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Kigar Realty & Auction
Auction House Liquidation - Closes January 27th Starting at 8:00 p.m.

Item Description
1.(7) 48" Wire Pegboard Display
1A.(7) 48" Wire Peg Board Display
2.(3) Folding Stools and Padded Stool
3.Lot of Misc Dishes
4.Paint Mixer and Pallet Puller
5.Lot of 48 Jumbo Swag Hooks
6.Lot of 12 Jointed Santa and Snowmen
7.Fiberglass Pole Saw Pole
8.Lot of Shuffleboard Pucks and Misc.
9.Old Fire Extinguisher and Produce Bags
10.(7) 8 watt linkable cabinet lights (New)
11.4 Gavels
11A.3 Ohio State Hotdog Searing Irons
12.4 Sawhorse Legs with Brackets
13.No-Sag Gate Wheel
13A.12 Pair (Size 10 - 13) Diabetic Socks
14.Stanley 24in Level with Case and 2 Misc. Levels
15.Genlyte 21in x 21in Canopy Light (NEW)
16.6 Thomas SL9080 Brass Pole Lights (NEW)
16A.4 Thomas SL-9080 Brass Pole Lights (NEW)
17.Route 66 Wooden Sign and Winchester Metal Sign
18.Approx. 20 Assorted Plastic Advertising Sign Panels
19.US Marine Flag
20.2 Box Lots of Assorted Dolls and Accessories
21.2 Aluminum Pump Brackets and Misc.
22.11 Milwaukee Portable Band Saw Blades (New)
23.Lot of Misc. Office Supplies with Paper Shredder
24.Lot of 4 Kenmore Air Purifier Filters
25.Lot of 11 Driveway Reflectors
26.Lot of 300+ Assorted Beanie Babies
27.2 Large Tip-out Plastic Bins
28.Lot of 5 Peticure Pet Groomers
29.Lot of 4 Peticure Pet Groomers
30.Lot of 4 Peticure Pet Groomers
31.Box Lot of Magnifying Glasses and Misc.
32.2 Water Purifier Carafes and Fondue Set
33.Extension Cord with Misc. Paint and Primer
34.2 Pet Food Containers
35.Misc. Window Cleaners and Drain Openers
36.(24) 14 3/4 x 8 3/4 x 7 Hang/Stak Plastic Bins
37.(12) 10 7/8ths x 4 1/8 x 4 Hang/Stak Plastic Bins
38.Nu-Way 3in. Stove Pipe Kit and Vertical Vent Kit
39.16in Tire Changer
40.Plastic Bin with Mower Blades, Spring Hanger and Misc.
41.Well-Bilt 8 Ton 21in Long Ram Hydraulic Jack
42.4 Irwin Offset Snips
43.(5) 5-Gallon Sterilite Waste Containers
43A.Intermatic Electric Timer
44.Lot of Plastic PVC Fittings, Funnel, Etc.
45.Lot of Paint Rollers, Cargo Net, and Urinal Deodorizers
46.Compact VHS Camera with Case
47.(10) Tony Stewart Nascar Promo Cutouts
48.(36) 11 7/8ths x 2 3/4 x 4 Yellow Shelf Bins and Case of Misc. Bins
49.(12) 17 7/8ths x 11 1/8th x 4 Black shelf Bins (2 Boxes)
50.(4) 16x11x8 Hang/Stak Bins
51.10 Rolls of Packaging Tape and Misc.
52.Box Lot of Christmas Misc.
53.Lot of Misc. with Money Box
54.Crock Pot
55.Urinal Deodorizers and Misc.
56.Box of Assorted Cleaning Supplies
57.2 Boxes of Betco Bagged Soap Products
58.Box of Towels
59.Lot of Misc.
60.(3) 19 3/4 x 12 3/8 x 11 7/8ths Blue Plastic Bins
61.(59) 19 x 6/12 x 4 Blue Plastic Bins
62.(20) 19 x 6 1/2 x 4 Red Plastic Bins
63.(3) 18 x 16 1/2 x 11 Hang/Stak Bins
64.(3) 18 x 16 1/2 x 11 Hang/Stak Bins
65.(3) 18 x 16 1/2 x 11 Hang/Stack Bins
66.(3) 18 x 16 1/2 x 11 Hang/Stak Bins
67.Cardboard Drum (Half Full of Casters with Brakes) (100+?)
68.Big Red Shop Creeper (Incomplete)
69.Misc. Seat Parts
70.Misc. Seat Parts
71.2 Dolleys (No Casters)
72.Big Red Engine/Gearbox Support
73.Gold-Framed Mirror
74.Toolbox with Tools
75.2 Plastic Containers with Assorted New Merchandise
76.Oregon 12v Bar-Mounted Chain Sharpener
77.(1) 8 Stud Hub and a Pair of 5 Stud High Speed Hub and Drum Assemblies
78.1/4 HP Portable/Submersible Utility Pump, Fish Tank Filters and (2) 5 lb. Bags of Aquarium Gravel
79.30+ 6" Combination Sharpening Stones, Safety Glasses and Gas Mask
80.Faucet, Marine Steering Accessory and Misc.
82.Neck Massager, Gloves and Envelopes
83.Art Book, Purse, 3 "Add A Drawer" Sets
84.20+ Male and Female Air Hose Fittings, 21" Chainsaw Blade and Chain and Misc Cell Phone Accessories
85.Drinking Glasses, Pillow, Table Runner and Misc
86.Aloe Vera Bamboo Body Pillow
87.Snow Blower Cab (all pieces appear to be there)
88.3 Vintage Games, Cassettes and Misc
89.Metal Letter and Number Stamping Set and 7 x 7 x 9 1/2 Wood Photo Album
90.31 x 16 x 6 Wood Display Case with Glass Top
91."OPEN" Flag
92.3 Various Size Extension Cords
93.Box of (25) 3 Packs of Crayola Freez'r Pops
95.Dino Bandsaw Setter on Stand
97.5 Gallon Bucket of Lawn Chemicals, Funnel and Misc
98.Box of 9 Anco 19-21 2 Piece Stainless Steel Wiper Refills
99.3 Boxes of 6 Daboos Mugs, Cookie Baking Set and Misc
100.(3) 17.4 oz Bernzomatic Propane Tanks
101.Light Fixture, Desk Lamp, Candle Holders and Misc
102.American 150 PSI Mobile Air Tank
103.115 Volt Bench Minigrinder
104.Standing Fan, Box Fan and Adjustable Magnifying Glass with Lights
105.Northern Filter Assembly and Power Washing Gun
106.Craftsman 3.5 HP 16 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac
107.Lot of 7 Misc Fishing Poles
108.Mulching Repair Kit, Grass Catcher Bag and Misc
109.(2) 29 Inch Harley Davison FLH Mufflers
110.Aluminum Retracting Poles
111.File Folder Labels, Color Labels, Tape, Batteries and Misc
112.(5) 22 pc. Auto Fuse Set, Disc Brake System Analyzer and Misc
113.7 Packs of Chamois
114.Corded Rockwell Drill, Extension Cord, Bike Seat and Misc
115.19" Raffle Roll Cage
116.3 Box Lots with Pepper Spray, Duct Tape, Bug Zapper, Flashlight and Misc
117.Hamilton Beach 18 Quart Heavy Duty Construction Automatic Roaster Oven
118.5 Piece Male Air Fittings, 10 Folding Squares, Filters, Spark Plugs and Misc
119.(2) Security Cameras and 12" Monitor Sets (Only 1 Monitor)
120.Hitch Lock, Peg Board Hooks and Misc
121.Lot of 6 Assorted Security Cameras
122.Exit Sign
123.5 Security Cameras and Battery Charger
124.Lot of Assorted Wires
125.4 Security Cameras Sets and Driveway Sensor (Pieces Missing)
126.5 Security Cameras
127.Wayne 12 Volt Battery Back Up Sump Pump, Hitch with 2 5/16" Hitch Ball, Extension Cord and 2 Buckets
128.12 Coca-Cola Drinking Glass Set
129.(75+) 3 Packs of WD-40 Moist Shop Cloths
130.Box of Assorted Betco and other brand Cleaners and Air Fresheners, Spray Paint and Misc
131.Box of Betco and Other Assorted Cleaners
132.50+ Cassettes, CD's and Misc
133.Decorative Dolls, Jewelry and Other Decorations
135.8 Various Size Collectable Dolls
136.29" x 17 1/2" x 19 1/2" Wood Crate with Christmas Lights, Fire Color Changers and Misc
137.14 Assorted Size Nonadjustable Canes
138.8 Adjustable Metal Canes
139.Ironing Board
140.3 Cases of Crayola Freez'r Pops
141.30" Oscillating Wall Mounted Industrial Fan
142.Set of 2 Carpeted 4 Wheel Platform Dollies
143.Set of 2 Carpeted 4 Wheel Platform Dollies
144.Set of 2 Carpeted 4 Wheel Platform Dollies
145.Set of 2 Carpeted 4 Wheel Platform Dollies
146.Set of 2 Carpeted 4 Wheel Platform Dollies
147.Set of 2 Carpeted 4 Wheel Platform Dollies
148.Set of 2 Carpeted 4 Wheel Platform Dollies
149.Set of 2 Carpeted 4 Wheel Platform Dollies
150.Set of 2 Carpeted 4 Wheel Platform Dollies
151.Set of 2 Carpeted 4 Wheel Platform Dollies
152.Set of 2 Carpeted 4 Wheel Platform Dollies
153.Set of 2 Carpeted 4 Wheel Platform Dollies
154.Set of 2 Carpeted 4 Wheel Platform Dollies
155.Set of 2 Carpeted 4 Wheel Platform Dollies
159.Full Propane Tank
160.(15+) 4 1/4 x 5 x 3 Stackable Storage Bin
162.Box of Misc Metal Pieces
163.Sharp Mini Compact System with 3 CD Drawer Changer, 2 Cassette Players and 4 Speakers
164.12" x 12" x 10" Outdoor Light, Surge Protector, and Keys
165.4 Heritage Village Collection, Dickens Village Series, Porcelain Holiday Decorations
166.Wood Hearth Pad
167.8 Metal 31" Tall Foldable Pallet Walls
168.(1) 18" x 30" Door Mat and (2) 18" x 27" Door Mats
169.(2) 24" x 32" Rubber Door Mats
170.Seat Warmer and Massager (Missing Plug)
171.Pallet of Misc. Yard Tools
172.Antique Mirror with Small Wood Shelf and Salt and Pepper Shakers
173.Hose, 2 Welding Masks with Extra Lenses and a Rockwell 3/4 HP Motor
174.Case of Fire Brick
175.(2) 46" x 15" Wood Wagon Sides
176.Craftsman 33cc Gas Powered Weed Whacker, Pry Bar and Misc
177.Lot of Halloween Decorations
178.Lot of Christmas Lights and Decorations
179.Lot of Christmas Lights and Decorations
180.Hudson Value 1 Gallon Pump Sprayer
181.Heavy Duty Cable Ties, Insta-Ramp Parts
182.3 Clip Boards with Storage
183.2 Leather Belts, Blanket, Christmas Bows and Misc
184.2 Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser
185.Brown Paper Bags, Electrical Tape and Misc
186.Antique Metal Cash Register/Lockbox
187.Light Fixture, Pump, Extension Cord
188.SMH SY-8000 8,000 lb. Capacity Forklift Jack
189.Swiveling Work Seat on Wheels
190.Tote of Misc. Metals
191.3 Shelf 3 Drawer Cart (Needs Assembled)
193.2,200 LB. Capacity Utility Wagon
194.Power Washing Guns, Cart and Misc
195.Pallet of Wheelbarrow Handles, Power Washing Parts, Truck Bed Unloader and Misc
196.29" x 36" x 36" Hanging Furnace
197.Lot of Antique Light Globes, House Decor, College Pillow and Misc
198.Blankets, Extension Cords, Flags and Misc
201.33" Wide Industrial Oscillating Standing Fan
202.33" Wide Industrial Oscillating Standing Fan
203.Pallet of 4 Weed Whackers, Leaf Blower, Sprinklers and Misc
204.Leaf Blowers, Weed Whacker Attachments, Measuring Wheel
204A.Antique 3 Section stacking bookcase (unassembled)
205.4 Tonka 2000 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor California State Patrol Toys
206.2 Tonka 2000 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Toy (California State Patrol and New Jersey State Patrol)
208.2 MotorMax Law Enforcement and Public Service Dodge Diplomat Replica
209.1998 Chevrolet Corvette Replica and 50th Anniversary #28 Kenny Irwin Havoline Racing Replica
210.2 Ed Hardy Signs, 4 Corvette Signs, 1 Olympia Beer Sign
211.Texaco Semi and Trailer and Texaco Delivery Truck Replica
212.(11) 23W Compact Fluorescent Lights
213.(6) 2 Packs of 65W Indoor Flood Light
214.3 Packs of Vent Free Heater Base Stands and Misc
215.Ardsley 3 Piece Bath Set
216.2 Craftsman Lawnmower Wheels, Chevy Hub Caps, Caulk Gun and Misc
217.Power Washer Hose
218.Air Hose
219.18" x 24" Sign with Letters and Numbers
220.Basket with Fans and Extension Cord
221.3 Antique Bottles
222.Boy and Girl Under Umbrella Garden Figurine
223.Lot of Misc Light Fixtures and Lamps
224.2 Hitches
225.Antique Mobo Bronco Riding Horse Toy
226.Box of 24 Brand New Chamois
227.Box of 24 Brand New Chamois
228.Box of 24 Brand New Chamois
229.Box of 24 Brand New Chamois
230.8 Swan Creek Scented Candles
231.(24) 2 Packs of Wax/Polish Applicators
232.Craftsman Deluxe Brush Guard
233.Shop Vac Attachments and Misc
236.Hitachi DVD Recorder with Case and Accessories
237.Buckets and Crates
238.Dingo Small Knot Bone Display with 72 Individual Wrapped Bones
239.Dingo Small Knot Bone Display with 72 Individual Wrapped Bones
240.17 Appel-Jack Binder Extenders
241.GE Refrigerator/Freezer 31" x 31" x 67"
242.Wood Art Easel
243.Meta Stand with 2 Wicker Drawers
244.Rail Kit for Big Red Mule
245.Large Rechargeable Solar Lantern with Solar Charger and a Small Rechargeable Camping Lantern
247.Box of 40 American Flag Light Wands with 3 Different Light Display Settings
248.(4) 400 Piece Utility Assortment In A Case Including Drill Bits, Screws, Hooks, Nuts and Bolts and More
249.10 Telescopic Monopod Selfie Sticks with Wireless Shutter Remote
250.(4) 1 Gallon Congoleum Bright 'N Easy Lemon Scented No Rinse Cleaner
251.(4) 2 in. x 27' 10,000 LB. Ratchet Tie Down With Double Hooks
252.Case of 12 Individually Packaged Pink LED Flashlights
253.7 Packs of 4 Piece Funnel Sets
254.Approx. 40 Trance Ballon Chinese Lanterns
255.Approx. 40 Trance Ballon Chinese Lanterns
256.Approx. 10 Super Fight III, Ali vs Frazier Fight Posters
257.Approx. 10 Buck White Starring Muhammad Ali Broadway Theater Posters
258.8 Packs of Sweet Tart Ohio State Gummies
259.3 Cases of 10 Individually Wrapped Light Up Light Saber Candies
260.Emeril Bamboo Board/Drawer with Cutlery Set
261.3 Corona Extra Beer Clocks
262.2 South Bend "Take Me Fishing" Fishing Poles Including a 30 in and 5ft 6 in Fishing Poles
263.Box of Kids Toys
264.2 Hyper Disc Thrower Clay Launcher (One Needs Help)
265.(6) 400 Piece Utility Assortment in a Case Including Drill Bits, Screws, Hooks, Nuts and Bolts and More
266.2 Multifunction Swat Dimming Flashlights with Rechargeable Battery, Car Charger and Wall Charger
267.3 Multifunction Swat Dimming Flashlights with Rechargeable Battery, Car Charger and Wall Charger
268.Red Ryder BB Gun Metal Sign, Beatles Holographic Sign, Folding Utility Knife and Head Lamp
269.(6) 3 Packs of Size 10 - 13 Diabetic Socks, 5 Betty Boop Tins with Playing Cards and a Rolf Leather Flip Fold Wallet
270.3 LED Open Signs
271.Box of 50+ Oven Mits
272.2 Medium Density Bed Pillows
273.Hands Free Self Opening Trash Can
274.Soccer Robot Super Soccer Star R/C Toy
275.Box of 3 Christmas Light Necklaces, 3 Koss Earbuds, Universal All In One Hands Free Earset and and Energizer Head Lamp
276.(8) 2 Packs of Adjustable Air Fresheners and 2 Tire Gauges
277.(6) Individually Packaged LED Flashlights
278.2 Leather 4.5" x 12" Windshield Bags
279.2 Leather 5.5" x 12" Windshield Bags
280.Box of 24 Brand New Chamois
281.Box of 24 Brand New Chamois
282.Box of 24 Brand New Chamois
283.Case of 11 Individually Packaged Camo LED Flashlights
284.Case of 12 Individually Packaged Camo LED Flashlights
285.2 Realtree Orange and Camo 15.6" Laptop Sleeves and 2 Mossy Oak Pink Camo 15.6" Laptop Sleeves
286.(7) The Beatles Yellow Submarine George Pre-Painted Plastic Model Kits
287.Kiss Destroyer 35th Anniversary Pre-Painted Model Kit
288.3 Fully Articulated and Posable Star Trek Figurines Including Kirk, Sulu and Pike
289.3 Fully Articulated and Posable Star Trek Figurines Including Scotty, Cadet McCoy and Cadet Chekov
290.2 Fully Articulated and Posable Star Trek Figurines Including Nero and Original Spock
292.(3) 14" x 16" x 10" Outdoor Light Fixtures
293.Slide Hammer (missing part) Extension Cord w/ Cut at End and Tarp
294.Pallet of Assorted Metal Parts and Pieces
295.Pallet with 3 Office Chair Floor Mats and Misc
296.3 Large Tarps and 2 Rubber Floor Mats
297.Metal 3,000 Pound Capacity Sheet Cart
298.Shopping Cart with Pictures in Frames, Canvas Paintings and Prints
299.Shopping Cart with Framed Wall Art
300.Shopping Cart with Misc Yard Tools
303.Mountain King Christmas Tree
304.41 x 22 1/2 x 37 Wood Rocking Baby Crib
305.Northern Tool and Equipment 36" x 24" 4 Wheel Cart (Missing Wheels)
306.Northern Industrial Tool Solar 12 V Battery Charger
307.33" x 33" Umbrella Base
308.2 Antique Padded Metal Folding Chairs
310.Box of (4) 1 Gallon Jugs of Zep Commercial Pro Strength Drain Opener (Some Containers May Have Leaks)
311.Crate with Trailer Hubs and Misc
313.Wood Cabinet with Misc. Items Including Electrical Accessories, Fogger and 2 Aluminum Canoes
314.Outdoor Light Fixture
315.K-9 Corral Solid State Pet Containment System
316.Martin Decker 5 Ton Crane Scale
317.Cast Iron Legs
318.Fishing Pole, Shepards Hook and Adjustable Power Washing Nozzle
319.Heavy Duty Telescoping Power Washing Gun
320.Heavy Duty Telescoping Power Washing Gun
321.Heavy Duty Telescoping Power washing Gun
322.31 Antique Safety Deposit Boxes
323.13 Antique Safety Deposit Boxes
324.(33) Antique Safety Deposit Boxes
325.Approx. 10 Hard Hats
326.Paper Organizer, Step Stool, Wheel and Kick Plate
327.Lot of Heavy Duty Craftsman Tool Belts
328.Tote of Misc Including Cord, Decorative Flags, hitch and Owl
329.Vocal Changer Karaoke Machine
330.Vintage Metal Hose Reel
331.Lueller Sump Pump
332.Oregon Mini Grinder
333.25+ Waterproof Wearable Item Carriers
334.Lot of Disc Brake System Analyzer, Trailer Taillight, Adjustable Trailer Legs and Misc.
335.Battery Powered 18V Impact, Extension Cord with 2 Outlets, Misc. Batteries and Chargers
336.Box of Packing Blankets
337.Tote of Misc.
338.Craftsman 1 HP Convertible Jet Pump
339.Wayne 1.5 HP Permanent Lawn Sprinkling Pump
340.Roll of Aluminum
341.Metal Box Fan
342.5 Gallon 4.5 HP Shop Vac
343.Tote of Assorted Hand Tool Batteries and Chargers
345.Box Lot of Safety Glasses, Sherline Products Suspended Hydraulic Scale, Tools and Misc
346.Lot of Nails and Misc
347.42" Gauge Wheel Kit
348.The Mighty Atlas Column Jack
349.The Mighty Atlas Column Jack
350.Lot of Vintage Toys
351.2 Pump Sprayers
352.Box Lot of Headsets, Hat with Light and Grill Brushes
353.Car Jack and Misc
354.Antique Standard Mail Box
355.Antique Baby Scale
356.Raider Motorcycle Helmet
357.9 "I Love Lucy" Metal Lunch Boxes
358.Antique Hanging Lamp (Needs Help)
360.Sony 5 Disc Changer, Denon 5 Disc Changer and a Kenwood Record Player
361.Lot of Sound Systems
362.Lot of Sound Systems
363.Traffic Cones
364.Air Caddy Portable Air Tank
365.5 Gallon Bucket of Misc Metal
366.Alligator Figurine
367.3 Packs of 10 47.5" Upright Posts
368.Box of 20+ Salad Shakers and Misc
369.Box of Nails
370.Box of Vintage Magazines, Books and Newspapers
371.Scale and File Storage Bin
372.13 Swan Creek Candle Scented Candles
373.Kolpin Boottector
374.Zip Ties, Casters, Extension Cords and Misc
375.5 Infrared Lamps Bulbs
376.2 Money Bags, Envelopes, Zip Ties and Misc
377.Tape, Batteries, Markers and Misc
378.Small Cones
379.Watering Can, Small Propane Tank, Step Stool and Misc
380.2 Wheel Cart
382.1 Full Bag of Wood Pellets and 1 Half Bag of Wood Pellets
383.Ramps, Tire Chains and Car Jack
384.Helium Tank
385.Cobra Motorized Drain Snake
386.6' x 20" Glass Display Case
387.6' x 4' Glass Display Case with Sliding Glass Doors
388.2 Office Chairs
389.Stainless Steel Cart
390.Remline XQL Series 26" x 12" x 19" 8 Drawer Tool Box
391.Rubbermaid 3 Drawer Tool Cart
392.(9) 1 Quart Containers of Napa Automatic Transmission Fluid
393.FRAM Toughguard Air Filter, Caution Tape and Misc
394.Box of Misc Including Fuel Antifreeze, Fuel Injector Cleaner and Valve Treatment
395.2 Cycle Engine Oil, Insecticides, Spray Paint and Misc
396.10+ Craftsman 7 3/4" Edger Blades, 3 Motorized Touch Power Sprayers and Misc
397.Glue Gun, Sander, Quick Change Router Bits and Misc.
398.3 Bug Zappers and Misc
399.Oil Filter, Small Level, Hose Nozzle
400.Box of Misc
401.Craftsman Dado Insert, Craftsman Drum Sanding Kit, Craftsman Cordless Combo Clipper
402.Lawn Mower Blades, Chainsaw Blade and Misc
403.Lot of Air Mattress Pumps
404.Electric Thermostat, Power Converter, Cal-Hawk Clamp Meter
405.Lot of Pet Food Dog Scoops, Ratchet Strap, Chamois, and Automatic Sprayers
406.Chafer Pan and Lids and Misc
407.Craftsman Tool Bag with Work Light
408.60" x 24" x 62" Metal Adjustable Shelving Rack on Wheels
409.Antique Paper Cup Dispenser, Toy Plane, Hard Hat and Misc
410.Decorative Eggs, Vases, Oil Lamp Glass Shades and Misc
411.Cast Iron Door Stop, Bungee Cord and Misc
412.(14) 8 Track and 2 Pictures in Frames
413.6 Drawer Organizer, Metal 16 Compartment Organizer
415.28 x 28 x 37 Metal 11 Drawer Cabinet on Wheels with Wood Top
416.28" x 28" x 37" Metal 11 Drawer Cabinet on Wheels with Wood Top
417.Jake Bar
418.8' High Output Cold Weather Utility Light and Misc
419.(4) 9' Garage Door Weather Proof Header Stop
420.Box of Single Car Garage Door Weather Proofing Heavy Duty Vinyl Inserts
421.8' Power Washing Sprayer
422.Da-Lite Projection Screen
423.Hercules 17" x 30.5" x 42" Fire Proof Cabinet (No Key)
424.3 Barstools
425.Contents fo Corner Including Skimmers, 3rd Hand Fast Cap and Misc
426.3 Super Gun 1/1 Scale High Performance Plastic Air Soft Guns
427.(3) 3 Piece Utility Plier Sets
428.hand Rubbed Print
429.T-Cut Rebar Cutter
430.Schauer Car Starter/ Battery Charger Model J4612 and Small Wood Barrel
431.42" x 18" x 50" Lateral Filing Cabinet
432.42" x 18" x 50" Lateral Filing Cabinet
433.Wood Chair
434.Wood Office Chair
435.4 Metal Padded Folding Chairs
437.32" x 42" Floor Protector/Wall Shield
438.42" x 18" x 50" Lateral Filing Cabinet
439.42" x 18" x 50" Lateral Filing Cabinet
440.White Board
441.(4) 7' 2x11 Wood Planks and (1) 4' 2x11 Wood Planks
442.(14) 28 1/2" x 60" Scaffolding Boards
443.24" x 47" 3 Walled Metal Warehouse Cart
444.24" x 47" 3 Walled Metal Warehouse Cart
445.24" x 47" 3 Walled Metal Warehouse Carts
446.24" x 47" 3 Walled Metal Warehouse Carts
447.24" x 47" 3 Walled Metal Warehouse Cart
448.24" x 47" 3 Walled Metal Warehouse Cart
449.27" x 52" 4 Wheel Warehouse Cart
450.27" x 52" 4 Wheel Warehouse Cart
451.27" x 52" 4 Wheel Warehouse Cart
452.27" x 52" 4 Wheel Warehouse Cart
453.27" x 52" 4 Wheel Warehouse Cart
454.27" x 52" 4 Wheel Warehouse Cart
455.27" x 52" 4 Wheel Warehouse Cart
456.27" x 52" 4 Wheel Warehouse Cart
457.24" x 47" 3 Walled Metal Warehouse Cart
458.Metal Cart with Roll of Foam
459.Packing Blankets, Paper Shredders and Misc
460.Packing Blankets
461.Porch Umbrella
462.8' Wood Step Ladder, 5' Aluminum Step Ladder
463.7' Adjustable Column Jack
464.3 New Step Ladders, 1 Aluminum Step Ladder
465.3' x 3' Card Table with 3 Folding Chairs
466.Tote with Misc Blankets
467.(3) 20" x 48" Folding Tables
468.40" Clothes Rack
470.Lot of 5 Totes, One with Lid
471.Lot of 13 Misc Totes
472.Lot of 11 Misc Totes and a Clothes Basket
473.Lot of 9 Misc Totes
474.Lot of 9 Misc Totes, One with Lid
475.Lot of 3 Misc. Totes, One with Lid
476.Lot of 6 Misc Totes and 3 Totes with Attached Folding Lids
477.Lot of 8 Totes with Attached Folding Lids
478.Lot of 8 Misc Totes One with Lid
479.Lot of Misc Totes and Lids
480.Lot of 9 Misc Totes and 5 Lids
481.Lot of 5 Misc Totes, 3 with Lids
482.42" x 18" x 50" Lateral Filing Cabinet
483.42" x 18" x 50" Lateral Filing Cabinet
484.42" x 18" x 50" Lateral Filing Cabinet
485.42" x 18" x 50" Lateral Filing Cabinet
486.42" x 18" x 50" Lateral Filing Cabinet
487.42" x 18" x 50" Lateral Filing Cabinet
488.42" x 18" x 50" Lateral Filing Cabinet
489.Fake Tree and Eureka Vacuum
490.(2) 4 Wheel Dolly
491.Misc Totes
492.Flow-Pro High Velocity Air Circulator
493.Flow-Pro High Velocity Air Circulator
494.3 Shelf Plastic Cart
495.60" x 29" Wood Table with Drawer
496.8' Wood Folding Table
497.Tractor Seat
498.Mesh Gazebo Sided
499.Tractor Seat
500.(2) 21" x 43" Wood 4 Wheel Carts, (1) 36" x 18" Wood 4 Wheel Cart, (3) 24" x 48" 4 Wheel Carts
501.2 Shopping Carts
503.Fan, Stool and Misc
504.27" x 52" 4 Wheel Warehouse Carts
505.Metal 6' Ramp
506.Office Chair
507.ProStandard 36" Direct Drive Drum Fan
508.ProStandard 36" Direct Drive Drum Fan
509.ProStandard 36" Direct Drive Drum Fan
510.ProStandard 36" Direct Drive Drum Fan
517.Utility Cart
518.2 Wheel Dolly
519.2 Wheel Dolly
520.2 Wheel Dolly with Extender
521.Utility Cart
522.2 Wheel Dolly with 2 Casters
523.2 Wheel Dolly with Extended Forks
524.Lot of 11 Assorted Fluorescent Bulbs
525.Reese Hitch Attachment
526.Tubeless ST20/75 D 14 Trailer Tire
527.36" Clothes Rack on Wheels
528.Metal Cart
529.Plastic Cart
530.11 Metal Padded Seat Folding Chairs
531.10 Metal Folding Chairs
532.13 Seat and Back Padded Metal Folding Chairs
533.6'6" Scaffolding On Wheels
533A.6'6" Scaffolding on Wheels
533B.6'6" Scaffolding on Wheels
534.Hose Reel Bracket
535.Pipe Bending Dies and Misc
536.Minibike Seat
537.Ramp Ends
540.High Speed Hub and Drum Assembly
541.2 Welding Masks
542.Metal Fender and Piping
543.12' Fold in Half Cafeteria Table on Wheels
544.Hose Reel On Wheels
545.24" Drum Air Circulator
546.32" Pressure Washer Attachment
547.30" Oscillating Wall Mount Industrial Fan
548.30" Oscillating Wall Mount Industrial Fan
549.30" Oscillating Wall Mount Industrial Fan
550.4 Wood Folding Chairs
551.Contents of Corner Including Garage Door Sealers, Boxes and Misc
552.3' x 18" x 6' Metal Storage Cabinet
553.3' x 18" x 6' Metal Storage Cabinet with Shelves
554.Electric Heater
555.Electric Heater
556.3 Hanging Pictures in Frames
557.Haier Hand Wash Type Washing Machine
559.3' x 18" x 6' 6" Metal Storage Cabinet with Shelves
560.8' Portable Projector Screen
562.Electric Heater
563.Lot of Office Supplies
564.File Folders, Gloves and Post Cards
566.Misc Books
567.Collectable Barbies
568.Sony Radio
569.Flashlight, Stapler, Calculator and Misc
570.2 Cameras, Refractometer and Misc
571.HP Deskjet 2542 Printer
572.Paper Organizers, Clipboards and Misc
573.Light Strip
574.Power strip, School Bell, and Misc
575.Organizers and Labeling Stickers
576.Zip Ties, Tape, Bandages and Misc
577.Calculator, Money Bag, Extension Cord and Misc
578.2 Drawer Wood File Cabinet
579.Box of Misc
581.Kids Toys
582.Cash Register/Lock Box
583.Lot of Yard Sticks
584.Antique Sword
586.Corona Advertising Signs
587.Legal Size Files and Folders
588.Blanket and Sheets
589.Floral Arrangement and Ashtrays
590.7 Adjustable Hats
591.Double Diaphragm Pump
592.Reese Hitch with with 2-5/16" hitch and heavy duty lock
593.7 Electric Bug Zappers
595.9 Sets of Barbecue Utensils
596.Lighters and "No Smoking Please" Sign
597.6' Book Shelf
598.Coat Rack
599.Propane Heater
600.Large Decorative Lantern
601.Texas License Plate, Shell Sign, Phillips 66 Sign and Norton Thermometer
602.Dry Erase Board
603.Indian Motorcycle Banner
604.Lot of Misc. Metal Signs
605.Lot of Misc Metal Signs
606.Lot of Misc Metal Signs
607.2 Movie Posters
608.Light Up Spiegel Sign
609.Cattle Head Metal Sign
610.Oar, Fishing Pole and Misc Hanging
611.#8 Dale Earnhardt Decorative Hood Wall Art and License Plate
613.Extremely Large Pair of Pants
614.Customer Service Arrow
615.5 Wall Mounted Metal Shelves with Sliding Glass Doors
616.Northern Industrial Pallet Jack
617.2 Fork Lift Forks(one with hitch ball), 2 Forklift Fork Extensions
618.2 Metal Warehouse Carts
619.Lot of Tractor Seats
620.2 Wheel Dolly, Wheelbarrow, Hose and Misc
621.Lot of Chain Binders
622.Aluminum Roof Coating
623.2 Metal Warehouse Carts
624.2 Metal Warehouse Carts
625.Metal Cabinet with Scrap Metal
626.Drum Assorted Trailer Hubs
627.Drum of Assorted Trailer Hubs
628.2 Fiberglass Rising Shelves
629.Crane Forks
631.Hyster 50 XL2 Forklift (Selling Subject to Confirmation and Prior Sale)(Late Pick Up)
633.Air Compressor
634.PR15 Peavey Speakers with 1 Tripod
635.2 Peavey Speakers with 2 Tripods
636.Flow-Pro Air Circulator and Misc Chairs
637.4 Wheel Plastic Cart
638.2 Wood Pallet Crates
639.48" x 48" Aluminum Dock Plate
640.96" x 96" Wood Shelving and 147" x 90" Wood Shelving
641.Approx. 4' x 8' Single Axle Trailer with Sides Includes Spare Tire, Hitch Wheel, Removable Tail Gate and 41" Inside Width (See Comments on Lot 643)
642.New 8' Foldable Arched Steel Ramps (See Comments on Lot 643)
643.Approx. 4' x 8' Single Axle Utility Trailer with Sides Includes Spare Tire, Hitch Wheel Removable Tail Gate, 41" Inside Width and 8' Foldable Arched Steel Ramps. This Lot is a Combination of Lots 641 and 642. Winning Lot Subject to Highest Total Bid Between the Combination of Lots 641 and 642 and the Total Bid of Lot 643.
644.Abrasive Blaster
645.Antique Glass Lamp
646.Office Chair
647.Lot of Misc Leaf Blower/Vac Tubes
648.Lot of Misc Extension Cords
649.Time Clock (Works with Key)
650.8 ft Conference Table
651.Pallet of Trailer Hubs, Ramp Ends and Misc
652.Oscillating Fan Motor
653.2 Ton Pallet Jack
654.Antique Toledo Public Health Scale