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Kigar Realty & Auction
Estate of Alice Hark #2 Online Auction - Ending Thursday, December 10th Starts to Close at 7 PM

Item Description
1.Match-safe, Food Tins, Canister
2.Masks and Holiday Ornaments
3.Wood Salt & Pepper Shakers, Metal Parts and Oil Cans
4.Match-safe, Letter Stands and Scales
5.Vintage Fire Engine Toy
8.Musical Instruments and Music Stand
9.Old Cast-Iron Lamps, (2) Mercury Reflectors
10.Blue Canning Jars
11.Hood Ornament, Small Squeeze Box and Junk Drawer Items
12.Art Glass, Figurines, Chalkware
13.Advertising Thermometers and Misc. Thermometers
14.Greeting and Post Cards
15.Carey, OH Sheep Casing Sign
16.Primitive Wood Tools and Cutting Boards
17.Vintage Cookbooks
18.Stack of Aluminum-ware
19.(2) Wood Utensil Drawers
20.Glassware and Bank with Tea Cozy
21.Misc. Glass and US Marines Silk Scarf
22.Misc. Ceramic and Roseville Pitcher
23.Assorted Candle Stick Holders
24.Hand-Painted Plates, Ceramic Piggy Bank and Bird Figurines
25.Misc. Iron Stone and Ceramic Piggy Bank
26.Stack of Aluminum-ware
27.Indian Figurines and Large Cigar Ash Tray
28.No. 5 Unmarked Cast-Iron Skillet
29.Vintage Toy Cars
30.Vintage Nativity, Depression Glass Shot Glasses and Christmas
31.Hurricane Shades, Rosaries and Ash Trays
32.Unmarked Oval Blue Planter
33.Stack of Aluminum-ware
34.Red Flash Decanter and Misc. Glass
35.Vintage Children's Books
36.Abe Lincoln's Yarns and Stories with Other Books
37.Brass Platter Cast-Iron Trivets and Whetstone
38.Stack of Aluminum-ware
39.Assorted Newer Angel Figurines
40.Vintage Smaller Toys
41.Vintage Toys and Games
42.Hand-Painted Items and Cruets
43.Hand-Painted Plates and Metal Flower Frog
44.Kitchen Utensils
45.Old Books, Jim Beam Cat, Spice Bottles
46.Misc. Glass including Fostoria American
47.McDonald's Peanuts Tumblers
48.Stack of Aluminum-ware
49.Linens including Pillow Cases and Huck Towels
50.Covered Bird Dishes, Vintage Bank and Bird Figurines
51.Misc. Aluminum-ware including Coasters and Candy Dishes
52.Framed Art and Prints
53.Misc. Silverplate
54.Lot of Dolls
55.Brass Torch and Barnwood Blocks
56.Misc. Glass including Roseville and Wall Pockets
57.Box of Metal Cookie Cutters
58.Wall Pocket, Crystal Candle Holders and Partial Dresser Set
59.Crockery, Bottles and Crystal Bowl
60.Children's Old Books
61.Pictoral History of the World (3 Volumes, 1882)
62.Fire King Dishes
63.History of the United States (1877)
64.Fire King Jadeite Mixing Bowl and Misc. Ceramic
65.Misc. Glassware
66.Misc. Mugs and Glasses
67.Wooden Nickles, Matches, Desk Blotters and Handwritten Letters
68.World's Fair Items and Other Paper
69.Assorted Salt & Pepper
70.Assorted Salt & Pepper
71.Currier & Ives Tumblers, Pottery
72.Roseville and Fenton
73.Smoking Pipes and Misc. Accessories including Tobacco
74.Vaseline Wine Glasses and Misc. Smalls
75.Victorian Hanging Lamp (Shade is Broken)
76.Misc. Salt & Pepper Shakers
78.Comic Dessert Plates and Coors Ash Trays
79.Nabber Gestalt Dolls
80.Misc. Antique Dolls
82.Compact Alarm System
83.Misc. Hardware
84.Boy Scout Camping Gear
85.Civil War Pouch, Canteen, Power Horns
86.Stack of Aluminum-ware
87.Emerald Green Depression Glass
88.Box of Kerosene Lamps/Lanterns
89.Christmas Tumblers
90.Misc. Glass and Candy Dish
91.Lot of Milk Glass, Glass, Candy Jar and Plastic Christmas Nativity
92.Roseville Vase and Other Glass
93.Stack of Aluminum-ware
94.(3) Antique Milk Glass Lamp Shades
95.Assortment of "Hand" Glassware
96.Enamel Turquoises Bowl and Insulator
97.(2) Crockery Pitchers
98.Crockery Sponge-ware with Apples
99.Roseville Lamp and Misc.
100.Misc. Vintage Christmas Items
101.(3) Glass Relish and Cookie Dishes
102.Detective and Western Novels
103.Depression Ash Tray, Oval Frames
104.Misc. Calendars (1 Nude)
105.Misc. Christmas Items
106.Matchbox Carrier with Matchbox Cars
107.Ceramic Planter
108.Vintage Nativity Sets
109.Misc. Clear Glass
110.Misc. Christmas and Broken Ceramic Tree
111.Misc. Vintage Christmas Items
112.Tin Types in Victorian Cases
113.Wagnerware 5-Star Skillet Set with Lid (Sidney, OH)
114.Detective and Cowboy Novels
115.Vintage Nativity Set
116.Vintage Paper including Old Calling Cards
117.Avon Nativity
118.Sweet Valentine Barbie
119.Winter Rhapsody Barbie
120.Yuletide Romance Barbie
121.Holiday Memories Barbie
122.Victorian Elegance Barbie
123.New Eagle Series Antique Novels
124.Strawberry Secret Barbie
125.Spring Blossom Barbie
126.Holiday Joy Barbie
127.Walking Barbie and Baby Sister
128.Winter Velvet Barbie
129.35th Anniversary Barbie
130.(3) Misc. Barbies
131.Heart Series Vintage Novels
132.Pfeiffer's Chalkware Beer Statue
133.Antique Prints
134.Uncle Sam "I Want You for US Army" Poster (Original)
135.Emerald Green Depression Glass Hoosier Set
136.(2) Crocks
137.Misc. Vintage Books
138.Misc. Antique Children's Books
139.Superior Ironstone Pitcher and Bowl (Bowl has Hairline Crack)
140.Spongeware and Misc. Figures
141.Box of Doilies
142.Kitchen Linens and Silk Baby Scarf
143.(2) Vintage Lamps
144.Box of Advertising Plates
145.Chalkware and Powder Box
146.Green Depression Wine Glasses and Figurines
147.Chalkware and Boudoir Lamp
148.Misc. Salt & Pepper and (2) Champagne Glasses
149.Chickens and Ash Trays
150.Box of Doilies
151.(3) Boxed Barbies
152.Box of Kitchen Items
153.Box of Cotton Flannel Blankets
154.Box of Pots and Pans
155.Box of Kitchen Items
156.Wood Frames
157.Box of Totes
158.Christmas Greenery and Styrofoam Santa
159.Misc. Kitchen Appliances
161.(4) Boxes of Assorted Doll Clothes
162.Misc. Tools and Parts
163.Doll Clothes
164.Canning Jar Lids
165.Old Books
166.Kitchen Items
167.Old Books
168.Old Books
169.Antique Glass Lampshades
170.Old Books
171.Children's Books
172.Victorian Velvet Photo Book with Cabinet Cards
173.Depression Glass, Ice Bucket, and Other Glass
174.Vintage Ladies Items - Hankies, Purses and Misc.
175.Wood Candle Sticks and Misc.
176.Vintage Velvet Throws and Tepestries
177.Misc. Milk Glass
179.Stack of Plates
180.Misc. Clear Glass
181.Brown Transfer Dishes
182.Plates and Fruit Bowls
183.Misc. China
184.Uncle Sam and Navy Posters
185.1960's LIFE Magazines including Moon and JFK
186.Aunt Jemima Amber Bottles
187.Box of Twins Books
188.Gene Stratton Porter Books
189.Lot of Lamp Shades
190.Box of Alarm Clocks and Wall Clocks
191.Fostoria Paper Literature
192.Assorted Plastic Fruit
193.Small Box of Advertising Bags
194.Assorted Small Clocks
195.Campfire Girl Books
196.Fostoria City Directories
197.Fostoria City Directories
198.(12 Volumes) Hurst & Company Classic Books
199.Uncle Sam Original Poster
200.Animal Figurines
201.Small Figurines and Eye Wash Glasses
202.Art Glass Pieces
203.Kitchen Jars
204.Chenille Bedspread and Rug
205.(27) Little League Library Leather-bound Books
206.Vintage Almanacs
207.EAPG Spooners and Milk Glass
208.Misc. Old Books
209.Lily Ceramic Lamp
210.(12) Water Lily Tumblers
211.Misc. Tins including Ohio Art
212.Overland, Jim Ed Miston and Pages Half-Pint Bottles
213.Sheet Music
215.Blow-Mold Santa
216.Mid-Century Amber Glass
217.Misc. Old Books
218.Stack of Aluminumware
219.Kitchen Aluminumware
221.Vintage Baby Dolls
222.Aluminum Christmas Tree
223.Lot of Yellow Ceramic-ware
224.(2) Brass Wall Lamps
225.White Ceramic-ware and Llardo Figurine
226.Vintage Christmas Figures
227.Suitcase of Doll Clothes
228.Misc. Red Christmas
229.Misc. Christmas
230.Smith-Corona Electric Typewriter
231.Antique Geography Books
232.Salt & Pepper Shakers
233.Framed Prints and Art
234.Misc. Glass and Chalkware
235.Pyrex Casserole Dish
236.Vintage Books
237.Salt & Pepper Shakers
238.Sewing Tins
239.Crock Jug
240.Crock Jug
241.Plum Sponge-ware Vase
242.Asian Satin Pajamas and More
243.Box of Doilies
244.Old Blanket and Pillows
245.(4) Macaulay History Books
246.Misc. Antique Books
247.Box of Rubber Dolls
250.Picture Frames
251.Misc. Kitchen Items
252.Misc. Kitchen Items
253.Metal Tin Containers
254.Vintage Records
255.Box of Cotton Blankets
256.Newer Quilt and Shams
257.Box of Avon
258.Box of Napkins and Sheaths
259.Metal Plate, Hangers
261.Box of Percolators and Other Kitchen Parts
262.(3) Rugs
263.Box of Christmas Lights
264.Misc. Vintage Binders and Folders
265.Craftsman Electric Sander
266.Metal Trunk
267.Wooden Trunk
268.Women's Vintage Gloves and Scarf
269.Wood Darning Tools and Nutcracker
270.Misc. Wood Items and Old Square Nails
271.Box of Hats
272.Wooden Items and Advertising Patches
273.Women's Day Vintage Magazines
274.African Wooden Items
275.(3) Glass Kerosene Lamps
276.(1) Nickel Kerosene Lamp
277.Prints and Cardboard Artwork
278.Misc. Art and Prints
279.Box of Posters and Calendars
280.Nickel Kerosene Lamp and Quilted Milk Glass Shade
281.Dollhouse Furniture
282.Box of Ladies Silk Scarves
283.Mid-Century Ice Bucket and Tumblers
284.Tea Pot and Cups
285.Kerosene Lamps
286.Pair of Aladdin Dolls
287.Wood Doll
288.Vintage Tablecloth
289.Detective Story Magazines
290.Glass Kerosene, Metal Kerosene and Glass Chimneys
291.Assorted Antique Paper
292.Antique Cardboard Suitcase
293.Brass Trivets
294.Precious Moments Doll
295.Santa Blow Mold
296.(2) Mirrors
297.Enamelware Plates and Molds
298.Corn Husk Dolls
299.Antique Bisk Doll and Old Parsol
300.Lot of Wooden Primitives
301.Milk Glass, Our Daily Bread Platter and Misc. Glass
302.Celluloid Dresser Set Items
303.Antique Doll Trio
304.Composition Doll Trio
305.Aluminum Cake Saver
306.Japan Figurines
307.Metal Painted Cake Saver
308.Sewing Items
309.Alabaster Lamp
310.Misc. Doll Collection
311.Amber Canister Set
312.Hot Rod Magazines (1970's and 1980's)
313.Car Handbooks
314.Glass and Metal Cookie Jar
315.Yellow Mixing Bowl
316.Vintage Cars and Metal Items
317.Box of Vintage Maps
318.Punchbowl Ornate Stand
319.Chevy Power Magazines
320.Assorted Southwestern Items and Chicken
321.Metal Lamb Cake Bowl
322.Metal Lamb Cake Bowl
324.Misc. Clear Glass
325.Green Depression Luncheon Plates
326.Castor Set Bottles
327.Milk Glass Fenton
328.Mid-Century Art Glass Decanter
329.Salt Sellers and Flower Frogs
330.Amber Bottles
331.Mid-Century Ruby Globe Vase
332.LIFE Magazines including Kent State and JFK
333.Stack of Glass Bowls
334.Stack of Platters including Ironstone (New and Old)
335.(10 Volumes) of The Wit & Humor of America
336.Aladdin Leaf Lamp with Original Finial
337.McCoy Cookie Jar
338.Ball Jars
339.Decorative Bird Nest
340.Misc. Tools
341.Brass Bow Dresser Pulls
342.(3) Beer Steins
343.Fishing Items and Copper Ash Tray
344.Glass Door Knobs, Brass Finials and Plastic Curtain Tiebacks
345.Door Hardware, Furniture Ornaments and Glass Door Handle
346.(2) Amber Bottles
347.Christmas Silks and Décor
348.Vintage Tumblers
349.Box of Vintage Small Dolls
350.Pez Containers and Nativity/Christmas Items
351.Vintage Suitcase
353.Strohs Plastic Truck (Needs Repair)
354.Doll Newspapers
355.Box of Novels
356.Misc. Dining Table Linens
357.Lot of Old Cassette Player, Alarm Clocks, VHS Player
359.Lot of Avon
360.Vintage Wonderhorse
361.Misc. Glassware
362.Fisher Price Toys
363.Misc. Wood Items
364.Misc. Vintage Magazines
365.Beanie Babies
366.Vintage Ledger Books
367.Office Supplies and Recipe Cards
368.(3) Fostoria Commemorative Plates
369.Advertising Badges
370.Pink Glass Antique Lamp Shade and Lamp
371.Bennington Pitcher
372.Fenton Basket and Misc.
373.Antique Children's Mugs
374.Assorted Yearbooks
375.Santa Blow Mold
376.Hand-Painted Plates and Misc.
377.Men's Black Hockey Ice Skates
378.Amber Bottles
379.Vintage Composition Doll
380.Box of Purple Glass
381.Transfer-ware Plates
382.Mid-Century Ceramic Bank
383.Box of Art Deco Hand-Painted China
384.Libbey-ware Glasses
385.Asian Figurines and Glass
386.Vintage Tabletop Radio and Amber Bottle
387.Crushed Velvet Tie-Die Table-Topper
388.Wooden Coca-Cola Carrier with Bear
389.Wooden Coca-Cola Carrier with Bear
390.Wooden Coca-Cola Carrier
391.Milk Glass Pitcher and Flower Frog
392.Oriental Doll Furniture
393.Chalkware Figures and Pumpkin Pieces
394.Chalkware and Flower-Watering Bird
395.Mexican Bird Figurines
396.Coca-Cola Wooden Carrier with Rubber Santa
397.Antique Celluoid Dresser Box
398.Chicken Pitcher and Die-Cast Metal Car
399.Vintage Dolls
400.Vintage Compacts
401.McCoy Daisy and Dot Pitcher (Has Chip)
402.Roseville Teasel Vase
403.Vintage Shaving Brushes
404.Fostoria Items, Glass
405.Avon Red Serving Bowls
406.Weller Vase
407.Ornate Figurines
408.China Doll and Newer Bylo Doll
409.Crystal Candlesticks and Fruits
410.Blue and White Wnoch Wedgewood
411.Victorian Hand-Painted Lemonade Pitchers
412.Champion Spark Plug Lot
413.Vintage Refrigerator Boxes
414.Box of Smalls
415.Box of Miniatures
416.(20 Volumes) Outline of Knowledge Vintage Books
417.(2) Aqua Ceramic Vases
418.Colorful Mixing Bowls
419.Box of Thimbles
420.Box of Smalls
421.Box of Wades
422.Miniature Glass Bottles
423.Antique Books
424.1986 Corporate Kid Cabbage Patch Doll
425.1986 Corporate Kid Cabbage Patch Doll
426.Barbie Carrying Case - Barbie and Clothing
427.Cowboy Vintage Novels
428.Vintage Photos and Cabinet Cards
429.Vintage Photos and Scrapbook
430.Sweeper Parts
431.Box of Umbrellas
432.Bathroom Scales
433.Box of Baskets
434.Wood Hangers
435.Antique Magazines
436.Garage Tools and Bicycle Seat
437.Plastic-ware and Plastic Light-Up Pumpkin
438.Huge Box of Vintage Dolls
439.Vintage Technical
440.Stuffed Animals
441.Doll Clothes
442.Old Tablecloths
443.Curtains, Draperies and Fabric
445.Roseville Pottery and Ovalescent
446.Souvenir Spoons
447.Cigar Boxes, Pennant and Tins
448.Ceramic Items
449.Presidential Badges and Buttons
450.Box of Wooden Clothes Pins
451.Cabinet Negative Photographs and Panoramic
452.Glass Vases and Decanters
453.Vintage Straw Hat with Silk Flowers
454.Velvet Photo Album with Cabinet Cards
455.Antique Children's Clothing
456.(2) Men's Hats and Stand
457.Precious Moments Michelin Man and Fenton
458.(3) Lamps (Need Repair)
459.Fostoria Candle Sticks and Glassware
460.Cobalt Glassare and Opalescent Vase
461.Yellow Depression Glass
462.Japan Dinnerware
463.Early American Pattern Glass, Pitcher, and Other Glassware
464.Valentine Candy Box
465.Vaseline Glass Items
466.Candle Shades
467.Misc. Stuffed Animals
468.Misc. Red Ruby Glass
469.Misc. Dolls
470.Chicken and Flower Frogs
471.Doll Clothes
472.Misc. Dolls
473.(2) Large Glass Bottles
474.Carnival Glass
475.Vintage Service Bowls
476.Tea Pot and Figurines
477.Stack of Iron Stone
478.Stack of Hand-Painted Plates
479.Percolating Pair Tumbler Set
480.Marble Gear Shift Knob and Glassware
481.Tea Pot and Misc.
482.Tea Pots and Birds
483.Sewing Items
484.Bird Planter
485.Ceramic Planter and Birds
486.Depression-ware Glass
487.Clear Glass and Early American Pattern Glass Cake Stand
488.Antique Anniversary Clock
489.Wax Burner and Salt & Pepper Shakers
490.Anniversary Clock
491.Roseville Console, Candle Holders and Flower Frog
492.Green Glass and Sarasota Paper Weight Ash Tray
493.Hot Wheels Cars
494.Misc. Yellow and Green Glass
495.Stack of LP Records
496.Box of Wooden Boxes
498.Dimple Tumblers
499.Assortment of Novels
500.Wooden Boxes
501.Christmas Fountain
502.Cabbage Patch 3-Position Rocker
503.Box of Wooden Boxes
504.Stack of '60s Magazines
505.Vintage Cookware
506.Vintage Corningware Cookware
507.Vintage Pyrex Cookware
508.Vintage Pyrex Cookware
509.Large Box of Pyrex Parts and Pieces
510.Fenton Milk Glass
511.Lot of Books
512.Vintage Clothing
513.Vintage Toys
515.Sewing Items
516.Homemade Costumes
517.Avon Salesman Kit
518.Religious Catholic Figures
519.Sewing Items
520.CD's and VHS Tapes
521.Box of Metal Doll Stands
523.Beanie Babies and Stuffed Animals
524.Sewing Items
526.Doll Clothes
527.Box of Barbie Dolls and Clothing
528.Box of GI Joes
529.Doll-Related Paper
530.NASCAR Decals and Misc.
531.Assorted Mugs
532.Tea Cups and Saucers
533.Pink Depression Glass
534.Old Lamp Parts
535.Box of Wrapping Paper
536.Misc. Figurines
537.Lot of Bottles
538.Lot of Bottles
539.Lot of Bottles
540.Red Glass and Vintage Deer
541.Assorted Glassware
542.Lamp Parts and Fenton Fairy Lamp
543.Nun Figurines
544.Pink Depression Glass Lamp and Other Lamps
545.Christmas Serving Pieces
546.Calendar Plates
547.Vintage Blankets and Serape
548.Pink Depression and Sugar & Creamer
549.Santa Blow Mold
551.Floral Tumblers
552.Ceramic Planters
553.Roseville Vase
554.Crystal Glass
555.Floral Vase
556.Japan Pottery
557.Vintage Christmas Boubeches and Candle Holders
558.Vintage Puzzles
559.Fenton Glass and Fairy Lamps
560.Lot of Wooden Boxes
562.Perfume Bottles
563.Large Box of Milk Glass
564.Vintage Christmas Items
565.Baby Doll
566.Precious Moments
567.Pair of Raikes Bears
568.45 Records
569.78 Records
570.(2) Boxes of Telephone Cords and Misc. Items
571.Lot of Wood and Metal Items
572.Box of Misc. Parts & Pieces
573.Winter Wonderland Porcelain Doll
574.Mary Engelbreit Doll
575.Electrical Light-Up Snowman
576.Old Quilts
577.Set of Encyclopedias (1942)
578.Camera Parts and Camera's
579.Collection of Ceramic and China Shoes
580.Misc. Crystal
581.(3) Large Boxes of Avon
582.Box of Consumer Reports, Magazines from 1970's
584.Ceramic Ducks
585.Old Sheets and Fabric
586.Misc. Ceramic Planters
587.Old Sheets
588.Beach Towels
589.Box of Cabbage Patch Kids
590.Ceramic Lanterns
591.Assorted Books
592.Beanie Babies
593.Ceramic Wall Pockets
594.Cambridge Glass Caprice Bowl and Candle Sticks
595.Box of Raggedy Ann and Andy's
596.Vintage Toys
597.Large Vintage Books
598.Vintage Toys
599.Misc. Technical Items
600.Lot of Assorted Cast-Iron Items
601.American Sweetheart Bowls, Santa Claus Mug
602.Vintage Dolls
603.Vintage Dolls and Roseville
604.Iron Stone and Blue Plates
605.Pedestal Goblets
606.Brass Items
607.Doll Clothes
608.Kitchen Plasticware
609.Old Newspapers
610.Christmas Ribbons and Bows
611.Christmas Tree Parts & Pieces
612.Box of Antique Books
613.Doll Sewing Projects
614.Wood Bowl and Misc.
615."The World's 100 Best Short Stories" - (12 Volumes)
616.Antique Books
617.Green Depression Glass and Small Jack Knives
618.Anchor Hocking Dishes
619.Brass Candlesticks
620.Yellow Bowl, Wall Pockets and Chalkware
621.Amber Glass, Opal Glass, Large Vase
622.Antique Books
623.Blue Ruffled Fenton Basket and Glass
624.Box of Camera Items
625.Small Toy Games
626.Green Depression Salt Shaker and Misc. Salt & Pepper
627.Office Supplies
628.Clear Vases
629.Office Supplies
630.Magazines and Old Books
631.Catholic Paper Prayer Cards and Other Antique Paper
632.Antique Badges and Buttons
633.Bisque Dolls and Brush Doll
634.Fenton Glass and Flower Glass
635.Arts & Crafts Brass Desk Set
636.Roseville Teasel
637.Chickens and Horse Book-Ends
638.Ceramic Planters and Candle Sticks
639.Golden Books
640.Misc. Vases
641.Plastic Fruit
642.Ironstone Brush Holder and Crystal Pitcher
643.The Works of Edgar Allen Poe (8 Volumes) and Glass
644.The Works of Edgar Allen Poe (8 Volumes) and Glass
645.Fostoria American Glass
646.Beer Bottle Openers
647.BC Tumblers
648.Salt & Pepper Shakers
649.Green Planters and Japan Dishes
650.Prayer Books and Paper
651.Fenton Miniature Glass and Tumblers
652.Snack Set and Ash Trays
653.Chalkware and Milk Bottle
654.Ceramics and Fenton
655.Ducks and Steins
656.Cobalt Blue and Mugs
657.Hoosier Canister Set and Bottles
658.Assortment of Coffee Mugs
659.Large Box of Christmas Items
660.Blue Ceramics and Salt & Pepper Shakers
661.Roseville and Other Planters
662.Avon Dog Shots and Other Glass
663.Salt & Pepper Shakers
664.Egg Dish and (2) Candelabras with Prisms
665.American International Encyclopedia - 1954
666.(3) Cabbage Patch Kids
667.Doll Clothes
669.Antique Damaged Doll
670.Sewing Thread, Parts & Pieces
671.Vintage Creche
672.Pine Cones, Blow Mold Santa
673.Antique Books
674.Wagnerware Stovetop Waffle Iron (3pc)
675.(2) No. 3 Egg-Size Cast-Iron Skillets
676.McCoy Planter
677.Paperback Books
678.Antique Print Framed Art
679.Vintage Soda Bottles
680.Stuffed Santa Claus
681.Slim Jim Huge Steins
682.Yellow and Green Depression Glass
683.(2) Ceramic Planters
684.Bear Cookie Jar
685.Whetstone with Bale
686.Vintage Dolls
687.Artwork with Painted Frames
688.Elbert Hubbard Scrapbook
689.Wagner Cast-Iron Egg Skillet
690.Picture Frames
691.Roseville and Paper Mache Rabbit
692.Antique Prints and Art
693.Stack of Metal Trays
694.Ceramic Apple Cookie Jar
695.Art Deco and Tilt Frames
696.Assorted Scales
697.Round Red & White Quilt
698.Roseville and Glass
699.(2) Ironstone Pitchers with Gold
700.Flew Cover and Kerosene Lantern
701.Vintage Christmas Bubble Lights
702.Stack of Comforters
703.Vintage Christmas Ornaments
704.Box of Novels
705.Tiffin Black Glass
706.Floral Corelle
707.Large Angel and Velour Blanket
708.Iron Stone Pitcher and Bowl
709.Boy Scout Handbooks, Hat and Hoe
710.Avon Figurines
711.Roseville and Coffee Mugs
712.Blue Carnival and Fenton
713.Antique Lampshades
714.Milk Glass Snack Set
715.American Sweetheart Fruit and Head Vase
716.Frank Olma Pottery
717.Bean Pot
718.Decanters, Art Glass and Flower Frog
719.Ball Pitcher and Bavaria Cups & Saucers
720.Bird Plates and Green Depression Tidbit Tray
721.(3) Teapots
722.Love Fiction Monthly Magazines
723.Misc. Glassware
724.(2) Yellow Bowls
725.Blue & White Tea Set
726.Blue & White Blue Willow
727.(2) Boxes of Books
728.(2) Boxes of Books
729.Sheet Music including Frank Sinatra
730.Vintage Maps
731.Vintage Flash Cards, Memorabilia and Disney Cards
732.Antique Paper
733.Antique Paper
736.Vintage Clothing
737.Kitchen Linens
739.Doll Parts
740.Sewing Items
741.(3 Boxes) Price Books, Old Vintage Books and Doll Magazines
743.Doilies and Kitchen Towels
744.Huge Box of Tins
745.Hand-Painted Plates
746.Antique Dinnerware
747.Prickly Pear Glasses and Other Glass
749.McGil High Speed Coin Changer and Rocks/Fossils
750.Box of Books
751.Coin Changer and Misc. Parts & Pieces
752.Christmas Items
753.(4) Boxes Full of Old Books
754.(4) Boxes Full of Old Books
755.Vintage Cookbooks
756.Box of Shot Glasses
757.Kitchen Utensils
758.Edge Tools and Glass
761.Precious Moments and Figures
762.Antique Sewing Machine and Silverplate Items
763.Antique Toys and Cannon
764.Cast-Iron Book-Ends and Glass Tray
765.Box of Small Toys
766.Misc. Bells
767.Halloween Items
768.Cast-Iron Animals


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