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Kigar Realty & Auction
Napoleon Moving Auction - Closes Thursday Dec 19th Ending at 8:00 P.M.

Item Description
1.Werlich Playthings Sled
2.Vintage Sled
3.Vintage Sled
4.Childs Rocking Chair
5.Wicker Couch
6.Wicker Glass top table
7.wicker glass top table
8.Wicker Chair
9.Back 2 Life back machine
10.2 glass lamps
11.hanging lamp
12.2 Green Lamps (Lot 13 Included)
13.2 Desk Lamps (Lot 12 Included)
14.Pair of Lamps
16.Wooden light house
17.Lamp and table
18.Antique Lamp
19.Metal wall art
20.Lot of Decor (with Lots 21, 22, 23, 24 Included)
21.Picture (With Lots 20, 22, 23, 24 Included)
22.Lot of Pictures (With Lots 20,21,23,24 Included)
23.2 wall art (With Lots 20,21,22,24 Included)
24.3 duck pictures (With Lots 20,21,22,23 Included)
25.Microwave Stand (With Lot 28 Included)
26.hutch with glass sliding doors
28.Wooden Cabinet (With Lot 25 Included)
29.Microwave and etc
30.3 lamps
31.Box of Vases and etc
32.2 lanterns
33.2 camp stoves
34.Copper Boiler
35.gun cabinet
37.Metal desk
38.File Cabinet
40.Hotpoint electric stove
41.Frigidaire freezer
42.Foot rest
43.Wooden end table
44.Monterey Fuji bike
45.Prosport Exercise bike
46.Box fan
48.2 crocks
49.3 old toy cars
50. vintage Nylint toy truck and trailer
51.Vintage metal truck and trailer
52.Vintage Metal toy Semi (Tonka)
53.Western Electric Company vintage phone
54.2 vintage thermos
55.Large 8 gallon Crock
56.2 small crock
57.5 gallon Crock
58.Vintage Watering Can
59.Lot of planting Pots
60.Laundry Hamper and shower seat
61.RCA Victor Vintage Radio
62.Wooden Toys
63.Tote of Goose clothes
65.Lot of luggage
66.Box of Candle holder, dirt devil, water can etc
67.5 fishing poles
68.Lot of pal, weights, crock etc
70.New Kitchen items
71.Kitchen items
72.Meat Processor, can opener
73.Glass bowls and plates
74.Glass bowls and salt and pepper shakers
75.Glass bowls and etc
76.Glassware etc
77.McCoy Piece
78.McCoy Piece
79.Ash try, light etc
80.Lot of pots and pans
81.KAYanEE Sew Master mini sewing machine
82.Air Mattress and 2 sleeping bags
83.2 wooden plant stands
84.2 sheep
85.Lot of tray, tubs etc
86.2 bar stools
87.Magnify glass, light
88.5 wooden chairs
89.3 rugs
91.End table
92.Christmas Tree
93.lot of coolers
94.Box of ducks
95.Auto Flo Power humidifier
98.Lot of cast iron pieces
99.mirror and pictures
100.Box of frames
101.Lot of drinking glasses
102.Misc crocks
103.Lot of candles
104.Cast iron hot plates
105.Drinking Glasses (With Lot 109 Included)
106.Metal Star
107.2 irons
109.Box of Mugs, Bottles, Etc. (With Lot 105 Included)
110.Box of Craft Items (With Lot 111 Included)
111.Toilet Seat Elevator and Shower Seat (With Lot 110 Included)
112.Swivel Rocker
113.2 end tables
114.end table
115.3 end tables
116.Garden items (With Lot 117 Included)
117.Lot of Dolls, Goose, Rabbit, Etc (With Lot 116 Included)
118.6 Milk Glass Pieces (With Lots 119 and 120 Included)
119.7 milk glass pieces (With Lots 118 and 120 Included)
120.8 Milk Glass Pieces (With Lots 118 and 119 Included)
121.Chicken and rabbit dishes
122.Lot of Glassware (With Lot 123)
123.Lot of Glassware (With Lot 122)
124.Lot of amber Glass
125.Lot of glassware
126.Lot of Plates (With Lot 127 Included)
127.Lot of Glassware (With Lot 126 Included)
128.Lot of Ohio famous Indians glasses
129.Lot of glassware
130.Lot of pitcher and glasses
131.Lot of pitcher and glasses
132.Serving Dishes (With Lot 133 Included)
133.Matching Glass Set (With Lot 132 Included)
134.Fall Drinking Glasses (With Lots 135 and 136 Included)
135.Lot of Glassware (With Lots 134 and 136 Included)
136.2 Box Sets of Glassware (With Lots 134 and 135 Included)
137.Plastic cups and measuring cups
138.Lot of bowls and dishes
139.3 Pyrex Dishes
140.7 pyrex pieces
141.Lot of Pyrex pieces
142.Matching Corning Ware pieces
143.Punch Set and Coffee Peculator (With Lot 144 Included)
144.Box of Mugs (With Lot 143 Included)
145.Lot of Chicken Decor (With Lots 146, 147, 148 Included)
146.Lot of Baskets (With Lots 145, 147, 148 Included)
147.Pillows, ironing board etc (With Lots 145, 146, 148 Included)
148.4 Boxes of Serving Dishes (With Lots 145, 146, 147 Included)
149.Lot of salt and pepper shakers etc
150.2 wooden shelves
151.Lot of Baskets (With Lots 152 and 153 Included)
152.Box of Material, Craft Items, Etc. (With Lots 151, 153)
153.Kitchen Items and Etc (With Lots 151, 152 Included)
155.Desk and pitcher
156.Box of cups, figures, etc
157.Box of shears etc
158.Lot of decor
159.Lot of decor
160.Lot of decor
161.Mirrors, Clock, etc
162.Lot of kitchen items etc
163.Lot of Decor
164.Lot of Tupperware
165.Lot of Pots
166.Box of Kitchen Utensils (With Lot 167 Included)
167.Pots and Pans (With Lot 166 Included)
168.Tea pot, cake carrier, pots etc
169.Baking Dishes (With Lots 170 and 171 Included)
170.Lot of Vases (With Lots 169, 171 Included)
171.Lot of Baking Dishes (With Lots 169, 170 Included)
172.Lot of kitchen items
173.Lot of Christmas items
174.Contents of shelf
175.Contents of shelf
176.2 pairs of head phones
177.Mens and Womens Geneva Watches
178.Box of knives
179.Kodak Camera flash, Falcon flex reflex camera, cannon sure shot
180.Sekonic 8 projector
181.tower 8mm action editor
182.Canon AE-1 Camera, 2-ozunon Lenses bag etc
183.Kodak cine turret cammera
184.2 pair of Binoculars
185.Sylvania Sun Gun movie light
186.Lot of Cassettes (Lot 187 Included)
187.Lot of Purses, Etc. (Lot 186 Included)
188.Lot of scales and wash board
189.Lot of books
190.4 chairs
191.Singer Sewing Machine
192.6 chairs
193.3 chairs
195.Lot of Games
196.Lot of Games
197.Lot of Games
198.Lot of Games
199.Lite Brite and picture refills
200.Lot of toys, army men, and animals
201.Skate board
202.Baskets and toys
203.Box of toys
204.Lot of games
205.Cards, chips, dominos
207.Bowl and score game with score cards
208.Toy tea set
209.Farrah glamour center
210.Inflatable raft
211.Yahtzee score pads
215.Ice skates
216.Mason Jars
217.Mason Jars
218.Mason Jars
219.Mason Jars
220.Mason Jars
221.Mason Jars
222.Mason Jars
223.Mason Jars
224.Mason Jars
225.Mason Jar Lids
226.Kroehler Made Chair
227.Kroehler Made bench
228.Kroehler Made Bed
229.Kroehler Made Dresser
230.Kroehler Made vanity
235.Lot of Hand tools
236.3 hay hooks
237.Wooden pulley
238.Lot of tools
239.Vintage Ice Tongs
240.Bench vise
241.2 vintage jacks
242.2 metal pulleys
243.pipe threaders
245.Vintage drill
246.4 vintage drills
247.air pump
248.Bow saw
249.levels and square
250.wagner power paint sprayer, and boots
251.Milwaukee sawzall
252.Tallon tools pipe wrench
253.chain pipe wrench
254.Ridge tool co pipe wrench
255.NYE tool co pipe wrench
256.The Erie Tool works pipe wrench
257.Brass blow torch
258.Brass blow torch
259.Brass blow torch
260.Brass blow torch
261.Brass blow torch
262.Brass blow torch
263.ridge tool co pipe wrench
264.2 pipe wrench
265.2 pipe wrenchs
266.Misc Tools
267.3 hammers
268.5 hammers
269.2 pipe cutters
270.Misc tools, foundys
271.Jumper cables
272.Large tap and die set
273.Box of tools
274.Box of tools
275.Misc tools
276.Box of tap and dies
277.Masonry Tools
278.Lot of measuring tools
279.Lot of tools
280.Electrical boxes
281.Vintage drill press
282.Lot of saws
283.Mitre box
284.Mitre box
285.Vises and transit etc
286.Electrical box
287.Box of dryer cords
288.Lot of camp tools, brush etc
289.Pipe threader
290.Pipe threader
293.Post hole digger, trencher
294.Lot of yard tools
295.Lot of yard tools
296.Lot of yard tools
297.Lot of yard tools
298.Lot of yard tools
299.2 plant stands
300.Poulan pro chain saw
301.2 hedge trimmers
302.2 wooden ladders
303.John Deere LX277 with bagger
304.super tomahawk chipper/shredder
305.Shop vac
306.2 sump pumps
307.Toro push mower
308.Poulan chain saw
309.Boat seat
310.Super Elto outboard motor
311.Johnson 5 1/2 outboard motor
312.Antique Plow
313.Scotts seed spreader
314.Scotts seed spreader
315.Scotts seed spreader
316.Yard man push mower
317.Misc. Plumbing pieces
318.2 weed whip
319.misc wire
320.Misc plumbing pieces
321.Sears heater
322.wheel barrow
323.Pipe benders
324.Antique corn shucker
325.Misc HVAC Pieces
326.36 ft wooden extension ladder
327.18ft aluminum extension ladder
328.Hopkins and Allen arms company 12 Gauge shotgun
329.Bridge Gun Company 410 gauge shotgun
330.BB Gun
331.BB Gun Pistol
332.Daisy Power line model 717 with box
333.Werner Piano