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Kigar Realty & Auction
Carol Coressel Moving Auction Napoleon, OH - Ending Thursday, October 22nd Starts to Close at 8 PM

Item Description
1.Shelf of craft items
2.Shelf of craft items
3.Shelf of craft items
4.Shelf of craft items
5.Shelf of craft items
6.Shelf of craft items
7.Vintage Sausage Press with misc
10.Shelf of craft items mostly patterns
11.Shelf of craft items mostly patterns
12.Shower door, waste basket, broom etc
13.Shelf of craft items
14.shelf of craft items
15.Shgelf of craft items mostly paints
16.Presto Pressure cooker
17.4 drawer file cabinet (located in basement)
18.lot of craft items, fabric etc
19.Unique Lamp
20.fabric, radio, bench, tennis racket
21.2 office chairs
22.Couch (located in basement) table and end table
24.Office desk (Located in basement)
25.TV Tray set
26.Sharp Vacuum
27.Lot of misc doll pieces, craft items etc.
28.patio table and chair
29.wooden end table and faux plant
31.Glass end table and lamp
32.Wicker chair table and 3 chairs
34.Lounge chair
35.End table
36.End table with lamp and faux plant of kitchen items
38.Lot of christmas items with totes
39.lot of Christmas items with totes
40.lot of Christmas items with totes
41.Sofa Table
42.Lounge chair and foot stool
44.end table
45.Coffee table
47.Lot of misc decorations
47A.Black TV Stand
48.Lounge chair
49.Doll and chair
50.Vintage doll and stand
51.2 dolls with table and chairs
52.Doll with stand
53.Doll chair
54.doll with stroller
55.Doll with wooden crib
56.2 dolls
57.doll and crib
58.Doll crib with quilt
59.doll with stroller
60.Santa Statue
61.doll with pattern book
62.Small wooden rocker with dolls
63.2 dolls
64.3 boxes of tools
65.4 boxes of tools and garage items
66.2 boxes of tools, hardware etc
67.Sanborn BlackMax 5hp air compressor
68.Coleman Powermate 2500 PSI Pressure washer
69.Lot of 5 gallon buckets and waste basket
70.lot of extension cords
72.contents on table, drill bits, come along etc
73.Wooden cabinet
74.2 saw horses
75.lot of tomato cages
76.vintage wood level
77.Lot of plant stands
78.Lot of scrap lumber
79.3 boxes of misc wooden pieces
80. 4 ton bottle jack
81.2 bird house etc
82.hardware organizer with contents of misc, gloves, sprinkler, shower head etc
84.lot of sand paper
85.Lot of misc hand tools
86.lot of hand tools
87.2 boxes of misc hardware, garage items, etc
88.lot of gas cans, funnel, basket
90.Battery charger
91.Lot of shower chair, portable toliet etc
92.Lumex Stand Assist Patient Transport unit
93.lot of can and crutches
94.2 hardware storage containers with contents
95.2 boxes of misc garage items
96.2 wooden step ladders
97.Heavy duty extension cord
98.Metal wheel barrow
99.Workx Wheel Barrow
100.Rain Collection barrel
101.Large Shop Vac
102.Tool box and tools
103.3 boxes of garage items
104.Lot of yard tools
105.Lot of yard tools
106.Lot of landscape cover
107.Lot of yard tools
108.Lot of yard tools
109.Wooden stand, cake dish etc
110.UFC Punching bag (Brand New) and exercise peddles
111.Gun Case
112.Lot of fans
114.crock pot
115.2 pyrex dishes
116.Lot of mixing bowls
117.2 boxes of vases etc
118.Lot of candle, knives etc
119.lot of clocks
120.lot of oil lamp, lamp dishes etc
121.lot of decor, and pots and pans antenna and steamer
123.CD rack, tripod, photo converter etc
125.Black Wii system
126.2 computer keyboards
127.2 600 pound aluminum Wheel Chair Ramps
129.Lot of back massager, skin tool etc
130. Guitar and sheet music
131.Children's stroller
132.Children's slide
133.booster seat and Car seat
134.Pet crate
135.Samsung sound bar
136.Back massager, Seat cushion etc
137.Pfaff Hobbylock sewing machine
138.Lot of totes with lids
139.lot of kitchen items, tote etc
140.Plastic Storage rack with contents
141.Crock pot
142.Lot of games, poker, cars etc
143.Apple peeler etc bucket, tea jar
145.doll and chair
146.2 boxes of glasses
147.3 boxes of craft items of pattens
149.lot of craft items
150.hardware storage unit with contents of pocket knife, back massager, blood pressure monitor etc
152.tote of kids toys of picture frames
154.cooler, can, lunch pal etc
155.2 dolls with totes
156.2 dolls with totes
157.2 dolls with totes
158.2 dolls with totes
159.lot of barbie dolls
160.3 dolls with totes
161.2 totes of craft items
162.2 totes of craft items
163..Tote with doll items
164.2 totes of dolls
165.3 dolls with totes
166.lot of 2 dolls
167.lot of baskets, cassettes, etc
168.Tote with towels misc
169.lot of oil lamps etc
170.lot of platters
171.Lot of kitchen items
172.Lot of silverware of sea shells
174.Box of patterns
175.Box of patterns
176.Box of patterns
177.Box of patterns
178.Box of patterns
179.Box of patterns
180.Box of patterns
181.Box of patterns
182.Box of patterns
183.Box of patterns
184.Box of patterns
185.Box of patterns
186.Box of patterns
187.Lot of coffee mugs
188.Lot of coffee mugs
189.Lot of mugs/ thermoses of candles
191.Large lot of Lamp Shade Frames
192.2 Stools
193.Wooden jewelry box bag, power inverter, weights
195.Wooden Bank
196.Small shop vac
197.Metal shelf unit
198.Box of Yarn
199.Humidifier and paper shredder
200.2 boxes of materials
201.Lot of 2 work lights with bags
202.Box of Christmas items
203.Box of glassware, decor
204.2 wooden file cabinets
205.wooden dresser
206.Wooden night stand with drawers
207.lot of craft items, patterns etc
208.Tool Box
209.Table, welcome sign and pan
211.Wood table and bears
212.Schwinn bike
213.Murray bike
214.lot of 2 suit cases
215.lot of 5 luggage pieces
216.5 boxes of fabric and linens of fabric
218.3 boxes of fabric
219.lot of glassware
220.2 boxes of fabric and glassware
221.Car Seat
222.large trash can with lid
223.Patio Umbrella
224.lot of 3 suitcases
225.2 boxes of baskets and misc
226.Lot of tins
227.lot of bowls, trays etc
228.lot of bowls, and serving dishes
229.Wood box of old bottles etc
230.lot of kitchen items
231.Large lot of collector plates
232.Lot of lawn chairs
233.lot of 2 totes with misc decor, kitchen items, stuffed animal etc
235.Metal plant stands, bird bath etc
236.lot of flower pots
237.Murray Push Lawn mower
238.John Deere D110 Lawn Mower Only 20 Hrs
240.Lot of Christmas decor
241.Lot of 3 wind chimes
242.Tempest Pellet gun and pellets
243.Silverware and box