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Kigar Realty & Auction
Liberty Center Moving Auction - Sunday, April 26th Starts to Close at 8PM

Item Description
1.2 Black Bookcases
2.Tulip floor lamp
3.Tulip dresser lamp
4.Queen size bedding (bed not included)
5.2 Black night stands
6.TV Stand
8.Small Waste Basket
9.6 drawer dresser
11.Zebra Rug and Pillows
12.Twin bed and headboard
13.Night stand
14.Hager Pottery vase, Waste basket etc
15.Unsigned Georgia Okeefe print
16.Ethan Allen flower arrangment (includes lot 36)
17.7 purple vases and glass pieces
18.8 Amethyst colored glass pieces
19.Flower wall art
20.Westinghouse 22 inch TV
21.6 picture frames
22.9 picture frames
23.6 padded kitchen chairs
24.Group of vases
25.Ceramic Trash can
26.Hoover floormate spinscrub 500 hard floor cleaner
27.Caravel by Excel China set, serving for 12
28.2 decorative bowls and 1 plate
29.Millennium by Ashley Furniture table and 8 chairs, 1 extra leaf, custom protective pad, extra roll of fabric
30.Millennium by Ashley Furniture lighted china cabinet
31.Combination of lots 29 and 30
32.Fused Glass Modern art signed Win
33.Fused Glass Modern art signed Win
34.Large vase and faux plant
35.Large Vase with faux plant
36.faux plant(sells with lot 16)
37.Fused glass art signed
38.Signed print and easel
39.2 modern decor items
40.Fused glass art signed
41.10 assorted amethyst glass pieces
42.Glass top end table with magazine rack
43.Glass top end table with magazine rack
44.Fine Designs custom upholstered arm chair
45.Fine Designs custom upholstered arm chair
46.Fine Designs custom upholstered arm chair
47.Fine Designs custom upholstered arm chair
48.Chair with 2 pillows
49.Syed Ahmad Glass fusion brushed Stainless steel 3 pieces, purchased from gallery in Montana
50.Entry way rug
51.Table, Mirror, and misc contents
52.Hall Bench contemporary interiors
53.Sculpture light (needs rewired)
54.3 piece acrylic art
55.Cannon MP 18D11 Calculator
56.Glass Top desk
57.Shelf and mirror
58.Sony KLV26HG2 LCD TV
59.Contents of shelf unit
60.Shelf unit
61.Full Size bed made by IKEA includes bedding
62.4 drawer dresser with glass top
63.Hand made art and poster
64.Tulip floor lamp
65.Chrome and glass shelf
66.Wall decor, lamp, whale etc
67.Chrome and glass shelf unit
68.2 chrome lamps
69.2 alarm clocks
70.Millennium by Ashley Furniture Queen/king headboard and 2 night stands
71.Queen Size bed and bedding
72.2 Floral Black and white prints and framed whale poster
73.Vizio VL26OM
75.Millennium by Ashley dresser and mirror
77."The Essence of Passion" Inspirational picture
78.Mens dresser butler
79.Millennium by Ashley dresser
80.Fish wall decor and rug
81.Anne Geddes Butterfly pictures
82.Corey Bethel Car picture on canvas
84.Signed fused glass art pieces
85.Contents of stand
86.Glass and metal stand
87.Gazing ball
88.Gazing Ball
89.Candle wall decor
90.7 inch digital photo frame
91.Z-line TV Stand (No TV)
92.Sony AM-FM Reciever, and Sony CD Player w/ 200 CD capacity
93.2 JBL CF series Speakers with stand
94.2 JBL CF series Speakers
95.2 JBL CF series Speakers
96.2 SPF-4 Niles speaker switches
97.Wall Art Sculpture made by fine designed
98.2 black and chrome nesting tables
99.Framed print
100.6 piece Elite Leather sectional 12 years old with pillows (Purple tint) (cost $14,000 new)
101.Large lamp
102.lot of whales
103.lot of whales curved glass light up Display case
105.Misc on china cabinet
106.large 30 inch wood vase and faux plant
107.Art Crest 48 inch single pedestal table and 4 chairs
108.2 blue and chrome barstools
109.2 blue and chrome barstools
110.2 blue and chrome barstools
111.2 black and chrome barstools
112.Glass chess set
113.Glass wooden display cabinet
114.Bret Farve Leader of the pack autograph with COA
115.Wine Rack
116.Miller Genuine Draft light
117.The Bar light (includes lot 119 and 127)
118.Martini glass light
119.Budweiser tray (sells with lot 117)
120.Snowmobile light
121.Packers clock
122.Popcorn popper on stand and accessories
124.Packers poster in nice frame
125.Bret Farve framed picture
126.Framed AJ Hawk Autograph
127.AJ Hawk Bobble head (sells with lot 117)
128.Arcade Legends arcade game
129.Ms Pac Man/Galaga class of 1981 arcade game
130.Red Dog neon sign
131.Busch neon sign
132.Green Bay Packers Miller Lite neon light
133.Hamm's On Tap vintage neon light
134.Miller Genuine Draft neon guitar sign
135.Coors Beer Sign
136.OLY neon sign (Olympia Beer)
137.NFL Coors light neon
138.Vintage Miller lite neon
139.Blatz Light light
140.Coors light beer sign
141.Kimball Model 5860 [Serial#: T20589] 1984 Olympics Commemorative Viennese Edition Baby Grand Piano with Bench (PIANO MUST BE REMOVED NO LATER THAN APRIL 29TH by 6 PM)
142.GE Refrigerator/ freezer
143.3 point 6ft.York Rake
144.5ft Brush hog
145.6ft 3 point landscape blade
146.1953 Ford Jubilee with bucket
147.Fimco 30 gallon sprayer
148.Seed spreader
149.Pontiac Stool
150.Lincoln 225 welder
151.Chicago wire welder
152.Wheel horse tire weights and chains
153.Wheel horse snow blower
154.Pontiac Neon sign
155.Pontiac Neon Clock