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Kigar Realty & Auction
Estate of Alice Hark: Antiques, Collectibles, Glassware & More - Sale Ending Friday, October 23rd Starts to Close at 8 PM

Item Description
1.13 Star Flag Gauze Cotton
2.Printed Flag
3.Malt Duck Flag Sign
4.76 Cotton Flag
5.Sewn Cotton Flag
6.Old Cotton Flag
7.Printed Cotton Flag
8.Printed Cotton Flag
9.Printed Cotton Flag
10.Grouping of Old 48 Star Flags (Individual, Hand-Held)
11.Emblem Flags
12.Assorted Vintage Christmas Santa's
13.Vintage Santa Clause Christmas and Paper
14.Plastic Snowflake, Glass, Candle, Glo and Aluminum Angel
15.Avon Collectible Assortment
16.Boxed Avon Perfume
17.Boxed Avon Colognes
18.Gold Framed Religious Items
19.Assortment of New and Old Small Christmas Trees
20.Duck Push Button Telephone
21.Crock, Jug and Wooden Mallet
22.Lidded Crock and Extra Crock
23.(2) Open Crocks
24.Vintage and Newer Christmas Paper
25.(3) Vintage Halloween Masks
26.Vintage Halloween Masks
27.Religious Gold Clock and Frames
28.Crockery Jug and Newer Ceramic Vase
29.Kachina Bowls (2)
30.Vintage and Newer Easter Paper
31.(2) Open Crocks, Faux Pumpkin, "God Bless Our Home" Chalkware
32.(2) Open Crocks
33.Misc. Holiday Seasonal Paper
34.Box Lot of Amber Bottles
35.(2) Open Crocks
36.Assorted Halloween Vintage Masks
37.Lot of Amber Bottles
38.Box Lot of Amber and Clear Bottles
39.Box Lot of Amber Bottles
40.Box Lot of Easter Eggs and Plastic Items
41.Box Lot of Stuffed Animal Christmas including Anna Lee Dolls
42.Box Lot of Big Pine Cones
43.Doll Crib (Uninstalled)
44.Aluminum Christmas Tree
45.Huge Box of Baskets
46.Draperies and Fabric
47.Old and New Christmas Cards and Paper
48.Approx. (8+) Rag Rugs
49.Wicker Basket with 5+ Floral Rugs
50.Electric Blanket
53.Fleece Blanket
54.(2) Suitcases
55.Large Box of Gift Bags
56.Vintage Christmas Ornaments
57.Vintage Christmas Items
58.Vintage Christmas Items
59.Vintage Christmas Outdoor Lights
60.Vintage Christmas Ornaments
61.Vintage Christmas Items
62.White Ceramic Christmas Tree
63.Green Ceramic Christmas Tree
64.Vintage Christmas Ornaments
65.Vintage Christmas Ornaments
66.Vintage Christmas Ornaments
67.Vintage Christmas Ornaments
68.Misc. Christmas Décor
69.Light Up Snowman, (2) Tree Florals and Ornaments
70.Christmas Tree, Snowglobe, Misc. Décor
71.Ceramic Christmas Tree, Metal Tree Stand and Elf
72.Christmas Lights and Musical Carousel
73.Vintage Christmas Ornaments
74.Vintage Christmas Ornaments
75.Christmas Décor and Metal Tree Stand
76.Plastic Electric Candles
77.Crockery Jug and Damaged Crock
78.Vintage Christmas Items - Includes Tree Stand and Snow Baby
79.Antique Lamp Shades and Parts
80.The Books of Ohio: Volumes 1, 2 ,3 (Undated)
81.Assorted Board Games
82.Sheet and Piano Music
83.Assortment of Vintage Halloween Items
84.Clear Cut Meat Grinder
85.Wall-Mounted Coffee Grinder
86.Vintage Halloween Paper Décor
87.Vintage Halloween Paper Décor
88.Box of Vintage Dolls includes Suitcase with Small Doll
89.Box Lot of Halloween and Thanksgiving Décor
90.Box of Cookbooks
91.Stack of Board Games
92.Stack of Board Games
93.Box Lot of Vintage Dolls
94.Box Lot of Vintage Dolls
95.Box Lot of Vintage Dolls
96.Box of Collectible Antique Magazines
97.Box Lot of Stuffed Animals, Bears and Dancing Duck
98.Box of Doll Reader Magazines
99.Misc. Christmas Décor
100.Box of Christmas Lights
101.Pile of Batting
102.Large Box of Assorted Baskets
103.Box Lot of Dolls and Parts
104.Box of Dolls and Parts
105.Madame Alexander Coca-Cola Doll
106.Madame Alexander Porcelain Summer #25855
107.Madame Alexander Porcelain Spring #25850
108.Madame Alexander Porcelain Winter #25865
109.Madame Alexander Porcelain Autumn #25860
110.(2) Cabbage Patch Doll Outfits
111.(2) Porcelain Dolls in Plaid
112.Kathy Cruise Doll
113.Robert Toner Porcelain Bride Doll
114.Porcelain Angel
115.Patsy Anne Reproduction Doll
116.Plastic Table Top Arcade Games (Vintage)
117.Baseball Hat Bowls with E-Z Tracer
118.(7) Game Boards
119.(5) Antique Chinese Checker Boards (No Marbles)
120.Box Lot of Antique Baby Dolls (All Damaged)
121.Radio Shack Radio-Controlled Robot
122.Cinderella and Prince Charming Dolls
123.Box Lot of China Miniature Tea Sets
124.Stack of Board Games
125.Stack of Board Games
126.(3) Crockery Jugs
127.(2) Box Lots of Stamps for Collecting
128.(2) Dolls on Stands
129.(2) Vintage Baby Dolls
130.Doll Quilts and Comforters
131.Lot of Misc. Newer Dolls
132.Singer Sewing Machine Box (No Sewing Machine)
133.Misc. Books
134.Misc. Books
135.Antique Dream Baby Doll and Tin Head Shoulder Doll
136.Box Lot of Popular Mechanics and More
137.Misc. Box including Hot Wheels Case and Popcorn Push Toy
138.Box Lot of Assorted Baskets
139.(6) Glass Lamp Shades
140.Victorian Beaded Lamp Shade (Damaged) and Boudoir Lamp
141.Pink Depression Glass Ice Bucket and (6) Wine Glasses
142.(2) Decanters, Mercury Glass, Paper Weight and Trays
143.Amber Glass, Luster Glass, McCoy Items
144.Stack of Antique Calendar Plates
145.Misc. Pink Depression Glass
146.Tiffin Square Ash Tray
147.(3) Old Baskets
148.Lot including Hen on Nest, Toothpicks, Bank
149.(2) Longaberger Baskets
150.Antique Mexican Basket and Back Scratcher
151.Misc. Clear Glass Service Bowls and Plates, Tall Vase
152.(2) Leather-Handled Longaberger Baskets
153.Chalkware Dog, Brown Transfer Drip Cup and Insulator
154.Misc. Figurines
155.Chalkware Saluting Soldier
156.Tiffin Amber Vase
157.Head Vase
158.Vaseline Tiffin Ash Tray
159.Box Lot of Tea Pots
160.Box Lot of Clear Glass
161.Longaberger Bushel Basket
162.Box Lot of Pitchers
163.Box Lot of American Fostoria
164.Box Lot of Misc. Clear Bottles
165.Egg Dish, Compote, and Liberty Bell Coin Bank
166.Clear Platter, Bowl and Vase
167.(2) 3-Footed Bowls and Spooner
168.Misc. Green Glass includes Fenton, Depression and Blue Ridge Pottery
169.Weller Pottery
170.Large Marigold Carnival Bowl
171.Roseville 2-Handled Vase
172.Box Lot including EAPG Cake Plate and Hand-Painted Items
173.Goofus Glass, Ornamental Plate and Wild Boar Paper Weight
174.Oriental Figurines
175.EAPG Cake Plate and Misc. Victorian Items
176.(2) American Fostoria Vases and Hand-Painted Plates
177.Tiffin Luncheon Plates and Misc. Clear Glass
178.Fostoria Coin Glass Compote, Ash Trays and Reamer
179.Misc. Clear Glass, Rosary and Soap Stone
180.Misc. Figurines including Acro Agate Pot and Slag Shoe
181.Box of Misc. Items
182.Fenton Opalescent Blue Vase and Misc.
183.Green Glass Decanter
184.Blue Column Vase
185.Bar Ware
186.Roseville Vase and Roseville Book
187.Misc. Hand-Painted Plates
188.Misc. Milk Glass
189.Misc. Milk Glass
190.Misc. Milk Glass
191.Misc. Milk Glass
192.Large Mexican Serape
193.Box Lot of Vintage Table Clothes
194.Victorian Piano Shawl Velvet with Fringe
195.Needlepoint Plastic Ornaments
196.Ecru Crochet Table Cloth/Bed Spread
197.Old Quilt, Newer Comforter
198.Misc. Golf Towels and Flower Sack
199.Misc. Needlepoint Projects
200.Stack of Cloth Napkins
201.Box of Hankeys
202.Souvenir of France Pillow Case
203.Box of Assorted Dresser Cloths
204.Stack of Assorted Cloth Towels including Huck
205.(2) Sets of Embroidered Pillow Cases
206.Box of Doilies
207.Box of Assorted Vintage Table Cloths
208.Box of Assorted Table Cloths
209.Box of Assorted Table Cloths
210.Misc. Table Cloths
211.Table Top Electric Organ
212.Hat Box of Vintage Hats
213.Mixing Bowl Set, Kitchen Scale and Campbell's Soup Items
214.Hat Box of Misc. Hats
215.Lamp with Reproduction Victorian Shade
216.Misc. Tea Cups
217.Box of Misc. Pottery
218.Dough Boy Cookie Jar, Pink Depression Glass Bowl
219.American Fostoria Pieces, Pottery, Enamelware Pitcher
220.Misc. Pink Depression Glass
221.Jeannette Fostoria Punch Bowl and Glasses
222.Hazel Atlas Pitcher, Sugar, Hull Pottery and Misc. Items
223.Frigidaire Water Pitcher and Misc. Items
224.Misc. Clear items
225.Lot of McCoy Planter, Figurines
226.Fostoria American Candy Dish and Hull Vase
227.Victorian Caster Set
228.Evening in Paris Box Lot
229.Crocks, Damaged Bennington and Other Misc.
230.Antique Sewing Machine
231.Wicker Magazine Basket
232.Antique Red Cross Fabric Bag
233.Wicker Basket with Wicker Sewing Basket and Blue Jar of Buttons
234.Box Lot of Buttons
235.Farm Print and Other Artwork
236.Box Lot of Buttons
237.Box Lot of Buttons
238.Box Lot of Buttons
239.Box Lot of Buttons
240.Box Lot of Stained Iron Stone
241.Misc. Box of Eyeglasses which include Gold Frames
242.Misc. Eyeglasses which included Gold Frames
243.Misc. Box of Leather Bill Folds, Coin Purses
244.Stack of Bamboo Dishes
245.Box Lot of Glass including Cherry Grove Milk Bottle Pint
246.G.I. Joe Locker Case (Empty)
247.China Tea Set (In Box)
248.Misc. Electronics
249.EAPG Cake Plate and Set of Hand-Painted Plates
250.Wall Pockets and Misc.
251.(5) Pressed Glass Service Bowls
252.Box Lot of Candlewick
253.Box Lot of Candlewick
254.Pressed Glass Bowls and Blue Vases
255.Misc. Clear Glass
256.Misc. Clear Glass including Hobnail Set
257.Misc. Fostoria American Glass
258.Zenobia Shrine Fez Hats
259.Victorian Children's Coat
260.Misc. Doll Repair Items includes Strawberry Shortcake Mug and Juice Glasses
261.(8) Clear Rose Bowls and (2) Tiffin Vases
262.Box Lot of Shakespeare Leather Books
263.Misc. Box Lot of Beanie Babies
264.Cape Cod Pie Plate, Red
265.Misc. Avon
266.(3) Square Metal Art
267.Pair of Religious Art
268.Pair of Bird Art
269.Antique Stacked Frame Communion Sert
270.Religious Art and Plate
271.Victorian Frame with (2) Young Girls
272.American Blue Classic Collection Set
273.Imperial, W.Dalton China Set
274.Misc. Glasses and Mugs
275.Misc. Clear Glass Vases
276.Victorian Children's Picture Books
277.Victorian Children's Picture Books
278.Lot of Antique Books
279.Victorian Picture Books
280.Victorian Children's Books
281.Victorian Children's Books
282.Antique Books including Frank on the Lower Mississippi
283.Box Lot of Antique Books
284.Antique Box Lot of Books
285.Antique Box Lot of Books
286.Antique Box Lot of Books
287.Lot of Historical and Presidential Books
288.Antique Classics
289.Chalkware Uncle Sam
290.Misc. Fenton Milk Glass
291.Fostoria American Misc. Lot
292.Victorian Glass Porcelain Eggs
293.Misc. Box of Pressed Glass
294.Misc. Box of Vases
295.Misc. Box of Milk Glass including Fenton
296.(4) Sewing Machine Drawers and Small Gold Frame
297.Craftsman Micro-Adjusting Torque Wrench (In Case)
298.Blue Bird Tea Set
299.Misc. Fostoria
300.Misc. Metal and Enamelware Lot
301.Early Wood-Handled Silverware
302.Box of Vintage Neck Ties
303.Box of Tea Lights
304.Misc. Pile of Copper, Arts & Crafts
305.Misc. Baking Party Accessories
306.Wire Basket, Children's Iron and (2) Rug Beaters
307.Box Lot of Old Novels
308.Covered Oval Pyrex Baking Dish with Lid
309.Box Lot of Books
310.Millersberg Carnival Bowl and Fenton Vase
311.True Confessions Magazine Stack
312.McCoy Pottery, Aqua Transfer Items
313.McCoy and Hand-Painted Items
314.Rubber Puppy
315.Fostoria and Misc. Clear Glass
316.Christmas Hummel
317.Antique Christmas and Books
318.Indiana Glass and Misc.
319.Crock Pot Insert with Lid
320.Box Lot of Wood Rolling Pins, Includes 1 Marble Rolling Pin
321.Misc. Cooking Presses
322.Box Lot of Books including McGuffeys
323.Box Lot of Books including Pilgrim's Progress
324.Lot of Wood and Metal Items
325.Box Lot of Figures and Trinket Boxes
326.Box Lot of Toy Guns
327.Box Lot of Toy Guns
328.Slim Jim Pitcher and (3) Steins
329.Box Lot of Fostoria Directories (1986, 1982, 1975)
330.Army Cookbook, Buck Private Playbook, Union Spy Playbook
331.Baby and Wedding Planning Books
332.Cookie Jar and Misc. Thermoses
333.Ohio Jim Beam Bottle and Fenton Hat, Wood Candlesticks
334.Misc. Pressed Glass, Platters and Dishes
335.Vintage Cinderella Book
336.Vintage Books
337.Vintage Fan
338.5-Gallon Lidded Jug with Handle
339.mrs. P.F.E. Albee 'First in a Series' Barbie
340.Avon Boxes with Contents
341.(2) Trophies
342.(2) Jewelry Boxes
343.Misc. Rooster Pitchers
344.Misc. Metalware including Bread Box
345.Canister Set
346.Knife Set
347.Couple Figurine
348.Iron Stone Slop Jar
349.Lava Lamp
350.Battery-Powered Bird in Cage, Cast-Iron Napkin and Misc.
351.White Ceramics
352.Assorted Ceramic
353.Lustreware and Figurines
354.Misc. Games
355.Ceramic Console Bowl with Candle Holders and Misc.
356.Tupperware Hamburger Maker
357.Milk Glass Shade for Victorian Hanging Lamp
358.Pink Depression Glass Platter, Red Strawberry Paper Weight, Hull Vase
359.Blue Items including Slag Vase and Bells
360.Redwing Pedestal Bowl
361.McCoy Tulip Vase and Fenton Fairy Light
362.Misc. Clear Glass
363.Stack of Misc. Trays
364.Misc. Jars and Plastic Plates
365.Lighted Jesus Wall Art, Doll and Misc.
366.Misc. Jars
367.Lot of Lampshades
368.Czech Dinnerware
369.Angel Dolls
370.Automated Stuffed Animals
371.Armand Marseilles Reproduction Doll
372.Lot of Vintage Sewing Patterns
373.McDonald's Toys
374.McDonald's Toys
375.McDonald's Toys
376.McDonald's Toys
377.McDonald's Toys
378.McDonald's Toys
379.Boyd's Bear
381.Pair of Stuffed Bears
382.Children's Wood Chair
383.Pressed Back Wood Rocker Chair for Child
384.(2) Children's Hi-Chair Toys
385.Children's Books
386.Lot of Doll Kits
387.Misc. Tote Bags
388.Stuffed Animals
389.VHS and 8-Track Tapes
391.VHS Tapes
392.Box of Wooden Hangers
394.Curtain Hardware
395.78 Records
396.Stuffed Animal Dolls
398.Character Dolls including Ronald McDonald, Barney, Etc.
399.Melmac Dish Set
400.Box Lot of Avon Items
401.Sewing Box
402.Misc. Dolls
403.Large Box of Vintage Matches
404.Large Box of Common Cigar Boxes
407.Misc. Toys including Crayons
408.(2) Crockery Jugs
409.Box of Tea Kettles including Enamelware
410.Restaurant-ware and Wire Mounted Plates
411.Misc. Old Wall Art
412.Box of Souvenir Transfer Plates
413.Antique Wall Art Box
414.Antique Wall Art Box
415.(2) Crockery Jugs
416.Scrapbook of Greeting Cards, Bag of Misc. Dice
417.(2) Crockery Jugs
418.(2) Maple Bowls
419.Movie Star Photo Frame and Funeral Fans
420.Knight Rider Lunch Box
421.Flintstones Lunch Box
422.Evil Kenevil Lunchbox
423.Beverly Hillbillies Thermos
424.Tiffin Sherbits and Water Glass
425.Box of Record Albums including Sound of Music, John F. Kennedy, Johnny Horton, Dolly Parton, Etc.


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