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Kigar Realty & Auction
Lantz Estate #5 Online Auction - Ending Thursday, September 24th Starts to Close at 8 PM

Item Description
1.Box Lot of (2) 9-Piece Bolt Extractor Socket Sets, Lug Nut Remover, Right-Angle Drill Attachment, Ratcheting Hand Drill, Partial Tap and Die Set
2.Assorted Drill Bits, Damaged Nut/Bolt Remover Set, Bit Set, Pittsburgh Ratchet Wrench Set
3.Slide Hammer/Dent Puller, Brake Tools, Metal Shears
4.Box Lot of Boxed-End Wrenches, Adjustable Wrench, Ratcheting Wrenches, Sockets, Etc.
5.Partial Set of SK Allen Wrenches, Driving Bit Set, Vice Grip Clamps, Torx Sockets
6.Box Lot of Assorted Hacksaw Blades, Saw Zall Blades, 7in. Diamond Turbo Cup Wheel, Etc.
7.Box Lot of Rat Tail Files, Rasps, Metal Shears, Etc.
8.Pitman Arm Puller, Test Lights, Assorted Metal Shears, Loppers, Wire Strippers, Etc.
9.Box of Assorted Lug Nuts, Test Light, Solder, Etc.
10.Box of (4) Assorted Fishing Reels and Fish Net
11.Micrometer, Mini Ratcheting Screwdriver, Etc.
12.Nintendo 3DS (No Charger or Accessories)
13.Rigid R3000 Reciprocating Saw
14.1948 and 1956 Ohio License Plates
15.Assorted Half-Inch Drive Deep Well Impact Sockets, Adjustable 10in Crescent Wrench, Air Blower, Etc.
16.Box of Assorted Canvas Tool Bags and Tool Caddy’s
17.(2) DeWalt 20-Volt Drill and Quarter-Inch Impact Driver with (2) Batteries and Charger
18.4-Wire Trailer Adapter and Shoe Brush
19.Assorted Open and Boxed-End Wrenches, Shop Apron and Box of Misc.
20.Large Funnel, Oil Filter Wrench and Large Porcelain Pan
21.Lot of Vintage Craftsman Toolbox with Leather Handle, Campbell Hausfeld 12-Volt Portable Air Compressor, Hose Reel and Small Empty Metal Box
22.(3) Boxes – Puller, Wire Brush, 4-Prong 220-Volt Plug, Brass Hammer, Trailer Wiring Kit, Patio Door Handle, Deck Screws, Etc.
23.Box of (10) Leviton Wall Outlets, Deck Screws, Clamp On Light with Box of Assorted Sockets, 12in. Adjustable Wrench and Misc.
24.(2) Boxes – Automotive Pulleys, Power Steering Pump, Etc.
25.(2) Boxes – Chain Wrench, Brake Tool, Fan Clutch Tool Kit, (2) New Pipe Clamps, Lock Blade Knife
26.Transmission Jack Adapter?
27.Box Lot of Assorted Jewelry including Watches, Bracelets, Belt Buckles, Chains, Etc.
28.Portable Scale Weights, Jewelry, Solid Round Brass Piece
29.Box of Assorted Tap and Die Sets and Larger Newer Dies
30.Wheel Lock Removal Kit, Hole Saws, Misc.
31.Box of Assorted Larger Allen Wrenches
32.Chain Saw Bar, Wire Brush, 6ft. S-Video Cable, Nails with Box consisting of Drain Snake, Channel Locks, Etc.
33.Assorted Nuts and Bolts, Pullers, Box with Reflectors, Tail Light, Etc.
34.Box of (11) 8-inch Turn Buckles, Clevises, Etc.
35.Plastic Coated Cable, Multi-Canister Tote, Dog Collar, Lock and Key
36.Box with Grease Gun, Hand Saw, Funnel
37.Box of Drill Bits, Allen Wrenches, Screwdrivers with Small Tote of Nuts, Bolts, Casters, Etc.
38.Box of Drill Bits, Taps, Misc.
39.HyperTough Bicycle Hooks
40.Box of Assorted Zip Ties, Staples, Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners, Etc.
41.Assorted Bolts, Screws, Battery Terminals, and Misc.
42.Tote with Misc. Abrasives and Box of Misc. Auto Part?
43.Black & Decker Hammer Drill
44.Partial Set of Tap and Dies with Misc. Drill Bits, Etc.
45.18-Volt Porter Cable Drill and Cable Winch, Etc.
46.Drill Master Drill and Charger (No Battery) and Other Misc. Tools
47.Milwaukee 18-Volt Tool Set with Charger and (2) Batteries
48.Assorted Cordless Drills, Batteries and Chargers
49.Complete Bit Set including Nut Drivers, Hole Saws, Wood Bits, Drill Index
50.Tote with Assorted Price Tags, Lot Tags, Stickers, Etc
51.{2) Boxes consisting of Shower Curtain Hooks, Vintage Race Car Transformer, Acorn Locknuts, Thermometer, Drain Tornado, Etc.
52.Snake Flashlight, New Extension Cord with (3) Outlets, Welding Goggles, Staples, Etc.
53.{2) Totes of Assorted Fasteners, 2500 15-Gauge Finish Nails, 4500 Porter Cable Finish Nails, Etc.
54.(2) Boxes - Chalk Line, Deck Screws, Paint Brush, U-Joint with Box of Nuts, Bolts, Washers
55.12V 4-Way Trailer Wiring Connection Kit, Wiring Harness Cover
56.Box with Snap Rings, Shims, with Commercial Door Handle
57.(2) Boxes with Nuts, Bolts, Trailer Wiring, Chalk Line, Etc.
58.Air Stapler with Box of 5000 Bostitch Staples, Etc.
59.(2) Boxes of Nuts, Bolts, Hose Clamps, with Box including Rothenberger Cutter, Etc.
60.(2) Boxes with Small and Large Grease Guns, U-Joint, Plastic Tote with Idler Pulley and Misc.
61.Divided Plastic Tote with Assorted Air Fittings, New Air Hose and Air Regulator
62.DeWalt Screw Gun
63.Box of Assorted Grease and Grease Gun
64.New 6-Lug Hub? With Tote of Wire and Box of Nuts, Bolts and Deck Screws
65.Mustang Rider and Passenger Seat for Harley-Davidson
66.Box of Assorted Tape
67.(2) Totes consisting of Tape, Nuts, Bolts, Misc.
68.Welding Helmet, Roll of Welding Wire and Leather Shaw Paper??
69.Oil Filter Wrench, Puller, Punch with Sheathe, Etc.
70.Tool Holder, Assorted Stanley Torx Bit Sockets, Allen Wrenches, Bolts, Misc.
71.PB Blaster, Air Compressor Oil, Antifreeze Tester, Work Tunes with Additional Box consisting of Brass Bell, Metal Brackets, Candle Snuffer, Etc.
72.(2) Motorcycle License Plate Brackets and (3) Clevises
73.Yamaha, Harley-Davidson and Other Service Manuals
74.Weatherproof Switches, (8) Range Switches and Misc.
75.Circle Cutter and Assorted 3/8ths in. Connectors
76.Pipe Wrench, Bolts, Gear Shift Knobs, Etc.
77.Box of Assorted Sunglasses (5 Pairs, 3 Empty Cases)
78.Brass Fire Hose Nozzle and Bag with Gasket Material
79.Misc. Dies and Hole Punches, and Ice Pick
80.(2) Boxes – Trailer Wiring Harness, Wiring Harness Cover, Etc.
81.Box of Washer, Toilet and Faucet Connectors
82.Box with Door Closers and Misc.
83.Bosch T-Shank Blades, Boat Numbering Kit, Etc.
84.(2) Boxes - Assorted Accessories for Meat Grinder with Hitch Insert, and Misc.
85.100ft. Steel Tape, Cold Heat Gun, Wire with Box of Automotive Molding and Misc.
86.14.4V and 19.6V Batteries with Chargers, 18V Craftsman Battery with Charger and 18V Makita Battery (No Charger)
87.Tote Full of Vintage Automotive Headlights
88.Tote Full of Assorted Marker Lights, Tail Lights, Etc.
89.Crate Full of Assorted Vintage Bottles
90.Crate Full of Vintage Spotlights and Misc.
91.Stanley 25-Amp Battery Charger
92.Box of Misc. Tools including Nut Splitter Set, Lug Nut Remover Set, Hand Seamer, Driver Bits, Etc.
93.Box with Illuminated License Plate Frame, Assorted Female Trailer Plugs, and Misc.
94.Pittsburgh Impact Socket Set 3 Quarter Inch Drive, Test Light and Other Misc. Tools
95.Box Lot of Wire Brushes, Abrasives, Polishing Kit, Etc.
96.Box of Assorted QuickGrip and Other Clamps
97.Wiring Harness, 16in. Poulan Chainsaw Chain, Electrical Wire
98.Assorted Oil Filters, Paint Brush, (2) Small LED Flashlights, Etc.
99.Magnetic Bolt Trays, Short Handled Sledge and ZipTies
100.Tote with Box Cutters, Nuts and Bowls and Misc.
101.Assorted Bar Accessories
102.Box Lot with Oil Filter Wrench, Screwdrivers, Multitool, Etc.
103.Magnetic Ground Block, Battery Cables, RW Leather Gloves, Etc.
104.DeWalt 21in. Hammer, Craftsman 3pc. Wood Chisel Set, Hole Saws
105.Large Copper Shower Head, Assorted Wrenches, Cable, Etc.
106.Chain Binder, Mixer, Large Adjustable Plumbers Tool
107.Box Lot of Tail Pipe Expanders and Misc.
108.Assorted Sockets and Misc.
109.Old Mother Hubbard Tin, Survival Book, AK-47 Manual and Misc.
110.Patio Lanterns, Retractable Clothes Line and Broadcast Spreader
111.Check-It 0613 Superheat Pyro Meter
112.(1) Metal and (2) Plastic Fuel Cans
113.Empty Propane Gas Cylinder
114.(2) Stihl Chainsaws (Both Need Work)
115.Air Hose
116.(2) Boxes of Fence Weaving and Chain-link Fence Hardware
117.Small Chainfall Clevise, Etc.
118.Lot of (15+) Pipe Dies, Pipe Cutter, Reamer, Die Holders, Etc.
119.Antique Automotive Radiator
120.Antique Automotive Radiator
121.(4) Totes and Crates Full of Assorted Cleaning Products, Lubricants, Etc.
122.Oak-Framed Showcase
123.Bucket Full of Assorted Chain
124.Bucket Full of Assorted Automotive Cables
125.Bucket Full of Straps and Tie-Downs
126.Tote Full of Assorted Boots
127.Window Fan
128.Empty Metal Carrying Case for Circular Saw with Chrome Pedestal
129.NAPA Starter
130.Bucket Full of Large Pipe Fittings
131.Extension Cords
132.5-Gallon Bucket Full of Self-Tapping Screws and Misc. Fasteners
133.Bucket of Large Bolts and Misc.
134.Transfer Case
135.Hydraulic Pump
136.Oil Drain Pan
137.Transfer Case with Driveshaft
138.Transfer Case
139.GM TH350 Transmission
140.New GM TH350 Transmission w/12" Tail Shaft
141.Rack of Reflective Letters
142.Electric Service Panel
143.1962 Corvette dash and inlay
144.55-59 Chevy Bell Housing and small block chevy headers
145.quadrajet carb, SBC Edelbrock intake, 4 speed shifter
146. 1962 Corvette door panels, rocker mouldings, and door handles.
147.1978 Camaro parts
148.Vintage License Plate Bracket with Tail Light
149.Assorted Harley-Davidson Parts including covers, risers, etc
150.Harley flathead 45" engine
151. Harley 4 speed ratchet top transmission
152.Blue Glass Marker Light Lenses and Chrome Valve Covers
153.Harley twin cam cylinders, camshafts, and screaming eagle chip
154.Motorcycle Parts
155.Panhead Clutch Mousetrap
156.Motorcycle Parts
157.harley push rods,oil pump,etc
158.Shovelhead Starter
159.Panhead Air Cleaner
160.Harley twin cam heads
161.Harley twin cam Primary cover
162.Twin Cam cylinders
163.Contents of (4) Compartments – Garbage Bags, Electrical Tape, Misc.
164.Motorcycle Parts
165.Tote Full of Motorcycle Accessories
166.2-Piece Motorcycle Fuel Tank
167.Vintage Sportster Seat
168.Motorcycle Fender
169.HD Ferring
170.FLH Exhaust
171.Harley Fender
172.Harley Shocks
173.Harley Front Forks
174.Horse Collar
175.Grinder Stand
176.Single-Door Cabinet (No Contents)
177.Locker with 4-Drawers with 4-Compartment Storage on Top
178.2-Door Hanging Wall Cabinet with Drawer
179.2-Door Hanging Wall Cabinet with Drawer
180.Craftsman Work Bench
181.Metal Locker Unit with 2-Drawers/Doors
182.(2) Vintage Metal Waste Cans with Ruler
183.Tote with Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Welding Goggles, Etc.
184.Tote with Senco 1.5in. Nails, Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners, Etc.
185.Contents on Bottom Shelf of Cart
186.Pressure Washer Gun with Extension
187.Cupcake and Bread Molds
188.Contents of Top Shelf
189.Contents of Second Shelf
190.Contents of Third Shelf
191.Contents of Fourth Shelf
192.Contents of Fifth Shelf
193.Bolt Bin
194.Saw Blade Display
195.Contents of Top Shelf
196.Contents of Second Shelf
197.Contents of Third Shelf
198.Contents of Fourth Shelf
199.Contents of Bottom Shelf
200.Gorilla Shelf Unit
201.Gorilla Shelf Unit
202.Assorted Chrome Front End, Fork, Brake and Other Assorted Covers
203.Lot of Assorted Chrome Harley-Davidson Covers
204.Vintage Harley-Davidson Bumpers
205.Assorted Harley Davidson Chrome Covers
206.Assorted Harley Davidson Bars
207.Vintage Seat Post, Front Brake Cover and Hub
208.Tote of Assorted Harley Davidson Parts and Accessories with Exhaust Pipes
209.Nuts, Bolts and Misc. on Top Shelf
210.Turn Signals, Coil, Regulator, Etc.
211.Footboard, License Plate Frame, Etc.
212.Misc. Harley Davidson Turn Signals and Sportster Items
213.Primary Chain, Rods, Pistons for Old HD-45
214.Harley Davidson Cams, Solenoids and Misc.
215.Turn Signal Kit
216.Contents of Bottom Shelf including Electrical Tape and Misc.
217.Phillips Bookshelf Stereo Unit
218.15lbs. Anvil
219.Metabo 18V LTX Drill with (2) Batteries and Charger
220.(3) Containers of Cleaner and De-greaser (Makes 6 Gallons)
221.Assorted Harley Davidson Parts in Tote
222.Old Harley Davidson Seat Springs
223.Hand Shift Lid, Pan Head Covers and Other Assorted Harley Davidson Parts
224.Size 36 AMF Harley Davidson Leather Pants, Tool Pouch, Helmet
225.8in. Industrial Bench Grinder
226.Oil Can, Funnel, Level, Brass Nozzle and Misc.
227.Pair of Climbing Spikes
228.Homelite Chainsaw
229.Poulan Chainsaw
230.Century 225-Amp Battery Charger
231.Assorted Motorcycle Oils
232.(Brand New) Stock Harley Davidson FLH Mufflers
233.Pair of Leather Saddle Bags with Fringe
234.Harley Davidson Seat
235.Harley Davidson Saddle-Style Seat
236.Rear Wheel with Tire (Dunlop 90B16)
237.Air Compressor (As-Is)
238.Vintage Swan Hood Ornament
239.Tote with Rat-Tail Files, Pipe Wrench, C-Clamp, Etc.
240.Panhead Seat
241.Tote Full of O-Rings and Misc.
242.Lot with Nuts, Washers, Etc.
243.Pair of Edelbrock Chrome Valve Covers
244.Box Full of Casters, Ball-Peen Hammer and Misc.
245.Box Full of Polishing Wheels, Wire Wheels and Abrasives
246.Lot Full of Assorted Sand Paper
247.Cotter Pin Assortment, Body Shim Assortment, Flaring Tool, Fuel Injection Pump Tester, Screws and Misc. (Contents of Bottom Shelf)
248.Brock Metal Sign
249.Aluminum Toledo OP Sale '76 Sign
250.Cylinder, Clutch Hub, Oil Pump and Spokes (Harley Davidson)
251.Generator and Brake Parts
252.Gladiator Rolling Cabinet
253.Chevrolet "First in the US" Flag
254.(2) Buckets of Misc. with “Dad’s Tool” Sign
255.Extra Large Helmet with Visor (NEW) and Half-Helmet
256.Power Takeoff Unit
257.Misc. Ford Parts
258.Oil Tank and Dash Cover
259.Misc. Yamaha Parts
260.2,500lb ATV Winch
261.Antique Buggy Light
262.Vintage Honda Motorcycle Windshield
263.Motorcycle Forks, Etc. – Contents of Third Shelf
264.Rockers, Intakes, Distributors, Misc.
265.Horn, Derby Cover, Etc.
266.Front Brake Backing Plate, Etc.
267.8-Ton Long Ram Jack
268.Harley-Davidson WideGlide Long Front-End
269.Big Red Jack
270.Pair of Motorcycle Wheels
271.Assorted Motorcycle Seats
272.High Pressure Washer Hose with Guns
273.SBC Heads
274.SBC Heads
275.4-Cylinder Gas Engine
276.Double-Ended Grinder on Stand
277.Steel Pedestal
278.Adjustable Stand
279.Concrete Pedestal with Damaged Duck
280.Truck Tool Box with Workbench and Contents


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