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Kigar Realty & Auction
Antiques, Collectibles and More Online Auction - Closes July 8th Starts to Close at 9 PM

Item Description
1.Camelback Trunk
2.(4) Metal Tiki Torches
3.Metal Miller Lite Beer Sign
4.(2) Gas Lanterns
5.(2) Gas Lanterns (Coleman)
6.Aladdin Kerosene Lamp
7.Garfield Phone
8.Alvin and the Chipmunks Phone
9.Looney Toons Marvin the Martian Phone
10.Set of Vivitar Binoculars
11.(3) Camel Cigarette Tins - (1) Including Poker Set and (2) Including Matches
12.Gas-Powered Model Airplane
13.Box Lot of Assorted Toy Airplanes
14.Fischer-Price Rescue Heroes Figurine with Video
15.Fischer-Price Rescue Heroes Figurine with Video
16.Large Glass Jar
17.Box Lot of Assorted Toy and Model Airplanes
18.Metal Virginia Slims Advertising Sign
19.Gumball Machine
20.Early Ford Emblem (1938-1939)
21.(2) Metal AMCO Bi-Planes
22.(2) Metal Standard Oil Hi-Wing Airplanes
23.(5) Assorted Military Aircraft
24.(3) Model Airplanes
25.Lighted Exit Sign
26.Star Wars Plane and Space Capsule
27.Spice Rack with Drawers
28.(5) Assorted Cast-Iron Pieces
29.Ceramic Owl Clock
30.Horse and Rider Clock
31.Bronze Horse with Rider Clock
32.Cowboy and Horse Clock
33.Horse and Horseshoe Clock
34.Cowboy Clock
35.Horseshoe Clock
36.Chrome Horseshoe Clock
37.Cowboy Clock
38.Horse and Carriage Clock (Damaged)
38A.Electric Lowell Atomizer
39.Ship Clock (Flying Cloud)
40.(3) Assorted Clocks
41.(2) Vintage Clocks
42.Small Mantle Clock
43.Metal Clock
44.Small Mantle Clock
45.Lighthouse Clock
46.Gene Autry Mechanical Metal Toy in Original Box
47.Train and Coal Car
48.Marx Engine and Coal Car
49.Engine and Coal Car
50.Lionel Type-1043 Transformer and Lionel Type-4044 Transformer
51.Marx 1239 Transformer and Marx Model 100
52.Lionel 1012 35W and Lionel Type-1015 Transformer
53.(2) Marx 309 Transformers
54.(1) Marx 309 Transformer and (1) Marx 1509 Transformer
55.(1) Large Lot of O-Gauge Model Train Track including Curves, Switches, Intersections, Covered Bridge and More
56.Lot of Approx (18) Assorted Racing Champions and other NASCAR Collectibles
57.(30+) Racing Champion and other NASCAR Collectibles including Dale Earnhardt Watch, Etc.
58.Approx. (20) Pieces of Revel, Hot-Wheels, Johnny Lighting, Racing Action, Etc.
59.(9) Winner's Circle NASCAR Collectibles
60.(15) Assorted Racing Champions, NASCAR Collectibles
61.(4) Die-Cast TruValue Banks
62.Cadillac 1958 Eldorado 1/18th Scale Die-Cast Metal Car with 1918 Runabout ERTL Barrel Bank
63.1948 Ford, TrueValue Grand Rapids, OH (2)
64.(2) Blue and (2) Green Glassware Pieces
65.Lot of Assorted Figurines with Bells, Cat, Dog and Pitcher
66.Box of Glass Figurines including Penguin, Squirrel, Birds, Paper Weight, Etc.
67.1918 TrueValue Hardware Die-Cast Metal Bank
68.1925 Kenworth Stake Truck with Barrels
69.TrueValue 1952 GMC Dry Goods Truck
70.Assorted Photographs from 1930's
71.(3) Assorted Cast-Iron Truck Coin Banks
72.Beige Satin Fenton Compote
73.Fenton Compote
74.Red Fenton Bell
75.Box with (15+) Pairs of Salt & Pepper Shakers
76.Box with (15+) Pair of Salt & Pepper Shakers
77.Box of Misc. Clear Glass and Hand-Painted China Pieces
78.Box of (9) Glass Bells and Other Figurines
79.American Flyer Train Set
80.Lot of (5) Harmonicas
81.(1) Pair of Spectacles in BC Rodgers O.D. Optometrist, Wauseon, OH Box
82.Opera Superior (Made in Germany) and FR Hotz (Made in Germany) Harmonicas
83.Original Blue Danube Harmonica with Case with Honer International Marine Band Harmonica with Box
84.Honer Echo Harmonica (Made in Germany) with Box
85.(12) Belt Buckles with Men's Names
86.(9) Belt Buckles with Fishing, Etc.
87.Hubly Aircraft (Missing Wheel) and Early Metal Car
88.Hubly Metal Car (All Original, Right-Hand Drive)
89.Hubly Aircraft, Retractable Gear, Folding Wing (Missing Propeller)
90.Battery-Operated Mountain Special Metal Train with Conductor
91.Structo Livestock Trailer
92.Nylint Metro Police Wrecker
93.Structo Army Truck
94.Early Metal Wyandotte Farm Truck
95.Structo Tandem-Axle Metal Dump Truck
96.Vintage Metal Dump Truck (Partially Restored, Possibly Structo. Missing 1 Wheel and Axle)
97.Lot of (3) Metal Airplanes
98.Nylint Single-Axle Truck/Tractor
99.Battery-Operated Bump-and-Go Metal 1901 Automobile
100.Continental Trailways Tin Bus
101.Buddy L Truck, Search Light Repair Unit Truck
102.Lumar Tandem-Axle Military Truck
103.Buddy L Army Search Light Repair Unit Truck
104.Structo Single-Axle Dump Truck
105.Buddy L Ladder Truck
106.Hubly Single-Axle Dump Truck
107.Marx Sand and Gravel Truck with Loader
108.Lumar Tandem Axle Army Truck
109.Marcrest Tin Livestock (Missing Front Wheels)
110.Wyandotte Dump Truck with Loader (Missing Left Rear Wheel)
111.Keystone Chain-Driven Bucket Elevator (All Original, Complete)
112.Box Lot of Assorted Toys including Rubber Toys, Cast-Iron Rail Car, Wagon, Small Metal Pieces (Many Need Restored)
113.Several Vintage Toys, Tootsie-Toy and Others
114.Box Lot of Approx. (15) Toy Cars and Misc.
115.Early Cherry Pitter
116.Lot of (5) Assorted Tins with Pipe
117.Copy of 1912 New York Times Newspaper Headlining "Titanic"
118.Craftsman Plane and Brass Foot Valve
119.Brass Fire Nozzle and Boy Scouts of America Canteen
120.Lot of (3) Crocks
121.Lot of (4) Crocks and (2) Garden Sprayers
122.Primitive Wet Stone
123.Axe Head and Iron
124.Jordan Bench Vice
125.Fire Belt
126.Annheiser-Busch Beer Sign with Wall-Mounted Oil Lamp
127.Dale Earnhardt Racing Car with Collectible Display
128.Box with Crockery Items, Vases, Picture
129.Porter Cable Crown Stapler
130.Incomplete Pitcher Pump and Bench Vice
131.Pair of Steel Finials
132.8pc. 1in. Drive Socket Set with 3/8ths in. Drive Ratchet
133.Tonka Crawler Loader with Backhoe and International 1586 Tractor (Missing Wheel)
134.(2) Sail Boats and Kneeling Horse
135.Tote with Misc. Glassware
136.Case of (6) 1776 Great American Revolution Plates
137.(2) USA Battery-Operated Fighter Jets
138.Automotive Spotlight
139.Early Just-Right Battery-Operated Lantern
140.Box of (30+) Pez Dispensers
141.Box of (30+) Pez Dispensers
142.Dale Earnhardt 16-Car Action Series Collection with Display
143.Box Lot of Approx. (20+) Pez Dispensers (Still Packaged)
144.Hallmark Kitty Pedal Car
145.(2) Budweiser Mugs
146.Approx. (100) Hot-Wheels (New in Packages)
147.(25) Hot-Wheels (New in Package)
148.1995 Autographed Eddy Sheever Shirt
149.Autographed Shirt from Bobby Rahal
150.MetroForce Police Battery-Operated Racing Set
151.(4) Toy Pickup Trucks (New in Wrapper)
152.(3) NASCAR Die-Cast Collectibles
153.(3) NASCAR Die-Cast Collectibles
154.1993 IROC TrueValue Semi-Truck
155.Lot of (6) Assorted Boot Knives
156.(7) Assorted Lock-Blade and Pocket Knives
157.(3) Decanters with Wooden California Grape Advertising Crate
158.Tonka Snorkel Truck
159.ERTL Livestock Tractor Trailer
160.Texaco Tanker Truck (Missing Front Wheels)
161.Nylint Truck Tractor
162.Metal Freight Line with Van Trailer
163.Farm Wagon with Fischer-Price Dog
164.Alice Shelmer Tractor with 4-Bottom Plow and Farm Wagon
165.Hand-Crank Corn Sheller (Repainted)
166.Hand-Crank Corn Sheller (Original)
167.Neverfail Corn Sheller (Original)
168.(1) Cast-Aluminum and (2) Cast-Iron Corn Molds
169.Griswold 3-Footed Cast-Iron Bean Pot (12in)
170.10in. Cast-Iron Skillet (No Name)
171.Wagner Cast-Iron Skillet (10in)
172.Wagner Cast-Iron Skillet (10in)
173.(2) Wagner Cast-Iron Skillets (6in)
174.Wagner Cast-Iron Skillet (10in.)
175.Cast-Iron Tea Kettle with No Lid
176.Cast-Iron Skillet (8.5in.)
177.Sidney Cast-Iron Skillet
178.Aluminum Kettle
179.Superman Comic Book, Wild West Magazine and Barn Drawing
180.Lot of Old Souvenir Cards, Etc.
181.Lot of Vintage Road Maps
182.Post Cards, Vintage Stereo Viewer Cards and Early Spelling Book
183.Box Lot of Misc. including Ashtray, Gauges, Box Opener, Stapler and More
184.Box Full of Assorted Tins, Spice Containers, Etc.
185.Box of Misc. Glassware including Milk Glass, Picture, Miniature Lamp, Etc.
186.Box of (7) Assorted Plastic Toys
187.Lot of Assorted Sports Memorabilia including Cincinnati Reds, Buckeyes, Oakland and More
188.Hanging Scale
189.3ft. Level
190.Granite-ware Baking Dish
191.(2) Granite-ware Pans
192.Granite-ware Dutch Oven with Lid
193.(3) Granite-ware Pieces
194.Early Green Bowl
195.Mini Air Compressor (For Air Brushing)
196.Metal Water Can
197.Railroad Switch Indicator
198.(4) Glass Items including Amber-Covered Hen, Etc.
199.(5) Assorted Cars
200.Aladdin Kerosene Lamp
201.Box with Mini Anvil, Pulleys, Old Light and Misc.
202.Rolls Razor with Box (Made in England)
203.Menu Board Letters with Box of Misc. Glassware including Mini Oil Lamps
204.Antique Table Lamp Base
205.Box of Assorted Figurines, Etc.
206.Large and Unusual Gothic Knife
207.Lot of (10+) Pair of Assorted Jeans
208.Drawer of Misc. Including Miniatures, Jewelry, Etc.
209.Lot of (15) Assorted Christmas Plates
210.(2) 5" C-Clamps
211.(4) Sewing Machine Drawers
212.Baseball Cards - 1989, 1990, 1991
213.Rare Boat Bar
214.Franklin Mint Harley Davidson Knife with Case and Box
215.Franklin Mint Harley Davidson Knife with Case and Box
216.Franklin Mint Harley Davidson Knife with Case and Box
217.Franklin Mint Harley Davidson Knife with Case and Box
218.Franklin Mint Harley Davidson Knife with Case and Box
219.Franklin Mint Harley Davidson Knife with Case and Box
220.Lot of Pad Locks (Most Have Keys)
221.(5)pc. of Enamelware with Red Ring
222.3pcs of Enamelware with Blue and Black Ring and Lid
223.(4) Toy Helicopters (Plastic)
224.2.5 Gallon Delphose Metal Gas Can
225.Lot of (4) Assorted Dolls
225A.Cast-Metal War Bird
226.Box Lot of Assorted Tools
227.Box Lot of Assorted Model Cars
228.Box Lot of Assorted Toy Airplanes and Jets
229.(2) Coleman Gas Lanterns
230.Box Lot of Assorted Hardware
231.Early Torch
232.Early Torch
233.Box of Wooden Figurines
234.Box of Misc. Glass Items
235.Lot of Assorted Cast-Iron Items
236.Milk Cow Door Stop
237.(3) M&M's Characters
238.(5) Assorted Revell Die-Cast
239.Box Lot of Misc. Military Toys
240.Box Lot of Misc. Military Toys
241.Box Lot of Misc. Military Toys
242.Box Lot of Misc. Military Toys
243.3-Drawer Wooden Birdhouse Style with Welcome Blocks
244.(3) Rolling Pins
245.Box Lot of Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Etc.
246.Box Lot of Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Etc.
247.Box Lot of Matchbox, Etc.
248.(3) Crockery Items
249.Box Lot of Large Lock Blade Knife, Toy Cars and Misc.
250.Spittoon and (2) Copper Tea Kettles
251.(2) Early 1-Gallon Glass Jars
252.Gumball Machine
253.Early Iron
254.(4) Toy "Wonderful" Trucks
255.Military Projectile
256.Military Projectile
257.Clever and Large Knife
258.McCray Refrigerator Co. Clever
259.(2) Toys and (2) Granite-ware Pieces
260.Lot of M&M Characters
261.(4) Assorted Die-Cast Cars
262.Garfield Alarm Clock
263.Garfield Phone
264.(2) Cast Toy Pieces
265.Early Cast-Iron Meil Truck and Hubbley Car (Needs Work)
266.(5) Christmas Stocking Hooks
267.(2) Racing Champions Die-Cast
268.(2) Revell Die-Cast
269.(2) NASCAR Die-Cast
270.(4) Blacksmith Tools
271.(3) Blacksmith Tools
272.Goodwrench Racing Team Model Semi-Truck
273."I Saw Three Ships" Wooden Tray
274.(2) Gumball Machines
275.Old 2-Gallon Gas Can
276.(2) Boat Jacks and Silver Serving Dish
277.(3) Oil Lamps
278.Rotary Dial Telephone
279.(2) Trucks and (1) Car Die-Cast
280.Box of Assorted Pez Dispensers
281.(3) Gallon Steel Pails
282.(3) Advertising Die-Cast Trucks
283.Early Desk Lamp
284.(4) Assorted Die-Cast
285.Carpenters Box
286.#2 Dinnerbell
287.Box Full of Misc. Toys
288.Box Full of Misc. Toys
289.(10) Collectors Spoons
290.(26) Collector Spoons (Mounted)
291.(21) Collector Spoons (Most in Case)
292.Shelf Full of M&M Collectibles
293.Lot of M&M Clock, Hershey's Kiss Dispenser, M&M Baseball Player
294.(2) TrueValue Die-Cast
295.(2) True Value and Trust? Hardware Die-Cast
296.(2) Revell Die-Cast with Display Case
297.Box Lot of Early Kitchen Utensils and Misc.
298.Drawer Full of Lead Figurines
299.Box Lot of Assorted Toy Cars, Collectible Tractor Trailers
300.(2) Lunch Boxes and Thermos
301.(2) Porcelain Door Handles
302.Lot of (3) Die Cast
303.Box Lot of Native and Other Items
304.Mirror and Framed Needle Point
305.Box of Hot Wheels
306.(2) Pepsi 1:10 Scale Pedal Cars
307.20" Grinding Stone
308.1:6 Scale BMW Motorcycle
309.Dirt Bike with Suspension
310.(20+) Assorted Pewter Items
311.Custom Merc Woodie Wagon
312.29' Model A Muscle Truck with Outdoor Life Coupe
313.Box of Assorted Horses and Horse-Related Items
314.Lot of Assorted Mickey Mouse Collectables
315.50-Ton Hydraulic Jack
316.15-Ton Hydraulic Jack
317.Lot of Rods and Reels
318.Lot of Rods and Reels
319.Lot of Rods and Reels
320.Lot of Rods and Reels
321.Mounted Winch with Cable
322.Set of Wooden Cars
323.Shop Creeper
324.(2) Sunoco Tractor/Trailer Collectible Die-Cast
325.(2) Sunoco Tractor/Trailer Collectible Die-Cast
326.(2) Sunoco Tractor/Trailer Collectible Die-Cast
327.(2) Sunoco Tractor/Trailer Collectible Die-Cast
328.1997 Special Edition Sunoco Collectible Die-Cast
329.Lot with Vintage Griddle, Oil Lamp, Crate and Misc.
330.1qt. Oil Dispenser and Can Funnel
331.Oilers and Funnel
332.Oilers and Oil Cans
333.5pc. Assorted Clear Glass Salt & Pepper Shakers
334.Lot of 3pc. Clear Glass Salt & Pepper Shakers with Holders
335.3pc. Clear and 1pc. Milk Glass Salt & Pepper Shakers
336.(20+) Pieces Assorted Salt & Pepper Shaker
337.Early Mechanical Gizmo Mounted on Board
338.Wire Crate with Milk Bottles, Soda Bottles, Etc.
339.Crate with Assorted Soda Bottles
340.(3) Framed Pieces
341.Shelf Full of Books
342.Old Sears Chainsaw
343.Lot of (3) Assorted Pulleys
344.Box Lot of Various Tools
345.Block and Tackle
346.Fishing Rod Holder
347.Lot of (3) Vintage Saws
348.(3) Draw Knives
349.Lot of Various Tools
350.Lot of Various C-Clamps
351.Rigid Pipe Cutter
352.Assorted Hatchets
353.Assorted Hammers
354.Cherry Pitter, Musket Trap and Misc.
355.(3) Levels
356.Table Top Display Case
357.Scoop, Candle Holders and Misc. Primitives
358.(2) Wooden Stirring Devices
359.Washboard and Divided Glass Door
360.Box Lot of Assorted Toys
361.Box Lot of Assorted Toys
362.Hard Hat and Welding Helmet
363.Wooden Train, Boot Jack, Wooden Hanging
364.Toy Gun, Meat Grinder, Fishing Reel
365.Camel Collectibles and Misc.
366.Baton and Brass Deer
367.1963 Chevy Owners Manual and Misc.
368.Wooden Chest
369.Phonograph and Old Records
370.2/4 Wheel Dolly/Cart
371.Glasstop Display with Mirrored Bottom
372.Wooden Chest
373.Washtub Stand
374.Box Loaded with Assorted Old Items
375.Wooden Wheel Barrow
377.Early Child's Wagon
378.Ford Fire Truck/Pedal Car
379.Santa Claus Sled
380.Buck Saw
381.5' Battery-Operated Clock
382.NicNac Stand and Elephant Stool
383.Unusual Stand
384.3-Tier Stand
385.Shopping Cart
386.Ornate Candle Stand
387.Bench with Tile Top
388.Folding Bench signed Yugoslavia
390.Stool and Bottle Capper
391.Wooden Miller Lite Beer Advertising
392.(3) Children's Barrel Back Chairs
393.Hanging/Table Top Curio Cabinet
394.Hatching Box
395.(2) Wooden Crates
396.Fisher-Price Pull Toy and Indian Figurine
397.Slaw Cutter and Wash Board
398.Wash Stand (Needs Work)
399.Painted Desk with Drawer
400.Model 4654 Toledo Scale
401.Jewelry Case with Drawers
402.19" Milk Can
403.Small Birds Eye Maple Table
404.Painted Wash Stand
405.Post Card Display Rack