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Kigar Realty & Auction
Clarene's Doll Auction - Closes Thursday, April 18th Starting at 8 p.m.

Item Description
1. Madame Alexander, Alice in Wonderland, White king,
1A.Madame Alexander, breakfast at Tiffany's,
2.Madame Alexander, Louisa Adams 1506, damage box
3. Madame Alexander, Estonia 545
4.Madame Alexander, Sulky Sue 445
5.Madame Alexander, Farmers Daughter
6.Madame Alexander, Beth 14525,
7.Madame Alexander, mother Hubbard 439
8.Madame Alexander, France 517,
9.Madame Alexander, Germany 535
10. Madame Alexander, Ladybird 438, Damaged box,
11.Madame Alexander, Scarlet 425
12.Madame Alexander, miniature Madame 79527,
13.Madame Alexander, Meg 411
14.Madame Alexander, two Hungarian dolls, no shoes, damaged box with no lid
15.Beth 14525, Damage box, no lid
16.Madame Alexander, Mrs Fezziwig 18005, slight damage to box
17.Madame Alexander, McGuffey Anna 496
18.Madame Alexander, Betsy Ross 431
19. Madame Alexander, Latvia 527
20.Madame Alexander Mary Mary 451
21.Madame Alexander, Canada 590, detached head, slight damage to box
22.Madame Alexander, Argentina 571
23. Madame Alexander, Sweden 592
24. Madame Alexander, Betsy Ross 431, water damage to box,
25.Madame Alexander, the enchanted doll,
26.Madame Alexander, Bow peep 403, water damage to box
27.Madame Alexander, Miss Moffett 452
28. Madame Alexander, pot of gold 39260
29.Madame Alexander, little Irish lass 42260
30.Madame Alexander, Auntie Em 39910
31.Madame Alexander, Pinocchio and Jiminy cricket, 38360
32. Madame Alexander, Christopher Robin and Pooh 31890
33.Madame Alexander, tin man, 46340
34.Madame Alexander - Hickory Dickory Dock 42450
35.Madame Alexander - Ukraine 34325
36.Madame Alexander, father of Vatican city 24190
37.Madame Alexander, Merlin 13560, with stand
38.Madame Alexander, Vintage Violet Silk Victorian 30405
39.Madame Alexander, A rose for ,you, QVC special
40.Madame Alexander, Annie Oakley 42145
41.Madame Alexander USA, Sacajawea 28575
42.Madame Alexander, Marmee 28180
43. Madame Alexander, Guinevere 13570, with stand
44.Madame Alexander, practice makes perfect 37885
45. Madame Alexander, Tommy Tittlemouse
46.Madame Alexander, Kozak 511
47.Madame Alexander, Tom Sawyer 491, With stand
48.Madame Alexander, Jack 455
49.Madame Alexander, Daniel Boone 315
50.Madame Alexander, Diana 260419
51. Korea 532, with stand
52.Netherlands boy 577,
53.Madame Alexander, lord valiant 140502
54.Madame Alexander, Laurie 410, with stand
55.Mary had a little lamb, 11610, with stand
56.Madame Alexander, Altar boy 311, with stand
57.Madame Alexander, red buoy 440, with stand
58.Madame Alexander, Japan 570, slightly damaged box
59.Madame Alexander, Huckleberry Finn 490, With stand, damage box
60.Madame Alexander, my little sweetheart
61.Madame Alexander, Wendy's salutes the Olympians 16201, with stand,
62. Madame Alexander, Tigerlily 489
63.Madame Alexander, Thailand boy
64.Madame Alexander, John 440
65.Madame Alexander, Oliver twist 472
66.Madame Alexander, Weeping Princess-Korea 11104
67.Madame Alexander, Samson 14582
68.Madame Alexander, Kurt 391
69.Madame Alexander, Anne at the station 260417
70.Madame Alexander, Joseph 621276
71.Madame Alexander, Samson 14582
72.Madame Alexander, Philippines 554
73.Madame Alexander, little camper,
74.Madame Alexander-Wendy 466
75.Madame Alexander, Austria boy 599
76.Madame Alexander, turkey 597
77.Madame Alexander, Indonesia 579
78.Madame Alexander, Alice 452, damage lid
79.Madame Alexander, Netherlands boy 577, damaged box
80.Madame Alexander, Algeria with stand, Ann Estelle, No boxes
81.Madame Alexander, Gilbert 260420
82.Madame Alexander, Spanish matador
83.Madame Alexander, Delilah 14583, Damage box,
84.Madame Alexander, shoemaker elf boy 14637
85.Madame Alexander, Miss Magnin Supports the arts 69S
86.Madame Alexander, Nana 441
87.Madame Alexander, mad Hatter 14510
88.Madame Alexander, red boy 440
89.Madame Alexander, Christopher Columbus 328
90.Madame Alexander - Oliver twist 472, (damaged box)
91.Madame Alexander, Gretel 390,
92.Madame Alexander, Napoleon 1330
93. Madame Alexander, Lord Nelson 1336
94. Madame Alexander, blue boy 1345
95.Madame Alexander, Rhett 1380, with stand, damage box
96. Madame Alexander, Josephine 1335
97.Madame Alexander, bopeep 483
98.Madame Alexander, GL 456
99.Madame Alexander, Amy 405, damage box
100.Madame Alexander, Jo 14009
101.Madame Alexander, Jane Avril 1893,
102.Madame Alexander, Miss Muffet 452
103.Madame Alexander, the enchanted doll
104.Madame Alexander, “Beth” Spiegel’s 125th Anniversary Doll
105.Madame Alexander, Lucy locket 433
106.Madame Alexander, Maggie Mix-up 31000
107.Madame Alexander, red Ridinghood 482
108.Madame Alexander, Mother Goose 427
109.Madame Alexander, Little Manny Etticoat 428
110.Madame Alexander, Israel 568
111.Madame Alexander, Shaharazad  1144
112.Madame Alexander, Mother Goose 4 to 7
113.Madame Alexander, Spain 595
114.Madame Alexander, Greece 565
115. Madame Alexander, Rumania 586
116.Madame Alexander, Juliet 1370
117.Madame Alexander, national velvet 1311
118.Madame Alexander, Gibson girl 1124
119.Madame Alexander, Anastasia 1125
120.Madame Alexander, Finland 561
121.Madame Alexander, Melanie 1101
122.Madame Alexander, India 575
123.Madame Alexander, Marme 409
124.Madame Alexander, Camelot pair 79550,
125. Madame Alexander, Camelot pair 79550
126.Madame Alexander, Poland 580
127.Madame Alexander, Yugoslavia 589
128. Madame Alexander, Betsy Ross 431
129.Madame Alexander, Marme 415
130.Madame Alexander, Miss Darling 1165
131.Madame Alexander, red queen and white king 13030
132.Madame Alexander, Laurie 1326
133. Madame Alexander, Laurie 1326
134. Madame Alexander, Scarlett 1385,
135.Madame Alexander, Carmen Miranda 1154
136.Madame Alexander, Suellen 1301
137.Madame Alexander, SuEllen 1301
138.Madame Alexander, Anna and the king of Siam 17036
139.Madame Alexander, Anna and the king of Siam 17036,
140.Madame Alexander, Rebecca 1585
141.Madame Alexander, Degas Girl 1575
142.Madame Alexander, Pollyanna 1588
143.Madame Alexander, Renoir girl with hoop 1574
144.Madame Alexander, McGuffey Anna 1525
145. Madame Alexander, Renoir 1578
146.Madame Alexander, Mary Lennox 241537
147.Madame Alexander, uncle Henry 39915
148. Madame Alexander, sir Lancelot 13550
149. Madame Alexander, Captain Von Trapp 14030
150.Madame Alexander, Captain Von Trapp 14030
151.Madame Alexander, Prince 1306
152.Madame Alexander, Lord Faunti Froy 1390
153.Madame Alexander, Romeo 1360
154.Madame Alexander, Josephine 1335
155.Madame Alexander, Tinker Bell 1110
156. Madame Alexander, Laurie
157.Madame Alexander, Pinkie 1350
158.Madame Alexander, SuEllen O'Hara 15200
159.Madame Alexander, Peter and the Wolf 42580
160.Madame Alexander, Emperor and Nightingale 33700
161.Madame Alexander, China 26280
162. Madame Alexander, Frederich Von Trapp 14020
163. Madame Alexander, Yankee doodle
164.Madame Alexander, Cleopatra 1315, detached arms,
165.Madame Alexander, Lady Hamilton, 1338, detached arms
166. Madame Alexander, Lord FauntLeRoy 1390
167.Madame Alexander, blue boy 1340
168.Madame Alexander, dolly 436
169.Madame Alexander, Heidi 1580
170.Madame Alexander, Tom Sawyer 491
171.Madame Alexander, mother Hubbard 493
172.Madame Alexander, Cyrano 140505
173.Madame Alexander, Marella 261168
174.Madame Alexander, Robin Hood 446
175. Madame Alexander, Uncle Sam 10353
176.Madame Alexander, David, the little rabbi
177.Madame Alexander, Pocahontas 318
178. Madame Alexander, dolly Madison 1504, hole in her bloomers
179.Madame Alexander, Sarah Polk 1511
180.Madame Alexander, Julia grant 1519
181.Madame Alexander, Joe 1322
182.Madame Alexander, Robin Hood 446
183.Madame Alexander, Anatolia 524, detached head
184.Madame Alexander, Clown on stilts 320
185.Madame Alexander, stilts 320,
186.Madame Alexander, Amy 1320
187.Madame Alexander, Meg 1328
188.Madame Alexander, Amy, 1320
189.Madame Alexander, Jo 1322
190.Madame Alexander, bath 1321
191. Madame Alexander, snow queen 1138, detached head
192.Madame Alexander, Maria 1110
193. Madame Alexander, Maria 11105
194.Madame Alexander, 1910 Suffragette 17730
195.Madame Alexander, Celine Dion 15240
196.Madame Alexander, 10 inch little shaver 26825
197.Madame Alexander, Maria at the Abbey, 0831
198.Madame Alexander, Rococo bride 22460
199.Madame Alexander, mean stepsister 46500
200.Madame Alexander, Miss Gulch 46355
201.Madame Alexander, little Miss Muffet 13500,
202.Madame Alexander, flying high with Dumbo 46580
203.Madame Alexander, the duchess 39 Five
204.Madame Alexander, Irish banshee 42510
205.Madame Alexander, boys choir of Harlem 20170, damaged box
206.Madame Alexander, Queen Esther 14584, damaged box
207. Madame Alexander, Aladdin 482, damaged box
208.Madame Alexander, Tommy snooks 447, damaged box
209.Madame Alexander, a child at heart, my little sweetheart, damaged box
210.Madame Alexander, czarina Alexandria 12620
211.Madame Alexander, France 517
212.Madame Alexander, Jo
213.Madame Alexander, Yankee Doodle
214.Madame Alexander, summer smiles
215.Madame Alexander, Cleopatra 40830
216.Madame Alexander, younger stepsister 46495
217.Madame Alexander, Josephine 40130,
218.Madame Alexander, type at 39815
219.Madame Alexander, lady Godiva 40835
220.Madame Alexander, Clara Bow 45950
221.Madame Alexander, Dick and Jane 45245
222.Madame Alexander, Jane Eyre 45920
223.Madame Alexander, Madame Alexander 47700
224.Madame Alexander, Martha Randolph 1503
225.Madame Alexander, Lucy Webb Hayes 1420,
226.Madame Alexander, Angelica Van Buren 1508, damaged box
227. Madame Alexander, Coca-Cola Fantasy 1017, damaged box
228.Madame Alexander, Snap, Crackle, Pop Set 12120
229.Madame Alexander - Cherry Girl 1129
230.Madame Alexander, Sleeping Beauty Prince 13651, damaged box
231.Madame Alexander, Goldilocks 1520, damaged box
232.Madame Alexander, Bellows Anne 1568, missing a shoe
233.Madame Alexander, Sleeping Beauty 1595,
234.Madame Alexander, Grace O'Malley 41715, damage box, no lid
235.Madame Alexander, the sound of music, Maria 1706, damaged box
236. Madame Alexander, Rebecca 1585
237.Madame Alexander, Louisa may Alcott 409
238. Madame Alexander, arriving in America 326
239.Madame Alexander, mayor of munchkinland 140443, damaged box
241.Madame Alexander, Amy 14021, damaged box
242.Madame Alexander, Netherlands 591, Dirt on the back of dress
243.Madame Alexander, Ibiza 510
244.Madame Alexander, Netherlands 591, missing shoes, damage box
245.Madame Alexander, maid Marian 492, damage box
246.Madame Alexander, Harriet Lane 1516, damaged box
247.Madame Alexander, Japan 570, detached head, damaged box
248.Madame Alexander, Cyrano 140505, Damaged box no lid
249.Madame Alexander, Anatolia 524, damage box, missing a shoe
250.Madame Alexander, Frederick von Trapp 14020, no lid on box
251.Madame Alexander, Bessy Brooks, not in original box
252.Madame Alexander, Hungary 597, missing shoes, damage box
253.Madame Alexander, lady Lee 442, damage box
254. Madame Alexander, Hungry 597, missing a shoe and hat, no lid for box, damage box
255.Madame Alexander, Alice 492
256.Madame Alexander, Michael 68, no lid for box, damage box
257.Madame Alexander, Miss Muffet 452, damage box
258.Madame Alexander, the southern child series, Rachel, no lid for box
259.Madame Alexandx, damage boer, Mark Anthony 1310
260.Madame Alexander, Blueboy 1840 No lid for box, damage box
261.Madame Alexander, Jo 413, staying in damage stress, no lid for box, damaged box
262.Madame Alexander, Beth 412, damage box
263.Madame Alexander, Emily Dickinson 1587
264.Madame Alexander, Rebecca 1586
265.Madame Alexander, Brigitta, damaged box
266.Madame Alexander, Wynken, Blynken & Nod 499
267. Madame Alexander, Abigail Adams 1502
268.Madame Alexander, Baby Taylor Boris 1512
269.Madame Alexander, Caroline Harrison 1424
270.Madame Alexander, Lucy Webb Hayes 1420, hole in back of dress, damage box
271.Madame Alexander, Martha Washington 1501
272.Madame Alexander, Abigail Adams 1502
273.Madame Alexander, Louisa Adams 1506
274.Madame Alexander, Caroline Harrison 1424
275.Madame Alexander, Dolley  Madison 1504
276.Madame Alexander, Julia Grant 1519
277.Madame Alexander, Martha Randolph 1503
278.Madame Alexander, Lucretia Garfield 1421
279.Madame Alexander, Sarah Jackson 1507, damaged box
280.Madame Alexander, Elizabeth Monroe 1505, hole in back of dress, damaged box
281.Madame Alexander, Isolde 1413
282.Madame Alexander, poor Cinderella 1540
283.Madame Alexander, Madonna and Child 10” 10600, damaged box
284.Madame Alexander, the sound of music, Louisa 1404
285. Madame Alexander, the sound of music, Liesl 1405
286.Madame Alexander, Peter Pan 1410
287.Madame Alexander, Jacqueline Kennedy bride 0319426001
288.Madame Alexander, Mary Cassatt 1566
289.Madame Alexander, Wendy 1415
290.Madame Alexander, Noah’s Arc 33155
291.Madader, Martha Randolph 1503me Alexan,
292.Madame Alexander, Martha Washington 1501, damaged lid, on a stand
293.Madame Alexander, mother goose with stuff goose 28880
294. Madame Alexander, Rumplestiltskin and the Miller's daughter 1569, damage box
295.Madame Alexander, Mary McKee 1425
296.Madame Alexander, Cinderella 1440, damage box
297.Madame Alexander, Manet 1571, Damaged box
298.Madame Alexander, Princess Margaret Rose 79620
299.Madame Alexander, Elizabeth Monroe 1506
301. Madame Alexander, Sarah Polk 1511
302.Madame Alexander, Louisa Adams 1506, damage box
303.Madame Alexander, sleeping beauty 1596,
304. Madame Alexander, Jane Findlay 1509
305. Madame Alexander, Sarah Polk 1511,
306.Jane Findlay 1509, damaged box
307.Madame Alexander, Abigail Adams 1502,
308. Madame Alexander, Rapunzel and mother Gothel 1539,
309.Madame Alexander, Dolley Madison 1504, damaged box
310.Madame Alexander, Julia Tyler 1510, damaged box
311.Madame Alexander, Toulouse Lautrec 2250,
312.Madame Alexander, Toulouse Lautrec,
313.Madame Alexander, Anna Karenina 2265,
314.Madame Alexander, Marie Antoinette 2248
315.Madame Alexander, Scarlet 2247, missing a shoe
316.Madame Alexander 2290, damaged box
317.Madame Alexander 2290
318. Madame Alexander, Scarlet 2240
319. Madame Alexander, Scarlet 2240
320. Madame Alexander, Scarlet 2240
321.Madame Alexander - Goya (damaged box)
322.Madame Alexander - Natasha, missing a shoe, no box
323. Madame Alexander, Magnolia 2251, damage box, hole in dress
324.Madame Alexander, Sarah Bernhardt 2249, damage box
325.Madame Alexander, carnival in Rio 002
326.Madame Alexander, Melanie 2254,
327.Madame Alexander, set of 10 Wizard of Oz toys from McDonald's,
328.Madame Alexander, set of 10 Wizard of Oz toys from McDonald's
329.Madame Alexander, Elise bride, missing shoes, no box, has a stand,
330.Madame Alexander, Mary McKee and Alan Wilson, no boxes
331. Madame Alexander, Sound of Music, Frederick von Trapp, Louisa, Lisle, Brigitta, Missing shoes, no boxes,
332.Madame Alexander, Scarlet, discolored white dress, rats, stay in the hat, Scarlet, Scarlet,
333.Madame Alexander, Set of 10 Dolls, Amy, Wendy loves, the Duchess, Scouting, Angel of hope, millennium Princess, missing the shoe, adorable silk Victorian, missing a sock and shoes, Caroline, graduation, millennium OK, missing a shoe and Clara,
334.Madame Alexander, Heidi, Missing a shoe, Degas, Rebecca, Renoir, Alice,
335.Madame Alexander, Snow White, fairy godmother, sleeping beauty, with a stand, Cinderella
336.Madame Alexander, Pinkie, missing a shoe, Anthony, detached leg and lose head,  Lord Nelson, detached arms, little Lord FauntLeRoy, Beth, Loose head, comes with stand, Maria from the sound of music, detached head, missing shoes,
337. Madame Alexander, Frederich, Louisa, Michael, Greta, Marta, loose head, Maria, Broken body, missing eyelashes
338.Madame Alexander, Heidi, no shoes, Madame Alexander doll, Salome, and two unknown dolls,
339.Madame Alexander, A Christmas Carol, Scrooge, Belle,
340.Madame Alexander, Juliet Taylor, Mary Todd Lincoln, Sarah Jackson, angelica Van Buren, Martha Randolph
341.Madame Alexander, Heidi, Heidi, Alice, McGuffey Anna, summer skies, Unknown,
342. Madame Alexander, Ellen Wilson, missing shoe, dirt on dress and socks, Edith Roosevelt, missing shoe, Edith Wilson, Florence Harding, missing both shoes, Ida McKinley, Helen Taft
343.Madame Alexander, Rapunzel, unknown, Colleen, Cowgirl, Jane Avril, Jenny Lind, sleeping beauty, all missing shoes Except Rapunzel and Jenny Lind,
344.Madame Alexander, Jenny Lind, Gigi, Mimi, Ingres, Carmen,
345.Madame Alexander, Pinocchio, detached leg, Friar Tuck, Christopher Columbus, Frederich, Mayor of munchkin land, Geppetto and Pinocchio, red boy, Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Queen Isabella,
346.Madame Alexander, Mexico, Greece, Denmark, Scotland, well John, Italian, Poland, Cossack, Indonesia, IrishMadame Alexander, Pinocchio, detached leg, Friar Tuck, Christopher Columbus, Frederich, Mayor of munchkin land, Geppetto and Pinocchio, red boy, Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Queen Isabella,,
347.Madame Alexander, Meg, Beth, Laurie, Marme, Amy, aunt Marge,
348.Madame Alexander, Jo, Meg, Jo, Amy, Amy, Marme,
349.Madame Alexander, Unknown, Rachel, daffy down Dilley, queen Isabella, Clown 305, chickadee, Wynken, Blynkin, Funny Maggie, Wendy the witch,
350. Madame Alexander, Portugal, china, Korea, Canada, Scotland, Germany, Finland, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands boy.
351. Madame Alexander, Ireland, Irish, Spain, Norway, Italy, Ireland, Sicily, Brazil, Germany, Great Britain
352.Madame Alexander, Gretel, handsel, Poor Cinderella, clown 305, red queen, the royal made, Allison Wonderland, Red Riding hood, white rabbit in court, Jill, several dolls are missing shoes,
353. Madame Alexander, Australia, dutch, Austria boy, Brazil, great Britain, Hawaii, shanghai, Alaska, United States of America, Norway
354.Madame Alexander, Puss in boots, Jill, red riding hood, curly locks, red riding Frog princess, Gretel, cancel, mother Hubbard, but a bow peep, several Dolls are missing shoes,
355.Madame Alexander, Puss in boots, Jill, red riding hood, curly locks, red riding Frog princess, Gretel, cancel, mother Hubbard, but a bow peep, several Dolls are missing shoes,
356.Disney, it's a small world, Thailand, Egypt,
357.Disney, it's a small world, Poland, Thailand,
358.Disney, it's a small world, Ireland, Egypt
359. Disney, it's a small world, Africa
360. Disney, it's a small world, Holland, India
361.Barbie, Indian,
362. Barbie, Dutch
363.Barbie, Polynesian,
364. Barbie, Brazilian,
365.Barbie, France,
366. Barbie, festivals of the world, Irish dance
367.Barbie, Dolls of the world, princess of imperial Russia
368.Barbie, festivals of the world, Oktoberfest,
369. Barbie, Dolls of the world, princess of the renaissance
370. Barbie, Dolls of the world, princess of Holland,
371.Barbie, dolls of the world, princess of the Korean court
372.Barbie, Dolls of the world, princess of the Korean court
373.Barbie, dolls of the world, Princess of Holland
374. Barbie, Dolls of the world, princess of the Pacific Islands
375.Dolls of the world, princess of the Pacific Islands
376.Barbie, Dolls of the world, princess of the Navajo
377.Barbie, Russian, five 378, Barbie, Norwegian
378. Barbie, Norwegian
379. Barbie, Kenya
380.Barbie, Thai
381.Barbie, Polish
382.Barbie, Chilean
383.Barbie, Thai
384.Barbie, Jillian
385. Barbie, Native American
386.Barbie, Dolls of the world, princess of South Africa
387. Barbie, legends of Ireland, fairy queen
388. Barbie, doors of the world, France
389. Barbie, princess of the Portuguese empire
390. Barbie, princess of the Danish cour
391. Barbie, Australia
392.Barbie, dolls of the world, Philippines
393.Barbie - American Stories Collection: Pilgrim
394. ideal Shirley Temple dol
396. Now appearing Shirley temple
397.Peggy Nisbet, Collectors costume dolls, Oliver Collection Set, Oliver twist, the artful dodger, Fagin, Bill Sykes, Nancy, Mr. bumble
398.Peggy Nisbet, General George Washington, Martha Washington
398A.Effanbee, my princess, house of Ness bet, Miss Sarah Ferguson 3171, damaged box
398B.Peggy Nisbet, Royal wedding souvenir
399. Peggy Nisbet, King Henry VIII, unknown
400.Peggy Nisbet, Queen Elizabeth the second, Queen Elizabeth the first
401.Peggy Nisbet, Harry S Truman, Elizabeth Truman
402.Peggy Nisbet, WC Fields, Greta Garbo, detached arms
403. Peggy Nisbet, Eleanor Roosevelt, detached arms, Franklin D Roosevelt
404.Peggy Nisbet, HRH prince Charles, P1004, HRH prince George Prince of Wales
405.Peggy Nisbet, Pocahontas, Indian warrior, detached arms
406. Peggy Nisbet, HRH prince Andrew 413, HRH Prince Andrew 439
407.Peggy Nisbet, Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth II
408.Peggy Nisbet, President Anwar Sadat, Shaw Mohammad Riza
409.Peggy Nisbet, Maria Antoinnette, King Louis 16
410.Peggy Nisbet, King George the third, Charlotte, queen concert of King George the third
411.Peggy Nisbet, Queen Marie Therese, HRH prince Phillip
412.Peggy Nisbet, Jean Harlow, Judy Garland,
413.Peggy Nisbet, Pope John Paul the second, duplicate
414.Peggy Nisbet, King Edward the eighth, queen Victoria and state robes
415.Peggy Nisbet, Annie Bolyn, Neli Gwyn, Lot 416, King Philip second of Spain unknown
417.Peggy Nisbet, Prince Albert, HRH prince Charles of Wales
418.Peggy Nisbet, Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan
419.Peggy Nisbet, Madame Cury, Madame Du Barry
420.Peggy Nisbet, Victoria empress of Germany, Tsaritas Alexandra
421.Peggy Nisbet, good king Wenceslaus, king Arthur
422.Peggy Nisbet, Mozart, the laughing cavalier
423.Peggy Nisbet, teddy Roosevelt, Franklin D Roosevelt
425.Peggy Nisbet, Mrs Peggy Nisbet, Prince George of Denmark
426.Peggy Nisbet, Vivian Leigh, Clark Gable
427.Peggy Nisbet, lady Randolph Churchill, Abraham Lincoln
428.Peggy Nisbet, Lady Hamilton, Paul Revere
429.Peggy Nisbet, lady and Naville, Lady Sabelle
430.Peggy Nisbet, will Rogers, John F Kennedy
431.the Golden compass, tartare soldier, Ms. Coulter, Lord John faa
432.the Golden compass, Lyra Belaquah, Sarafina Pekkala, Lord Asriel
433. Pirates of the Caribbean, Elizabeth Swan with sword palm tree and bass, Elizabeth Swan with glowing brethren of the court globe and swords, Elizabeth Swan with double holster pistols Asian cloak and hat, heroic will turner with dagger and hatchet,
434.the monsters, Herman, grandpa, Lily
435.the Beverly hillbillies, Jed Clampett, Ellie Mae Clampett, Jethro Beaudine
436. the Beverly hillbillies, Jethro Beaudine, Ellie Mae Clampett, and the best of the west, the wild west, James west
437. Indiana Jones, Kingdom of the Crystal skull, action figures
438.Indiana Jones, Kingdom of the Crystal skull action figures
439. Indiana Jones, last Crusade action figures
440. Indiana Jones, Raiders of the lost Ark action figures
441.Indiana Jones, Raiders of the lost Ark action figure
442. Indiana Jones, Raiders of the lost Ark action figures
443.Peggy Nisbet, Oliver Collection Set, Oliver twist, the artful dodger, Fagin, Bill Sykes, Nancy, Mr. bumble
444.Peggy Nisbet, Oliver Collection Set, Oliver twist, the artful dodger, Fagin, Bill Sykes, Nancy, Mr. bumble
445. Disney, Hannah Montana, Miley, Lily
446.Disney, Hannah Montana, Lola, Oliver
447.Disney, Hannah Montana, Oliver, Lily
448.Disney, Hannah Montana, Hannah, Oliver
449.Disney, Hannah Montana, Miley, Lola
450.Disney, Hannah Montana, Lola
451. Disney, holiday popstar, Hannah Montana 2008
452.Disney, holiday popstar, Hannah Montana 2008
453. Narnia, Prince Caspian, action figures
454. Narnia, Prince Caspian, action figures
455.Barbie, Roberta, Lupita
456., Disney, Barbie, Lupita, Mia
457.Barbie, Roberta, Mia
458. Barbie, 30 years Grease, Frenchy
459.Barbie, 30 years Greece, Sandy
460. Barbie, 30 years Greece, Rizzo
461. Barbie, 30 years Greece, Sandy
462.Barbie, 30 years Greece, cha-cha
463.Barbie, 30 years Greece, Frenchy
464.Barbie, 30 years Greece, Sandy
465. Barbie, 30 years grease, Rizzo
466.TVs talking King Kong and Bobby bond, and no batteries required, 1966
467.the Black Hole, hairy booth
468.the black hole, Charles Pizar
469.the black hole, Dr. Alex Durrant
470.the black coal, Dr. Kate McRae
471.the black coal, Captain Dan Holland
472. the black hole, Dr. Hans Rinehardt
473.buck Rogers, draconian guard
474.buck Rogers, tiger man
475. buck Rogers, killer Kane
476.buck Rogers, Dr. Huer
477.buck Rogers, Draco
478. buck Rogers, buck Rogers
479. EKaterina Gordeeva, Katia, skating dolls
480.Karina Gordeeva, Katia, skating dolls
481.the real model collection, Christie Brinkley
482.the real model collection, Cheryl Tiegs
483.Barbie, Grecian goddess
484.Barbie, Egyptian Queen
485. Barbie, French lady
486.Barbie, mid evil lady
487. Barbie, Empress Kaiserin Sissy imperatrice
488.Barbie, I love Lucy, Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo
489.Barbie, I love Lucy, Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz
490.Barbie, I love Lucy, Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz
491.Barbie, Halloween party Barbie and Ken gift set,
492.Barbie, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
493. Barbie, Barbie loves Frank Sinatra gift sack
494. Barbie, Barbie loves Elvis Presley gift set
495.Barbie, marine corps Barbie and Ken, stars and stripes, damage box
496.Barbie, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill,
497.Barbie, Barbie loves Frank Sinatra
498.Barbie, Elvis and Priscilla Presley,
499.Barbie, The X-Files, Barbie and Ken
500. Sonja Henie Madame Alexander
501.Margaret O'Brien Madame Alexander
502.Deanna Durbin Ideal doll
503. Jo from Little Women Madame Alexander, discolored face loose head
504.Shirley Temple loose head, arms and legs
505. unknown doll in yellow dress, damaged dress
506. Amy from Little Women Madame Alexander doll missing one shoe and sock discolored face and arm
507.1950s Madame Alexander unknown doll
508.Unknown doll, torn and discolored dress
509. Effanbee doll with the red coat and heart chain
510.15-inch 1937 tagged Jane Withers doll,
511.Unknown doll in green dress no shoes
512. Rita Hayworth as Carmen 1939
513.21-inch composition Deanna Durbin brunette bride 1930s by Ideal Doll Company
514.Madame Alexander 1961 baby dol
515.Sonja Henie Madame Alexander doll with skates
516. Unknown doll,
517. unknown doll discolored dress with the hole marking on doll’s left arm no shoes
518.unknown baby doll with damaged face arms, toes
519.unknown doll with writing on neck no clothes
520. Beth from Little Women Madame Alexander doll discolored dress damaged shoe discolored petticoat,
521.Unknown Madame Alexander doll marking on neck missing one shoe
522.Kate Smith’s Annabelle Madame Alexander doll,
523.Jo from Little Women Madame Alexander doll discolored dress
524.Meg from Little Women Madame Alexander no shoes or socks,
525.Unknown doll with long pink dress
526. Unknown doll in pink dress no socks or shoes her right fingers are missing
527.Unknown doll in yellow dress
528. unknown doll in the pink dress with coats damaged socks and sandals,
529.Unknown doll in pink dress with blue coat damaged socks and sandals,
530. unknown doll crack in back of head by neck
531.Madame Alexander unknown doll damaged fingers no shoes or socks hair falling out
532.Meg from Little Women Madame Alexander doll,
533. Unknown doll with red dress discolored dress and petticoat,
534.Madame Alexander porcelain Margaret Ann doll
535.Effanbee- Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt
536. Set of two Indian dolls dynasty doll collection with tags Limited edition Chief Eagle’s wings missing something in hand and Spring Winds doll,
537.Set of two dolls first one marked 2545A Sandra KUCH Second one marked 566FA Saundra Rilo tuch,
538.pair of dolls that look like Precious Moments wooden on musical stands green dress has soiled lace,
539. Doll with umbrella tag says Florida Cypress Gardens bottom says boutique dolls
540.12-inch Latino dancers pair,
541.Unknown doll soiled dress missing one shoe,
542. Shirley Temple 1990 Marking on back,
543.Shirley Temple 1990 mark on back
544.Girl Scout doll made by Avon
545.Girl Scout doll made by AVON discolored sleeves,
546.Shirley Temple
548.Shirley Temple doll dirty cape on bottom Danberry mint 1991
549. Shirley temple 1986 marking on back,
550. Shirley Temple doll ideal 1982
551.Girl Scout doll made by AVON
552.Unknown doll looks like Shirley Temple
553.Playing Bride doll 1988 the Hamilton collection marking on back
554. Love’s gentle kiss doll heavenly blessings collection Connie Walser Derek artist with tag
555.unknown doll with long braid in hair no shoes
556.August 1994 the Christmas Store a handmade treasure by IZUMI Eskimo doll with tag
557.Shirley Temple doll discolored stained dress made by Ideal doll presents Ginger Rogers,
559.Kiana porcelain doll 1246,
560.Ariana fiber optics porcelain doll 12319
561.Natane porcelain doll 12358
562.Mitsuko porcelain dial 12340
563.heritage signature collection is unknown doll
564. the Shirley temple collectors doll, little princess
565.Burrstone collection, peridot
566.Larry Harmons bozo the worlds most famous clown
567. Mr. play boy collectors Limited addition
568. Rudolph the red nose reindeer ultimate figurine collection
569.Judy's Victorian parlor 1975, damage box
570.the Shirley temple dress up doll, just around the corner,
571. Madame Alexander, Judy Garland dial, get happy
572.Effanbee, May West 1932
573.Effanbee, May west, 1981
574.Effanbee, Theodore Roosevelt 7903
575.Effanbee, Mark twain, 7631
576. Effanbee, Bobby 7521
577.Effanbee, Martha Washington 3371,
578. Effanbee, Cinderella 3390
579.Christina 7483, Lot 580, Skippy 7501
581. Effanbee, Skippy, 7501, discolored socks,
582.Effanbee, Franklin Roosevelt 7904
583.Effanbee, Sherlock Holmes 3429
584.Effanbee, Patsy 86 4101,
585.Effanbee, Lucille ball 1985,
586.Effanbee, John F Kennedy 7905,
587. Effanbee, Friday 1201
588. Effanbee, Prince charming 1590
589.Effanbee, lotus blossom Doll 7511
590.Effanbee, Red buoy, 1013,
591.Effanbee, Orange blossom 7501, staying on white apron and bloomers
592.Effanbee, Jack 1186, 1979 Jill 1187, 1979
593. Effanbee, Courier and Ives skaters 1251,
594.Effanbee, Flossie 1202, damaged shoe laces
595.Effanbee, Flossie 1202, stained socks and shoes
596.Effanbee, Mother Goose 1193
597.Effanbee, Rapunzel 1199,
598. Effanbee, Miss liberty, Statue of Liberty centennial 1750,
599.Effanbee, Little Bo Peep 1177,
600.Effanbee, Hans Brinker 1172
601.Effanbee, GIgi 1161, 1979
602.Effanbee, Becky Thatcher 7633
603. Effanbee, Becky Thatcher 7633,
604.Effanbee, George Burns V 529,
605.Effanbee, George Burns V 529
606.Effanbee, New World collection, Christopher Columbus 1492
607. Effanbee, Putting on the Ritz collection, Danielle white 1563,
608., Effanbee, Lot 609, storybook collection, Mary had a little lamb 1196,
610.Effanbee, doll classics, Patsy sailor VE 565,
611.Effanbee, doll classics, Christmas Patsy VE 545
612. Effanbee, Mother Hubbard 1188,
613.Effanbee, Hans Brinker 1172,
614.Gallery collection, Thailand MVE111
615.Effanbee, gallery collection, Snow White and VE 105
616.Effanbee, Storybook collection, Pinocchio 1197
617.Effanbee, Lady Elaine SV 130,
618.Effanbee, Lennon sisters, Kathy V930,
619.Effanbee, Lennon sisters, Peggy, V931
620. Effanbee, Lennon sisters, Dee Dee V928,
621.Effanbee, Lennon sisters, Janet V929
623.Effanbee, The President Collection, Thomas Jefferson 1630, damaged box,
624. Effanbee, Brenda Starr, Peignoir Set V2001,
625.Effanbee, 75th anniversary diamond Jubilee Doll 1910 to 1985, 7575,
626.Effanbee, Spain Toreador 1117, Lot 627, United States 101, discolored skirt,
627.United States 101, discolored skirt
628.Effanbee, Brazil won 1120, Lot 639, Scotland 1108
629.Scotland 1108
630. Effanbee, Doll classics, Patsyette George Washington V639
631. Effanbee, doll classics, Patsyette, Romeo V612,
632.Effanbee, doll classics, Patsyette, Martha Washington V639,
633.Effanbee, Doll classics, Patsyette, Juliet V612,
634.Effanbee, Louis Satchmo Armstrong 7661, 1984
635.Effanbee, Claudette Colbert as Cleopatra, 1990/91 legend
637., Effanbee, Wee wishes V659, Wee Patsy V568, Wee Patsy be mine WP1407, two unknown wee patsy dolls
638.Effanbee, Cindy the modern Cinderella, Dewees Cochrans Cindy V695
639.Effanbee, Brenda Starr reporter, silver siren BS1305Lot 639, Scotland 1108
640.Effanbee, ony in Wonderland E6-TNSD-01
641., Effanbee, prince charming 1189
642.Lillian Russell Women of the Ages Effanbee doll
643.Effanbee Punkin's dolls set of 2
644.12-inch musketeer Effanbee doll
645.Little Bo Peep Effanbee doll no shoes
646.John Wayne American Guardian of the West Effanbee legend series
647.Tom Sawyer Effanbee doll
648.Marilyn Monroe no shoes Effanbee doll
649.Florence Nightingale Effanbee no shoes stain on apron
650.Russian Effanbee doll discolored hat and mark on face
651.Unknown Effanbee doll
652.Miss Ireland Effanbee doll with tags, no shoes
653.unknown Effanbee doll marking on nose, face, no shoes
654.Austria Effanbee doll no shoes
655.Jane Collins Dynasty TV series, Effanbee World Doll with tag
656.unknown doll
657.Legend Gracie Allen Effanbee doll with tags and certificate of authenticity
658.James Cagney Effanbee doll
659.unknown Effanbee doll back of bloomers and dress stained
660.unknown Effanbee doll
661.Woman of the Ages Effanbee doll 1983 Queen Elizabeth no shoes
662.Effanbee Little Old New York Collection Central Park doll
663.George Washington Effanbee Doll
664.Effanbee unknown Doll
665.WC Fields Effanbee Doll
666.WC Fields Effanbee Doll with tag
667.Smithsonian Institution first ladies doll Susanne Gibson signature addition 1985 no shoes
668.Abraham Lincoln Effanbee damaged pant leg and jacket sleeve
669.Abraham Lincoln Effanbee doll no shoes
670.unknown Madame Alexander doll no shoes
671.two unknown dolls, some discoloring/ stains on clothes
672.two unknown dolls, some discolored clothing, rust on one pair of glasses
673.two unknown dolls
674.unknown doll
675.Piggy Nisbet Alison Nisbel
676.unknown doll
677.unknown doll
678.Franklin Mint Loretta Lynn 1987 Franklin Heirloom doll
679.Collectors choice fashions of the century 1920’s Limited edition
680.Design department prototype number 2 Thursday boy girl doll the Connoisseur doll collection Seymore written on neck
682.unknown Indian doll, stained outfit
683.unknown doll in blue dress
684.unknown doll, lot 685 two unknown dolls
686.Amalia doll #103E made by Evelt
687.Mr. O'Hara played by Thomas Mitchell, Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
688.Ashley doll Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
689.Mr. O'Hara portrayed by Thomas Mitchell duplicate, Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
690.Bonnie Blue, Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company Lot 691 Rhett Butler
692.Rhett Butler, Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
693.Belle Watling portrayed by Ona Munson, Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
694.Mrs. O'Hara portrayed by Barbara O’Nell, Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
695.Mrs. O'Hara portrayed by Barbara O’Nell duplicate, Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
696.Scarlett O’Hara,  Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
697.duplicate Scarlet O'Hara, Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
698.duplicate Scarlet O'Hara,  Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
699.Aunt Pittypat portrayed by Laura Hope Crews, Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
700.duplicate Aunt Pittypat portrayed by Laura Hope Crews, Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
701.duplicate Aunt Pittypat portrayed by Laura Hope Crews, Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
702.Scarlett O'Hara, Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
703.Scarlett O'Hara Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
704.Scarlet O'Hara, Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
705.Prissy portrayed by Butterfly McQueen, Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
706.Prissy portrayed by Butterfly McQueen, Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
707.Scarlett O'Hara, Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
708.duplicate Scarlet O'Hara, Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
709.Mammy, Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
710.Aunt Pittypat portrayed by Laura Hope Crews, Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
711.Melanie, Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
712.Bonnie Blue, Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
713.Ashley, Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
714.Belle Watling , Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
715.Scarlet O’Hara white ruffle dress, Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
716.Rhett Butler smoking jacket worn, damaged box, Gone with the Wind doll made by World Doll company
717.World Doll a limited-edition portrait doll Maggie #81182 unopened sealed package
718.Gone with the Wind dolls - set of five made by World Doll company Rhett Butler discolored outfit, Belle Watling dirty stained outfit, Bonnie blue, Mammy and Ashley, no boxes
719.Disney Oz The Great and Powerful Evanora
720.Disney Oz the great and powerful Theodora,
721.duplicate Disney Oz the great and powerful Theodora
722.the wizard of Oz Wizard
723.wizard of Oz the wicked witch
724.the Wizard of Oz Dorothy (Toto and basket is missing)
725.the Wizard of Oz Dorothy and Toto damaged box plastic
726.the Wizard of Oz scarecrow
727.the Wizard of Oz cowardly lion
728.the Wizard of Oz Glinda the good witch
729.duplicate the Wizard of Oz Glinda the good witch
730.Wizard of Oz set of two munchkins flying monkey and another munchkin
731.set of three wizard of Oz munchkins
732.set of two munchkins
733.Effanbee Huck Finn, Great Moments in Literature Mark Twain collection stained shirt and fishing line


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