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Kigar Realty & Auction
Swanton Moving Auction - Closes TBA Starts to end at 8:00 P.M.

Item Description
1.Contents of corner
2.Lot of Fram Filters
3.Lot of Fram Filters
4.Lot of Dewalt Batteries
5.CB Radio and accessories
6.Lawn fertilizer
7.Misc Cleaners
8.Lot of misc stains, paste etc
9.Hardware, vices etc
10.Deck wash etc
11.2 Paint Rollers
12.Lot of fishing poles
13.Light Bulbs
14.Skis, Snowboard
15.10ft 1/2inch conduit
16.4 firestone tires LT 265/75 R16
17.2 Chrome ford hubs
18.4 Black ford hubs
19.Box of saw, drill etc
20.Light and bulbs
21.Radio and Speakers
22.Radio and Speakers
23.Misc door hardware etc
24.Faucet handles, gas hose etc
25.Small box of harware
26.Garden Tractor battery
27.Yashica 8mm Editor Model II
28.Misc Hardware
29.Box of Tape
30.Milwaukee Screwdriver
31.License Plates
32.Socket sets
34.Mcculloch small chainsaw
35.Homelite Chainsaw
36.Box of extension cords and lights
37.Large box of garage items
39.Hose Reel and hose
40.Grinder wheels etc
41.Jumper Cables etc
42.Misc cart parts
43.Chain saw accessories
44.Weedwhip String
45.Lights, cords etc
46.Wheels, filters etc
47.Bags, solar panel
48.Box of tools
49.Pipe wrenches
50.Pipe Wrenches
51.Socket wrenches
52.Misc Tools
53.Fuse box and fuse
54.Electrical pieces
55.Homelite weed whip
56.MTD 22inch push mower
57.Campbell Hausfeld pressure washer
58.Kettle pot
59.3 rolls of burlap
60.Box of misc
61.Paint N Roll
62.Paint Pal speed painting system
63.Box of paint tools
64.Box of paint tools
65.Tool Belts
66.Slow moving sign and tools
67.Box of tools
68.Lot of plumbing
69.Lot of plumbing
72.Screwdrivers, nails
73.Tractor Belts
74.Pocket Knives etc
75.Sprays, oils etc
76.Car Wax etc
77.Radios, walkie talkies etc
78.Caulk, caulk guns etc
79.Light Switches
80.Misc Hardware
81.Misc Car accessories
82.Spray Paints
83.Misc Cords
84.Wagner Power Steamer
85.Lawn Spreader
86.Lawn Spreader and boots
87.4 Lawn Chairs
89.3 bags weed and seed
90.2 tires and hubs
91.2 tires and hubs
92.bungee straps etc
93.Plastic box
94.Lot of hose of tools of tools of tools of tools of string misc
100.7 air conditioner refrigerants
101.drill bits
102.misc tools
103.drill, glue gun, tape etc
104.Misc Tools
105.Misc Tools
106.hedge trimmers
107.Trailer balls etc
108.flash lights
109.Misc tools
110.Socket Sets
111.Painter coveralls
112.Earplugs carb cleaner etc
113.tow strap, battery jump pack
114.Lot of bags
115.Misc garage items
116.Misc garage items
117.Misc garage items
118.Waders size 10 boots size 12
119.2 box of misc paints and sprays
120.lot of tarps etc
121.Car mats, 8 track etc
122.DVD/VHS player etc
123.croquet set, tub etc
124.Box of light bulbls
125.Misc vacs
126.Pressure washer
127.Campbell hausfeld air compressor
128.Sun deflector for 1999-2005 F250-F750
128A.Sun deflector for 1999-2005 F250-F750
128B.Sun deflector for 1999-2005 F250-F750
128C.Sun deflector for 1999-2005 F250-F750
129.Hood shield
130.6'x8' linoleum
131.Sears and Kenmore compactor
132.Singer sewing machine base
133.indoor gas grill
134.Misc wood pieces
135.Metal cart in pieces
136.Cornhole boards
137.10x10x8 shed in a box
138.3 ammo cans
139.2 ammo cans
140.2 ammo cans
141.Shelf of military items
142.shelf of military items
143.shelf of military items
144.Military items
145.2 grills
146.light bulbs
147.Kennedy tool box
148.Dayton Paint Sprayers
149.Sprinkler, pump sprayer
150.Misc Cleaning items
151.Table etc
153.Ready heater
154.2 woodladders
155.Yardman 200 blower vac tools
157.Wood work table
158.Balance of wall wood, trim vinyl etc
159.Yard tools
160.3 bed frames
161.Pressure tank
162.Brinkman smoker grill
164.kerosene heater
165.kerosene heater
166.shelf and contents
167.6 foot wreath
168.Corn shucker cage
170.Huffy 441 26inch bike
171.AMF Roadmaster mens bike
172.AMF Roadmaster womens bike
173.Roadmaster mountain bike
174.Murry baha bike
175.Murry streetmaster
177.Power snake 1/2 hp
178.Gas cans
179.2 ladders
180.Large quilt rack and signs
182.balance of items in garage
183.Whirlpool dryer
184.Whirlpool washer
185.vinyl tile
186.tote of hats
187.light bulbs
188.Bell howell slide cube
189.8 track tapes
190.wooden chair
191.shutters, drying rack etc
192.Glass jugs, pitcher etc
193.Large pitcher and bowl
194.VHS DVD and TV
195.Webcor Coronet and humidifier
196.2 boxes of china
197.Box fan
198.File Cabinet
199.2 M&m dispensers
200.2 M&m dispensers
201.Lot of toys
202.fireplace tools
203.fisher stereo and speakers
204.Tonka truck
205.Tonka tractor
206.Caterpillar dump truck
207.Nikko remote control truck
208.Shop Vac
209.Oreck Vacuum
210.Record player cabinet and contents
211.Old pictures and frames
212.Dart board
213.5 gallon glass jug
214.5 gallon glass jug
215.4 wooden chairs
216.Barn toy chest
217.Misc paint, shower door etc
218.lot of marble tile
219.Christmas decor tote lids etc
220.exercise machine
222.4 director chairs
223.2 crock lamps clubs etc
225.Brunswick Pool table with accessories
226.2 lamps
227.lamps and shades of toys
229.2 Tiffany style lamps
230.Tonka truck
231.Tonka truck
232.Tonka truck
233.Tonka truck
234.2 toy jeeps tractor and plows
236.Ford tractor and wagon
237.John Deere Skid Steer
238.Box of smurf glasses
239.Rugs and misc
240.Exercise equipment
241.Sega Genesis
243.Super Nintendo
244.Odyssey the voice
246.Box of electronics, old camera etc
247.Fisher price record player
248.Metal horse drawn carriage
249.Box of Misc
250.Hunter fan
251.Stereo and VHS player
252.Basket making materials etc
253.Box of snoopy items etc
254.Chicken dish
256.light and clock
257.Crock pot
258.thermoses pieces etc
260.speaker, lamp etc
261.Longaberger pottery
262.dishes etc and toner
264.old board games
265.Erie Stove
266.2 lamps
267.Baby Buggy
268.Anheuser Busch Box
269.Anheuser Busch Box
270.Coke Tray
271.lot of shelves, file organizers
272.HP Computer
273.Military Uniforms
274.Military Uniforms
275.Military Uniforms
276.Military Uniforms
277.Military Uniforms
278.Military Uniforms
279.3 Military hats
280.Spinning Wheel
281.Yarn Bowl with yarn
282.Spinning Wheel
283.Large Spinning Wheel
284.Drafting Table
285.Wooden table with 4 chairs
286.coat rack
287.Lazy boy chair
290.bottle and star
294.Gun cabinet/china cabinet
295.2 rugs
296.Gun lighter
297.Tractor bank
298.Lego tractor
299.Metal tractor and truck
300.Lot of toy cars
301.02 Ford Thunderbird
302.48 Tucker
303.40 Ford Coupe
304.old toy car VW
305.Amphibious car
306.58 Chevy Impala
307.Set of bowls
308.Vintage oil can
309.Cutting board, light, etc
310.Bottle collection
314.Cups and bowls
315.Cutco knives
316.table and 6 chairs
317.Egg Decor
319.Egg Decor
320.Chicken decor
321.Clock and radio
322.Antique Secretary
323.Sherman dairy bottles and rack
324.Singer sewing machine
325.Wicker table and mirror
331.Snowman bucket
332.Pine cone and basket
335.4 car banks
336.4 car banks
337.4 car banks
338.2 ford model cars
339.3 houses
340.toy trucks
341.Toy cars and tank
342.Helicopter and star wars toy
344.Erector set
345.4 Car Models
346.4 Car Models
347.4 Car Models
348.4 Car Models
353.4 Car Models
354.Tiffany Style lamps
355.2 lamps
357.Antique Dresser with mirror
358.Lot of decor
359.Full Size Bed
361.Small Roll-top desk
362.Step Stool and decor
363.Office chair
364.Tiffany style lamp
365.Domestic Sewing Machine
366.Picture of Capital building
449.4 Car Models
450.4 Car Models
451.4 Car Models
452.2 model cars