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Kigar Realty & Auction
Lantz Estate #6 Online Auction - Ending Thursday, October 8th Starts to Close at 8 PM

Item Description
1.Table Lamp
2.Table Lamp
3.Parlor Lamp
4.Scarface Cardboard Stand-Up Decoration (60" x 48")
5.Vanity Mirror
6.Desk Lamp
7.3pc. Curved Glass Frame Set
8.200 Thread Count Sheet Set
9.Antique Oak Stand
10.Antique Oval Frame with Glass
11.Assorted Dumbbells and Weights
12.Archie Cartoon Tray
13.Metal Planter with Smithsonian Gold Dig Kit and 2-Blade Knife
14.Assorted Silver Pieces and Flatware
15.Rolling Metal Stand
16.High Stakes Barstool
17.Crown Royal Bar Stool
19.(3) Hanging Lights
20.(3) Hanging Lights
21.(3) Hanging Lights
22.Tote Full of DVD's
23.Large Tote Full of DVD's
24.Lot of Assorted Baseball and Football Posters
25.Tote Full of Assorted Baseball Cards and Memorabilia
26.Baseball Books
28.(4) Pieces of Artwork from 1920's
29.(2) Framed Pieces of Artwork
30.Oil on Canvas Painting
31.Old Fishing Print
32.Pushmobile Advertisement
33.(2) Japanese Water Color Paintings (Signed)
34.(2) Oriental Water Colors
35.Green Enamelware Colander
36.Oak 2-Piece Buffet Cabinet with Leaded Glass Doors
37.(2) Floor Lamps
38.Keg Tap
39.Anniversary Clock
40.Vintage Children's Books
42.Lot of Assorted Stamps
43.Unusual Ash Tray, Match Holder, Toy Car
44.1967 Framed Golf Score Card
45.Unusual Horse Figurine
46.Clown Figurine/Planter Germany Pitcher
47.Photograph of Vito Fresolone and his Locomobile
48.Native American Pottery Vase
49.Elvis Pressley Houndog 45 Commemorative Record
50.Mallory Dress Hat
51.Incense Burner?
52.Harris Pottery Vase
53.Native Art Mask
54.Autographed Baseball
55.Autographed Baseball
56.Golfer Novelty Item
57.Wooden Sled and Book-End
58.Early Vintage Celluloid Jewelry Box and Mirror
59.Comic and Other Assorted Books
60.Playstation 2 Games
61.Budweiser Neon Sign
62.Jensen Bookshelf Stereo System
63.Box of Harry Potter Books and Memorabilia
64.EdenPure-Style Heater
65.Basket with CD's, DVD's, Cassettes, Etc.
67.Size 11 New Balance Shoes (NEW)
68.JVC Stereo Receiver and Dual-Cassette
69.RCA Bookshelf Stereo System
70.AIWA Speakers and Subwoofer
71.Wicker Clothes Basket
72.Playstation 3 Slim Console and Power Cord
73.Nintendo Wii Console and Accessories (No Power Cord)
74.12-Volt Bell
75.(3) Wooden Boxes with Meatloaf Baking Pan
76.Bicycle Helmet, Digital Photo Ornament, Protective Gear, Etc.
77.Plastic Pale Full of Michigan Promo Items
78.Silver Bells and Lead Figurines
79.Assorted Football and Baseball Cards
80.Baseball Cards
81.(5) Assorted Pocket Watches
82.Jack Daniels Memorabilia, Magnifying Glasses, and Bottle Opener
83.Mobile VR Goggles, Sega Game Gear, Garmin GPS, Polaroid Camera
84.Alarm Clock, LED Flashlights, Misc. Collectibles
85.Harley Davidson Patches and Pin
86.(3) Assorted GPS Units
87.Universal TV Remote and Sony Control Box
88.Digital Cameras, Binoculars, Clock Radio, Samsung Tablet, Etc.
89.Assorted 1970's Sports Illustrated Magazines
90.Camera Bag
91.Assorted Razor and Lockblade Knives
92.(2) Knives, Seashell, American Motorcycle Chart
93.Bradford Exchange Collector Plate "Jewel of the South"
94.Box of Picture Frames, Mail Divider, Surge Protector
95.File Case and Leather Briefcase, File Jackets
96.Assorted Stamps
97.The Hyde Park Cigar Ash Tray
98.Candle Burner
99.RCA Radio and Card File
100.Camillus Boot Knife with Sheathe
101.Mexican Fish Knife
102.Henry McEvoy Throwing Knife Custom Made
103.Signed Photograph Dated 1950 of Pope and Pope John Paul II Button
104.Wooden Box with Eagle
105.Box Full of Assorted Knives including (3) Matching Buck-Knives, Etc.
106.Harley Davidson Lamp
107.Dirt Devil Portable Sweeper
108.Honeywell Fan
110.Mardi Gras Mask
111.Mardi Gras Mask
112.Aqua Survey and Instrument Company, Cincinnati OH
113.Oil on Canvas Painting
114.Signed Richard Petty Hat, Framed Richard Petty Photograph, (2) Tickets to 2006 MIS Race and Jeff Burton Plaque
115.Clown Coin Bank
116.Pinocchio Figurine
117.Mini Slot Machine
118.Trick Dog Coin Bank
119.Cast-Iron Horse and Ice Wagon
120.Religious Document
121.Crucifix Wall Hanging with Bubble Glass
122.Box-Mounted Compass
123.(3) Assorted Compasses
124.Southwestern Vase (Signed)
125.Carnival Glass Pitcher
126.Carnival Glass Goblet and Snoopy Cup
127.Bud Light Beer Sign
128.Assorted Baseball Cards and Memorabilia
129.50th Anniversary NASCAR Collector Set
130.50th Anniversary NASCAR Collector Set
131.50th Anniversary NASCAR Collector Set
132.50th Anniversary NASCAR Collector Set
133.Baseball Album
134.Oriental Framed Print
135.NASCAR Lot - Bottle, Die-Cast Car, Autographed Photo of Chad Boyer
136.Box Full of NASCAR Memorabilia
137.Box of Arrows
138.TV Stand
139.Gun Case
140.Lot of Assorted Paintball Guns and Accessories
141.Old Wooden Chest
142.HEPA Air Purifier, Goose-neck Lamp, Villaware Indoor Grill, Etc.
143.Blanket Chest Full of Board Games
144.Wooden Blanket Chest
145.Vintage Platform Rocker
146.Pair of '66 Corvette Seats
147.Ladies Size-10 Harley Davidson Boots with Heels (New with Tags)
148.Size 8 Medium Harley Davidson Boots with Zip-Up and Laces (Appears New, No Tags)
149.Carton Compound Bow
150.Golden Eagle Compound Bow
151.Unusual Wooden Cabinet
152.5-Drawer Chest
153.Kay Acoustic Guitar
154.Olympus Micro Cassette Recorder and Accu-Tek 80lbs Digital Scale (No Power Cord, Runs off Battery)
156.Intratec .22 Caliber Pistol with (5) Clips and Carrying Case
157.Lot of Assorted Muskrat Traps
158.Rifle Cleaning Kit and Supplies
159.Tote Full of Assorted Gun Cleaning Supplies
160.Box Lot with Pistol Case, Knife Sheath and Shoulder Holster
161.Rifle Stocks and Boot Knife with Sheath
162.Assorted Pistol Holsters
163.Winchester Trigger Lock and (5) Clips
164.Pellet Pistol, Army Hat and Bag of S&W .38 Ammo
165.Air Rifle
166.(2) Gun Cases
167.(1) Soft-Sided Gun Case and (1) Hard-Sided Gun Case
168.(2) Gun Cases
169.Box of .45 Auto Ammo and Brass (150+ Rounds)
170.Approx. (65) Winchester 12-Gauge Hollow Point Slugs
171.Assorted Ammo including .357 Magnum, .38 Special, and .32 H&R Mag
172.(7) Boxes of Approx 350 Rounds of .40 Caliber Smith & Wessen
173.(6) Boxes of Remington .40 Caliber Center-Fire Pistol and Revolver Ammo (Approx 300 Rounds)
174.(15) Boxes of Winchester Hollow Point Slugs
175.Box Lot of Assorted .22 Ammo
176.Box Lot of Assorted 9mm Ammo
177.Box of 250 Rounds of S&W .40 Caliber Ammo
178.(13) Boxes of 12-Gauge Hollow Point Slugs (Approx. 80 Total)
179.(2) Empty Hard Plastic Pistol Cases
180.(2) Empty Hard Plastic Pistol Cases
181.(2) Soft-Sided Pistol Cases
182.(6) Boxes of Winchester 17WIN Supermag (2600 FPS)
183.Box of Assorted Shotgun Shells
184.Box of (80+) Rounds of 22-250 Rem and Other Assorted Ammo
185.Box Full of Assorted Ammo
186.Box of .32 Caliber, 44 Caliber and Other Ammo
187.(3) Ammo Boxes
188.(2) Ammo Boxes
189.(2) Ammo Boxes
190.(2) Ammo Boxes
191.Compound Bow with Hard-Shell Case and Accessories
192.(2) Soft-Sided Gun Cases
193.Black Powder Rifle with Scope
194.JC Higgins 12-Gauge (Needs Work)
195.Voltran 9mm Pistol and H&R Pistol (As-Is)
196.(2) Soft-Sided Gun Cases
197.J Stevens & Company Vintage .22 Long Rifle
198.Old Hex-Barrel Single-Shot .22 Rifle (Needs Work)
199.Savage Arms B-MAG17 Bolt-Action Rifle
200.Mosberg Model 640KB .22 Magnum Bolt-Action with Bushnell Scope
201.Browning Arms 7mm Rem. Semi-Automatic Rifle with 3-12 X 52 Scope
202.7-Up and Coca-Cola Bottles
203.Pink Pedestal Bowl with Pez Dispensers
204.Ford 8N Tractor Limited Edition (Georgia Marble)
205.Carved Bird Figurine (Black Onyx?)
206.Homer Yarrito Hand-Blown Art Glass Vase
207.(2) Hand-Painted Plates with Stands
208.Assorted Silver Serving Pieces
209.Indian Artifacts and Early Knife with Sheath
210.Japanese Bowl and Black Beauty Book (Dated 1908)
211.Tin of Assorted Arrowheads
212.Railroad Lantern with Red Globe
213.Commemorative Stamp Album with Stamps
214.Star Wars Trilogy Collection - Luke Skywalker
215.Star Wars Trilogy Collection - Boba Fett
216.Star Wars Trilogy Collection - Storm Trooper
217.Bissel and Dyson Vacuums
218.Lot of Misc. Soft-Sided Suitcases and Bags
219.(2) Harley Davidson Hats
220.Harley Davidson Denim Jacket (Size XL)
221.Music Cabinet
222.Box Lot of Motivational Books
223.Box Lot of Assorted Books - Guns, History, Etc.
224.Tote of Assorted Books
225.Tote of Assorted Books
226.Vintage World Atlas Book (Has Damage)
227.Memory and Other Assorted Books
228.Autographed Football
229.Box of Misc.
230.(2) Elephant Figurines
231.Silver Serving Tray
233.Cedar Chest
234.1950's Speedometer
235.Roseville Hanging Planter
236.Fur Coat
237.Fur Coat
238.(2) Signed Michael Waltrip Shirts
239.Men's Winter Coat (Size XL) + Dale Earnhardt Snap-On Coat (Size Small)
240.Chevy Racing Jacket (Size XL) with Dale Earnhardt Budweiser Jacket (Size XL)
241.Danier Leather Jacket (Size 8-10)
242.DeWalt/Mac Tools Racing Jacket (Size XL)
243.Brandon Thomas Leather Duster (Size S)
244.Ladies Leather Jacket (Size XXL)
245.Worthington Leather Jacket (Size L)
246.Guess Ladies Faux Snake Skin Jacket (Size XS)
247.Wilson Leather Jacket (Size L)
248.Sonoma Leather Jacket (Size L)
249.Outdoor Exchange Leather Jacket (Size ?)
250.Sonoma Leather Jacket
251.Leather Limited Jacket (Size M)
252.G III Leather Jacket (Size M)
253.Wilson's Leather Jacket (Size 12)
254.Worthington Leather Jacket (Size 1X)
255.Vintage Leather Jacket (Size L)
256.Leather Gallery Jacket (Size 3XL)
257.Leather Limited Jacket (Size ?)
258.J. Ferar Leather Jacket (Size M)
259.Leather Limited Jacket (Size L)
260.Huntclub Jacket (Size 42R)
261.Phase Two Leather Jacket (Size XLT)
262.Element Motorcycle Jacket (Size 3XL)
263.Machine Jacket with Hood (Size M)
264.Teknic Ladies Leather Jacket with Zip-Out Lining (Size L)
265.J. Ferrar Leather Jacket (Size L)
266.East Fifth Leather Jacket (Size L)
267.Unik Leather Jacket with Zip-Out Lining (Size 54 BT)
268.Men's Leather Riding Jacket (Size L)
269.Lot of Empty Totes and Lids
270.Dressel Railroad Light
271.Duck Worth Doll (New in Box)
272.Duck Worth Twins (New in Box)
273.2-Drawer Oak File Cabinet
274.Wicker and Steel Headboard and Bed Frame
275.Children's Wooden Adirondack Chair
276.Chest-Type Bottle Coca-Cola Machine
277.Laundry Baskets and Black Tote
278.Approx. 4ft. Section of Roller Conveyor
279.All Totes and Containers (Against Fence)
280.(3) Trash Cans with Lids