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Kigar Realty & Auction
Lantz Estate #7 Online Auction - Ending Thursday, November 26th Starts to Close at 8 PM

Item Description
1.(2) Bar Stools
2.Vintage Bar Stool and Waste Baskets
3.Tote of Wooden Handles and Plastic Toolbox
4.Box of LED Flashlights, Bits, Wire Strippers and Misc.
5.(2) Confederate Wall Decorations
6.Box of Abrasives
7.Oil Filter Wrench, Gate Latch and Misc. Hardware
8.Large Phillips Screwdriver, LED Flashlight, Etc.
9.Box of Assorted Electrical Connectors
10.Box with Wire Brush, Craftsman Screwdriver, Pliers, Etc.
11.Puller and Misc.
12.Quick-Connect Air Hose Fitting, Wire Adapter, Box Cutter and Misc.
13.(2) Caulking Guns, Crowbar and Caulk
14.3in and 4in Paint Brushes, Roller and Misc.
15.(2) Caulking Guns
16.Battery Terminal Cleaner, Misc. Fittings
17.Ballast, Co-Ax Staples, Wire Connectors, Etc.
18.Wiper Blades, Funnels, Lug Wrench and Misc.
19.Meat Thermometer, Hitch Pin and Misc.
20.3/8ths in Drive Torque Wrench, Hitch Ball, and Misc.
21.Torch Gauges and Hose
22.Assorted Drill Bits
23.Box with Sandpaper, Tape, Repair Materials, Microfiber Cloths, Etc.
24.Garage Door Seal, L-Brackets, Antique Hole Punch, Etc.
25.Air Chuck, Assorted Misc. Hardware
26.Assorted 1in. Drive Sockets, Allen Wrenches and Misc.
27.Vice Grips, Pliers, Air Chuck, Drill Bits, Padlock, Etc.
28.Box of Conduit Fittings
29.Wall Switches
30.Nut Drivers and Misc.
31.Boat Anchor, Lifejacket, Boat Bumpers, Etc.
32.Assorted Wall Plates
33.Box of Assorted Drill Bits
34.Tote of Assorted Conduit Fittings and Misc.
35.Adjustable Wrenches, Quarter and 3/8th Drive, Ratchets, Etc.
36.Large Assortment of Screwdrivers, Allen Wrenches, Misc.
37.Box Lot of Large Pipe Dies
38.Assorted Tape and Shower Head
39.Surge Protector, Small Fluorescent Light, Light-bulb and Misc.
40.Battery Cables, Battery Terminal Cleaner, Wire Ties, Etc.
41.Assorted Carburetor and Other Small Engine Parts
42.Model-T Trunk Lid
43.Assorted Screwdrivers, Nut Drivers and Misc.
44.Twist Tie Sets, Wallplates, Dimmer Switch, Etc.
45.Box of Assorted Light Bulbs
46.Metal Box and Plastic Organizer with Contents
47.Black & Decker Auto Tape, Misc. Screwdrivers, Etc.
48.Various Sprockets
49.Wheel Wrench, Concrete Float, and Misc.
50.Tissue Holders, Wall Plugs, Etc.
51.Metal Shears, Abrasives, Hole Saw and Misc.
52.Large Concrete Anchors, Chain, Etc.
53.Drill Bits, Wire Stripper, Utility Knife, Water Separator, Etc.
54.Box Lot of Assorted Galvanized Nuts and Bolts, Deck Screws
55.Open and Boxed End Wrenches, Ratchets and Other Misc. Tools
56.Box of Rope Lights and Misc.
57.Canvas Tool Bag with Misc. Tools
58.Various Hole Saws (New)
59.Window Cranks (GM), Exhaust Pipe Cutter and Misc.
60.Box of Flatware
61.Assorted Sunglasses and Cheaters
62.Brass Hammer, Bench Brush, Fasteners, Etc.
63.Black Pipe Fittings
64.Black Pipe Fittings
65.Assorted Bolts and Hardware
66.Large PVC Cupplers
67.Shovel Head and Winter Safety Kit
68.1.5Qt Slow Cooker
69.Football and Copper-Fit Knee Sleeves
70.Frame and Other Misc. Clamps
71.Atari Game with Joysticks
72.Stainless Steel 40oz. Flask
73.Joist Brackets
74.Lot of Assorted Sandpaper
75.Box Lot of Drillbits
76.Box of Misc. Tools
77.Magnetic Trays, Pressure Gauge and Assorted Tools
78.Leather Gloves, Tennessee Whiskey Flask and Misc.
79.Box Full of Tin Snips, Metal Shears and Misc.
80.Box of Abrasives, Loppers, Box Cutters, Etc.
81.Spring Compressor and Misc. Tools
82.Barn Lantern, Smoke Alarm
83.Shelf Brackets
84.Assorted Drill Bits
85.Large Water Pump Pliers, Vice Grips, Screwdrivers and Other Misc. Tools
86.Air Filters
87.Assorted Ratcheting Wrenches, Box Cutters, Screwdrivers, Etc.
88.Box of 3M Dust Filters, S-Video Cable, Decal, Etc.
89.Tote Full of Assorted Shoe Strings
90.Tote Full of Fishing Accessories
91.Box Full of 12in. Wood Stakes
92.Assorted Wire Wheels and Misc. Hardware
93.Electric Fuel Pump, Misc. Auto Parts
94.Set of (4) 3in. Swivel Casters
95.Roasting Pan, Santa Pitcher, German Stein and Cupcake Mold
96.Assorted Cobalt Drill Bits, 3/8th's in. Ratchet
97.DeWalt Laser Target Cards, Clamp, Magnetic Trays
98.High-Powered Golf Scope, Tape and Dispensers and Candle
99.3/8th in Ratchet, Glue Gun, Misc. Wrenches and Small Channel Locks
100.Box of Dremel Bits
101.Box of Assorted Hole Saws
102.Box of Small Engine Parts, Autowinder Bump Feed for WeedWhip, 12in. Oregon Chainsaw Chain, Etc.
103.144pc. Cotter-pin Set, Concrete Chisel and Chalk Line
104.Assorted Drill Keys, Vice Grips, Chisel, Etc.
105.Industrial Wrench, (2) Pairs of Leather Gloves, Etc.
106.Organizing Drawer and Rubbermaid Organizing Case
107.Box Lot with 25ft. Tape, Level and Misc. Items
108.Core Bit and Other Assorted Drill Bits
109.Leather Punch, Approx. 200 Utility Blades, Micrometer, Etc.
110.Portable Air Tank
111.Vice Grip Clamp, Balpeen Hammer, Adjustable Wrenches, 3/8ths in Craftsman Ratchet, Etc.
112.100ft. Chalk Line, Pittsburgh Screwdrivers, Quarter-Inch Ratchet, Etc.
113.Canvas Tool Bag with Contents, Adjustable Wrench, Mallet, Etc.
114.Emery Cloth, Resin Fiber Disks, Etc.
115.12in Chainsaw Blade, Straps, Chain, Chimney Mount, Etc.
116.(New) Schlage Door Handles and Bicycle Lock with No Key
117.Kater Portable Organizer
118.Assorted Cabinet Hinges and Latches
119.Box Lot of Glass Door Knobs
120.Assorted Sockets, Wrenches, and Misc.
121.Screws, Nails and Misc.
122.Griswold No.9 Iron Pot with Handle
123.2-Wheel Cart
124.Ball-Bearing Roller Feed
125.Pair of Drywall Stilts
126.Assorted Galvanized Fence Hardware
127.PVC Pipe Fittings
128.(2) Hammers and Slide Hammer
129.Hammers, Pliers, Allen Wrenches and Misc.
130.Stanley Wood Chisel, Hole Saw, Square, Roofjack, Etc.
131.Tote Full of Assorted Breakers
132.Box Lot of Assorted Figurines
133.Assorted Hardware
134.(3) Assorted Knives and 100W Power Inverter
135.Assorted Leviton Power Outlets, Clamp-On Light, 2.5in. Galvanized Deck Screws
136.Box of Misc
137.Weller Soldering Gun, Ohm Meter
138.Box of Assorted Tools
139.Cadillac Accessories
140.Driver Bit Assortment, Allen Wrenches, Etc.
141.Assorted Open and Boxed End Wrenches
142.DynaGlo Thermostat-Controlled Fan and Truck Cap Clamps
143.Assorted Ratchets, Pliers, Adjustable Wrench, Etc.
144.Tier Gauge, Air Chuck, Assorted Wrenches, Pliers, and Misc.
145.Assorted Wire Brushes and Puddy Knives
146.Benzomatic Side Cuts, Airless Sprayer, Etc.
147.Extension Cords and Surge Protector
148.(2) Quickset Door Handles
149.Horse Figurine, Antique Cream & Sugar
150.Power Outlets, Outlet Boxes, Etc.
151.Reamers and Bits
153.Electrical Items
154.Leather Gloves, Dust Filters, Tape, Swivel Lens Headlamp
155.PVC Fittings (1.5in.)
156.Box of Assorted Electronic Components
157.Drain Opener and Drain Snake
158.(4) Hubcaps
159.(2) Ryobi Submersible Pumps
160.Box of Assorted Screwdrivers, Ratchets, Sockets, Etc.
161.OptiFlex Desk Lamp
162.Stiebel Eltron Wall Heater
163.Bookshelf Stereo with Speakers
164.(3) Eliminator Air-Dryer Filters
165.Metal Toolbox with Contents and Metal Box
166.(2) Flashlights, Worklight, and Misc.
167.Assorted Filters and Misc.
168.Trouble Light, Jumper Cables, Etc.
169.Motorcycle Crash Bar, Etc.
170.Lot of Assorted Light Fixtures
172.Box of Misc.
173.Box of DVD's
174.Cooler with Galvanized Fence Hardware
175.Fish Net, Bobbers, Etc.
176.Assorted Organizer Components
177.Box of Antique Items
178.Galvanized Pail and Porcelain Pail
179.Box of Misc.
180.Box of Misc.
181.Cash Box with Lap Tray
182.Krypton Lock, Etc.
183.Large Funnel, Oil Can Spout
184.Galvanized Plumbing Fixtures
185.Strap Wrench, Drill Handle and More
186.Smoke Alarm, Air Grill, Etc.
187.Assorted PVC Fittings and Couplers
188.1/2in. Deck Screws and Dryer Vent Fitting
189.Box of Misc.
190.Assorted Fence Hardware
191.Wire and Hose
192.(2) Boxes with Hose Fittings, Grass Seed and Landscape Fabric Stakes
193.Box of Cultivator Knives
194.Oil Filter Wrench, Tubing Cutters, Etc.
195.Hose Clamps
196.Assorted Casters, Trailer Hitch Dolley, Hitch Balls, Etc.
197.Misc. Painters Tape, Etc.
198.Box of Assorted Plastic Funnels
199.Hand Saws, Valve Wrench and Misc.
200.Assorted Wire, Fittings, Etc.
201.Assorted Pulleys
202.Adjustable Wrenches, Channel Locks, Etc.
203.Starers, Hitch Ball, Etc.
204.Banding Stretcher, Deck Screws and Scraper
205.Box of Misc. including PVC Cement
206.Assorted Nails
207.Assorted Nails and Screws
208.Large Gate Valve
209.Outdoor Faucets
210.Brass Valves
211.EXIT Sign, 25ft. Tape and Misc.
212.Small Hitch and Receiver, Flaring Tools and Glad Hands
213.Spark Plugs and Chrome Skull Shifter Knob
214.Detail Brush Set, Buffing and Polishing Set and Folding Tree Saw
215.Hard Hats and Shield
216.Dremel Fittings
217.12in Lag Bolts
218.Box of Assorted Nails
219.Wire Wheels
220.Box of Misc.
221.Open and Boxed End Wrenches
222.Plastic Funnels
223.Open and Boxed End Wrenches
224.Air Drill and Air Impact with Misc. Air Fittings/Accessories
225.Tune-Up Kit, Cylinder Hone and Abbrasives
226.Assorted Work Lights
227.Assorted Hardware
228.Native Wood Hanging
229.Toaster Oven, Wooden Shelf and Sombrero
230.Plastic Shelf Unit and Components
231.Craftsman Chainsaw
232.(2) McCullough Heavy Duty Chainsaws
233.(2) Homelite Chainsaws
234.Assorted Jars with Lids
235.Tote with Door Hardware, Etc.
236.Log Roller (As-Is)
237.(3) Lamp Shades (New)
238.Chain Vice
239.Motorcycle Cover, Etc.
240.(4) 4-Way Lug Wrenches
241.Remington Ramp Set
242.Micrometers and Tool Room Items?
243.Rat Tail Files, Allen Wrenches, Etc.
244.Staple Gun with Staples
245.Adjustable Wrenches, Needle-nose Pliers, Vice Grips, Etc.
246.Air Grinder and Air Impact Wrench
247.3/8th in. Drive Sockets, Deep Well Sockets, Etc.
248.Hammer, Chalk Line, Adjustable Wrench and Stakes
249.Opened and Boxed End Wrenches
250.Assorted Sockets
251.Assorted Sockets with Craftsman Ratchet
252.Misc. Chisels, Clamps, Oil Filter Wrench, Etc.
253.Assorted Hammers, Wrenches, Ratchets, Chisels, Etc.
254.Clevis Hook, Hitch Pins, Large Carriage Bolts, Etc.
255.Shelf Brackets, Large Hinges, Etc.
256.Drill Bits, and Misc.
257.Putty Knives, Rat Tail Files, Clamps, Opened and Boxed End Wrenches, Etc.
258.Needlenose Vice Grips, Files, Ratcheting Wrenches and More
259.Clamp-On Light and Misc
260.DieHard 50A Battery Charger
261.14in. McCullough Remington Chainsaw Chain and 16in. Chain (Both New)
262.Folding Ruler, Air Inflator, 10in. Taping Knife, Etc.
263.Water Heater Connecting Kit, Misc. Valves and Fittings
264.Roll of Solder and Misc.
265.Box and Pail of Assorted Pipe Fittings
266.Crate of Assorted Chain
267.(3) Containers of Engine Parts and Hardware
268.Assorted Nails (2 Containers)
269.(3) Containers of Nuts, Bolts and Misc.
270.Tote of Assorted Plumbing Parts
271.5-Gallon Lubricant Dispenser
272.Reese Hitch Insert
273.Tote Full of Assorted Boots and Pail with Lid
274.1949 Ohio License Plate, Alternator and Heater Hose
275.Bottle Jack and Bicycle Seat
276.Old Car Parts and Lights
277.Misc. Granite Pieces
278.Towing Assembly
279.Box of Misc.
280.Box of Wire Brushes
281.Misc. with Magnifying Glass Clamp, Wire Basket, Etc.
282.Draw-Tight Hitch with Insert, Sway Bars (Complete Package)
283.Claw Hammer, Adjustable Wrench, Oil Spout and Misc.
284.Heavy Duty Extension Cords
285.Winch with Control and Accessories
286.(4) Horseshoes
287.Box of Assorted Tools
288.Box of Hitch Ball, Trailer Plug, Large Hook
289.Meat Grinder
290.Assorted Hammers, Files and Other Tools
291.Hand-Crank Fluid Pump
292.Pipe Dies
293.Assorted Levels and Misc.
294.Pipe Die Holders and Offset Pipe Wrench
295.Airless Paint Sprayer and Rubber Mallet
296.Small Trailer Fenders
297.Electrical Pig Tails
298.(5) Threaded Rods
300.Assorted Belts and White Shelf Posts
301.(2) Plastic Battery Boxes with (1) Lid
302.Double-Ended Bench Grinder with 4-Wheel Dolley (Needs Help)
303.2-Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum
304.DeWalt Construction Tri-Pod with Christmas Tree
305.Little Playmate Cooler, Pressure Washer Wand and Hose
306.Wilson Size 12 Ladies Leather Jacket
307.Leather Chaps
308.Lot of (3) Assorted Chainsaws
309.Stainless Steel Shelf Unit with Extra Parts
310.Porter Cable Belt Sander and Model Steam Engine
311.Milwaukee Screw Gun
312.Chain Hoist
313.4.5HP ShopVac with Filters
314.(2) Small ShopVacs
315.(2) Tower Lights
316.Roll of Vinyl
317.Metal Shelf Unit
318.Milwaukee Drill, Batteries and Charger
319.Large Pipe Connector
320.Chelsea Power Takeoff Unit (New)
321.DeWalt Drill with (2) Batteries, Charger and Case
323.Box of Assorted Snap on Sockets
324.Large Fish Tape and Wire
325.Assorted Open and Boxed End Wrenches including Snap on,Matco, Etc.
326.Bostitch Air Stapler
327.1/4" Snap on Ratchet and Sockets
328.Craftsman 1.5HP Router
330.Ridgid Screw Gun
331.Contents of Top Shelf including (2) New Rolls of Visqueen, Packing Blanket and Tarps
332.(3) Assorted Sinks
333.Box of Misc.
334.Small Shelf Unit
335.Pallet of Approx. (20) Plastic Crates
336.(2) Office Chairs and (3) Folding Chairs
337.Stihl Walk-Behind Concrete Saw (Working Condition)
338.Large Double Kitchen Sink
338A.(2) Crates of Jumper Cables and Extension Cords
339.Pallet with Auto Parts, Fan, Lamp, Etc.
340.Craftsman Overhead Shelf Unit with Light
341.Industrial Air Horizontal Compressor (155 PSI, 60-Gal, 4.5HP)
342.5-Drawer Rolling Toolbox
343.Shelf Unit
344.Misc. Hardware Cloth
345.(4) Wooden and Metal Chairs
346.Rolling Shop Stool
347.Plastic Shelf Unit
349.Camel Advertising Sign
350.Wire Shelf Unit
351.Black Wire Shelf Unit
352.(2) Signs
353.Vintage Bud Light Sign
354.Lot of Assorted Totes and Tote Lids
355.Workbench with Light and Contents
356.Rolling Wire Shelf Unit
357.Red and Gray Wooden Shelf Unit
358.Plastic Shelf Unit
359.Contents on Top Shelf
360.Plastic Shelf Unit
361.Plastic Shelf Unit
362.Assorted Weights, Weight Bench, Etc.
363.Black Wire Shelf Unit
364.Fiberglass and Aluminum 8ft. Ladder
365.Lot of Assorted Totes and Tote Lids
366.5000W PowerMate Generator
367.Lincoln Pro Cut 60 Plasma Cutting System
368.Yale Heavy Duty Chainfall
369.(2) 16ft. Log Chains
370.Portable Ladder System, TV Stand and Wooden Oar
371.Clawfoot Double Pedestal Oak Table
372.Rolling Tool Cart with Drawer and Contents
373.Rolling Metal Lectern
374.Rolling Service Cart
375.Lot of Assorted Totes and Tote Lids
377.Lot of Assorted Magnetic Trays and Misc.
378.(2) Totes Full of Assorted Military-Style Boots and Sword
379.Portable Heating Unit
380.Lot of Assorted Life Vests and Life Preservers
381.Military Bag
382.Portable Poker and Card Game Table Top with Tennis Racket
383.Wire Shelf Unit
384.Plastic Shelf Unit
385.Steel Shelf Unit
386.Plastic Shelf Unit
387.Metal Wire Shelf Unit
388.Wooden Red and Gray Shelf Unit
389.Wire Shelf Unit
390.Step Stool
391.Floor Jack
392.Pallet with Assorted Heaters
393.Lot of Assorted Yard Tools with Augers, Etc.
394.14ft. Fiberglass Aluminum Extension Ladder
395.Electric Baseboard Heat Unit
396.(4) Assorted Fuel Cans
397.(3) Assorted Heaters
398.Lot of Totes and Lids
399.(2) Carts with Plastic Crates
400.Lot Consisting of Pogo Stick, Chairs, and Misc.
401.Assorted Straps
402.Parts Bins
403.(3) Chain Binders
404.Tote with Tarps
405.4ft. Level, Garage Door Seal Kit, Etc.
406.Chevrolet Tail Gate
407.(2) Radiators
408.Small Engines, Jack Stand and Misc.
409.Pallet of Lubricants, Oils, Cleaning Supplies, Etc.
410.Large Lot of Totes and Lids
411.Traffic Cones and 2-Door Locker Unit
412.(2) WeedWhips
413.ShopVac and Tote with Tarps
414.Pancake Air Compressor
415.Engine Hoist Components
416.(2) Vent Hoods
417.2-Wheel Cart
418.Evenrude Outboard Motor
419.Metal Bed Frame
420.Lot of Totes and Lids
421.Pallet with John Deere Seat Cushion, Squirrel Cage Fan, Craftsman Gas Engine, Insect Killer, Etc.
422.Lot of Totes and Lids and Misc. Next to Door
423.37 x 22" Granite Counter Top
424.Lot of Blanket Attic Insulation
425.(6) Boxes of Floor Tile
426.Shelf Unit & Contents
427.Balance of Room
428.Lot of Plastic Containers (Against Building)
429.Locking Steel Cabinet
429A.Assorted Auto Parts and Scrap
430.Approx. 8'x10' Storage Shed (Fiberglass)
430A.Drum of Salt
431.Animal Trap, Cage, Sign Frames, Light and Cabinet
432.(2) Propane Tanks
433.Balance on Table including Woods Mower Parts
434.Lot of Tires and Rims
435.Unmarked Scrap in Fenced in Area
436.(2) Stools and Work Bench
436A.(2) Waste Containers
437.(2) Metal and (2) Plastic Waste Containers with Salad Bar
438.(2) Push Mowers, Roto-Tiller Frame and Wire Shelf Unit
439.Lot of Weedwhips
440.Standing Chairs
441.Antique Metal Chair with (2) Outdoor Chairs
442.Pallets, Plywood, Etc.
443.Weight Machine
444.Fiberglass Truck Cap
445.Orange Traffic Cone
446.Misc. Scrap, Etc. (Against Building)
447.(3) Ford Rolling Chassis - Parts Only (No Titles)
448.2000 1-Ton Chevy Truck with Title...odometer shows 106k (Runs)
449.1994 3/4 Ton GMC with Plow, odometer shows 147k (With Title, Runs & Drives)
450.1997 Jeep Cherokee (Salvage Title, Does Not Run)
451.2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee with Title (Doesn't Run)
452.9000lb. Forward 2-Post Above Ground Automotive Hoist