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Kigar Realty & Auction
Clarene's Collectibles Final Auction - Closes May 19th Starting at 8:00 p.m.

Item Description
1.Marvel Avengers Illuminated Street Scene
2.Elvis Graceland at Christmas, illuminated and musical, with remote control
3.Elvis Graceland at Christmas, illuminated and musical, with remote control (no box, some paint missing on the roof, missing a bush in front of house)
4.Dept. 56 - Possible Dreams, Noah’s Ark Diamond LE, Dillard’s exclusive, #4037293D
5.Dept. 56 - Dicken’s Village, Royal Straffordshire Porcelains
6.Dept. 56 - Literary Classics, Sherlock Holmes, Baker Street
7.Dept. 56 - Dicken’s Village, A Christmas Carol, Bob Cratchitt & Tiny Tim, A Christmas Carol Visit
8.Elf Land, village entrance, gift shop, and candy canes store
9.Dept. 56 - Sleepy Hollow, Patisserie Schokolade
10.Dept. 56 - Storybook Village Collection, Sign x2, Christmas in the City sign, US Flag
11.Dept. 56 - Holiday Barn Dance, Scrooge & Marley, Windmill
12.Dept. 56 - the House that Love Built (Ronald McDonald House), Gad’s Hill Place, and ?
13.Dept. 56 - Literary Classics, Great Expectations Havisham House and Book (damage to top of book)
14.Dept. 56 - H. Nikolaus Kirche, 1818 and unknown church
15.Dept. 56 - Mickey’s Christmas Castle and unknown castle
16.Dept. 56 - The Holy Land, The Prodigal Son, Alpenhorn Player, Send in the Clowns Ornament
17.Dept. 56 - Original Snow Village, Nantucket Renovation (no box, damaged Styrofoam)
18.Dept. 56 - Taliaferro-Cole House and miscellaneous Dept. 56 figurines
18A.Dept. 56 - Music Box
19.Dept. 56 - A Christmas Story, Ralphie’s House, Digbee’s Dept. Store
20.LeMax - 12 Days of Christmas manor, Wonderland Woodworks
21.LeMax - Engine Co. No. 33, Christmas Inn (damaged sign)
22.LeMax - Hathaway General Store, Miner 49er
23.LeMax - The Grainery and General Store, Lankford’s Blacksmith
24.LeMax - Medford Glass, Charlotte’s Flower Shop
25.LeMax - Veronica’s Bridal Suite, Berquist School of Ballet/McAllister Fine Arts, Victorian House
26.LeMax - Clifton’s Butcher Shop, Albee’s Pharmacy, Dept. 56, Bedford Tailor
27.LeMax - Jay’s Woodshop, High Peak’s Ski Lodge
28.LeMax - Santa Air, North Pole Post office
29.LeMax - Nick’s Hot Dogs, Reptile House
30.LeMax - Orchard Inn, Coventry Cove Post Office
31.LeMax - Oak Creek Mill
32.LeMax - Hanson & Sons Sailmakers, Graham’s Grocery
33.LeMax - Firehouse No. 9, Barbershop/A Fish Story Bookstore
34.LeMax - Bucky’s Trading Post, Dawson’s Upholstery Shop
35.LeMax - Crown Vaudeville Theatre, Windrose Beauty Salon
36.LeMax - The Stowaway Nautical Shop, Tom’s Tobacco Shop
37.LeMax - Treasure Trove Antiques, Park Gazebo
38.LeMax - Robinson Stables, June’s Bakery and Confectionary
39.LeMax - Harborview Inn, Tannenbaum Christmas Shoppe
40.Le Max - Harbor Fire Rescue Boat, Victoria Station (damaged sign & missing a piece, no boxes)
41.LeMax - Welcome Home, Rogers Model Train
42.LeMax - A Victorian Christmas (no Styrofoam)
43.LeMax - Skater World (water damaged box)
44.LeMax - Carnival Tickets, Waffle Hut
45.LeMax - Snowman Contest, Snowed In (set of 2)
46.LeMax - Mistletoe Road
47.LeMax - Handel’s Bake Shop, Lighthouse, Seals
48.LeMax - Santa’s Barn & Reindeer Corral, Palace Ballroom
49.LeMax - William’s Pharmacy, the Crow’s Nest Nautical Supplies
50.LeMax - The Zinger, missing the operator/worker (no box)
51.LeMax - Toy World
52.LeMax - Pinnacle Pete’s Pool Hall, Plymouth Fish Cannery
53.LeMax - River Princess, Christmas Gift
54.LeMax - Joe’s Shack, Import Emporium
55.LeMax - Mountain View Woodworks, United Church
56.LeMax - North Pole Tree Lot
57.LeMax - Dessert Ferris Wheel
58.LeMax - Snowy Mountain and rocks
59.LeMax - Accessories (16)
60.LeMax - Elf Playtime, Santa and Mrs. Claus Dance
61.LeMax - Figurines and accessories (9)
62.LeMax - Figurines (12)
63.LeMax Display, Santa’s Workshop, Victorian House, Misc. Figurines
64.LeMax - North Pole Skaters
65.Miracle on 34th Street, Illuminated Department Store
66.Miracle on 34th Street, Bedford Falls Train Station
67.Miracle on 34th Street, Bailey’s House, 320 Sycamore (hole in back of box)
68.Miracle on 34th Street, Gower Drug Store
69.Miracle on 34th Street, Bailey Building & Loan
70.Miracle on 34th Street, Courthouse
71.Miracle on 34th Street, Susan’s Dream House
72.Miracle on 34th Street, Bedford Falls Bridge
73.Miracle on 34th Street, Post Office (damaged box)
74.Miracle on 34th Street, Courthouse (damaged box)
75.Miracle on 34th Street, George Bailey’s Car, Ernie’s Taxi, City Hall (damaged box)
76.Miracle on 34th Street, Bedford Falls Bridge, City Hall, Ma Baileys (damaged boxes)
77.Miracle on 34th Street, Martini’s Bar, Bedford Falls Sign
78.Miracle on 34th Street, City Hall (no box)
79.Miracle on 34th Street, Bedford Falls Bank (no box)
80.Miracle on 34th Street, Baily Building & Loan, City Hall (no boxes)
81.Miracle on 34th Street, Bedford Falls Train Station, Bedford Falls High School (no boxes)
82.Miracle on 34th Street, Bert’s Police Car (damaged box), Angel Bell, and Porcelain Ornament
83.Miracle on 34th Street, Post Office (water damaged box)
84.Miracle on 34th Street, Santa Float and five figurines/ornaments (torn box)
85.Miracle on 34th Street, five figurines/ornaments
86.Miracle on 34th Street, four figurines/ornaments
87.LeMax - Pumpkin Hollow Fun House, Spooky Town Fun House
88.Dept. 56 - Grinch 8 ½ LED Lighted House (no box)
89.Coca-Cola, Town Square, 1909 Pender Block (damaged box)
90.Coca-Cola, Town Square, LED Station, 2005 (damaged box)
91.Coca-Cola, Main Street Collection, Stadium, 2004 (no box)
92.Coca-Cola, Town Square, Windmill, 2004 (damaged box)
93.Coca-Cola, Vintage Holiday Vending Machine
94.Coca-Cola, Bottle Opener Cap Catcher
95.Holiday Time, Bethlehem Nativity (damaged box)
96.Holiday Time, Paddle Store, 2009
97.Holiday Time, Santa’s Gazebo, 2009
98.Holiday Time, Mill, 2008
99.Holiday Time, Grey Barn, 2008
100.Holiday Time, School, 2008
101.Holiday Time, Oak Gas Station, 2008
102.Holiday Time, Wal-Mart Supercenter, 2008 (damaged box)
103.Holiday Time, Justice of the Peace, 2008 (damaged box)
104.Holiday Time, Santa’s Stagecoach and Windmill, 2008
105.Holiday Time, Frontier Trading Post, 2009
106.Holiday Time, Man Camping, Windmill, 2008 (damaged box)
107.Holiday Time, Bethlehem Nativity
108.Holiday Time, Santa’s Postal Express Truck (no box), Popcorn Stand, Elves Baking
109.Holiday Time, Man at the Well, Welcome Silver Spurs Ranch
110.Holiday Time, Santa on Tractor, Family Sledding (damaged box)
111.Holiday Time, Penguin Church
112.Holiday Time, Rodeo (no Styrofoam)
113.Holiday Time, Bake Shop, Skates & Sleds, Puppet Show (no boxes)
114.Holiday Time, Dixon’s Blacksmith
115.Holiday Time, Dixon’s Blacksmith
116.Holiday Time, Apothecary Shoppe
117.Holiday Time - Retro Theatre with color changing Marquee (no box)
118.Holiday Time, 2008 Cowboy Christmas Collection, Pony Ride (no box)
119.Holiday Time - Walton’s 5 & 10 Lighted Porcelain House
120.Holiday Time - Home Sweet Home, Lighted Gingerbread House
121.Holiday Time - Cheese Factory
122.Police Station & Fire Station, Stock Exchange (no boxes)
123.Holiday Time - Retro Theater with Color Changing Marquee
124.Holiday Time - 2005 Victorian Collection, Church
125.Holiday Time - Animated Candy Mill, lighted Gingerbread House
126.Christopher Radke, Letters to Santa Ornament Stand
127.Christopher Radke, Letters to Santa Ornament Stand (damaged box)
128.Dept. 56 - Old Red Barn (no box)
129.A Wonderful Holiday, Grandville House in Bedford Falls, Bijou and ?? (House have no boxes)
130.Enchanted Forest, Red Barn (no Styrofoam)
131.Enchanted Forest, Red Barn (damaged box)
132.Anheuser-Busch, Clydesdale Collection, “Pals Figurine”
133.Anheuser-Busch, Clydesdale Collection, “Clydesdale Football”
134.Dept. 56 - Possible Dreams, Norman Rockwell, Santa Claus, NIB
135.Dept. 56 - Possible Dreams, 15003-R, NIB
136.Dept. 56 - Possible Dreams, Santa playing banjo (damaged box)
137.Dept. 56 - Possible Dreams, Clothique, Teacher (no box)
138.Dept. 56 - Possible Dreams, Santa & Mrs. Claus (no boxes)
139.Home Accents - The Home Depot Store (no box)
140.Teapot Village (damaged box)
141.It’s a Wonderful Life, Andersons Dept. Store, Knickerbocker Inn (no boxes)
142.It’s a Wonderful Life, Bedford Falls City Hall, High School, and Potter’s Lumber Mill (no boxes)
143.It’s a Wonderful Life, Potter’s Mansion, Bedford Falls Sentinel (no boxes, dirt on cords/houses)
144.Holiday Time, Santa’s Gazebo, Light-up Igloo
145.Liberty Falls Village Sets (damaged boxes)
146.Holiday Time - Decorating the Tree
147.Holiday Time - Toys for Tots
148.Jim Shore - Bless this Day Easter Diorama, NIB
149.Jim Shore - Heartwood Creek Studio
150.Jim Shore - Glad Tidings for Christmas
151.Jim Shore - Nature’s Winter Wonders, Woodland Santa
152.Jim Shore - Russian Santa, Brazilian Santa
153.Jim Shore - Making Spirits Bright, Classic Santa
154.Jim Shore - American Santa Hanging Ornament
155.Jim Shore - Italian Santa, Dutch Santa
156.Jim Shore - Mexican Santa, Santa w/ Owl Hanging Ornament
157.Jim Shore - African Santa, Santa w/ Owl Hanging Ornament
158.Jim Shore - St. Francis Hanging Ornament, ?
159.Jim Shore - Set of 2 Santa and Mrs. Claus Hanging Ornaments
160.Jim Shore - German Santa, Italian Santa, NIB
161.Jim Shore - Scottish Santa, Dutch Santa
162.Jim Shore - Greece Santa, Polish Santa (no Styrofoam)
163.Jim Shore - Dutch Santa, Brazilian Santa
164.Jim Shore - French Santa, White Woodland Santa Hanging Ornament
165.Jim Shore - Italian Santa NIB, Russian Santa (no Styrofoam)
166.Jim Shore - Mexican Santa, Ireland (no box), 2006 & 2011 Hanging Ornaments
167.Jim Shore - Gingerbread Sweets Snowman (no box)
168.Celebrate It - Pair of Santa Claus figurines (no boxes)
169.Celebrate It - 3 Santa Claus Figurines (no boxes, some dirt on Santa’s, one has hole in pants)
170.Celebrate It - Pair of Santa Claus Figurines (no boxes, some dirt on Santa’s)
171.Celebrate It - Pair of Santa Claus Figurines (no boxes, some dirt on Santa’s)
172.Celebrate It - Pair of Santa Claus Figurines (no boxes, some dirt on Santa’s)
173.Celebrate It - Pair of Santa Claus Figurines (no boxes)
174.Trim a Home - Pair of Santa Claus figurines (no boxes)
175.Trim a Home - Pair of Santa Claus Figurines (no boxes)
176.Fabriche - Pair of Santa Claus figurines (no boxes, some dirt on Santa’s)
177.Fabriche - Pair of Santa Claus Figurines (no boxes, some dirt on Santa’s)
178.Holiday Time - Pair of Santa Claus figurines (no boxes, some dirt on Santa’s)
179.Holiday Time - Pair of Santa Claus Figurines (no boxes, some dirt on Santa’s)
180.Fabriche - Pair of Santa Claus Figurines (no boxes)
181.Holiday Time - Pair of Santa Claus Figurines (no boxes, some dirt on Santa’s)
182.Holiday Time - Pair of Santa Claus Figurines (no boxes, some dirt on Santa’s)
183.Hawthorne Village - Macy’s and Grand Central Station (no boxes)
184.Christmas Valley - Justice of the Peace, Church (No Boxes)
185.6 Meijer Village Figurines and 6 Misc. Figurines (no boxes)
186.Christmas Valley Main Street Collection (damaged box)
187.3 Items: Church (battery operated) and unknown village buildings (no boxes)
188.Hawthorne Village, Holiday Bed & Breakfast, Precious Rail Train Station
189.Wellington Square Collection, 6 pieces
190.Liberty Falls Village Set (damaged box)
191.Holiday Inspirations, Stage Coach, Covered Bridge & Sleigh Ride (no boxes)
192.Holiday Time - 2005 Victorian Collection, Church
193.Christmas Valley Roller Rink, Bakery, Cottage Café, Midwest Cannon Falls
194.Liberty Falls Collector’s Club Roller Coaster, Music Box AH999 (no box)
195.Victorian Village Collectibles, Fire Station House, Winter Baseball
196.Victorian Village Collectibles, St. Luke’s Church, and Barnacle Lighthouse
197.Victorian Village Collectibles, Putney’s Print Shop
198.Home Accents - House of Darts, Horse Drawn Carriage (damaged box)
199.Victorian Village Collectibles, Parkhurst Veterinarians (damaged box)
200.Home Accents - The Home Depot Store, Village Accessory (damaged box)
201.Home Accents, Christmas Village Gazebo, Popcorn Stand (damaged box)
202.Home Accents - Canterbury Lane Gazebo, Shooting Gallery (damaged box)
203.Currier & Ives Collection, Museum of New York City, Old Farm House, Frozen Up (no box)
204.Charlet Café (no box)
205.Precious Moments Figurines
206.Precious Moments Figurines
207.Precious Moments Figurines, Train Set, 1992
208.Precious Moments Figurine Ornaments
209.Precious Moments Figurine Ornaments
210.Precious Moments Figurine Ornaments
211.Precious Moments Figurine Ornaments
213.Precious Moments Figurine Ornaments, 10 Items
214.Precious Moments Figurines, missing piece w/ cow
215.Precious Moments Figurines
216.Precious Moments Figurines
217.Precious Moments Figurines (Joseph Staff Broke and was Re-Glued)
218.Precious Moments Figurines
219.Precious Moments Figurines - The King and I, Couple Dancing Musical, NIB
220.Precious Moments Figurines
221.Precious Moments Figurines, Circle of Friends, Home Interiors & Gifts
222.(8) 1920’s Figurine Ornaments
223.Sandicast Christmas Ornaments (6), 3-piece dog breed ornaments, Country Artists ornament
224.Nascar Collectible Christmas Ornaments (8)
225.Miscellaneous Christmas Ornaments (9), Dillards Christmas Ornaments (6)
226.Carlton Cards and Keepsake Christmas Ornaments, I love Lucy, Howdy Doody, Buffalo Bob
227.Dillards Timesetter Christmas Ornaments (5)
228.Sesame Street Christmas Ornaments
229.Elvis Christmas Ornaments (6), jukebox works (rust on it)
230.Elvis Christmas Ornaments (5)
231.Elvis Christmas Ornaments (4)
232.Elvis Christmas Ornaments (5)
233.Elvis Christmas Ornaments (5) (missing back of one ornament and hair needs to be touched up)
234.Miscellaneous Christmas Ornaments (33)
235.Keepsake Christmas Ornaments (4) and miscellaneous ornaments (3)
236.Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Christmas Ornaments (7)
237.Dr. Suess, The Grinch, Christmas Ornaments
238.Home Depot Christmas Ornaments (5)
239.Light and Motion Christmas Ornaments (2)
240.Carlton, Mistletoe, Keepsake Christmas Ornaments (10)
241.Keepsake Christmas Ornaments (6)
242.Keepsake Christmas Ornaments (6)
243.Tonka and Dillards Timesetter Christmas Ornaments
244.Keepsake and John Deere Christmas Ornaments, Tiller is metal (not an ornament)
245.John Deere Snow Globe
246.John Deere Santa Tractor
247.Keepsake Star Trek Christmas Ornaments and Blast Off ornament
248.Barbie Christmas Ornaments
249.Carlton Christmas Ornaments, Phantom of the Opera (front 2 ornaments are missing battery covers)
250.Star Wars Christmas Ornaments
251.Miscellaneous Keepsake and Carlton Ornaments (8)
252.Wizard of Oz Ornaments (6)
252A.Wizard of Oz Ornaments (4)
253.Carlton Christmas Ornaments, Phantom of the Opera (two on right are missing battery covers)
254.Hanna Barbara Christmas Ornaments (10)
255.Carlton Christmas Ornaments, Annie, Show Boat, Oklahoma, Phantom of the Opera (the two with sticky notes are missing battery covers)
256.Keepsake Ornaments from popular Christmas Movies (A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, etc)
257.Miscellaneous Ornaments from popular Christmas Movies (A Christmas Carol, Polar Express, etc)
258.“A Christmas Carol” Ornaments (7)
259.Grease Ornaments (missing battery cover)
260.Ornaments from popular Movies/TV shows (Grease, Planet of the Apes, Dirty Dancing, Harry Potter)
261.Christmas Ornaments (Simpsons, Rugrats, South Park, Bratz, etc.)
262.Christmas Ornaments (Hello Kitty, Dora, Thomas the Train, etc.)
263.Marvel Christmas Ornaments
264.DC Comic – Batman Christmas Ornaments
265.Miscellaneous Christmas Ornaments (15)
266.Disney - High School Musical Christmas Ornaments (11)
267.Disney - High School Musical Christmas Ornaments (11)
268.Johnny Cash Musical Christmas Ornaments
269.Johnny Cash Musical Christmas Ornaments
270.The Chipmunks Musical Christmas Ornaments (8)
271.Marilyn Monroe and Betty Boop Christmas Ornaments
272.Marilyn Monroe Christmas Ornaments
273.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Christmas Ornaments and the “Simon” game ornament
274.White Christmas, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Groucho, and Judy Garland Ornaments
275.Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bob Hope, and Judy Garland Christmas Ornaments
276.Michael Jackson and Taylor Swift Christmas Ornaments
277.Disney Christmas Ornaments (10)
278.Disney Christmas Ornaments (9)
279.Education and Teacher Christmas Ornaments (14)
280.Christmas Ornaments (10)
281.Christmas Ornaments (11)
282.Carlton Christmas Ornaments (10)
283.Miscellaneous Christmas Ornaments (11)
284.Carlton Christmas Ornaments (Jackie Kennedy, Mt. Rushmore, Statue of Liberty, Washington Monument, and White House Historical Association)
285.Christmas Ornaments (Armed Forces, White House Historical Association, Stars & Stripes, etc.)
286.Peanuts Christmas Ornaments (Keepsake: Schroeder is missing head)
287.Collectible Ornaments (10)
288.Care Bear, Cabbage Patch, Strawberry Shortcake, Raggedy Ann, Winnie the Pooh, etc. Ornaments
289.S’mores Christmas Ornaments (12)
290.Dillard’s Trimmings Christmas Ornaments (9)
291.3 Musical Christmas Ornaments and four other Christmas Ornaments
292.3 Musical Christmas Ornaments and four other Christmas Ornaments
293.5 Musical Christmas Ornaments
294.5 Musical Christmas Ornaments
295.Western Themed and Train Christmas Ornaments
296.Miscellaneous Christmas Ornaments (7)
297.3 Musical Christmas Ornaments and four other Christmas Ornaments
298.“A Christmas Carol” figurines (7)
299.“Yesterday’s Child” figurines and picture frame
300.“Yesterday’s Child” figurines
301.Miscellaneous Christmas Ornaments (4)
302.Miniature Tea Set
303.Star Wars Keepsake Ornaments (6)
304.Star Wars Keepsake Ornaments (9)
305.Marvel and DC Comic Keepsake Ornaments (3)
306.Disney Keepsake Christmas Ornaments
307.Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornaments
308.Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornaments
309.Disney Keepsake Christmas Ornaments
310.Disney Keepsake Christmas Ornaments
311.The Grinch, Dora, Cabbage Patch, etc. Christmas Ornaments (some damaged boxes)
312.Carlton and Hallmark Christmas Ornaments
313.Carlton and Hallmark Christmas Ornaments
314.Strawberry Shortcake, Care bears, and Smurf Christmas Ornaments
315.Star Trek Keepsake Ornaments
316.Star Trek Keepsake Ornaments
317.Wizard of Oz Ornaments
318.Wizard of Oz Ornaments
319.Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Christmas Ornaments
320.Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Christmas Ornaments
321.“A Christmas Story” and miscellaneous Christmas Ornaments
322.Christmas movies Ornaments
323.Department 56 - “A Christmas Story” figurines
324.Miscellaneous Keepsake Christmas Ornaments
325.Miscellaneous Keepsake Christmas Ornaments
326.Disney Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments
327.Disney Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments
328.Miscellaneous Keepsake Ornaments (Toy Story, Warner Brothers, etc.)
329.Winnie the Pooh Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments
330.Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, Miscellaneous Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments
331.Disney Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments
332.Elvis Musical Christmas Ornaments
333.Pixar Cars, Thomas the Train, Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments
334.Brown Easter Bunny with pink bow,
335.Holiday Train, animated, musical, LED light-up
336.Mr. Christmas, The Lights and Sounds of Christmas
337.18” x 19” x 8” Ceramic/Porcelain Elephant
338.18” x 19” x 8” Ceramic/Porcelain Elephant
339.Hallmark - North Pole Communicator (dirt on box)
340.Hallmark - North Pole, Dance like an Elf
341.Famous movies Ornaments
342.Fontanini Figurines
343.Fontanini Figurines
344.Fontanini Figurines
345.Fontanini Figurines
346.Fontanini Figurines
347.Fontanini Figurines
348.Fontanini Figurines
349.Fontanini Figurines
350.Fontanini Manger with three figurines
351.Fontanini Figurines
352.Fontanini Figurines
353.Fontanini Figurines
354.Fontanini Figurines
355.Fontanini Figurines
356.Fontanini Figurines
357.Fontanini Figurines
358.Fontanini Figurines
359.Fontanini Figurines
360.Fontanini Figurines
361.Fontanini Figurines
362.Fontanini Figurines
363.Fontanini Figurines
364.Fontanini Figurines
365.Fontanini Figurines
366.Fontanini Figurines
367.Fontanini Figurines
368.Fontanini Ornaments
369.Fontanini Ornaments
370.Fontanini Ornaments
371.Fontanini Figurines
372.Fontanini Figurines
373.Fontanini Figurines
374.Fontanini Sheep Shelter
375.Fontanini Manger
376.Fontanini Figurines
377.Fontanini Figurines
378.Fontanini Figurine and Ornament
379.Fontanini Flower Cart
380.Fontanini Town Well
381.Fontanini Produce Shop
382.Fontanini Camel
383.Fontanini Three Kings
384.Fontanini Lighted Tradesmen Shop
385.Fontanini King’s Tent
386.Fontanini Drummer Boy Musical
387.Fontanini 5” Background Screen
388.Fontanini 5” Background Screen
389.Fontanini create a Bethlehem Village with additional pieces
390.Fontanini create a Bethlehem Village with additional pieces
391.Fontanini 5” Animal Coral
392.Fontanini Lighted Bakery (damaged box)
393.Fontanini 5” Animal Coral
394.Fontanini King’s Tent
395.Fontanini 5” Produce Shop
396.Fontanini Entrance Gate
397.Fontanini Servant’s Tent, Water Well
398.Fontanini, unknown
399.Fontanini Stable
400.Fontanini Manger (missing a piece of birch bark)
401.Santa Figurines
402.Santa’s Workshop Figurines
403.Santa’s Workshop Figurines
404.Santa’s Workshop Figurines
405.St. Nicholas Square Santa Figurines (some dirt/stains)
406.Santa’s Workshop Figurines
407.Season’s Designs Santa Figurines (Some dirt/stains)
408.Santa’s Workshop Santa Figurines
409.Santa’s Workshop Santa Figurines
410.Santa’s Workshop Santa Figurines
411.Santa’s Workshop Santa Figurines
412.St. Nicholas Square Santa Figurines
413.St. Nicholas Square Santa Figurines (some dirt/stains)
414.Santa’s Workshop Santa Figurines (some dirt/stains)
415.Fabriche Collectibles Santa Figurines (some dirt/stains)
416.Santa’s Workshop Santa Figurines (some dirt/stains)
417.Clothique, Possible Dreams, Santa Figurines (Damaged/box)
418.Clothique, Possible Dreams, Santa Figurines
419.Kurt Adler and KSA Santa Figurines
420.Jacqueline Kent’s, The Many faces of Christmas, Santa Figurine
421.Musical Santa Figurine
422.Warm traditions Santa Figurine
423.Season’s Designs Santa Figurines
424.Metal Coca-Cola Santa Bank
425.Star Wars Master Yoda Figurines (nutcracker, fortune teller, Santa), Troll Dolls
426.Star Wars Master Yoda Figurines (nutcracker, Santa), R2-D2 (some dirt on Yoda)
427.36" Frankenstein
428.36" Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus
429.The International Santa Claus Collection Figurines, damaged boxes
430.The International Santa Claus Collection Figurines, damaged boxes
431.The International Santa Claus Collection Figurines
432.The International Santa Claus Collection Figurines, damaged boxes
433.The International Santa Claus Collection Figurines, damaged boxes
434.The International Santa Claus Collection Figurines, damaged boxes
435.The International Santa Claus Collection Figurines, damaged boxes
436.The International Santa Claus Collection Figurines, damaged boxes
437.The International Santa Claus Collection Figurines, no boxes
438.The International Santa Claus Collection Figurines, no boxes
439.The International Santa Claus Collection Figurines, no boxes
440.The International Santa Claus Collection Figurines, no boxes
441.The International Santa Claus Collection Figurines, no boxes
442.The International Santa Claus Collection Figurines, no boxes
443.The International Santa Claus Collection Figurines, no boxes
444.The International Santa Claus Collection Figurines, no boxes
445.The International Santa Claus Collection Figurines, no boxes
446.Dillard’s Timesetter Ornaments, NIB
447.Dillard’s Timesetter Ornaments (missing box cover)
448.Dillard’s Timesetter Ornaments (no box)
449.Dillard’s Timesetter Ornaments (no box)
450.Dillard’s Timesetter Ornaments (one is NIB, one has no box)
451.“A Christmas Carol” figurines (6)
452.Cracker Barrel, Disney Aladdin, John Deere, etc. Christmas Ornaments
453.(7) S'more Ornaments
454.Miscellaneous Christmas Ornaments (10)
455.OSU Buckeye and Dillard's Ornaments
456.Coca-Cola Christmas Ornaments
457.Elvis Presley Ornaments and (2) Decorative Home Accent Ornaments
458.Jim Shore - Walt Disney Showcase, Disney Traditions, Jiminy Cricket
459.Jim Shore - Walt Disney Showcase, Disney Traditions, From Sea to Shining Sea
460.Jim Shore - Walt Disney Showcase, Disney Traditions, “One if by land, two if by sea”
461.Holiday Living - 28” Musical Mrs. Claus
462.Rock Santa, Holly Jolly Rock Santa, Alan Jackson (damaged box)
463.Christmas Magic Musical Toy Soldier (damaged box)
464.Santa On Line, The Original Motion-ettes, Animated/illuminated Christmas Display
465.Holiday Living - 25” animated/illuminated Mrs. Claus
466.Holiday Creations - 36” animated/lighted Santa Claus (Damaged Box)
467.Holiday Creations - 24” animated/lighted Santa Claus Holiday Figure (Damaged Box)
468.(3) Boxes of 8-Piece Lighted Candy Canes
469.Rock Santa, Holly Jolly Rock Santa, Alan Jackson
470.Santa’s Best, Animated North Pole Elf (Damaged Box)
471.(2) Kurt Adler’s 10 Lights Novelty Set
472.(2) Sets of Four holographic snowflake pathway markers
473.(4) Boxes of 4 Lit Pathway Trees w/ 50 lights (Damaged Boxes)
474.(3) Boxes of sparkle/crystal/holographic Snowflake decorations (a sphere, 10 ct. set, etc.)
475.Miscellaneous Halloween Decorations
476.Halloween Pumpkin Lantern, 10 Light Pumpkin Set, and (2) Halloween Displays
477.Santa’s Gift, Cleveland Indians Figurine NIB (Damaged Box)
478.The Williamsburg Collection, George Wythe House-1754 by Lefton
479.Holiday Time - Animated Candy Mill lighted Gingerbread House, NIB (Damaged Box)
480.Holiday Time - Fiber Optic Retro Diner, 2005, no battery cover, damaged box
481.(2) Boxes of 5 lit Twinkling Pathway Snowflakes
482.Department 56 - Upstairs Downstairs Bears, Flora Mardle, the parlor maid, Mrs. Henrietta Bosworth, Socialize
483.Fabric Mache - Bunny Couple figurines
484.KSA Fabriche Collectibles, Moments in Time
485.Nickelodeon, 20” Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Michelangelo Candy Bowl Holder, NIB
486.Mr. Christmas, Deluxe Animated Village, Dillard’s Department Store
487.The Meta Magic Window Wild Bird Feeding System, Titgemeier’s Feed & Garden
488.Holiday Living, 25” Holiday Angel, animated/illuminated (damaged box)
489.Holiday Living, Gingerbread House, musical and illuminated, dancing figures (damaged box)
490.19-Piece Lighted Nativity Set, NIB (Damaged Box)
491.76 Light Deluxe Spider Web with spider and 5 Additional Spider Webs
492.(2) Pre-lit Tinsel Tree with gift box stand and 20 lights
493.4’ White pre-lit Tree w/ 70 lights
494.4’ White pre-lit Tree w/ 70 lights
495.4’ White Pre-lit Tree w/ 70 lights
496.4’ White pre-lit Tree w/ 70 lights
497.4’ White pre-lit Tree w/ 70 lights
498.(2) 22”x46” Sylvania Holographic Signs
499.20” Holographic Snowman, 100 light Holographic Snowflake lighted decorations, Arch Style Fence
500.8’ Lighted Candy Cane Arch with 200 lights
501.(2) Halloween Midnight Market LED décor, glows in the dark, and Halloween decoration
502.(2) Halloween Midnight Market LED décor, glows in the dark
503.(2) Halloween Midnight Market LED décor, Glows in the dark and spider lights
504.(3) 13.5” Christmas Metal Ball Trees and two tree toppers (blue one has some rust)
505.Traditions 3D 48” animated/lighted Standing Buck and 30” Standing Buck (no box)
506.(2) 4’ LED Snow Trees
507.(2) 3 pk Snowflake Twinkling Stakes (28” tall, 4 functions), damaged boxes
508.6’ Pre-Lit Spiral Tree and 2 packages of 150 mini Clear Swag Style Lights, damaged boxes
509.Holiday Lightshow with timer (mp3 compatible)(damaged box)
510.36” animated Standing Buck decoration (works; eyes and mouth move, motion activated)
511.4’ Pre-Lit Tinsel Trees, 2’ Pre-Lit Tinsel Tree w/ gift box stand (damaged box)
512.Valentine’s Day decorations (window lighted Heart, 3 boxes of lights, etc.)
513.Christmas decorations (“Joy” rope light and two lighted “Merry Christmas” signs)
514.St. Patrick’s Day decorations (two of which are lighted)
515.St. Patrick’s Day decorations
516.(4) St. Patrick’s Day/Irish tea pots, two dishes, and one decorative cross
517.Lighted Christmas decorations (two angels, “Joy,” penguin, snowflake, star)
518.Lighted Christmas decorations (“Season’s Greetings, “Happy Holidays,” etc.)
519.(2) Sets of 26” Pre-Lit Canadian Pine Mini Trees
520.Holiday Living, 14” Fiber Optic Star and Illuminated Star, “Happy Holiday” decorations
521.Thanksgiving/Autumn decorations (lighted jack o’ lanterns, hanging decorations)
522.Easter Decorations, (tree lighted house works)
523.(2) Gold Candle Stick Stands, One Gold Tinsel Tree, Gold Ornaments
524.Patriot decorations (lighted American Flag)
525.(3) Patriotic Hats
526.Miscellaneous Christmas decorations
527.10 pc LED Icicle Light Set, Aurora Lights Tree Topper, mini Christmas tree (damaged box)
528.Wintersville Express battery operated train set
529.Gingerbread Village Express, musical Christmas train set
530.Halloween animated/lighted spider
531.Halloween - spider web table runners; spider web, pumpkin, owls placemats (Kohls, TJ Maxx)
532.Holiday Fun-string of 6 flameless candles, two sets of GE 15 watt-miser C-7 bell lights
533.Ronan, Retro Christmas TV, animated/lighted, battery operated
534.Ronan, Retro Christmas Juke Box, animated/lighted, battery operated
535.Disney Figurines (no boxes)
536.Disney - Tarzan electric water fall with pump
537.Disney - Cinderella musical Snow Globe
538.Disney - Mickey & Minnie Mouse musical Snow Globe
539.Disney - Frozen, animated/musical Carousel
540.Disney - Frozen, animated/musical Carousel
541.Disney - Frozen, animated/musical Carousel
542.Disney - Cinderella and Snow White musical boxes (Damaged Boxes)
543.Disney - Cinderella snow globe music box and music box, Princess Stephanie music box (No Boxes)
544.Disney - Cinderella Collectible Porcelain Village (Damaged Box)
545.Disney - Famous Princesses Collectible Portable Village
546.Disney - Department 56, Happily Ever After, Cinderella (Damaged Box)
547.Disney - Musical Motion Waterfall, Cinderella Musical Motion Waterfall
548.Disney - Cinderella and the Little Mermaid Collectible Porcelain Village, damaged boxes
549.Disney - Princesses Stocking Holder, Tinkerbell musical box (Damaged Boxes)
550.Disney - Frozen, lighted/animated display
551.Disney - Mr. Christmas music box and Frozen figurines
552.Disney - Frozen Musical Revolving figurine
553.Disney - Winnie the Pooh and Friends Dry Dome (Damaged Box)
554.Disney - Winnie the Pooh and Friends, Day’s till Christmas and Happy Holidays
555.Disney - Dept. 56, Cinderella and Aladdin figurines (Damaged Box, no Styrofoam)
556.Disney - lighted/animated display
557.Disney - Tinkerbell, Magic Kingdom lighted snow globe
558.Disney - lighted/animated display
559.Disney - Snow White and the seven Dwarfs Cottage
560.Disney Dept. 56 - Castle (broken tips on top of roof), Snow White and the seven Dwarfs figurines
561.Disney - Winnie the Pooh Collectible Porcelain Village
562.Disney Collectibles - Little Big Chief and Cactus (stained/damaged box)
563.Disney Collectibles (stained/damaged box)
564.Disney figurines - “It’s a small word after all,” ornaments, Dept. 56 Minnie, Mickey snow globe
565.Disney - Pinocchio Anniversary Clock
566.Fontanini - Lighted Pottery and Bakery Shop
567.Fontanini - Tradesmen’s Stalls
568.Fontanini - “My first Creche,” Manger Set
569.Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Decorative Light-up
570.Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Advent Calendar, Snow Globe
571.Peanuts, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Snoopy’s Doghouse, Snoopy and Woodstock Snow Globe
572.Animated Story Telling House, Twas the Night Before Christmas
573.Star Wars Action Figures
574.Star Wars Episode I, Obi-Wan Kenobi interactive talking bank
575.Star Wars, Yoda Gumball Dispenser (talking, lighted)
576.Star Wars - Jelly Belly, Bean Machine
577.Star Wars - Jelly Belly, Bean Machine
578.Star Wars - Kylo Ren Helmet, Jelly Belly, Bean Machine, Book
579.Star Wars - The Force Awakens canvas picture, Artissimo
580.Star Wars - A New Hope canvas picture, Artissimo
581.Star Wars - Movies I to VI canvas picture, Artissimo
582.Star Wars - A New Hope canvas picture, Artissimo
583.Star Wars - movies I to VI canvas picture, Artissimo (stain on back)
584.Coca-Cola, Date Night Dancing Alarm Clock (damaged box)
585.Coca-Cola, Date Night Dancing Alarm Clock (damaged box)
586.By the Chimney, animated, light-up, musical (damaged box)
587.Willie Winter, The Dancing Snowman
588.Mrs. Claus Midnight Watch, Danbury Mint
589.Rock “N” Roll 50’s Jukebox
590.Rock “N” Roll 60’s Jukebox
591.Rock “N” Roll 60’s Jukebox
592.Rock “N” Roll 50’s Jukebox
593.Rock “N” Roll 50’s Jukebox
594.Rock “N” Roll 50’s Jukebox
595.Willow Tree - Mother and Son
596.Willow Tree - Musical, Guardian
597.Willow Tree - My sister, my friend
598.Willow Tree - Sheltering Animals for the Holy Family
599.Willow Tree, Sheltering Animals for the Holy Family
600.Willow Tree - Irish Charm
601.Willow Tree - Sheltering Animals for the Holy Family
602.Willow Tree - Sheltering Animals for the Holy Family
603.Willow Tree - The Holy Family
604.Willow Tree - The Holy Family
605.Willow Tree - Ox and Goat
606.Willow Tree - Ox and Goat
607.Willow Tree - Ox and Goat
608.Willow Tree - Love of Learning
609.Willow Tree - Love of Learning
610.Willow Tree - (3) Misc. Figurines
611.Scrooge’s Tiny Tim & Bob Cratchit, 26” tall, animated and lighted
612.Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Rudolph Village
613.Dept. 56 - Snow Bunnies Arctic Scene
614.Currier & Ives, Sunday Winter Scene, Frozen Up (no boxes)
615.LeMax - Stereo Cassette Player Set (no box), Porcelain the Olde Lamplighter, missing lights on tree
616.(3) 21 pc Pine Trees (assorted sizes), Snow Village Street Signs
617.LeMax - Steven’s Hideout, Tugboat (no boxes)
618.LeMax - Cedar Cabin, Nelson’s Photography & Custom Framing (no boxes)
619.Disney - The Little Mermaid Waterfall, Ariel (damaged arms, no box)
620.Jingle Bell Rock Santa Collectibles
621.Dept. 56 - The White House (no box)
622.Holiday Time - Retro Theatre with color changing Marquee (no box, damaged paint, no battery cover)
623.Hersey’s, Chocolate Factory (missing a piece on roof), Chocolate Café, (no boxes)
624.LeMax - Village Sign Shop, Sawyer’s Saw Mill (no boxes)
625.Holiday Living, animated/musical Church scene, NIB
626.Dept. 56 - Disneyland Fire Dept., H.J. Heinz Company
627.LED lighted/animated Winter Church scene (no box, missing two figurines, missing part of fence)
628.Oak Gas Station, Putney’s Print Shoppe (no boxes, broken/missing piece)
629.LeMax - Village Collection Carnival, Horse drawn wagon (no boxes)
630.Santa’s Best - Christmas in the Rockies (damaged box)
631.Lefton, The Governor’s Palace 1722, Williamsburg Collection
632.Spin & Glide on the Village Skating Pond, Electronic (battery operated)
633.Night Before Christmas, Holiday Musicals (damaged box)
634.Welhnachts-Pyramide (damaged box)
635.Moving Carousel, Fiber Optic (no box)
636.Hickory Farms and Chicken Coop Produce Gift (no box)
638.St. Nicholas Square, Main Street (Bank, Law Office, Real estate Dept.) (no box)
639.St. Nicholas Square, Post Office (damaged box)
640.St. Nicholas Square, Antique Cobbler and Village Shop
641.St. Nicholas Square - Village Square Fiber Optic Fountain, Green House (no box)
642.St. Nicholas Square - Boat Rental (damaged box), Warming house
643.St. Nicholas Square, Betty’s Diner (damaged box)
644.St. Nicholas Square - Country Chapel (damaged box, missing steeple cross)
645.St. Nicholas Square - Jack’s Diner
646.St. Nicholas Square - News Stand, SNS Visitor’s Center
647.St. Nicholas Square - Farmer’s Market and Playground
648.St. Nicholas Square - Farmer’s Market, Water Well (no box), and Figurine
649.St. Nicholas Square - Gum-Drop Shoppe and Christmas tree (no boxes)
650.St. Nicholas Square - Victorian Houses
651.St. Nicholas Square - WXMS Radio Station, Village Pet Store (no boxes)
652.St. Nicholas Square - Green House and 7 misc. figurines
653.St. Nicholas Square - Ski Hill (damaged box)
654.St. Nicholas Square - School (damaged box)
655.St. Nicholas Square - Ski Chalet (damaged box)
656.St. Nicholas Square - Ski Hill (damaged box)
657.LED Candy House
658.Animated Fabric Mache Fishing Santa
659.2 Musical Christmas Carolers Scenes (no boxes)
660.2 Musical Christmas Carolers Scenes (no boxes)
661.Home Accents - The Home Depot Store (no box)
662.Home Accents - The Home Depot Store
663.Home Accents - Amusement Park Ride (no box)
664.Home Accents - Porcelain Building
665.Home Accents - Ferris Wheel (no box)
667.Home Accents - Fiber Optic Nautical Village
668.Gone with the Wind - “Twelve Oaks,” (no box)
669.Musical Animated Water globe Nativity (damaged box)
670.Fiber Optic Village (damaged box)
671.Heritage Village Collection - Seton Morris Spice Merchant Gift Set (damaged box)
672.Godinger - Shannon Crystal
673.Godinger - Shannon Crystal
674.Godinger - Shannon Crystal
675.Godinger - Shannon Crystal
676.Godinger - Shannon Crystal
677.Godinger - Shannon Crystal
678.Home Accents - 7” LED Animated Dive Coaster, 7” LED Animated Ferris Wheel
679.Home Accents - Animated LED Musical Tilt-A-Wheel, Animated/Musical LED Ferris Wheel
680.Grandma Reindeer (no box)
681.Hummel - Camel
682.Hummel - Camel
683.Hummel - Camel
684.6 pc Goebel Weihnact (no boxes)
685.Hummel Figurines (no boxes)
686.Relpo Figurines (no boxes)
687.Goebel Weihnact, Hummel Figurines (no boxes)
688.Hummel Figurines (no boxes)
689.Hummel Figurines (no boxes)
690.Precious Moments
691.Precious Moments
692.Precious Moments
693.Traditional Elegance, 7 pc gold leaf nativity set (damaged box)
694.Edwin M Knowles China Co., The King and I, Craftsmanship plates
695.Edwin M Knowles China Co., The Sound of Music Craftsmanship plates
696.Swinging Teddy Bear Shelf Sitter, Tandem Bike Bears plate (no box)
697.Charming Tails
698.Boyd’s Bearly-Built Villages (no boxes)
699.Cherished Teddies
700.Cherished Teddies
701.Cherished Teddies
702.Cherished Teddies
703.Cherished Teddies
704.Cherished Teddies
705.Cherished Teddies
706.Cherished Teddies (No Box)
707.Cherished Teddies (No Boxes)
708.Precious Moments (no box)
709.The Sarah and Plain and Tall Collection, five buildings (no boxes)
710.Dept. 56 - Possible Dreams, Clothique, Mrs. Claus, Collectible Santa Figurine
711.Enesco - The Trail of Painted Ponies, damaged box
712.Enesco - The Trail of Painted Ponies
713.Tower of London music box, Little Bavaria - Grammar School (sister of M.I. Hummel; no box), “Tara….Scarlett’s Pride” (no box)
714.Budweiser, Clydesdale Collection, “An Apple for King” (no box)
715.Norman Rockwell, The Grey Stone Church, Rockwell’s Residence (x2), no boxes
716.Spoonliques Lighthouses, Portland Head, Jupiter Inlet Light, Boston Light (no boxes)
717.Houston Harvest, Chestnut Creek and two miscellaneous figurines (no boxes)
718.Great American Collectibles, Special Edition, Old World Santa, Christian Claus (England)
719.The Bradford Editions, Heirloom Glass Ornaments, “Land of the free” and “One Nation Under God”
720.Lenox - Smithsonian Holiday Express Train
721.Thomas Kinkade, Hawthorne Village, “Silver Anniversary Gate”
722.Larry Parrish and Coach Amstutz Bobble (no box) Head Figurines
723.The Three Stooges porcelain figurines (no boxes)
724.Animated Story Telling House, “Night Before Christmas”
725.Moments in Time, Holiday Outdoor Scene, animated/LED
726.The Three Stooges porcelain figurines (no boxes)
727.Roy Rogers Bobble Header figurine (no box)
728.Geo Lefton - “Point Betsie” and Lakeside Lodge (no boxes)
729.Dept. 56, Dicken’s Village Sign, Porcelain Brick Bridge, Victorian Building (no box)
730.“Painted Pony” stylized Indian sculpture and miscellaneous figurines (no boxes)
731.A.J. Wright, Indian figurines (no boxes)
732.House of Lloyd Indian figurine and other miscellaneous Indian figurines (no boxes)
733.Nowell’s Indian figurine and other miscellaneous Indian figurines (no boxes)
734.Cracker Barrel, Harvest figurine (damaged box), American Heritage figurine, The First Americans, “Passing into Womanhood” figurine, and miscellaneous figurines (no boxes)
735.Miscellaneous Nautical figurines and wooden boats (no boxes)
736.Fannykins and Alberta figurines (no boxes)
737.Christian 5540 figurine and two miscellaneous figurines (no boxes)
738.Fitz and Floyd Clairmont Santa music box and miscellaneous Santa figurine (no boxes)
739.Santa figurines (no boxes)
740.River Junction, Sugar & Spice, Jan Hagara Collection, Linda
741.Gingerbread and Circus Seal music boxes (no boxes)
742.Irving Berlin’s White Christmas musical snow globe (no box)
743.The Danbury Mint, Campbell’s Kids Collector Figurines, “Something’s Cooking,” Anchor’s Aweigh (no boxes)
744.Walmart, Holy Family figurine and two religious figurines (no boxes)
745.Masterpiece Porcelain, “The Fisherman” and the Nativity figurine (no boxes)
746.Grandeur Noel, 36” Decorative Metal Screen (water damaged box)
747.Lighted 14” Covered Wagon (no box)
748.Traditions 42” 3D Feeding Doe (water damaged box)
749.Traditions 48” 3D Animated Standing Buck (water damaged box w/stain)
750.Doll House Cabinet w/shelves
751.Wooden Cribs and Chairs (5), the pink chair has a music box
752.Wooden Desks (5)
753.Opulent Treasures Children’s Metal Table w/ two chairs
754.(2) Opulent Treasures Metal Tables and a metal rocking chair and a wicker chair
755.(2) Wooden Cars, a Tricycle, and a Tractor Pulling a Cart (no boxes)
756.Roy Rogers World Wall Clock
757.International Santa Claus Collection (damaged boxes, missing a box)
758.Star Trek, Next Generation and Generations, Enterprise (no box) and Engineering Playset (missing a piece)
759.Star Trek, Generations & The Next Generation, Klingon Attack Cruiser, Starship Enterprise NCC 1701-D with stand (water damaged boxes)
760.Fold-Out Nativity, The Little Drummer Boy, Figurine Collection (damaged box)
761.Angels beside me figurines (damaged boxes)
762.December Home - Musical Fiber Optic House Snow Globe (water damaged box)
763.Old Fashioned Popcorn Maker (water damaged box)
764.The Claw arcade game (no box)
765.16” Jumbo Slot Machine (water damaged box)
766.Steinbach Ornaments
767.Cute as a Button, Five Handcrafted Ornaments
768.The Elf on a Shelf, Flicker Night-Light, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Night-Light, Snowman Napkin Holder
769.Tall Ships of the World, The Mayflower, the Flying Fish, and one miscellaneous ship (no boxes)
770.Oriental Eggs
771.Shakespeare’s England musical miniature, Ann Hathaway Cottage musical miniature
772.Black & Decker, Artic Twister Ice Cream Maker (damaged box)
773.Hearthside Village, Porcelain Lighted house, A Wonderful Life, The Bijou Theatre of Bedford Falls
774.Oriental Plant Stand/Storage w/ removable top
775.Lighted Winter Scene Porcelain buildings and figurines
776.Cherry Shelving Unit w/ glass doors
777.Holiday Time, Marbelized Holy Family (x2) (damaged plastic)
778.50” Tall Singin Swingin’ Santa
779.Wonderland Traditions, Light-up Musical Carousel (damaged box)
780.Southwest and Central American Pottery
781.Hallmark Keepsake - The Wizard of Oz, “I’ll get you my pretty” and container, Wizard of Oz toy
782.Avon - Holiday Bell Towel
783.JC Penny Home Collection Santa, Italian Santa (no box)
784.Wonderland Traditions, Animated Light-up & Musical Balloon
785.Carousel (no box)
786.(3) Holiday Clocks
787.Nativity Snow Globe Scene (no box)
788.Happy Winter Holiday, Village Skating Pond
789.Nativity Tea Light Holder (damaged box) and ceramic Nativity Scene (no box)
790.(2) Nativity Scenes, musical/vocal, lighted (no boxes)
791.Musical Nativity, battery operated
792.Nativity Table Fountain and Nativity Scene, musical/vocal, lighted (no box)
793.9-piece Nativity Scene, 2-piece Joseph and Mary w/Jesus, Nativity Stable (no box)
794.5-Piece Bethlehem Village Set, Shepherd’s Camp, 2-piece Joseph and Mary w/Jesus, Nativity Stable (no box)
795.Motion-ettes of Christmas animated Christmas Display Figurines (damaged box)
796.8-piece Nativity Scene (no box)
797.10-piece lighted Nativity Scene with Manger (no box)
797A.12-piece Nativity Scene (no box)
798.2-Piece Nativity with Manger, Nativity Snow Globe, ceramic lighted Nativity Scene (no boxes)
798A.2-Piese Joseph and Mary w/ Jesus (no box)
799.Sterling 12-piece Nativity Scene (no box)
799A.7-piece Nativity Scene (no box)
800.All-Time Hit Parade Series A Pretty Girl, Operetta Series Naughty Marrietta 307
801.Duck House Heirloom Dolls, Unknown Doll, Rose (on neck)
802.1998 Buffalo Bob (25in.)
803.The Wonderful World of Jane Withers’ Colleo Paddy O’Day, The Ashton-Drake Galleries
804.Heritage Signature Collection “Becky’s Pumpkin Sale”, Marie Osmond Fine Porcelain “Toddler” Collector Doll
805.“A Little Miss Marker, Sarah Stimson”, Suzanne Gibson Dolls from Reeves International “Little Miss Muffet, 7000,” and another Suzanne Gibson Doll from Reeves International “Little Miss Muffet” (Missing shoes)
806.(2) Treasury Collection Paradise Galleries Porcelain Dolls, and “A Little Miss Marker, Sarah Stimson” Doll
807.(3) Unknown Dolls (21in, 21in, 28in,)
808.Precious Princess (on neck) and Title Companion (on neck) (Aprox. 24in)
809.“Small Fry – Easter Play Figure” and First Ladies – Suzanne Gibson by Reeves International
810.(2) Austin Powers Dolls, Aaron Carter Doll and MC Hammer Doll
811.Sabrina the Teenage Witch, LeAnn Rimes and iCarly: Carly Shay
812.(5) Star Wars Action Figures and (3) Star Trek Action Figures
813.Set of Ethnic Dolls, Set of Asian Dolls and Set of 11” Philippine Dolls, 1978, 1979
814.German Dolls and (2) Sets of Ethnic Dolls (6 Total)
815.(3) Sets of Ethnic Dolls (9 Total)
816.(2) Sets of Ethnic Dolls and Avon Dolls (10 Total)
817.(4) Sets of Ethnic Dolls and Suzanne Gibson Doll (8 Total)
818.(2) Pairs of Ethnic Dolls, (Missing One Wooden Shoe, 4 Total)
819.(2) Sets of Ethnic Dolls (4 Total)
820.(3) Sets of Ethnic Dolls (10 Total)
821.(3) Sets of Ethnic Dolls, and Sacagawea (9 Total)
822.(3) Sets of Ethnic Dolls (Missing 1 Wooden Shoe, 6 Total)
823.(3) Sets of Ethnic Dolls (12 Total)
824.(3) Sets of Ethnic Dolls (6 Total)
825.(4) Sets of Ethnic Dolls (8 Total)
826.(3) Sets of Ethnic Dolls (9 Total)
827.(3) Sets of Ethnic Dolls (10 Total)
828.(6) Ethnic Marionettes
829.(3) Sets of Ethnic Dolls (8 Total)
830.(3) Sets of Ethnic Dolls (10 Total)
831.Gustel-Wied German Doll, 21” Unknown Doll (Missing Left Shoe) and 21” Unknown Doll
832.Allie Toy Shop, Gazebo pictures with Santa. Lighted (no boxes)
833.Looney Toons, All I want for Christmas, mini-action musical (damaged box), The Follies Musical Hall (no box)
834.Fontanini, The Village Inn (no box)
835.North Pole Reindeer Barn with Santa Clause and Elves, animated, lighted (no box)
836.Animated and musical Noah’s Ark and a ceramic Noah’s Ark (no boxes)
837.Lighted Noah’s Ark (no box)
838.Dairy Barn and Lighthouse, lighted (no boxes)
839.Music Shop, Silversmith, Paul Revere Prop, Holiday House (lighted) (no boxes)
840.LED lighted and animated winter scene, dirt/stain (no box)
841.Mr. Christmas lighted, musical, animated winter scene (no box)
842.LED lighted and animated winter scene (no box)
843.Jack and Jill music box and unknown ceramic display (no boxes)
844.Jim Shore - Brazilian Santa Claus and Snowman (no boxes)
845.Hawthorne, Macy’s Department Store in Styrofoam, unknown porcelain building, lighted (no boxes)
846.Historical Buildings (Capitol Hill, Alamo, Statue of Liberty, etc.) (no boxes)
847.Ceramic Lighthouse and miniature ornaments (no boxes), Lighthouse night-light (damaged box), and Sand Castle (no box)
848.Lighted Christmas/Winter Scene (no box)
849.(3) Angel Music Boxes and one Angel Figurine (no boxes)
850.Animated/musical displays (decorating Christmas tree, baking in Kitchen) (no boxes)
851.Pet Tales, “Making Music” and “The Love Seat” music boxes, no boxes
852.Hallmark Keepsake, Star Trek Enterprise Ornaments, lighted, voice/music, (damaged boxes)
853.Enesco - Santa Claus music boxes (one has no box and the other has minor damage)
854.Animated Winter Scenes (no boxes)
855.Santa’s Workbench Collection, Mountain w/Ski Hill (damaged box)
870.“Bless Those Who Serve Their Country” Action Musical, “We Are The World” musical boxes (x2) (no boxes)
871.Disney - “It’s a Small World” Music Box and (2) Unicorn music boxes (no boxes)
872.Jim Shore - Snowman and Fat Cat Elijah and Blue Bird on a Pinecone figurine (no boxes)
873.Kurt Adler - 12.75” Polyresin Irish Angel Figurine (no box), 10” Noah or Santa Claus w/ animals (damaged Styrofoam and box)
874.Mr. Christmas - Waterfall Lighthouse, lighted, waterfall (damaged box)
875.Wonderland Traditions - Animated, Musical, & Light-up Santa Carousel (no box)
876.Kirkland’s - Holiday Scene, lighted, animated, musical (damaged box)
877.Jim Shore - Enesco, The Wizard of Oz, “The Great and Poweful Oz, 4033981, NIB
878.Willow Tree - The Holy Family, “A Child is Born,” NIB
879.Bella Lux, The Eifel Tower, lighted décor, NIB
880.International Bazaar, 11 PC Nativity Scene Votive Holder Set (water damaged box)
881.“Santa’s Workshop” and “Waiting for Santa by the Fireplace” displays
882.(7) piece Caroler Figurines with lamppost (no boxes)
883.(2) John Wayne figurines and (2) Cowboy figurines (no boxes)
884.(2) ceramic busts of a boy and a girl (no boxes)
885.Teddy Bear music box and clock plus (8) teddy Bear figurines (no boxes)
886.Crazy Mountain winter scene, USA Bicentennial music box, two Avon patriotic perfume bottles, and two ceramic figurines (no boxes)
887.Turtle King Elephants, Indian Scene, and (3) Russian Onion Minarets (no boxes)
888.(6) Asian figurines (damaged box and no boxes)
889.(4) Asian figurines (no boxes)
890.Ornamental Pagodas of the World and (6) Asian figurines (no boxes)
891.Waltham Last Supper Torsion Pendulum Clock, Joseph’s Studio Shepard figurine, Shepard music box (no boxes)
892.Porcelain Cat and Dog (no boxes)
893.Thanksgiving Figurines (no boxes)
894.Thanksgiving Figurines (no boxes)
895.(2) Santa Claus Figurines and (1) “Santa and the Elf-Tones” music box (no boxes)
896.Roman Statuette (no box)
897.Gautama Buddha Statue (no box)
898.Mexico Tribal Warrior, Poseidon and Achilles Figurines, and horse (no boxes)
899.(7) wooden animal figurines (no boxes)
900.Egyptian Statue and (2) Vases (no boxes)
901.(5) Asian Figurines (no boxes)
902.Jolly Follies, United We Stand (damaged box), Rosie figurine, Patriot Salt & Pepper Shakers, (3) misc. patriotic figurines (no boxes)
903.(3) German Beer Mugs (no boxes)
904.(3) German Beer Mugs (no boxes)
905.(4) Graduate figurines (no boxes)
906.Home Interiors - Treasured Memories, “Mother & Babe,” Homco, Father & Mother w/ child, 1476, Father w/ child, Mother w/ daughter (no boxes)
907.(4) Incan Figurines and (1) Glass Mayan/Aztec Figurine (No Boxes)
909.Kim Anderson - “We’re Two of a Kind” and (4) M&M Bahner Studios figurines (no boxes)
910.(2) Ceramic birds candle holders, made in USA (no boxes)
911.Fruhauf Uniforms Cap, model airplane US Bomber (no boxes)
912.15” Bald Eagle w/ real feathers (no box)
913.Noah’s Ark (no box)
914.Rickshaw wooden cart and (6) Misc. wooden figurines (no boxes)
915.24” King (1 of 3) (no box)
916.12” Asian themed wooden jewelry box w/ drawers and ballerina figurine
917.12” Asian themed clock w/ music box and storage compartment (no box)
918.(4) Catherine Karnes Munn Picture Frames
919.(4) Hispanic Children Ceramic figurines (no boxes)
920.(4) Clown ceramic figurines (no boxes)
921.(5) Enesco, Luvkins, etc. Ceramic Clown figurines (no boxes)
922.(5) Ceramic Clowns
923.(5) Ceramic Clowns
924.(3) Norman Rockwell Porcelain Figurines (no boxes)
925.(2) Manning “Over the Hill” figurines (no boxes)
926.(2) “All the Lord’s Children,” (2) praying, (2) Shepard figurines (no boxes)
927.(2) Music boxes and (4) Misc. Ceramic Figurines (no boxes)
928.(4) Cabbage Patch ceramic figurines (no boxes)
929.Charles Dicken’s Snow Globe and music box (no boxes)
930.Charles Dicken’s music box and Holiday scene w/ music box and lighted lamp (no boxes)
931.(5) Masterpiece, Circle of Friends figurines (no boxes)
932.(5) Masterpiece, Circle of Friends figurines (no boxes)
933.(6) Masterpiece, Circle of Friends figurines (no boxes)
934.Enesco and Memories of Yesterday music boxes (no boxes)
935.(2) Wedding Day music boxes and Newborn Parents figurine (no boxes)
936.(3) Enesco, (1) Effanbee, and (1) Napconate figurines (no boxes)
937.(2) Vanmark, Rx Masters of Medicine figurines (no boxes)
938.(2) Vanmark, American Heroes figurines (no boxes)
939.(2) Vanmark, Blue Hats of Bravery figurines (no boxes)
940.(7) Misc. ceramic figurines (no boxes)
941.(8) Hallmark, Avon, and other miscellaneous ceramic figurines (no boxes)
942.(2) Enesco, Laura’s Attic figurines, (1) Norman Rockwell, and (2) Misc. figurines (no boxes)
943.(4) 8” miscellaneous ceramic figurines (no boxes)
944.Classic Gallery music box and (3) miscellaneous ceramic figurines (no boxes)
945.(3) Ceramic music boxes and a Tundra ceramic figurine (no boxes)
946.(8) Misc. Ceramic Animal Figurines (no boxes)
947.(8) Misc. Ceramic Animal Figurines (no boxes)
948.(7) Enesco, Avon, Cherished Moments, Hoppin Floppers, etc. animal figurines (no boxes) and a mini action music box (damaged box)
949.Lefton China, Teacher figurine and a Secretary music box (no boxes)
950.(5) Avon figurines and perfume bottles (missing two boxes)
951.(8) Enesco Teddy Bear figurines (no boxes)
952.Home Interiors and Thomas Kinkaid figurines and a Mother w/ child music box (no boxes)
953.(5) Avon Perfume/Cologne Bottles (no boxes)
954.(2) LED lighted fiber optic patriotic houses (no boxes, one is missing a flag)
955.(7) Enesco figurines (no boxes)
956.(5) Enesco figurines (no boxes)
957.Ragedy Ann and Andy, Boyde Bears & Friends, and (7) Holiday figurines (no boxes)
958.(8) Ardco, Blue and White Porcelain Figurines (no boxes)
959.(6) Blue and White China Plates and (21) Blue and White figurines, cups, bells heating pads, salt n pepper shakers, etc. (no boxes)
960.(5) Blue and White Porcelain Items (no boxes)
961.Delft, (17) Blue and White Porcelain Items (no boxes)
962.(9) Misc. Dishes, containers, vases, etc (no boxes)
963.(15) Silver Leaf glasses and dishes (no boxes)
964.(17) Gold Leaf glasses and dishes (no boxes)
965.(18) Gold Leaf glasses and dishes (no boxes)
966.(20) Patriotic Glasses (no boxes)
967.(4) Vases, (2) dishes, (4) Eagle glasses, and one Patriotic Chalet (no boxes)
968.(2) Vases, (1) pitcher, and (2) containers (no boxes)
969.(3) pitchers and glasses (no boxes)
970.Hemingray No. 12 Glass and miscellaneous vases/candle holders and rack (no boxes)
971.(2) 12” Vases (no boxes)
972.(4) glasses and (3) containers (no boxes)
973.(2) Candelabras and (4) Glasses (no boxes)
974.(5) Thanksgiving figurines (no boxes)
975.Ezra Brooks Cannon and (4) miscellaneous items (no boxes)
976.A Buck and a Deer figurines (no boxes)
977.Dept. 56, Snowbabies, “Totally Huggable” and (5) misc. Dept. 56 figurines (no boxes)
978.(2) Sets of Nesting Dolls (no boxes)
979.Rochelle’s Fine Gifts, Zingle Berry Graduate and Special Friends Soccer Player
980.Nesting Dolls and miscellaneous wooden animals (no boxes)
981.Cherished Teddies display and figurines
982.Avon Perfume/Cologne bottles, (2) US Postal and (3) education figurines (no boxes)
983.(8) miscellaneous dishes/containers/bottles (no boxes)
984.Hallmark, animate/ musical Mrs. Claus Bakery, Studio G, Crazy Mountain, and Santa and Mrs. Claus lighted display (no box)
985.Avon Candlestick Holders and (2) decorative pieces
986.7” lighted Acrylic Snowman Boy & Girl, lighted Holiday Train, lighted Church, and Holiday Snow Globe (missing battery cover) (no boxes)
987.(4) packages of 21 PC Pine Trees (assorted sizes)
988.(5) misc. porcelain figurines (no boxes)
989.“They’re Playing Our Song” music box and (4) misc. figurines (no boxes)
990.Homco, Denim Days, “50th Anniversary Celebration” and “Happy Birthday” figurines (no boxes)
991.Homco, Denim Days, Children tending the animals on the Farm (no boxes)
992.Homco, Denim Days, miscellaneous figurines (4) (no boxes)
993.Homco, Denim Days, miscellaneous figurines (4), (no boxes)
994.The Shirley Temple Classics, “Heidi” figurine, Fiddler on the Roof music box (no boxes)
995.Tm Collections Fairies and (2) porcelain Fairies (no boxes)
996.Salzburg wooden rings, German Dancers, miniature mugs, and (2) misc. figurines
997.Home Interiors, Denim Days, (4) figurines (no boxes)
998.(2) musical boxes (no boxes)
999.Little Red Riding Hood House and misc. ceramic container (no boxes)
1000.Old Master Series, 10” Pinky and Blue Boy (no boxes)
1001.Enesco Ice Skating Couple music box and 15” Skier figurine (no boxes)
1002.12” Amish and Quaker figurines (no boxes)
1003.(6) Misc. ceramic figurines (no boxes)
1004.(10) Hawaiian Dancers (no boxes)
1005.(10) Hawaiian Dancers (no boxes)
1006.Home Accents, Fishing Pond Game, Santa reviewing nice & naughty list, animated/musical (no boxes)
1007.Bird Bath Figurine (no boxes)
1008.Boy & Girl Figurine Lamps
1009.Musical Society, “The A, B, C’s of Do, Re, Me,”
1010.Trolley Cars and Double Decker Bus (no boxes)
1011.Kurt Adler, Santa Figurines, Praying Santa and Fishing Santa (no boxes)
1012.(4) Snowman Family Displays (no boxes)
1013.Enesco, Santa Music Box, Three Seasons of Cannon Falls Santa Figurines, and one Princess House Violinist figurine (no boxes)
1014.Suntone Battery AM/FM Radio and (2) GG Clocks (no boxes)
1015.(7) Oriental trays and (1) Misc. Item (no boxes)
1016.(3) Carousel Horses music boxes and (1) Bunny Rabbit music box (no boxes)
1017.Hallmark Keepsake, Santa’s Workshop Play Set and Crazy Mountain “Believe” Display
1018.Carousel Horse music box and a Rocking Horse figurine (no boxes)
1019.Enesco, Otagiri, Horse weather vane music box, Bradford Exchange, Carousel Daydreams music box, and a Carousel Horse music box (no boxes)
1020.(6) German miniature mugs, (2) Avon Bicentennial plates, (4) blue/white China plates, (1) blue/white cup and saucer, and (2) glass plates
1021.American Glory Carousel Horse and Carousel Wind Chimes (no boxes)
1022.Department 56 - Making a Snowman and St. Lucia music box (no box, piece of hair is missing)
1023.Americana Porcelain, Dallas, 16” J.R. Ewing music Box (no box)
1024.Coca-Cola - Decorative Wooden Buildings (6)
1025.Coca-Cola - Decorative Wooden Buildings (6)
1026.Sheila’s - Collectible Wooden Houses/Buildings (5)
1027.Sheila’s - Collectible Wooden Houses/Buildings (5)
1028.Sheila’s - Collectible Wooden Houses/Buildings (5)
1029.Sheila’s - Collectible Wooden Houses/Buildings (5)
1030.Sheila’s - Collectible Wooden Scenes (5)
1031.The Cat’s Meow, Mackinac Island, MI Buildings (6)
1032.The Cat’s Meow, Famous US Buildings (5)
1033.The Cat’s Meow, Famous US Buildings (6)
1034.The Cat’s Meow, Ohio Famous Buildings (6)
1035.The Cat’s Meow, Key West, FL and Savannah Georgia Famous Buildings (6)
1036.Wooden People Decorations (7)
1037.Leapfrog, Explorer Smart Globe (damaged box)
1038.M & M’s musical/animated Christmas Tree, Santa Golfing figurine (no boxes)
1039.(4) Flamingos Figurines and (1) Flamingo Scene (missing adapter), no boxes
1040.Avon, Ballerina and (2) Fairy water fountain/falls (no boxes)
1041.Slavic Treasures, Ohio State lighted porcelain house (no box, damaged paint), Ohio State Party Pennants, NIB
1042.(2) Harley-Davidson Motorcycles (damaged boxes) and old fashioned automobile ornaments from 1968
1043.Pepsi-Cola Truck (missing front tires), Toys ‘R’ Us Truck, and (2) older automobiles
1044.Cleveland Indians Truck/Bank (metal), no box
1045.Enesco, Precious Moments music box, candy dish, four figurines (three small ones made of metal), and a “Mom” container (no boxes)
1046.Dept. 56 Park Benches (5), Fences (6), street clocks, and two pewter chairs (no boxes)
1047.Santa’s Action World, Bradley the Christmas Bubble Bear, Touch and Feel Animal Books, and a stuffed monkey
1048.Enesco, Farm House music box and Children Play Acting music box (no boxes)
1049.Straffordshire, (3) figurines, one bell, and a wooden piano music box, no boxes
1050.(8) Misc. Ceramic/porcelain figurines (no boxes)
1051.Memories of Yesterday, “Simple Simon” (damaged box), Norman Rockwell Having Puppies figurine, Enesco Dalmatian music box, and five miscellaneous figurines (no boxes)
1052.(7) Christmas Carolers figurines (no boxes)
1053.Collections LED lighted Nativity Scene and St. Nicholas Square “Faith” Cross (LED lighted Angel decor) (no boxes)
1054.(4) St. Nicholas Square “Faith” Cross (LED lighted Angel decor) (no boxes)
1055.JC Penny, Chris Madden, Home Collection serving dish and Signature Home Collections serving platter (20”x14”) (no boxes)
1056.The San Francisco Music Box Co. Bunny Snow Globe, Bunnyville House, Easter Bunny scene, Spring candle holder and (2) figurines, and (2) bunnies (no boxes)
1057.Disney, Tinkerbell music box, Cinderella Crystal Castle Nightlight, Frozen Musical Jewelry Box, Cinderella/Ariel figurine, and (9) figurines/action figures, no boxes)
1058.Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame snow globe, World Monuments Musical Snow Globe, and Wolf Pack music box (no boxes)
1059.(5) Misc. Figurines (no boxes)
1060.Irmi, Hand Painted Mobiles Musical Circus Mobiles (m811 and m819)
1061.Thomas Kinkaid, Dicken’s Miniatures, KLM, etc. miniature buildings and a music box (no boxes)
1062.(7) Misc. Figurines (no boxes)
1063.(6) Misc. Figurines (no boxes)


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