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Kigar Realty & Auction
Sampson Estate Online Auction - Thursday, October 10th Ending at 8:00 P.M.

Item Description
1.Full size bed
2.ASAHI Pentax ME Camera and tripod
3.Lot of radios, clocks, phone etc
4.Lot of Fan, Hair Accessories, Dr Scholls, blood pressure monitors etc
5.Blonde wood night stand
6.4 drawer dresser
7.Wooden Night Stand (with Lot 23 and 54)
8.Netgear routers
9.Stacking Washer and dryer
10.Plastic Shelf and basket
11.Closet full of linens
12.Lot of hangers
13.Blonde wood dresser with mirror
14.2 night stands and lamp
16.Brass Frame Full size bed
17.OSU Trash Can
18.TV Trays
19.Misc Ohio State Items etc
20.Signs, Vase, stein
21.Misc. Pitcher, Bowls, Glasses (with Lot 22)
22.Candle, Stein, etc (with Lot 21)
23.Entertainment center (with Lot 7 and 54)
24.Singer Sewing Machine
25.Framed puzzle (with Lot 26)
26.Picture (with Lot 25)
27.Lamp (with Lot 30)
28.End Table
29.2 cushion couch
30.Glass Lamp (with Lot 27)
31.End Table
32.Eureka Vacuum
33.3 Paintings (with Lot 34)
34.3 Needlework pictures (with Lot 33)
39.2 Pictures (with Lot 45)
40.Autographed Kenny Chesney Picture
41.Redwings Sign
42.Dale Earnhardt Jr Pictures
43.Dale Earnhardt Sr Pictures
44.3 Paintings
45.3 American Pictures (with Lot 39)
46.Lot of Books
47.Mens Coats
48.ladies Coats
49.Wooden Cabinet
50.Floral Chair
51.Lot of Candles etc
52.File Cabinet and Stand
53.Dell Computer
54.Computer Desk (with Lots 7 and 23)
55.Office Chair
56.Lamp Binoculars
57.Book Shelf
58.Misc Vases etc
59.Misc Knitting tools,hat, angel etc
61.Swifter and cleaning supplies
62.White Cabinet
63.Table and 6 chairs
64.Pots and Pans (with Lot 69)
65.Misc Cups
66.Green Bowls and Plates
67.Green Cups utensils
69.Pans (with Lot 64)
70.Tape, Foil, misc
71.Baking Pans etc
72.Coffee maker
73.Lot of Glasses in Cabinet (with Lot 76)
74.Misc Kitchen utensils
75.Matching set of jars, salt and pepper shakers, etc
76.Cabinet of Mugs, Cups, etc. (with Lot 73)
77.Drawer of Kitchen Utensils (with Lots 79, 82)
78.Pots and Pans, serving dishes etc
79.Phones, Cassettes and CD's (with Lots 77, 82)
80.Piece of Marble
81.Hoover Vacuum, Avon Bottles, ironing board etc
82.Bottle Sterilizer, Honeywell Air Cleaner etc
83.Glass Bottles
84.Popcorn popper, pressure cooker, etc
85.Rugs, Vase, etc (with Lots 91, 93)
86.Hoosier Style kitchen Cabinet with 2 side pantries
87.Ice Skates
88.Ice Skates
89.Ice Skates
90.2 Sets of boxing gloves
91.Baskets (with Lots 85, 93)
92.2 box fans
93.Wreaths, Flowers, etc (with Lots 85, 91)
94.Ben Cooper mask, Superman, Dick Tracy, Thor, Magilla etc
95.Flowers, Iron, gloves, etc
96.Metal Cabinet
97.Round table and 4 chairs
99.4 Drawer file cabinet
100.2-2 drawer file cabinets
101.Antique Secretary
102.Mid century Desk and chair
103.Box of beanie babies
104.Box of beanie babies
105.Box of beanie babies
106.Box of beanie babies
107.Box of beanie babies
108.Box of beanie babies
109.Box of beanie babies
110.Box of beanie babies
111.Box of beanie babies
112.Box of beanie babies
113.Box of beanie babies
114.Box of beanie babies
115.Box of beanie babies
116.Blonde Wood Dresser (with Lots 117, 120)
117.Wooden Stand (with Lots 116, 120)
118.Yamaha PSP-II Key Board
119.Kids Toy Chest and shelf
120.Blonde Wood night Stand (with Lots 116, 117)
121.Full Size Bed
122.Rolling Rock Ad and Candle
124.Christmas Decor
125.Weather Forecaster
126.Blonde Wood Dresser (with Lots 132, 137)
127.Approximately 56 Hats
128.Approximately 48 Hats
129.Approximately 65 Hats
130.4 Cushion Couch
131.Mugs, Etc
132B.2 Lamps
132.Blonde End Table (with Lots 126, 137)
133.RCA Stero 8 track player, record player
134.Golfball Display
135.TV, Stand, VHS Player
136.Goose Statue
137.Blonde Dresser (with Lots 126, 132)
138.Dresser and Mirror
139.Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath Poster
141.End Table
142.Full Size Bed
143.Buddy L Mack Dump Truck
144.2 Tonka trucks
145.Tonka truck and sandloader
146.Wooden Stand
147.Buddy L Ladder Truck
148.Box of Toy Cars
149.Structo Toy Truck
150.Wooden Shelf
151.Stop Light
155.Coats, Rain jackets etc
156.Step Stool chair
157.contents of shelves
158.4 buckets of misc
159.3 buckets of misc
160.contents of 3 shelves
161.contents of 4 shelves
162.6 crescent wrench
164.Wrench set
166.lot of tools
167.Lot of tools, crow bars, levels
169.Sanding Disc
170.Drill Bits
171.Ratchets and sockets
172.Misc Tools
173.Misc Tools
174.Screw Drivers
175.Ratchet wrenches Snap-on, Proto, Craftsman
177.Craftsman Drill and charger
178.Craftsman Jigsaw
179.Wen Saw
180.Black and Decker Drill and Jig saw
181.Craftsman Drill
182.2 Clocks
185.Electrical boxes
186.Climbing Spikes
187.Climbing Spikes
188.Reloading rounds and misc hardware
189.2 crates of misc tools
190.Shelf of tools
191.Shelf of tools
192.Shelf of tools
193.Shelf of tools
194.Shelf of tools
195.Shelf of tools
196.Shelf of tools
200.Gun Rack
201.Model Train Items
202.Wooden Desk (with Lot 203)
203.2 End Tables (with Lot 202)
204.2 type writers
205.Table and 5 chairs
206.Ice Cream Maker
207.Golf Caddy and table
208.Lot of Insulators
209.Lot of Insulators
210.Lot of Insulators
211.Lot of Insulators
212.Lot of Insulators
213.Lot of Insulators
214.Lot of Insulators
215.Lot of Insulators
216.Lot of Insulators
217.Lot of Insulators
218.Lot of VHS
219.CB Radio
221.Lot of Insulators
222.Lot of Insulators
223.8 tracks
224.Lot of Insulator accessories and book
226.2 Radios
227.Coleco Telstar
228.2 Tool Boxes
229.Jars of Marbles
230.Misc fishing equipment
231.Misc fishing equipment
233.2 nets
234.Fishing Poles
235.4 pairs of boots
236.New ironing board cabinet in box
237.Fur Stretcher
239.Battery Charger misc
240.Hedge trimmer, blower, weed whip
241.Hard hats, sump pump, boots, etc
242.oils etc
243.Bottle caper
244.hose etc
245.Water jugs
246.Electric Cords
250.Corn hole boards
253.2 play chairs (with Lot 254)
254.High Chair and Diaper Can (with Lot 253)
257.Yard Tools
258.5 chairs
259.Yard Tools
260.Sprayer, shop vac etc
261.yard tools
263.Buckets, cart
264.Minnow buckets
266.Cooler, radio, bucket
267.Pitching net
268.Picnic Table
269.4 gas cans
271.Wheel Barrel
272.Snapper Mower
273.scotts spreader
274.Golf hole putting green equipment
275.Hose reel and hose
276.Patio swing and table
277.2009 Chevy Impala LS (Garage-Kept, Clean, 61k Miles) RESERVE HAS BEEN MET.....NOW SELLING TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER !!!!!