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Kigar Realty & Auction
Lantz Estate Online Auction #3 - Closes July 30th Starts to Close at 8 PM

Item Description
1.Honda Harmony 21.5in Self-Propelled Mower
3.30in. Superman Jointed Figurine
4.Tacklebox with Contents and ProPack Divided Container Full of Artificial Worms + Box of Assorted Fishing Tackle
5.Box Lot of Horseshoes and Used Golf Balls
6.Box Lot Full of Assorted 12-Gauge and .22 Caliber Ammo
7.Fishing Reels, Oarlocks
8.Plano Plastic Toolbox (New) with Box Lot of Gun Cleaner, Etc.
9.(3) Boxes of Assorted Sports Memorabilia
10.Walt-Disney Collectibles including Mickey-Mouse Watch
11.Walt-Disney Collectibles including Mickey-Mouse Watch
12.(4) Assorted Fishing Reels and Misc.
13.Plano Tacklebox with Drawers and Contents
14.Antique Washboard
15.(5) Assorted Marine Starters (New or Rebuilt)
16.(5) Assorted Marine Starters (New or Rebuilt)
17.Prop and Vinyl-Coated Anchor
18.GMC Trim Rings and Center Caps (4)
19.Chevy Trim Rings and Center Caps (4)
20.(4) Ford Center Caps
21.(5) S.S. Hubcaps
22.Box of Assorted Dolls and 1930ís and 1940ís Mickey Mouse Drawings
23.Amethyst Plate, Art Glass Vase and Assorted Candles
24.Lot of Stainless Steel Milking Accessories
25.Album of 78 Records and Giant Print Bible (King James Version)
26.Vintage Lawn Sprinkler, Cherry Pitter, and Cheese Tool
27.Double-Handled Planter/Vase
28.Nacho Cheese Dispenser
29.Box of Lead Soldiers, Hydraulic Pump, Ford Idler Pulley
30.Batman Amusement Vending Machine
31.Curtis Satellite Coffee Dispenser
32.Daktronics Digital Sports Clock
33.Box of Dollhouse Furniture
34.(2) Beer Tap Handles
35.Leaded Glass Hanging Lamp
36.(1) Lot of Assorted Boot Jacks and Attachments
37.Everlast Punching Bag
38.Christmas Tree Stand and Light Bulbs
39.(9) Plastic Duck Decoys
40.(4) Universal Center Caps
41.Tote Full of Assorted Sports Memorabilia
42.Box Full of Reloading Supplies, 12-Gauge Shells, Gunpowder, Etc.
43.Profile 2000 Heavy Duty Boat Winch with Aerial Basket Rescue Kit
44.Lot of Assorted Life-Jackets (New and Used) and Fishing Net
45.Portable Boat Fuel Tank
46.Minn-Kota All Terrain Electric Boat Motor
47.Game Fisher Gas-Powered Boat Motor
48.Eska 3.5HP Gas-Powered Boat Motor
49.Lot of Assorted Travel Trailer Torsion Bars with Bucket of Heavy Duty Chain
50.New Wolf Neon Light with (2) Battery-Operated Fountains, Bronze Pig and Pewter Rabbit
51.Box of PolyShell Paint Sealing Kits, Oil Filter, and Elbow Brace
52.Assorted Extension Cord and Couplers
53.Case of (12) Pennzoil PZ-19 Oil Filters
54.Fram TGA8038 Air Filter and Box of Misc.
55.Box of Assorted Vintage Books and Ladies Hair Pins
56.Metal Detector and Misc.
57.Oldsmobile Radio, New Speakers, Hole Saw, Etc.
58.Oreo Cookie Tins and Cookie Jar
59.Assorted Trailer Wiring Accessories
60.Box of Assorted Tie Downs, Rope, Etc.
61.Marker Lights and Trailer Wiring Accessories
62.Lot of Assorted John Deere Belts
63.Top Wind Trailer Jack
64.Top Wind Trailer Jack
65.Minneapolis Manuals, Etc.
66.(8) Automatic Transmission Treatment Kits and Wiring Harness Material
67.Assorted Parking and No Parking Signs
68.Antique Jack and Electric Blower
69.Box Full of Windshield Cleaning Devices
70.(5) Assorted 1940ís and 1950ís License Plates
71.(5) Assorted 1950ís and 1960ís License Plates
72.(6) Assorted 1960ís and 1970ís License Plates
73.(2) New Sheepskin Seat Covers
74.8 Quarts of SAE-40 Oil, Auto Dry Wash Cloth, and 1990ís Illinois License Plates
75.Trim Rings and Assorted Auto Accessories
76.Auto Dry Wash Cloth, Jumper Cables, Alternator
77.Alternator, Horn, Air Conditioning Condenser and Jumper Cables
78.Assorted Fiber Glass Repair Items and Misc.
79.Lot of Speakers and Speaker Grille Covers
80.Wiper Motor, (6) Fram HM73173 Filters and (3) Delco PF61 Filters
81.Box of Assorted Cleaners, Bug Spray and Misc.
82.Lot of Struts, Alternators, Air Conditioning Pump
83.(6) Fram PH3567 Filters
84.(2) Ford Wheel Hubs (New)
85.2in. Trailer Coupler, Wheel Bearing Protectors, De-Ring Tie Downs, Etc.
86.2in. Trailer Coupler, Magnetic Towing Lights
87.2in. Trailer Coupler, Trailer Light Brackets, Lights, Etc.
88.Box lot of Chainsaw Chains, Bars, and File
89.Box Lot of Murray Deck Drive Belts
90.Box Lot of Echo/Poulan Chainsaw Bars (5) and 14in. Chain
91.Lawnmower Kick Stand, 40in. Blade Set, Craftsman Lawnmower Wheel
92.Hanging Natural Gas Infrared Heater
93.McCullough and (1) Jonsared Chainsaw (Both Need Work)
94.McCullough ProMac 650 Heavy Duty Chainsaw
95.(2) Craftsman Chainsaws
96.Tote Full of Bug Killer, Paint, WD-40 and Misc.
97.Playstation 2 Rock Band Special Edition Drum Accessory
98.Box Full of Vintage Tail Lights and Headlights (1964 Impala)
99.McCullough Chainsaw
100.Decater Electronics Gemini Plus Police Radar
101.Cable Winch, Nylon Lifting Strap and Windshield Frost Protector
102.Thunder Bay Gas-Powered Auger System with (4) Augers
103.Retractable Projector Screen
104.Cyclone 2-Ton Chain Fall
105.Box of New Hardware including Drill Bits, Re-threaders and Misc.
106.Pipe Cutter, Pipe Wrenches, Etc.
107.Soldering Gun, Screwdrivers, Vise Grips, Etc.
108.Chalk Lines and Chalk
109.Tote of Drill Bits with Level
110.Portable Jump Starter
111.(5) Clamps
112.Tie-Down Straps, Hitch Balls, Clevice Hooks
113.Padlock, Tape Measure, Plumbing Supplies, Etc.
114.Deep Well Sockets, Ratchet, Spark Plug Wrenches and Craftsman Screwdriver Set
115.Black & Decker Jigsaw and Misc. Tools
116.Grease Gun, Caulking Gun, Brass Hammer and Painters Trim Guard
117.Close Quarter 3/8in. Drill and New Husqvarna 16in. Chain
118.Deep Well Metric Impact Sockets, Level, Clamp, Hammer, Square
119.Assorted Wrenches, Hitch and Ratchets
120.Pins, Trailer Ball, Clevice, Etc.
121.Self-Drilling Bolts, LED Light Bulb and Misc.
122.(2) Totes of Assorted Lawn Mower and Auto Parts (Vintage)
123.John Deere Knife and Keychain Set, Shelf Brackets, Paint Markers, Etc.
124.Assorted Hunting Parts, De-Ring Anchors, Etc.
125.(2) Pipe Wrenches, 30ft. Tape Measure, Square
126.Caulking Gun, Painting Supplies, and Misc.
127.Assorted Gourmet and Other Misc. Knives
128.Metal Bracket, Winter Fronts
129.Faucet Repair, Washers, Door Stop and Misc.
130.Hilti DX-200 Powder Actuated Fastener
131.Window Locks and Novelty Pins
132.Porter Cable 7.25in Circular Saw
133.Heavy Duty Jumper Cables and Turbo Torch
134.(4) Fluorescent Replacement Ballast
135.Level Lights, Button Cell Batteries and Headlight
136.Vintage Dust Pan and (3) Plastic Sterilite 2-Quart Pitchers
137.Vintage Pulling Attachment, Vintage Bicycle Seat and Bronze Figurine (With Box of Bike Rack Parts)
138.Paslode Air Nailer with Nails
139.Replacement Cartridge Filters, Rustoleum, Epoxy Color Chips, TurtleWax Paint Sealant and More
140.Bostitch Air Nailer with Nails
141.Assorted Bost-Flex Fittings, Delco Bearings, Etc.
142.20-Hook Key Holder, Electrical Shop Block and Level Light
143.SpeedAir Regulator and Wilkerson Attachment
144.Scotts Handheld Broadcast Spreader, Strawberry Planter and Wind-Chimes
145.Assorted Shop/Work Lights
146.Magnetic Towel Holder, (2) Dollies and Centripetal Clutch
147.Universal Thermostat, Folding Knife, Assorted Toys, Etc.
148.Box of (16) Air Filters
149.(2) Boxes of 13.5in. Hardwood Handles
150.Plastic Tote Full of Heavy Duty Nylon Tie-Downs
151.Assorted Concrete Anchors and other Assorted Hardware
152.Motion-Activated Solar-Powered Security Light with Inflatable Bed
153.(2) Boxes of Calflon Sauce Pan with Lid (New,) Lock Blade Knife, Flat Panel Monitor Wall Mount, Etc.
154.Trouble Light and Work Light
155.Garage Door Seal, Rolls of Mesh, Roll of Misc. Rubber Product and Box of Assorted Belts
156.Craftsman Submersible Portable Utility Pump with Home Improvement Books
157.Patton Utility Heater and Desktop Heater
158.Tote Vision Outfit
159.12-Volt Fuel Transfer Pump
159A.Vintage Detroit Time Switch w/Eaton Pull-Out Switch
160.Square D 100-Amp Circuit Breaker Load Setter with Wall Safe Door and Key with Outdoor Heavy Duty Electrical Connection
161.Pelsue Generator Control Panel with Industrial Junction Box
162.Pair of Aluminum Ramps
163.30lbs Propane Gas Tank
164.Portable Propane Ready Heater
165.Portable Propane Construction Heater
166.Welding Leads
167.Gas Stove
168.Gas-Powered Auger Drill with (2) Auger Bits
169.Tote Full of Masking Tape Holster
170.Pair of (2) 12in. Trailer Tires and Wheels
171.Lot of 5+ Weed Whips (All Need Work)
172.Tote Full of Assorted Ladies Shoes
173.Pair of Ladder Jacks
174.9+ Rolls of Solid Vinyl Wall Covering
175.Lot of Assorted Car Parts, Cables and Black & Yellow Tote
176.Live Animal Trap
177.(3) Yoga Mats
178.Basket Full of Roller Skates/Blades, Etc.
179.ShopVac (No Hose) and Basket Full of Assorted Hydraulic Line
180.1-Ton Chain Fall (No Chain) and Concrete Vibrator
181.(2) Boxes of Paint Sprayer, Tin Snips, Files, Hammer, Etc.
182.(2) Boxes of Assorted Wrenches, Sockets, Allen Wrenches, Bits, Etc.
183.Air Filter Regulator, Audio/Video Switch, UHF/VHF Amplifier
184.2-Gallon Central Machinery Cooling Pump
185.Central Pneumatic Air Grease Gun and Turn Buckles
186.Approx. (12) New 12in Cutoff Blades
187.SkilSaw Circular Saw
188.Box Lot of Saw Blades, Abrasives, Wire Brushes, Etc.
189.(2) Boxes with Plumbob, Hardware, Hose Clamps, Etc.
190.Rigid 10in. 24-Carbide Tooth Blade with Utility Belt and 30ft. Tape Measures
191.Box with Vise Grips, Tin Snips, QuickGrip Clamps, Sockets and Misc.
192.RotoZip with Accessories
193.Fish Tape, Large Wrenches, .5in. Conduit Bender and Tape Measure
194.Box of Assorted Sized Abrasive Cut-Off Blades
195.Assorted Concrete and Masonry Tools
196.Hilti DX-350 Piston Drive Tool, Assorted Hilti Ram Sets and Power Fasteners with Metal Case
197.DeWalt DW 616 1.75HP Router with Cord and Manual
198.Case with (20+) Router Bits
199.Passload PowerMaster Plus Framing Gun
200.(1) SkilSaw and (1) Milwaukee 7.25in. Circular Saws
201.Craftsman Router with Fixed and Plunged Base
202.(4) Assorted Air Hammer Bits
203.(2) Boxes Full of Assorted Tools and Accessories
204.Chain Come-a-long and Roof Jacks
205.Milwaukee Falcon Driver
206.Rigid 765 Pipe Cutter
207.Soldering Gun and Misc.
208.Heavy Duty Pipe Couplers
209.ProSource Wrench and Socket Kit
210.Fish Tape, Brad Nailer, Etc.
211.Senco DS275 18-Volt Duraspin Screw Fastening System with Extra Battery and Charger (Appears to be New)
212.Caulking Guns, Paint Rollers and Roll of Blue Painters Tape
213.(2) Used Electric Motors (3HP, As-Is)
214.Pliers, Box of Small Sanding Disks and Abrasives
215.Heavy Duty Metabo Right-Angle Grinder
216.Grease Gun with (2) Extra Tubes of Grease
217.Parker Air Regulator with Paint Gun
218.1/2in. Air Impact, Screwdrivers, Socket Holder, Etc.
219.3/8in. Pittsburgh Ratchet, .25in Ratchet, Crescent Wrench, Taps and Speaker
220.Steel Toolbox with Assorted Pullers
221.Assorted Remington Power Fasteners
222.Tote with Heavy Duty Drill Bits
223.Early Milk Box and (2) Metal Cash Boxes
224.Lot of (4) Casters
225.Stack-On Plastic Toolbox with Contents
226.Stack-On Plastic Toolbox with Contents
227.Kenmore Garbage Disposal
228.Leeson Electric Motor (1HP)
229.Chicago Electric Motor (3.25HP)
230.GE 24-Volt DC Electric Motor (1.5HP)
231.Hytest Steel-Toe Work Boot (Size 11.5)
232.Pair of (New) Acoustic Reference Series 1201 Monitor Speakers
233.Pair of (New) Acoustic DJP Model 520 Series Studio Monitors
234.(3) Microphone Stands with (1) Microphone Included
235.Northern Industrial Tire Stand
236.Central Pneumatic Pancake Compressor
237.Vintage Lube Oil Can with Screw Top
238.Section of New Industrial Air Hose (50ft?)
239.Assorted Wheels and Tires in Crate
240.(2) Totes including Assorted Industrial Casters, Swivel Wheel, Etc.
241.Tote Full of Assorted Die Holders and Various Pipe Dies
242.Rubbermaid Cooler and Misc
243.Northern Industrial Benchtop Sheer
244.Honda and Toro Grass Catchers
245.Mark #8 Pipe Cutter
246.Chicago Electric Benchtop Tile Saw
247.Delta Miter Saw
248.Air Conditioning Recharge Accessories
249.Tote Full of Assorted Plumbing Couplers, Etc
250.AirZone Trampoline
251.Metal Adrian Steel 3-Door Tool Chest, Tote with Saw Zall Blaeds and Misc. Auto Parts, Solar Light, Etc.
252.Box of (6) Advance Rapid Start Ballasts
253.(8) Sylvania (New) Quicktronic Ballasts
254.(2) Boxes with (8) Assorted Roof Jacks
255.Box of New Pliers Set, Dust Masks, Hole Saws, 25ft. Tape Measure Detailing Supplies, Etc.
256.(2) Mercury Ballasts and Multi-Tap Mod Loader Transformer
257.Golf Cart Battery Charger
258.Plastic Organizer of Assorted Electrical Supplies with Box of Assorted Wall Hangers
259.(12) #63711 Mercury Vapor Lamps
260.(3) 3ED28-E Metal Allied Bulbs
261.Makita Belt Sander and DeWalt Drill
262.(5) 10-Packs of Single White Plates
263.(11) 2-Packs of 50W Flood Lamps (Track)
264.Commercial Plumbing Repair Parts and Assorted LEGRIS Fittings
265.Box of (20+) Leviton Commercial Grade Duplex Plugs (Brown)
266.Tote with Assorted Leviton Switches and 220 Receptacles
267.Box including (2) GFI Outlets and Other Assorted Electrical Components
268.Tote with Assorted Wire Nuts, Switches, Outdoor Receptacle Covers, Etc.
269.Leviton Duplex receptacles, GFI Outlet, Assorted Switches
270.Box of New Assorted Switches
271.Box of Assorted Outlet Covers, Switch Covers and assorted Male and Female Cord Ends (2 Totes Total)
272.Plastic Toolbox full of Assorted Breakers
273.Tote of Assorted Bus and Bullet Fuses
274.3 Boxes - Tote and Box with Wall Plate Plugs, Duplex Plugs, Etc.
275.Box of (8) Advance Rapid Start Ballasts
276.Box of (8) Advance Rapid Start Ballasts
277.Box of (3) Advanced Energy Saver Ballasts
278.Lot of (1) Mercury and (2) Metal Halo-line Ballasts
280.Tote with Outdoor Water Spickets and Other Assorted Brass Valves
281.Tote Full of Supply Line Shut-Offs
282.35W High Pressure Sodium Wall Security Light
283.Outdoor Light Fixture
284.(2) Totes of Brass Fittings, Ball Valves, Etc.
285.Tote Full of Supply Lines, Teflon Tape, Etc. with Box of Toilet Flappers
286.Box of PVC Valves and Fittings
287.(2) Boxes Consisting of Faucet Repair Kits and Misc.
288.Water Heater Installation Kit, Toilet Fill Valve Kit, Hot and Cold Water Supply Fittings and Pop-Up Bathroom Drain, Etc.
289.(2) Boxes Full of Assorted Lavatory Handles, Repair Kits, Etc.
290.Box Full of Sink and Shower Parts, Tub and Shower Faucets, Etc.
291.Delta Laboratory Faucet with Drain Kit
292.Box of Assorted Universal Toilet Flappers
293.Box of Brass Valves with Tote Full of Brass Fittings
294.Moen and Kohler Chrome Kitchen Faucet Assemblies
295.Callisto Widespread Faucet with Hot water Dispenser
296.Box of Carpet Tack Strips and Box of Aluminum Transition
297.Craftsman 5HP 24in. Rototiller (Pulls Through)
297A.Shovels, Levels, T-Square, Conduit Beader
298.Oxygen Accetaline Tanks with Torch, Torch Hoses, Gauges, Etc.
299.(3) Assorted Gold-Framed Pictures, Mirror, Etc.
300.Horse Saddle
300A.Horse Saddle
301.Lot Consisting of Oval Bathroom Sink, (2) Roof Ventilators, Etc.
302.Industrial Equipment Seat
303.Box of (20) 300W Screw-In Light Bulbs
304.Box of (60) 300W Medium-Base Lightbulbs
305.(3) Plastic Containers full of Galvanized Pipe Fittings
306.Stihl 031AV Chainsaw 20in Chainsaw
307.Vanity Top (25in x 22in)
308.Air Nailer with Air Hose
309.Fireproof and Waterproof safe with Key
310.Paper Shredder
311.Diamond-Plate Toolbox with Hilte TE5 and Accessories
312.(2) Totes with Assorted White and Black PVC Fittings
313.Sidewall Power Vent
314.Large Lot of (5) Totes Full Ė Electrical Plumbing and More
315.Solar Panel
316.(4) Containers Full of Assorted Conduit Fittings and Misc.
317.Box of Drain Repair Parts, Supply Line Shutoff, Other Misc. Fittings and Parts
318.Box of Conduit Fittings, Wall Plates, Etc.
319.Box of Assorted Round Leviton Single Hole Bowl Plate Covers
320.Lot of Approx. (10) New Electrical Junction Boxes
321.Dryer Cords and Box of Heavy Duty Terminal Ends
322.Large Lot of (6) Boxes of Switches, Switch Covers/Wall Plates (White)
323.Large Box of Assorted White Wall Plates
324.Box of Assorted 3 quarter inch EMT Couplings with Box of Assorted Ivory Wall Plates, Magnetic Gas Valve and Recessed Light Fixture
325.(5) Boxes of New Cabinet Lighting
326.Programmable Thermostat with Moen Robe Hook, (2) Replacement Tube Burners, Student Lamp
327.Box with Energy Saver Ballast, Pulleys, Conduit Fittings and Misc.
328.(2) Pair of New Insulated Leather Gloves
329.(6) lbs of 3.16 x 2.3/4 Blue Coat Screws, 1/2in Compression Coupling and Misc.
330.(2) Pairs of Mens Leather Gloves, GFI Outlet, 3 quarter inch PVC Valve, and Misc.
331.Box of Vinyl-Coated Cable Hangers
332.Assorted Outlets, Breakers and Misc.
333.Box of Button Cap Nails, Assorted Bolts, Etc.
334.Box of Assorted Screwdrivers, Nut Drivers, Etc.
335.Box with Assorted Files, Wrenches, Sockets, Tire Gauge and Misc.
336.12V Magnetic Tow Light Kit and Assorted Light Lenses, Etc.
337.Pair of Welding Gloves, Welding Leads, Etc.
338.Assorted Stanley Hardware
339.Black and Decker Macho Rotary Hammer
340.Box with Bulb Primer, Nylon Starter Cord and Handle, Air Filters, Gas Line, Etc.
341.(5) Apollo Glasses, Major League Baseball Trivia Game, Etc
342.Starting Lineup Figurines (2) Bo Jackson and Jose Conseco with Conlin 1993 Collector Cards
343.1990 First Edition Stars and Stripes Baseball Cards, Etc.
344.Oil-Filled Radiator Heater
345.Tote with Pail Full of Light Switches, Assorted Wall Plates, Etc.
346.Tote Full of Assorted Wall Plates (White)
347.Box with Toilet Repair Kit, ShopVac Attachments, Misc. Telephone Wire, Etc.
348.500ft. Roll (Approx 50% Full) of 62- Copper Wire
349.Lot of (6) Assorted Spools of Various Wire
350.(3) Partial Spools of Assorted Wire
351.Crate Full of Assorted Automotive and Other Grade Wire
352.(3) Spools of Assorted Wire with Roll of Light Duty Wiring Cover
353.Box of CoAx Cable and Telephone Wire
354.Plastic Crate Full of Automotive and other Assorted Wire
355.(3) Rows of Assorted Wire
356.Crate Full of Assorted Wire
357.Crate Full of Assorted Wire
358.Tote full of 12-2 With Ground
359.Lot of Assorted Electrical Wire
360.Victorian Walnut Cane Bottom Chair
361.Ornate Trunk
362.Folding Directorís Chair
363.Large Wooden Box
364.(8) Boxes of Assorted Lights and Light Fixture (As-Is)
365.Front Door Handle Schlage
366.Front Door Handle
367.Front Door Handle
368.Door Handles, Etc.
369.Box of (6) One-Sided Deadbolt Locks
370.Box of Deadbolt Locks
371.(3) Assorted Schlage Door Handles Locks
372.Ratcheting Tie Down Strap, Roll of Wire, Tire Weights
373.Blue Coat Screws
374.(3) Boxes of 100 3/8ths in hex cap screws
375.Box Lot of Assorted Door Stops and Misc.
376.Box of Roofing Nails
377.(2) Boxes of Conduit Fittings, Concrete Anchors, Bolts, Etc.
378.Tote with Copper Fittings and Valves, Box of Metal Ball Plates, Box of Assorted Nuts, Washers, and Bolts
379.Metal Toolbox of Nuts, Bolts, Anchors, Etc.
380.Box of Metal Stakes with Box of Toggle Bolts and Misc.
381.Terminal End, Aluminum Manifold, Etc.
382.Box Full of Assorted Bolts, Concrete Anchors, Etc.
383.(2) Boxes of Quickstrip Screw Strip
384.(3) Boxes of Assorted U-Bolts
385.Box of Sheeting Clips and Box of Concrete Anchors
386.Box of Assorted Screws, Box of 15 Gauge Porter Cable Finish Nails, Shelf Brackets, Etc.
387.Box of 80-Grit Sand Paper
388.Electrical Plumbing and other Assorted Fittings
389.Box of PassLoad 2in x 113 Nails and Box of Misc. Electrical Fittings
390.Tote of Assorted Plumbing Parts, (11) jars of assorted Nuts, Bolts, Etc.
391.Box of Breakers, Automotive Light Bulbs and Other Electrical Supplies
392.Box of (2) Dayton Thermostat Expansion Valves (New), Air Regulator, AshCraft Industrial Control
393.Box of Assorted Screws and Other Misc. Hardware
394.15, 20, and 30-Amp Breakers
395.Box of 20-Amp Breakers
396.Box of 15-60 Amp Breakers
397.10-30 Amp Breakers
398.(11) 20-Amp Breakers
399.Box of Assorted Screws and Liquid Gold Mold Control
400.Tote Full of Assorted Electrical Components, Fittings
401.Huffy 18-Speed Bike
402.Dayton Commercial Dry Vacuum
403.Hoover Self-Propelled Windtunnel Vacuum
404.Hoover Bagless Up-Right Sweeper
405.Box of Sweeper Attachments
406.Oster Water Dispenser
407.Plastic Container Full of Heavy Duty Springs and Misc. Hardware
408.Box of Misc. Hardware, Wall Plates, Shower Curtain, Etc.
409.(2) Boxes Full of Collated Framed Nails, Clasps, Conduit Fittings, blue Coated Screws, 3/8ths x 1.5in Bolts,
410.Box of Bath and Bed Master Handles
411.(2) Cases of Fuel Cells, Dust Masks, Etc.
412.(2) Boxes of 3.25in. VibraClamps
413.Smooth Shank Roofing Nails
414.Box Full of Senco Framing Nails
415.Box of Plumbing Tools and Accessories with Box Full of White Double Switch Plates
416.Box of Bee-Line Strap Hangers
417.Pail with (12+) Heavy Duty Concrete Anchors
418.(2) Totes Consisting of Conduit Hangers, Coiled Strap, and Tote with Misc.
419.Tote and Partial Box of 1.25in Smooth Shank Roofing Nails
420.Tote Full of Joist Hangers
421.Tote Full of Rustoleom Paint
422.Patton Electric Heater
423.Patton Electric Heater
424.Railroad Signal Light
425.4-Gallon Electric Hot Water Heater
426.Tote of Assorted Bathroom Hardware and Pail Full of Assorted Screws
427.Tote Full of Work Boots
428.Tote of FRAM Filters
429.Stihl BG75 Gas Handheld Blower
430.TroyBilt 2500 PSI Pressure Washer with Honda Engine (No Hose, Appears to be New)
431.Toro Self-Propelled Walk Behind Mower
432.Yard Machine 4.5HP Walk Behind Mower
433.Air Operated Motorcycle Jack
434.Hydraulic Garden Tractor Hoist

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