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Kigar Realty & Auction
Antiques, Collectibles & More #5 Online Auction - Ending Sunday, October 11th Starts to Close at 8 PM

Item Description
1.Primitive Planter
2.(4) Assorted Lighters (Stormking, Etc.)
3.(4) Assorted Lighters (Atlantis, Etc.)
4.1/2in. Impact Drill
5.Assorted Saw Blades and Tool Belt
6.Tricycle Planter
7.Box Lot of Assorted Screwdrivers, Etc.
8.Plastic Crock
9.(8) Assorted Belt Buckles
10.Baby Plate
11.Box Lot of Assorted Vintage Cookie Cutters
12.Alaska Ice Crusher
13.Sears Coleman-Style Lantern and Small Barn Lantern
14.(4) Pieces of Assorted Porcelainware
15.Nobles and Hoare Advertising Tin
16.(4) Assorted Wicker Baskets
17.Gumball Machine
18.Ship Clock
19.Pennzoil Die-Cast Hi-Wing Aircraft
20.Homemade Model Helicopter with Gas Motor
21.(4) Assorted Wicker Baskets
22.Early Scale
23.Box Lot of (9) Lockblade Knives
24.Schwanns Ice Cream Tin
25.Lot of (9) Assorted Lockblade Knives
26.Assorted Vintage Door Hardware, Etc.
27.Child's Dog Pull-Toy
28.(3) Boxes of Christmas Items National Washboard
29.(3) Boxes of Christmas Items
30.Battle Creek Laxitive Tin
31.Coleman Lantern
32.Coleman Lantern
33.Fishing Net
34.Silverking Manual Pump
35.Michigan State License Plate Frame
37.New Idea Emblem
38.Framed Beveled Mirror
39.Lot of Assorted Table Cloths
40.(3) Boxes of Christmas Items
41.(2) Boxes of Christmas Items
42.Egg Crate
43.Eagle Clock
44.Assorted Plastic Soldiers
45.Bosch Opticon Binoculars with Case
46.Lead Soldiers and Marble Chess Pieces
47.1970's 45 Records
48.Pressure Cooker
49.Vintage Ceramic Christmas Treet
50.Unusual Graniteware/Porcelain Roaster
51.Delphos 5-Gallon Fuel Can
52.5-Gallon Fuel Can
53.5-Gallon Fuel Can
54.Primitive Wagon with Wooden Wheels (Needs Help)
55.Delphos Fuel Can
56.Delphos 5-Gallon Fuel Can (Dent in Top)
57.Minnow Bucket
58.Fish Stories Wall Hanging/Coat Rack
59.Pepsi-Cola License Plate
60.Magnum Malt Liquor Sign
61.Carpet Beater
62.Weather Station
63.Railroad Lantern
64.Unusual Galvanized Bucket
65.Pair of Horse Hains?
66.Vintage Cast Eagle Wall Hanging
67.Smoking/Magazine Stand
68.Rocking Horse
69.Orbitor 4500 Telescope
70.Vintage Coca-Cola Cooler
71.US Military Fuel Can
72.United Co-Op 2-Gallon Metal Advertising Container
73.Coca-Cola Tray
74.Box Lot including Tire Inflator, Battery Tools, Bits, Etc.
75.Tool Box with Contents
77.Lot Consisting of Cigarette Case, Magnetic Emergency Flasher, Etc.
78.Carpenter's Toolbox
80.Primitive Jack
81.Box with Hitch, Vintage Wrenches, Etc.
82.(2) Children's Pull Toys
83.Lot of Assorted Machetes
84.Horseshoe Items with Lead Horse
85.Candle Holder
86.Vintage Portable Printer with Paperwork and Original Box
87.(3) Ball Peen Hammers
88.Early Tin Toy
89.(3) Assorted Hatchets/Hammers
90.Boat Fuel Tank
91.Grinding Stone
92.(3) No Trespassing Signs
93.(5) Metal For Sale Signs
94.Spinning Wheel (Needs Work)
95.1961 Oak Harbor Apple Crate
96.Child's Wagon with Wooden Wheels
97.Primitive Magazine Rack
98.Sears Bench Vice
99.Lockblade Knife with Sheath and Additional Smaller Lockblade Knife
100.Unusual Torch
101.(2) Draw Knives
102.Portable Vice
103.Box of Horse Items
104.Box of (21) Hardy Boys Books
105.Metal Beware of the Dog Signs and (2) For Sale by Owner Signs
106.3-Gallon Jug
107.Wooden Stand
107A.(3) Claw Hammers
108.Tabletop Showcase
109.Nylint Metal Dump Truck
110.Metal Friction Truck
111.Structo? Vintage Metal Tandem Dump Truck
112.Texaco Metal Fire Engine (Not Complete)
113.Tonka Boom Truck
114.Wyandot Van Lines Trailer with Single-Axle Semi Tractor
115.Rapid Express Metal Truck
116.Early Metal Farm Truck
117.Hubbly 2-Seat Automobile
118.Wyandot Toy Pistol
119.Tonka Construction Dump Truck
120.Tonka Construction Dump Truck
121.Mechanical Battery-Operated Bump N Go Vegetable Truck
122.Playground Spring-Mounted Rocking Horse
123.First Act Guitar Amplifier with AC Adapter
124.Cast Iron Sewing Machine Replica
126.Unusual Drill Brace
127.Fishing Pole with Case
128.Metal and Wicker Basket
129.2-Gallon Eagle Gasoline Can
130.Contin-U-Matic Toilet Paper Dispenser
131.Countertop Showcase
132.2-Wheel Metal Child's Wagon
133.Eagle Wirleygig
134.Wooden Pulley
135.Assorted Figurines
137.(3) Large C-Clamps
138.(2) Copper Finish Tea Pots
139.(3) Steel Casters
140.(5) Adjustable Wrenches
141.Aro Balancer
142.Box with Hay Hook, Hatchet, and Other Assorted Tools
143.Box Lot of Assorted Open and Boxed-End Wrenches
144.Box of Assorted Tools, Muffler Clamps, Etc.
145.Olympus 35mm Camera, Vivitar Flash Attachment and Leather Case
146.Clarinet with Case
147.American Legion Commemorative Jug
148.Metal Wall Candelabra with Wooden Pig Decoration
149.(4) New Bed & Bath Privacy Door Knobs
150.Old Wood Plane, Bolt Cutters, Pipe Wrench, Etc.
151.Lot of (5) Holiday Welcome Mats (NEW)
152.Countertop Showcase
153.(3) Boxes of Collector Cards including Desert Storm, Baseball, Basketball, Etc.
154.Crockery Jug
155.Coca-Cola Tray
156.5 Cent Wooden Cigar Box (Yacco)
157.Engine No.7 Pedal Car
158.Old Stand
159.Primitive Stand
160.Assorted Electrical Covers
161.Hood Ornament
162.Fire Axe
163.Ship's Wheel Clock
164.Sewing Button Hole Attachments
165.Change Dispenser
166.Ornate Metal Hanging
167.Cast-Iron Swan Door Stop
168.Cast-Iron Angels
169.(3) Pieces of Milk Glass and Hand-Painted Bowl
170.Screw-In Tree Climbing Steps
171.Iron, Hand Clippers, Wooden Bird, Trivet, Etc.
172.Box of Assorted Clear Glass, Figurines, Hand-Blown Art Glass, Etc.
173.Planter's Burlap Peanut Bag
174.Assorted Advertising Tins
175.Toy Tractor
176.Toy Gun and Boat Oar Holders
177.Granite-ware and Aluminum Ladle
178.4ft. Carpenter's Toolbox
179.Ash Tray, Copper Hat, Miniature Copper Kettle and Early Beatle Bug Toy
180.Early Steam Iron
181.Green Mountain Battery-Operated Train
182.Vintage Oil Dispenser
183.Early Children's Rocking Toy
184.Assorted Open and Boxed-End Wrenches
185.Sanding Blocks, Scribe, and Other Misc. Tools
186.(2) Mustache Cups
187.Toy Metal Truck
188.Fischer Price Merry-Go-Round
189.Tonka Jeep
190.Zoomer-Boomer Fire Truck with Original Box
191.Toy Pistol with Holster
192.Metal and Plastic Dump Truck
193.Vintage Wolverine Electric Travel Iron
194.Toy Van
195.Early Metal Roadster
196.Cast Metal Dog
197.Telechron Clock
198.Horse Figurine
199.Large Vintage Jailhouse Lock
200.Assorted Yo-Yos
201.Branding Iron and Star Wars Darth Vader Head
202.Large Lot of Assorted Train Accessories with Track, Buildings, Etc. (4 Boxes Total)
203.Nylint Metal Race Car
204.Collection of (6) Assorted Alarm Clocks
205.Fenton Bell and 50th Anniversary Glass Bell
206.Wooden Children's Roadster Ride-On Car
207.(4) Assorted Hot Wheels
208.Box Lot of Assorted Metal Toy Cars, Trucks, Etc.
209.Box Lot of Various Salt & Pepper Shakers
210.Box Lot of Various Salt & Pepper Shakers
211.Wooden Rocker with Cushion
212.Wicker Stool and Metal Plant Stand
213.Fisher Price Rocking Horse
214.Box Full of Miniature Cars, Etc.
215.(2) Fisher Price Children's Toys
216.Primitive Wooden Yard Spinner
217.RCA VCR Recorder
218.Vintage Suit Case with Plastic Storage Case
220.Pitcher and Double-Handled Vase
221.Leather-working Station
222.(2) Microphone Stands
223.Ammo Box
224.Ammo Box
225.Cast-Iron Carriage with Horse
226.(4) Assorted Harmonicas
227.Opera Harmonica with Metal Case
228.Marine Van Harmonica with Box
229.(3) Assorted Harmonicas
230.(3) Assorted Harmonicas
231.Wooden Tool Box, Magazine Rack and Moose Wall Hanging
232.Hunter Sign and Wooden Box, Wooden Basket
233.Galvanized Wash Tub
234.Galvanized Wash Tub
235.Walking Stick
236.Highly Carved Walking Stick
237.16in. Poulin Chainsaw
238.Wicker Stool
239.Oil Stove
240.Vintage Sled
242.Quilted Bedspread
243.Hunter's Vest
244.Construction Safety Harness
245.(2) Ice Tongs
246.Wire Jar Carrier with Wooden Handle
247.Pendulum Clock
248.(2) Hanging Scales
249.Metal Sign Portrait of Girl with Cats
250.Framed Picture of Girl with Sheep
251.Coachmen Sign
252.Bud Ice Metal Sign
253.Stop Sign
254.Large Flower Sifter
255.Metal Pepsi Sign
256.Metal Novelty Sign
257.Metal "Sidney" Sign
258.Metal John Deere Sign
259.Ceresota Flour Metal Sign
260.Coca-Cola Metal Sign
261."Visitor Parking" Sign and Other Old Metal Sign
262.Campbell's Soup Sign
263.Winston Tobacco Advertising Sign
264.Orange County Choppers Metal Sign
265.GPC Cigarette Advertising Metal Sign
266.Metal Marlboro Man Sign
267.Dixie Auto Repair Metal Sign
268.Adams New York Chewing Gun Sign
269.Rakestraw Street Sign
270.Road Construction Sign
271.Primitive Planter
272.Ammo Box
273.Aluminum Double-Handled Stock Pot
274.Aluminum Double-Handled Stock Pot
275.Mr. Beer Micro Brewery Model
276.Box of Skulls
277.(2) Small Jugs and Pitcher
278.Lot of Misc. Doilies and Lace
279.Simpson/Sherwin Williams Die-Cast Tractor Trailer
280.NAPA Tractor Trailer Rig
281.Walmart Tractor Trailer Rig
282.Dozer Loader/Backhoe
283.Nylint Cabin Chassis Truck
284.Lot of Blue Bottles
285.Baseball Cards with Miniature Batting Helmets
286.Box Lot of Toy Cars
287.Clock with Fireplace
288.(4) Mage Knight Booster Packs
289.Porcelain Pans with Assorted Lids
290.Box of Assorted Dishes including Luffton, Bavaria, and More
291.Box Lot of Misc. Souvenir Pieces
292.Box of Granite-ware and Pewter Pitchers
293.Box Lot of Assorted Train Cars, Track, and Misc.
294.Box Lot of Assorted Toy Cars
295.Box of Assorted Tools including Torque Wrench, Pipe Wrenches, Etc.
296.Lot of (7) Dr. Seuss Books and More
297.Metal Structo Dump Truck
298.Hubbly Fire Engine
299.Tandem-Axle Ladder Truck
300.Tonka Dozer Loader/Backhoe
301.Tonka Dozer
302.(2) Hubbly & International Tractors
303.Tonka Turbo Diesel End Loader
304.Tonka Jeep
306.John Deere Tractor
307.Auburn Rubber Race Car
308.Early Nylint Payloader
309.Nyint Wrecker
310.Dozer Loader/Backhoe
311.Marx Road Grader
312.Tonka Camper
313.Metal Dump Truck
314.(4) Assorted Tractors
315.ERTL Tractor
316.Lion Bank
317.Blimp, Rubber Car and Metal Car
318.Sunoco 2005 Limited Edition NASCAR Fuel Tanker
319.Sunoco Live-Action Pro-Stock Transporter
320.Sunoco Tractor Trailer/Construction Carrier
321.NASCAR Bus Fuse Transporter
322.Sunoco Safari Shuffle
323.Acoustic Guitar with Case
324.Detroit Michigan Milk Bottle
325.Cast-Iron 3ft Bean Pot
326.Boardens Milk Bottle
327.Wagner's 10in. Cast-Iron Skillet
328.No. 7 10.25in. Cast-Iron Skillet
329.9in. Cast-Iron Skillet
330.9in. Cast-Iron Skillet
331.8in. Cast-Iron Skillet
332.Wagnerware 7.75in. Cast-Iron Skillet
333.7.75in Cast-Iron Skillet
334.7.5in Cast-Iron Skillet
335.Wagner 6in. Cast-Iron Skillet
336.Wagner 6in. Cast-Iron Skillet
337.Wagner 6.25in. Cast-Iron Skillet
338.6in. Cast-Iron Skillet
339.6in. Cast-Iron Skillet
340.6in. Cast-Iron Skillet
341.6in. Cast-Iron Skillet
342.6in. Cast-Iron Skillet
343.10in. Cast-Iron Skillet
344.8.5in. Cast-Iron Skillet
345.Cracker Barrel 8.5in Divided Skillet
346.7.5in Cast-Iron Skillet
347.Double-Handled Bean Pot with Stand
348.6.5in Cast-Iron Skillet
349.Wagner 6in. Cast-Iron Skillet
350.Lead Pot
351.Pot with Handle (Has Hole In It)
352.Cast-Iron Tea Pot
353.Vintage Nut Grinder
354.Griswold No.2 Heart-Shape Cast-Iron Mold
355.10in. Deep Cast-Iron Skillet
356.(2) 6in. Cast-Iron Skillets
357.(2) 6in. Cast-Iron Skillets with Odd Lid
358.(3) Lockblade Knives with (1) Sheathe
359.Sunoco 1997 Race Team Truck
360.Sunoco 2000 Pro-Stock Transporter
361.Sunoco Talking Tanker Truck
362.Sunoco Safari Shuttle
363.Fisher Price Snoopy
364.Fisher Price Jolly Jumping Jack
365.Fisher Price Bossy Bell
366.Fisher Price Airplane
367.Box Lot Full of Assorted Die-Cast Toys, Tractors, Airplanes, Etc.
368.(2) Vintage Dolls
369.Assorted Metal Toys
370.Dads Advertising Bench
371.Lakeshore Railroad Employee First Edition Plate
372.ERTL 1964-1976 IH Cub Tractor
373.1994 Space Toy
374.Gambles Pickup Truck with Metal Roadster
375.Metal Friction Roadster and Tootsie Toy Road Grader
376.Old Battery-Operated Car with Chevy Sign
377.(4) Assorted Belt Buckles
378.Battery-Operated Locomotive with Metal Crane Truck
379.Wood Plane
380.Metal Friction Car with Casino Prints Slot Machine
381.Egg Crate
382.Toy Shovel
383.Assorted Racing Champions and Matchbox
384.Ammo Box
385.M&M's Light
386.Box Lot of Die-Cast and Other Toys
387.Traffic Light
388.(2) 1996 Racing Champions Die-Cast
389.(2) 1996 Racing Champions Die-Cast
390.1994 Racing Champions Die-Cast with Revell Sitco No. 21 Car
391.Lot of Flashlights
392.(3) Hot Wheels including Cement Dock, Oil Refinery and Truck Stop Stow-N-Go
393.Pro Hardware 37 Ford Pickup Bank
394.95 Dodge Pickup
395.Dodge Viper
396.Campbell's Die-Cast Airplane
397.Decorative Vase (Made in China)
398.Campbell's Soup Tin
399.Dick Tracey Camera
400.(2) Paper Weights and (1) Sign
401.(5) Assorted Old Toy Cars
402.(2) Tootsie-Toy Trucks
403.Stack of Assorted Books including Stuart Little, Cookbooks, Etc.
404.Tonka Car Hauler
405.Coca-Cola Tray
406.Clock and Thermometer with Fireplace, Case
407.Assorted Japan/China Items
408.(3) Primitive Tools
409.Box of Assorted Fittings
411.(7) Assorted Dogs
412.Box Lot of Assorted Books
413.Porcelain Bowl and Other Porcelain Items
414.Box of Assorted Hammers
415.CB Radio
416.Machete and hand Scythes
417.Red Shed Green Pedal Tractor (New)
419.Ammo Box
420.Mickey Mouse Clock
421.(3) Small Jugs
422.Toledo Scale
423.Apple Cider Press
424.Box of Assorted Tools
425.Mounted Hand Crank Pump?
426.(2) Small Electric Motors with Capacitor
427.Early Railroad Jack
428.Box with Cups, Bells, Etc.
429.Brazilian Knife and Small 2-Blade Knife
430.Old F&M Bank Ashtray
431.Ohio State Buckeyes Flag
432.Decorative Box
433.Malibu Metal and Glass Wall Lantern
434.Crock with Lid and Early Glass Mixer
435.Decorative Vase
436.Gumball Machine
437.Keg Bank
438.Horse Clock
439.Wooden Leopard Figurine
440.Large Wood Plane
441.(9) Lathe Tools
442.Box Lot of Cookie Cutters
443.Hanging Candle Lamp
444.Horse Clock
445.Box Full of Heavy Duty Hinges
446.Enterprise Manufacturing Company Sausage Press
447.Pepsi Phone
448.Red Glass Vase
449.Box Lot of Assorted Glassware including Vase, Covered Dish, Milkglass Basket, Etc.
450.Assorted Wooden Toys
451.Victorian Electric Clock
452.Coca-Cola Lamp
453.Wildlife Clock with Pendulum
454.Eagle Buffalo and Coyote Figurine
455.Horse Clock
456.Black Rotary Dial Phone
457.Harvest Gold Rotary Dial Phone
458.Assorted Baseball Memorabilia
459.CB Radio
460.Horse and Carriage Clock
461.Poker Set with Case
462.Time and Strike Clock with Case
463.CB Radio
464.Lot of Assorted Baseball Cards
465.Lot of Assorted Sports Cards
467.CB Radio
468.Minnie Mouse and Disney World License Plate
469.Minnie Mouse and Disney World License Plate
470.12-Volt VHS with Screen
471.Balancing Lady
472.Magnus Child's Organ
473.Box of Misc. including The Ultimate Knife, Steamer, Etc.
474.Box Lot of Assorted Racing Memorabilia
475.Tonka Truck Crane
476.Early Pulley
477.Box of Assorted Glassware
478.Box of Assorted Glassware and Bells
479.Lot of Glass Bells
480.Lot of Glass Bells
481.Noritake Dish
482.Assorted Chicken Items
483.Box of Misc. Glassware including Little Red Riding Hood, Etc.
484.Box of Assorted Collector Cards
485.Box of Assorted Collector Cards
486.Assorted Religious Figurines
487.Rabbit Figurine
488.Lead Crystal Ash Tray and Other Misc. Glass Items
489.Box of Misc. Glassware, Etc.
490.Box of Clear Glass with Blue and Silver Compote, Etc.
491.Box of Assorted Salt & Pepper Shakers
492.Horse and Carriage Clock
493.Draw Knife
494.Marble Shelf and national Bank of Fulton County Keg Coin Bank
495.ATF Company Utility
496.Fire Place Clock
497.Caroline Keen Books
498.(3) Nancy Drew Books
499.Roller Skates (Size 6 Mens)
500.Hallmark Pedal Car
501.Hallmark Kitty Car Classic Pedal Car
502.4in. Vice
503.(2) Coleman Lanterns with Ruby Red Globe
504.Colt Belt Buckle and Hull Double-Handled Vase
505.Dog Collection
506.Black Panther Planter
507.Small Western Copper Finish Vase
508.Cat Collection
509.Vintage Ice Skate and Union 76 Service Station Model
510.Lead Horses
511.(2) Whitetail Cutlery Knives (Blade Broken on 1)
512.Coleman Lantern and Early Barn Lantern
513.Hand-Blown Glass Owl and Hunting License
514.Assorted Chicken Items
515.Suede Coat with Fringe
516.Deacon's Bench
517.(3) Oil Cans and Funnel
518.9in. Cast-Iron Skillet
519.10.5in. Cast-Iron Skillet
520.10in. Cast-Iron Skillet
521.9.5in. Cast-Iron Skillet
522.Electric Train Engine
523.10in. Cast-Iron Skillet
524.Warming Trivet
525.10.5in. Cast-Iron Skillet with Ridges
526.Griswold No.8 Cast-Iron Skillet
527.Horseshoes and Horseshoe Rack
528.Box of Assorted Primitive Tools
529.(10) Assorted Matchbox Cars (New in Boxes)
530.(3) Indian Vases
531.(3) Indian Vases
532.Toy Soldiers
533.Box of Assorted Flashlights
534.Wooden-Burned Picture of Lady - Dated 1910
535.(2) Indian Vases
536.Assorted Occupied Japan Figurines
537.Occupied Japan Cups and Saucers
538.Miniature Toilet Paper Dispenser
539.(8) Bavarian Plates
540.Universal Meat Grinder
541.Silver Tea Set
542.Quilt Sampler
543.Horse Collar
544.Metal Stand
545.(3) Budweiser Holiday Steins
546.Ship Clock
547.Miniature Wash Board
548.Cast-Iron Horse
549.(2) Rotary Dial Phones
550.Box of Assorted Miniature Cars, Etc.
551.Box of Assorted Toys - Cars, Trucks, Etc.
552.School Bus and Other Tins
553.Box of Jewelry
554.Box of Misc. including Pocket Watches, Pins, Knives, Etc.
555.Golf Semi-Truck, Die-Cast Car and Model Car Display
556.Box with Rolling Pin, Finger Hole Lamp, Etc.
557.Cast-Iron Car
558.(2) Large Knives
559.Vintage Skateboard
560.Michigan State License Frame and Metal Tackle-box with Misc. Contents
561.Old Print
562.Casserole Dish with Silver Holder and Lid
563.Lot of Assorted Items including Book Ends, Electric Iron, Fishing Lure, Etc.
564.Bicycle Seat, Gas Line, Anti-Freeze, Leather Straps, Etc.
565.Pipe Rack, Lantern, Wall Light, and Wooden Shoe
566.Box of Assorted Books
567.Box of Utensils and Misc.
568.VHS Tapes
569.Box of Assorted Glassware
570.Box of Assorted Glassware with Tea Pots, Figurines (All Japan)
571.Box of Assorted Toy Cars, Motorcycle, Etc.
573.Vintage Baby Bed
574.Barbie Chair
575.Shadow Box
576.Coca-Cola Clock/Picture
577.Early 3-Drawer Chest
578.Clown Drummer
579.Bean Pot with Lid
580.M&M's Figurine
581.Vintage Radio Cabinet (As-Is)
582.(9) Assorted Matchbox Cars
583.(10) Assorted Matchbox Cars
584.(13) Assorted Matchbox Cars
585.Pictures, Wall Hangings, Etc.
586.Vanity Light
587.(2) Lighters
588.Fold Up Table
589.22in. X 32in. Maple Top
590.Army Duffel Bag
591.(4) Assorted Pitchforks
592.(2) Shovels, (2) Axes and Concrete Hoe
593.Vintage Sled
594.Small Vintage Railroad Jack
595.Small Vintage Railroad Jack
596.Basket with Wooden Boxes
597.Kick-Start Gasoline Engine
598.Vintage Iron Base
599.Chain Fall
600.Lot of Assorted Decorator Items
601.Stuffed Animals and Doll on Chair
602.Coffee Grinder
603.(4) Assorted Germany Steins
604.Box Lot of Assorted Animals
605.Box of Assorted Wrenches
610.Pewter Soldier Statue
611.Box of Assorted C-Clamps
612.Mechanical Punch
613.Hand Grinder
614.Hem Marker
615.Box of Assorted Copper Items
616.Crock, Jug, and Misc.
617.Assorted Auto Hood Ornaments
618.Assorted Camera's
619.Hood Ornaments
620.Lot of Various Tools
621.(3) Christmas Tree Light Sets
622.Large Bird Cage
623.Black & Decker 3in. Portable Vice
624."Welcome" Plaque
625.Box of Misc. including Jim Morrison Plaque, Etc.
626.Assorted Collectible Items
627.Box of Misc.
628.Primitive Pulley
629.Primitive Wooden Pulley with Hook
630.Aluminum Roasting Pan with Lid
631.9.5in Cast-Iron Skillet
632.6.5in Cast-Iron Skillet
633.9.75in. Cast-Iron Skillet
634.10.25in. Cast-Iron Skillet
635.10in. Cast-Iron Skillet
636.7.5in Cast-Iron Skillet
637.7.75in. Cast-Iron Skillet
638.6in. Cast-Iron Skillet
639.Presto Pressure Cooker (Complete)
640.Assorted Figurines
641.Assorted Galvanized Cans
642.(8) Aluminum Wildlife Coasters
643.Box of Tobacco Alcohol and Coca-Cola Items
644.Cast-Iron Bank (Incomplete)
645.Box Lot of Assorted Tools
646.(2) Collector Plates
647.Lot of Assorted Duck and Geese Figurines
648.(2) Coal Shovels and Fishing Christmas Wreath
649.Remote Control Boat
650.3.5in. Vice
651.Old Pulley
652.Draw Knife
653.Shelton Wood Plane
654.Vintage ATR AC/DC Inverter
655.OSU Wooden Stool
656.Box Lot of Cookie Cutters, Old Iron, Hand Mixer, Etc.
657.Black & Decker 12V Battery, Flashlight, Light Fixture, Ratchet Strap and Misc.
658.(2) Surgical Instruments
659.Early Brown Herb Tablet Tin
660.22in. x 32in. Maple Slab
661.Porcelain-Top Kitchen Prep Table with Drawers
662.Sears-Craftsman Gas-Powered Generator
663.Cast-Iron Wood Burning Cook Stove
664.Harley Davidson Lock Blade Knife
665.(2) Kellogg's Camera's with Boxes
666.Assorted Coins and Lighters
667.Assorted Tokens and Tins
668.Pin-Up Girl Lockblade Knife
669.(3) Belt Buckles
670.Box Lot of Assorted Toy Cars, Tractors, Etc.
671.Lot of Assorted Men's Watches
672.Box Lot including Advertising Car, Lead Soldier, Belt Buckle and Misc.
673.Playtime Clock
674.Box of Misc. including Orange Crush Bottle, John Deere Mug, Tube Bender, Etc.
675.Box Lot of Assorted Decorator Items
676.Box Lot of Old Vintage Hardware
677.Bronze Eagle
678.(2) Folding Rulers
679.Large Knife
680.Lot of Assorted Cigar Boxes
681.Cookie Cutter, Sea Shell Light and Misc.
682.Old Tea Pot
683.Durango Spincasting Fishing Reel
684.White Goose Piece
685.Stack of (7) Pairs of Jeans
686.Stack of (7) Pairs of Jeans
687.7ft. Wooden Coffin