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Kigar Realty & Auction
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Item Description
1.60-Drawer Bin with Automotive Contents
2.(2) 36-Drawer Bin with Automotive Contents
3.100 Month 550 CCA 110 RC Honda Battery (New)
4.18-Drawer Bin with Automotive Clips and Bulbs
5.50-Drawer Bin with Automotive Hardware
6.48-Drawer Bin with Automotive Hardware
7.Screwdriver Set
8.Craftsman 4.5in Vise
9.Lot of Assorted Bolts and Nuts
10.2 Quarts of Pennzoil 80-90 Gear Lube
11.(3) Tins of Assorted Hardware
12.Scars Multi-tester and Clock
13.Box Lot of Drywall Tools
14.Box Lot of Sandpaper
15.Misc. Grinding Wheels
16.Box Lot of Misc. Tools
17.Box Lot of Vise Grips
18.Pair of Hammers and Punch
19.Box Lot of Tile Tools
20.Pair of Hammers and Punch
21.Shotgun Case
22.50" Cut and Clamp Guide
23.48" Aluminum Level
24.Walke Floor Jack
25.Box Lot of GM Serpentine Belts
26.Box Lot of Misc. Fasteners, Chain, Tape
27.Box Lot of New 20" Chainsaw Chains and Mower Parts
28.Box Lot of Flood Light and Misc. Household Items
29.Small Engine Parts (New)
30.Box Lot of Electrical Wire, Nuts, Staples, Bulbs
31.American Standard Propane Conversion Kit
32.Box Lot of Outdoor Cooking Grills
33.Halogen Work Light
34.Box Lot of Misc. Building Materials
35.5-Gallon Bucket and Lawn Tools
36.OEM Industrial 6" Bench Grinder/Polisher
37.Wood Tool Tote and Contents
38.(3) Gas Cans and Kerosene
39.4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer
40.K-Grow 2-Gallon Sprayer
41.K Grow 2-Gallon Sprayer
42.K Grow 2-Gallon Sprayer
43.Car Wash Accessories and Bucket
44.5-Gallon Bucket, Funnel, New Squirt Bottles
45.Shop Broom and Squeegee
46.5-Gallon Bucket and Tools
47.Sledge Hammer
48.5-Gallon Bucket and Umbrellas
49.Box Lot of Dryer Vent and Misc.
50.Box of Wheel Weights for Mag Wheels
51.Box Lot of Wire and Misc.
52.Box Lot of Mini Clamps
53.Box Lot of Caliper and Misc.
54.Box Lot of Brass Ball Valves
55.Box Lot of Screwdrivers and Misc.
56.Box Lot of Pressure Gauges and Bolts
57.Box Lot of Brushes
58.Box Lot of Oil Filter Tools
59.Devilbis JGA and Bunks 19 Spray Guns
60.Black & Decker 3/8" Drill and Bits
61.Black & Decker Power Driver and Torx Drivers
62.Box Lot of Oil Filter Tools
63.Black & Decker Power Driver and Torx Drivers
64.Box Lot of Hose Clamps and Muffler Parts
65.Torque Wrench
66.Mac Tools Overdriver and Misc. Tools
67.Screwdriver Set and Bits
68.6pc. Screwdriver Set?
69.Magnetic Wristband
70.11pc. Omega Screwdrivers
71.(NEW) Craftsman 17pc. Tool Set
72.(New) Pittsburgh 1/4 Socket Set
73.Shelton Socket Tool Kit
74.Box Lot of 1/4 Sockets and Misc.
75.Triumph 40pc. Ratchet Set
76.Box Lot of 3/8" Sockets
77.Challenger Box-End Wrench
78.Craftsman and Misc. Wrenches
79.Craftsman and Misc. Small Wrenches
80.SK Tools Box-End Wrenches
81.Craftsman Screwdrivers
82.Craftsman Box-End Wrenches (Metric)
83.24" Monkey Wrench
84.Wall Ties, Staples, Masonry Fasteners
85.Box Lot of Drywall Nails, Finish Nails
86.Box Lot of Misc. Screws and Wall Anchors
87.Box Lot of Nails
88.Box Lot of Screws
89.Box Lot of Galvanized Nails
90.Box Lot of Finish Nails
91.Box Lot of Deck Screws
92.Box Lot of Pole Barn Screws and Anchors
93.Box Lot of Nails
94.New Welding Kit
95.Extension Cord and Reel
96.Box Lot of Drywall and Paint Accessories
97.Propane Tank (Full)
98.Propane Tank (Empty)
99.Propane Tank (Empty)
100.Black & Decker Router and Accessories
101.Box Lot of Assorted Wiper Blades
102.Box Lot of Automotive Trim Tape
103.Grease Gun and Cartridges
104.Angle Grinder
105.Vintage Hood Lock Kit and Lug Nuts
106.Craftsman Garage Door Opener Sensors
107.Tool Belt
108.Mikasa 4pc. Dishware
109.Longaberger Butter/Sugar Dish
110.Pioneer Woman 4pc. Dish
111.Screen Replacement (36" x 25')
112.Box Lot of Misc. Pressure Gauges, Digital Tire Inflator
113.Box Lot of Lug Nuts
114.Box Lot of Misc.
115.Box Lot of Car Cleaners
116.Box Lot of Air Horns, Hitch Balls
117.Miter Saw
118.Box Lot of OEM GM Filters
119.Box Lot of OEM GM Filters
120.Box Lot of LED Lights and Misc.
121.Box Lot of Spray Paints
122.License Plates
123.John Deere Mower Belts
124.Metal Lock Box
125.Sentry Safe
126.Energizer Vison Headlight (New)
127.Rayovac Flashlight Kit
128.Landscape Light
129.Box Lot of Ear Protection
130.Box Lot of Reflectors
131.Premier Cigarette Machine
132.Premier Cigarette Machine
133.Premier Cigarette Machine and Top-O-Matic Machine
134.Washer Hoses
135.Lawn Mower Lift
136.Lot of Caulk
137.Lot of Caulk Guns
138.Lot of Misc. Hose, Battery Cable, Dust Pan
139.1-Gallon Thompson Water Seal and 1/2 Gallon Tile Seal
140.Box Lot of Outdoor Water Items
141.40pc. Auto Emergency Kit (New)
142.Wagner Sprayer Kit (New)
143.Craftsman 3/8 Drill (New)
144.Noco Battery Maintainer (new)
145.Box Lot of GM Voltage Regulators
146.Box Lot of Junk Drawer Contents
147.Box Lot of Misc. Plane and Tow Hook
148.12-Ton Bottle Jack
149.5+ Tubes of Landscape Fabric
150.Kenmore Gas Grill
151.Vintage Doll House
152.Children's Desk
153.Step Stool
154.17' Multi Function Ladder
155.5' Wood Step Ladder
156.(2) Rolls of Insulation
157.Chicago Wet Saw
158.America 3' Work Station
159.(3) Lawn Chairs
161.Fireplace Tools
162.Solar 6/12 Volt Battery Charger
163.Falls City Bucket and Lead Sinker Molds
164.3-Gallon Coolant
165.2-Gallon RV Antifreeze, 2-Gallon Washer and Antifreeze
166.8qts of ATF and Misc.
167.10qts of NAPA ATF
168.4qts. of 5W-30, (2) 10W-30, (2) 5W-20
169.(5)qts. of 5W-30, (2)qts of 5W-20
170.(3) Buckets of Gas Antifreeze, Adhesive Cleaner and Misc.
171.(3) Buckets of Oil, Undercoat, Engine Restore
172.(3) 23oz. GM 80/90 Axle Lube
173.AM/FM Stereo
174.Cool Breeze Fan
175.Mr Heater
176.(1) Case of Polysteel Paint Sealant
177.(6) 12oz Cans of R-12
178.Lot of Craftsman Vacuum and Accessories, New Motor
179.American Flag and Poles
180.(2) 5qt. Mobile 1 53/30
181.(1) case of Genuine Honda ATF
182.(1) Case of Genuine Honda 5W-20
183.(1) Case of Genuine Honda 0W-20
184.(1) Case of Genuine Honda 0W-20
185.3qts of 80-w90 and (6) 23oz GM Axle Lube
186.Paint Thermometer
188.Lamp and Towel Holder
189.Baking Racking and Power Strips
190.Brass Wall Candle Holders
191.4-Slice Toaster
192.Rolling Pin and Silverware
193.Thomas Kincaid Calendar
194.Dining Table with Leaf and (2) Chairs
195.(3) Dining Chairs
196.(5) Dining Chairs
197.Battery-Operated Mantel Clock
198.Green Leather Love Seat
199.King Mattress, Box Spring and Foam Topper
200.Glass Top Coffee Table
200A.Set of (2) Side Tables, Glass Top
201.Mitsubishi 73in. TV
202.Wooden TV Stand with Drawers
203.Magazine Rack
204.(2) Side Tables
205.Vintage Samsonite Suitcase
206.Misc. Household, (6) Mugs, (4) Plastic Cups
207.Walking Stick
208.Green Leather Sectional with Table
209.Set of (2) Lamps
210.Set of (4) TV Tray Tables
211.Vintage Spring Horse
212.King Bed Frame
213.Computer Desk and Chair
214.Mitsubishi 60in. TV
215.Set of (4) Folding Chairs
216.33"x45" Framed Mirror
217.TV and Entertainment Center
218.Model Cars
219.(12) Model Cars (Assembled)
220.(9) Model Cars
221.(9) Model Cars
222.Christmas Tree
223.Large Christmas Wreath
224.Spring Floral Wreath
225.Large Christmas Wreath
226.Craftsman 10in. Compound Miter Saw (New)
227.Vintage Cooler
228.Small Cooler and (2) Thermoses
229.Plastic Cooler
230.Video Projector and Misc. Electronics, Radio Scanner
231.Vintage Camera Lot
232.NASCAR Clock
233.John Andretti Framed Poster
234.Bobby Labonte Framed Poster and Tony Stewart Calendar
235.Huge Lot of Hand-Crafted Pottery
236.Large Framed Art and Globe
237.Vintage Metal Tonka Truck and Crane
238.Washer/Dryer Storage Unit
239.(2) Toy Trucks
240.Vintage Lite Brite
241.Misc. Sports Gear (Football and Golf)
242.Vintage Metal Trucks
243.Vintage Tyco Slot Car Race Track Set
244.Mix Lot of Vintage Toys
245.Misc. Vintage Toy Trucks
246.18-Speed Red Bike
247.Huffy 15-Speed Blue Women's' Bike
248.Misc. Trophy Lot
249.Vintage Hot Wheels Cars
250.Vintage MicroMachine Vehicles
251.Vintage Army Toys & Misc. Figurines
252.Misc. Toys - Hot Wheel Track, Poster, Keyboard
253.Vintage McDonald's Happy Meal Toys
254.Misc. Toy Lot
255.Vintage Hee-Man Figurines
256.Laser Tag Set
257.Vintage Hee-Man Figurines
258.Vintage Thundercat Figurines
259.Vintage Rambo Figurines
260.Misc. Figures and Marbles
261.Vintage Toy Vehicle and Accessories
262.Radio Shack Flame Thrower Remote Car
263.Misc. Vintage Toy Guns
264.Radio Control Monster Truck
265.Baseballs and Mitt
266.Big Loader Construction Toy Set
267.Misc. Football Plaque and Stickers
268.(2) Bar Stools
269.GM Crates
270.Vintage Tent
271.Tool Bench
272.Extension Cord
273.Antique Metal Fire Truck
274.Antique Metal Tractor
275.Vintage Miter Box and Saw
276.Mix. Lot of Flooring
277.Wood Sealant (Almost Full)
278.All-Purpose Joint Compound (Almost Full)
279.(3) Stained Glass Door Panels
280.Mix Lot of Paint and Primer
281.Mix Lot of Light Bulbs
282.Mix Lot of Electrical
283.(3) Ceiling Lights
284.(3) LED Solar Lights
285.Mix Lot of Mini Blinds and Plastic Sheeting
286.Vintage Exercise Bike
287.AB Lounger
288.Cardio Glide
289.Weslo Air Slider
290.Weight Bench & Weights
291.Mix Lot of Adjustable Bed Frame & Stereo, Lumber Sink
292.Patio Table and (3) Chairs
293.(2) Patio Chair with End Tables, Footstool
294.Large Patio Table and (4) Chairs
295.(3) Bowling Balls (Vintage)
296.Mix Lot of Cups, Glass, Vintage Sprinkler
297.Vintage Metal Candle Holders
298.Drinking Glasses and Antique Eye Glasses
299.Glass Punch Bowl with (8) Cups
300.Misc. Plumbing
301.Photo Frames
302.Vintage Slot Car and Track Set
303.Vintage Type Writer
304.Misc. Household - Frames, Clock, Quesadilla Maker
305.Box Lot of Yarn & Sewing Patterns
306.Cassette Tapes
307.Box Lot of Paint Accessories
308.Tile Cutter
309.Electric Paint Sprayer (New)
310.Wet Tile Saw
311.Table Saw - Craftsman
312.Craftsman 12in. Compound Miter Saw
313.Work Bench
314.Sandy Jet Abrasive Blaster Vacuum
315.Dyna-Glo Gas Fired Room Heater
317.Brooms and Dust Pan
318.Vintage Tool Storage
319.Craftsman Vintage Lathe
320.Woodworking Tools
321.Antique Planer
322.Antique Planer
323.Antique Vice Grips
325.Box Lot of Auto Floor Mats
326.(6) Wilson Footballs (New)
327.Mix Lot of Hats
328.Vintage Cell Phone
329.1967 Corvette L-88 Die-Cast Car
330.1967 Corvette L-71 Die Cast Car
331.1968 Camaro Z28 Die Cast Car
332.Dale Earnhardt Radio Control Car
333.Die Cast Car and Richard Petty Coffee Can
334.NASCAR Box Lot
335.Copper Embossing Sheets and Thread and Antique Toys
336.8-Track Tapes
337.Alf Stuffed Toy
338.Light Fixtures and Towel Racks
339.Box Lot of Cables and Electrical
340.Set of (2) Tires - P245/65 R17
341.Christmas Floral
342.Vintage Family Feud Board Game
343.Vintage Price is Right Board Game
344.Vintage Popeye Board Game
345.Vintage Duke of Hazard Puzzle
346.Glass Christmas Bulbs
347.Indoor Lights and Tree Topper
348.(2) Boxes of Christmas Greenery and Floral
349.Tree Skirt
350.(5) Christmas Wreaths
351.Fiber Optic Snowman
352.Vintage Glass Ornaments
353.Mix Lot of Christmas Serving
354.Box Lot of Christmas Decor
355.Box Lot of Christmas Tins and Boxes
356.Sylvester Stocking
357.Box Lot of Pastel Christmas and Angel Tree Topper
358.Box Lot of Snowman Decor and Stockings
359.Plastic Bells and Bulbs
360.Antique Snowman and Santa
361.Box Lot of Snowman Decor
362.Hallmark Sport Ornaments
363.Box Lot of Hallmark Ornaments
364.(9) Hallmark Angel Ornaments
365.Hallmark Barbie Ornaments
366.Hallmark Santa Ornaments
367.Ornament Book
368.Hallmark Beetles Ornaments
369.Hallmark Beetles Ornaments
370.Snowman Salt & pepper Shaker and Cookie Jar
371.(2) Boxes of Outdoor Christmas Lights
372.Mac Tool Drag Racing Coal
373.DuPont Jeff Hamilton Coat
374.Porch Glider
375.Clamshell Chairs
376.Box of Bungee Straps
377.Box of Bungee Straps
378.Shepard's Hook and Misc.
379.Nail Keg
380.Nail Keg
381.Nail Keg
382.Nail Keg
383.Vintage Cooler
384.Vintage Cooler
385.Box Lot of Electrical
386.Box Lot of Garden Decor
387.Fruit Basket and Kritters
388.Lawn Ornaments
389.Swing Set Parts and Slide
390.Box Lot of Mower Parts
391.Wheel Barrow with Scott's Turf Builder
392.Antique Well Pump
393.(4) Tarps - Some Wear
394.(4) Tarps (Like New) (2) 5 x 7 and (2) 9 x 7
395.Werner 32' Extension Ladder
396.MTD Yard Machine 21" Mower
397.(4) 50lb Bags Ice Melt
398.Tote with Straps & Electrical
399.(4) Lawn Chairs
400.Patio Umbrella and Stands
401.55-Gallon Plastic Trash Barrel
402.Large Garbage Container with Lids
403.5-Gallon Bucket, Misc. Bolts, Etc.
404.5-Gallon Bucket with Misc. Bolts, Etc.
405.MTD Yard Machine 10HP Chipper
406.Craftsman DGS 6500 Mower 26HP
407.Craftsman Disc 40"
408.Brinly 40" Thatcher
409.36" Roller
410.40" Aerator
411.Toro Lawn Trailer
412.Craftsman 4' Dump Trailer
413.Lot of Firewood and Misc. Wood Scraps
414.Tree Saw
415.(3) Shovels and Axe
416.(1) Shovel, Rake, Broom and Squeegee
417.(2) Shovel and 2-Sided Axe
418.Post Hole Digger
419.(2) Rakes, Snow Shovel and Garden Cultivator
420.3 Rakes and Shovel
421.Electrical Box
422.Archery Target
423.Garden Hose
424.Trailer Yard Tool Organizer
425.Craftsman Push Spreader and Hand Spreader
426.Trash Bin with Assorted Tool Handles
427.Antique Clamp
428.10' Step Ladder
429.Emergency Reflectors and Case
430.(6) GM Totes
431.(6) GM Totes
432.Vintage Wagon
433.Vintage Wagon
434.Murray Weed Eater
435.Weed Eater Feather Lite
436.Jumper Cables
437.Jumper Cables
438.Poulan Pro Chain Saw with Case
439.Craftsman Chain Saw Case and Assorted Supplies (No Chainsaw)
440.Wall Mount Outdoor Lights
441.Portable Air Tank
442.5 Gallon Bucket Wire and Flashings
443.Box Lot of Fire Extinguishers
444.CoAx Cable Roll in Bucket
445.Wheel Barrow
446.Box Lot of Misc. Mower Parts
447.Concrete Deck Blocks
448.Concrete Blocks
449.Box Lot of Air Respirators and Misc.
450.Black & Decker Drill Bit Sharpener
451.Wheel Bearing Grease and Grille Items
452.Extension Cord
453.Skil 3/8" Cordless Drill/Screwdriver
454.Box Lot of Misc.
455.Lug Nut Caps
456.Box lot of Nails
457.Box Lot of Misc. Oil
458.Box Lot of Misc. Household
459.(2) Containers of Misc. Nuts and Bolts
460.Cargo Nets
461.GM Truck Wheel Cap
462.Tool Bench
463.18' Step Ladder
464.Assorted Large Tarps
465.Pallet Rocking
466.Wayne 1/2 HP Pump
467.Yard Edging and Fire Pit
468.Craftsman Mower Deck and Rear Bagger
469.John Deere Z435 (Like New)