with Cassette
585.Knee Drill
586.Row of Assorted Toys
587.Lot of Assorted Magazines, Books, Etc.
588.Lot of Assorted Silverplate Items
589.Fondue Server
590.Novelty Traffic Light
591.Christmas Decorations
592.Spool Cabinet
593.Assorted NASCAR Pictures
594.Metal Eagle
595.Dale Earnhardt Memorabila
597.Box of Fishing Reels
598.Cookie Jar
599.Lot of Dale Earnhardt Memorabilia
600.Potbelly Stove
601.(2) NASCAR (1 Die-cast, 1 Plastic)
602.Early Metal Pulley with Hook
603.Box of Antique Wrenches and Ice Tongs
604.Galvanized Fuel Can
605.Box Lot of Blue Glass
606.Assorted Books
607.Galvanized Wash Tub
608.(3) Assorted Coin Banks
609.Wall Décor
610.(2) Cigar Boxes
611.Box of Lamp Globes
612.Lot of M&M Collectibles
613.Lot of Clock Keys
614.Lot of Assorted Dolls
615.Collector Spoons
616.Unusual Candle Holder with Candle and Assorted Christmas Décor with Wooden Carrier
617.Pillsbury Dough Boy, Livestock Pictures and Misc.
618.Hand-Painted Thimble, Miniature Oil Can, Clothespins, Etc.
619.Box Lot including Locks, Clock, Bottle Opener's, Etc.
620.(7) Assorted Belt Buckles with Names
621.Red Star Tin
622.Potato Chip Tin
623.(3) Crockery-Style Jugs and Bottles
624.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman Etc.
626.Extensions, Sockets, Pipe Wrenches, Etc.
627.Pyrex Bowl
628.Vintage Belgian Waffle Maker
629.(2) Amber Baking Dishes
630.Clear FireKing with Blue Pyrex Glass Baking Dishes
631.Jailhouse Lock with Key
632.Wall Décor and Remington Knife Case
633.Igloo Cooler
634.Child's Rocker
635.Lot of Misc.
636.Vintage Big Wheel
637.Lot of Assorted Tins
638.Box Lot of New Hammer Handles, Hammer, Axe Head, Etc.
639.Lot of (4) Assorted Stainless Steel and Aluminum Bowls
640.Lot of Assorted Cookware
641.Vintage Planer
642.Half-Table without Top
643.Assorted Large Knives
644.FirstAlert Window and Door Alarms with Misc. Wire
645.Primitive Press?
646.8ft Wooden Step Ladder
647.Locker Room Bench
648.Pair of Wooden Oars
649.Wooden Cabinet
650.Painted Oak Table with Extra Leaves
651.Broyhil 2-Drawer Nightstand
652.Galvanized Sprinkling Can
653.Antique Planter
654.3ft. Cast-Iron Pot
655.Lot of Assorted VHS Tapes including several Disney and VHS Player
656.Corn Mold
657.(4) Wooden Boxes
658.Wooden Dog, Window Frame and Mold
659.Pump Sprayer and Dusting Applicator
660.6.5in. Cast-Iron Skillet (Made in USA)
661.8in Wagnerware Skillet
662.9in. Cast-Iron Skillet
663.Wagnerware No.0 Skillet with Lid
664.12in. Cast-Iron Skillet (Made in USA)
665.14in Cast-Iron Kettle with Lid
666.Box with Assorted Can Lights
667.Ornate Wall Hanging
668.(2) Ornate Vases/Vase Holes?
669.(2) Candle Holders
671.Box of Assorted Books
672.Lot of Misc. including Pictures, Bowls, Basketball, Etc.
673.(2) Motor Oil Tins
674.Hay Knife
675.(2) Slabs of Marble (Approx. 19in x 19in)
676.Hay Cradle ?
677.Chain Fall
678.Maple Bench
679.Blow Gun Survival Weapon
680.(2) Hand Excavating Tools
681.Fireplace Tools
682.Lot including 36in. Pipe Wrench, Tile Scoop, Scythe, Etc.
683.Vintage Hand Shear (26in) on Stand
684.Lot of Assorted Porcelain and Graniteware
685.Collector Books
686.Lot of Misc. including Scale, Receiver, Shelf Brackets, Etc.
687.Box of Misc. including NEW Schlage Bed & Bath Lock, Crossbow Arrows, Baseball, Flag Bracket, Etc.
688.Wooden Sewing Chest
689.Assorted Kitchen Utensils and Misc.
690.Wooden Spoons and Spatula
691.78 RPM Records
692.Cleveland Browns (Size Large) Sweatshirt
693.Grandslam Supreme Tree Stand
694.Box of Misc. including Candles, Steam Iron, Etc.
695.PUR Water Filtration System
696.Wooden Shelf with 8 Compartments
697.Large Whetstone
698.Box of Misc.
699.Assorted Figurines
700.Cell Phones, Radio, Etc.
701.Rotating Beacon, Boot Jack and Misc.
702.Box of Milk Glass, Blue Compote, Music Box, Marbles, Etc.
703.Plasticware, Jack-in-the-Box and Misc.
704.Turbo Scratcher, Miniature Chairs, Etc.
705.Box of Misc. Tools
706.Box Lot with Iron, Electric Knife, Wooden Swan, Umbrella, Etc.
707.Lot of Cameras including Polaroid
708.Hog Scrapper, Tire Pump, Paint Mixer, Etc.
709.Hedge Trimmers, Ice Tongs, Regulator, Etc.
710.Sewing Kit, Handi-Stich Sewing Machine and Misc.
711.Wooden Model Wagon, Bell, Horseshoe, Etc.
712.Spool of String, Silverware, Bell and Misc.
713.Lot of (7) Assorted Lamps
714.Hanging Wall Shelf with Retractable Door
715.Spring-Loaded Exercise Machine
717.Lot of Torch Gauges, Battery Tester and Misc.
718.Channel Locks, Wrenches and Other Misc. Tools
719.Lot of (4) Assorted Extension Cords
720.Lot of Misc. Bottles
721.8-Leg Stand
722.Pipe Vice
723.Box of Assorted Tools
724.Lot of (5) Tins
725.Assorted Oil Containers (Some Full)
726.Craftsman Electric Weed Whip
727.Box of Assorted Bottles
728.(2) Portable Lights
729.Lot of (2) Air Hoses
730.Locker Room Bench
731.Wooden Step Stool
732.Vintage Laboratory Oven


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