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Kigar Realty & Auction
Antiques, Collectible Toys & More #2 - Sale Ending Thursday, August 6th Starts to Close at 8 PM

Item Description
1.Lot of (40+) Hot Wheels, Etc.
2.Assorted Plastic Miniature Cars, Construction Equipment, Etc.
3.(2) Boxes of Misc. Glassware, Etc.
4.(2) Italy Vases and Decorator Plate
5.Box of Assorted Salt & Pepper Shakers
6.Box of Assorted Salt & Pepper Shakers
7.Assorted Bells
8.(4) Assorted Jugs
9.(6) Assorted Brass Items
10.Pabst Blue Ribbon Die-Cast Tractor Trailer
11.(2) Oil Lamps
12.Gumball Machine
13.Lead Ladle
14.Assorted Plastic Trucks, Cars, Etc.
15.(13) Pieces of Department 56 Snow Village Items
16.Hex-Shaped Beveled Mirror
17.Ship Clock
18.Lot of Unusual Salt & Pepper Shakers
19.Lot of (5) Assorted Copper and Brass Teapots
20.Bowl and Pitcher
21.Model Sailing Vessel
22.Covered Crockery Baking Dish
23.Mirrow-Matic Pressure Cooker and Aluminum Teapot
24.Box of Assorted Miniature Airplanes and Helicopters
25.CSX Safety Poster
26.(4) Assorted Knives
27.Coleman Cook Stove
28.Box of Assorted Vintage Flatware and Serving Pieces
29.Tin Train Cars (Ives Railway Lines)
30.Box of Assorted Flatware
31.Mickey Mouse Telephone
32.Oil Lamp
33.Oil Lamp
34.Miniature 2-Drawer Chest Dresser
35.Box Lot of Assorted Spoons
36.Lot of (5) Harmonicas
37.Lot of (5) Harmonicas
38.Gilbert Model Train Engine (New York Central)
39.Hohner German Harmonica
40.Hohner German Harmonica with Original Case (Big River Harp)
41.Mike Warrin Signed Marble
42.Signed and Dated Collectors Marble
43.Collectors Marble
44.2003 Marble Festival Marble
45.(3) Assorted Marbles and Vintage Potpie Tin
46.(2) Garden Sprayers
47.Empty Sewing Machine Box with Miniature Cannon
48.Depression Glass Divided Plate and Other Vintage Glass Items
49.Box of Misc. Skulls
50.Lot of (5) Assorted Bicycle Wrenches
51.Lot of Vintage Spectacles
52.Buggy Jack and Tool
53.Compound Bow
54.Galvanized Wash Tub
55.SuperBowl 56 Miller Lite Advertising Mirror
56.Large Basket with Lid
57.Cosco Vintage Step Stool
58.Carriage-Style Planter
59.Valvoline Collector Die-Cast Airplane
60.Texaco Die-Cast Airplane Coin Bank
61.Sunoco Racing Team Tractor Trailer with Car in Original Box
62.Lot of Misc. Old Toys
63.(11) Tonka Toy Trucks, Etc.
64.Assorted Salt & Pepper Shakers
65.Miniature Salt & Pepper Mixer Set with Detachable Sugar Bowl
66.Fiber Optic Floral Arrangement
67.Lot of Winners Circle and Racing Champions NASCAR Collectibles
68.Lot of Assorted Racing Champions NASCAR Collectibles
69.Lot of Assorted Winner’s Circle/Racing Champions NASCAR Collectibles
70.Lot of Assorted Winner’s Circle/Racing Champions NASCAR Collectibles
71.Fischer Price Bouncy Racer
72.Atlas Sound Horn Speaker
73.Box Lot of Assorted Collector Bottles
74.Lot of Assorted USAF Aircraft
75.Matchbox Carrier FULL of Assorted Matchbox Cars and Trucks (Approx. 48)
76.Micromachines Miniature Car/Truck Carrier with Contents
77.Box Lot of Assorted Metal and Plastic Toys
78.(5) Assorted Toys (New in Package)
79.(5) Assorted Toys (New in Package)
80.1975 Commemorative Replica Hot Wheels (In Original Package)
81.Bobby LaBonte Die-Cast Collector Tractor Trailer Rig
82.Classic Cars Collection Die-Cast
83.(2) Hot Wheels 5-Car Gift Packs
84.Box of Assorted Play Tools and Figurines
85.Coca-Cola Tray
86.Assorted Construction Equipment Toys
87.ERTL Shelby Cobra 427 Die-Cast
88.ERTL 1970 Ford Boss 429 Mustang Die-Cast
89.ERTL 1970 Ford Boss 302 Mustang Die-Cast
90.Assorted Pitchers, Vases and Reindeer
91.(3) Assorted Die-Cast with Early Horse and Cart
92.Checkerboard, Disco Light and Joe Camel Coozy
93.(3) Assorted Die-Cast
94.Box of Folding Rulers, Railroad Spikes and Misc.
95.(2) Boxes of Battery-Operated Toy Dump Truck and Misc. + Box of Slingshot and Assorted Toys
96.Stuart Little RC Car with No Controller and Miniature Stuart Little Toy Car + ‘66 Split Window Corvette VCR Re-winder
97.Assorted Lego’s and Toy Train Set
98.Box of Tonka, Buddy L and Friction Toys
99.Box of Assorted Miniature Die-Cast Cars, Etc.
100.Miniature Military Pedal Car
101.Box of Assorted Tootsie-Toy
102.Box Lot of 35+ Tootsie-Toy and Midge
103.(8) Ohio Fishing Belt Buckles
104.(2) Deer Horns and Jointed Tanto Figurine
105.Deer Rack
106.Deer Rack
107.Deer Rack
108.(3) Assorted Metal Toy Kitchen Items
109.Boy Scout Camp Kit
110.(2) Weather Stations
111.(23) Assorted Pez Dispensers
112.(2) Wilson Baseball Gloves
113.Vintage Hamilton Beach Mixer (Not Complete)
114.Box of Assorted Toy Military Aircraft
115.Assorted Wooden Toys and Misc.
116.(12) Matchbox Cars (New in Box)
117.(12) Matchbox Cars (New in Box)
118.(12) Matchbox Cars (New in Box)
119.(14) Assorted Hot Wheels Cars (New in Box)
120.(13) Assorted Hot Wheels Cars
121.(13) Assorted Hot Wheels Cars
122.(12) Assorted How Wheels Cars
123.Assorted NASA Toys and Collectibles
124.Coca-Cola and Other Collectibles
125.Miller-Simons Miniature Working Toy Motor
126.Box Lot of Assorted Shipping Containers, Jeep, Army Tank, Etc.
127.Box of John Deere, Fire Engines, Emergency Vehicles, Etc.
128.Vintage Archer Space Patrol-AM Radio
129.Junior Dietz Lantern and 12V Spot Light
130.Tonka Road Grader
131.Pair of 3-Channel Realistic Walkie-Talkies
132.Pair of 11TR. Transceivers
133.Pair of Realistic Walkie-Talkies
134.Polaroid Lamb Camera with Attachments and Case
136.Tonka Dump Truck
137.Tonka Ford Pickup Truck
138.VRROOM Indy Car
139.Tonka Grass Buggy
140.Hubbly Flat Bed Truck
141.Coca-Cola Tractor Trailer and NASA Tractor Trailer
142.Hubbly Car Hauler Trailer and Metal Car
143.Nylint Tractor Trailer
144.Service Vehicle
145.Structo Farm Truck
146.Vintage Red and Green Truck
147.Structo Tandem-Axle Red and Yellow Dump Truck
148.International Baler
149.International Tractor
150.International Tractor with Loader
151.4-Bottom Plow
152.4-Wheel Wagon
153.International Tractor with Manure Spreader, Oliver Rowcrop Tractor, Farmall 300
154.Box Lot of John Deere and other Misc. Toy Tractors
155.Glass Santa Claus
156.Tonka Turbo Diesel Loader (Like New)
157.Nylint Metal Construction Dump Truck (Like New)
158.Nylint Construction Dump Truck
159.Vintage Structo Concrete Mixer (Missing Hood)
160.Tonka T6 Dozer with Loader
161.Nylint NAPA Pickup
162.Buddy L Tractor Trailer Rig
163.Vintage Farm Truck (All Original)
164.Cast-Metal Insurance Fire Mark
165.Goodyear Tractor Trailer/Miniature Car Display Case
166.Early Metal Dump Truck (All Original)
167.(2) “What’s in My Pocket’s?” Fisher Price Books
168.Early Metal Dump Truck
169.Toy Banjo (Incomplete)
170.Box of Wooden Coca-Cola Truck, Wooden Tonka Toy, Contastoga
171.NASCAR Pit Stop Showcase and Box of Misc. NASCAR Collectibles
172.Box of Assorted Toys
173.Box of Assorted Military Aircraft
174.Assorted Die-Cast and Other Misc. Toys and Motorcycles
175.6 Pc. Set of KOCH-MESSER Stainless Knives with Case
176.(2) Box Lots Consisting of Flatware, Lighthouse, Ace Ventura Video, Treasure Hunt, Etc.
177.6 Pair of Victorian and Other Salt & Pepper Shakers
178.Box Lot of Assorted Victorian and other Salt & Pepper Shakers
179.Lot of (4) Cast-Iron Pieces
180.79-Compartment Miniature Display
181.Box Lot of Assorted Miniature Toys – Trucks, Cars, Etc.
182.(6) Bisk Clown Dolls
183.(24) Assorted Lock Blade Knives
184.Lot of (13) Assorted Lock Blade Knives
185.(13) Assorted Pez Dispensers (Mostly New in Package)
186.(11) Assorted Bottles, Inkwells, Etc.
187.Porcelain Urinal and (2) Porcelain Lids
188.Lot with Whistle, Counter and Coin Bracelet
189.(2) Patio Outdoor Kerosene Lamps
190.Children’s China Tea Set
191.(3) Piggy Banks
192.(2) Fishing Poles with Diawa Open-Face Reels
193.Aluminum Hunting Classics Gun Case
194.Cast-Metal Ladle with Stool
195.48-Car Hot Wheel Case with (46) Assorted Hot Wheels
196.Wooden Chest
197.Revell and Linburg Model Cars
198.AMT and Lindberg Model Car
199.Box Lot of Misc. Clear Black Glass, Lantern Globe, Etc.
200.Lot Consisting of Juice Squeezer, Meat Grinder, Rolling Pin, Etc.
201.Box of Assorted Wooden Jewelry and Misc.
202.Bisk Doll Parts
203.Lot of (10) Assorted Dolls
204.Box Lot including Chicken Timer, Miniature Tools, Early Watering Attachment, Mr. Peanut 75th Birthday Pen, Etc.
205.Lot of Lead Jeweled Tea Pots, Purple Glass Bowl and Misc.
206.Lot of Assorted Bells, Bottled with Ship, Etc.
207.Child’s Divided Dish and Campbell Soup Insulated Cup
208.Ohio Citizens Trust Bank
209.(18) Assorted Collector’s Spoons
210.(4) Assorted Beer Steins with Bar Tools
211.(2) Toby Mugs
212.Black and White Pitcher and (2) Beer Steins
213.(5) Assorted Oriental Figurines
214.Leaded Glass Lamp Shade, Clear Glass Lamp Shade and Metal Lamp Shade
215.Assorted Clear Glass including Sugar, Dispensers, Eye Wash, Glass Baskets, Etc.
216.Metal Dog Garden Ornament
217.Aladdin Lamp Base with Extra Burner
218.(3) Assorted Vintage Mixers
219.Miniature Cast-Iron Stove with Pots and Pans
220.10.5in. Lodge Iron Skillet
221.9.5in Iron Skillet
222.Casron 9.5in. Iron Skillet
223.Casron 9in. Iron Skillet
224.8.5in Iron Skillet
225.Aluminum Pot with Lid
225A.Early Muffin Pot
226.7.5in. Iron Skillet
227.7.5in. Iron Skillet
228.Old Mountain 3-Footed Miniature Kettle with Handle
229.8in. Iron Skillet
230.8 1/8th in. #5 Iron Skillet
231.6 1/3rd in. Iron Skillet with Cast-Iron Griswold Reversable Steel Spindle
232.7.5in. Iron Pot with Handle
233.6in. Iron Skillet
234.6in. Iron Skillet
235.6in. Iron Skillet
236.7.25in. Iron Skillet
237.Flower Sifter and Peanut Grinder
238.(2) Countertop Clear Glass Cookie Jars
239.(3) Plastic Duck Decoys
240.Hull Vase with Handle and Brown Jug
241.Glass Milk Bottle with Advertising
242.1 Quart Streit Milk Company Bottle
243.Louisville, Kentucky Milk Bottle
244.Cedar Grove Dairy, Berlin Heights, OH Milk Bottle
245.(3) Small Milk Bottles including Defiance Dairy
246.(3) Milk Bottles including Napoleon Creamery, Etc.
247.Page Dairy, Toledo OH and Detroit, Michigan Milk Bottles
248.Armin Coffee Grinder
249.Horse Head Book Ends
250.Buck Saw
251.Large Lot of Assorted Dale Earnhardt Memorabilia
252.Large Lot Consisting of Bobby LaBonte, Dale Earnhardt, Etc.
253.Lot with Road Hog Piggy Bank, True Value Hardware Die-Cast Truck, 1/18th Scale Ford GT 40, Online Battle Racing Game
254.Box Lot Consisting of Lock Blade Knife, Epoxy Glue, Etc.
255.Box Lot of Noise Makers, Pencils, Etc. with Box of Mini Baseball Hats, Spiderman on Scooter, Etc.
256.Miniature Toys including Trucks, Trailers, Etc.
257.Hat Collection
258.Basketball Memorabilia including Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Etc.
259.Remote Controlled Car
260.Remote Controlled Car with Extra Batteries
261.Cream and Sugar, Paper Weight and other Misc. Glassware
262.Pepsi Sign
263.Playskool Alphabet Blocks
264.Blue Glassware Pieces
265.(3) Tractor Trailer Rigs
266.(3) Tractor Trailer Rigs
267.(3) Tractor Trailer Rigs
268.(3) Tractor Trailer Rigs
269.Hot Wheels Transport Rig
270.Lot Consisting of (6) M&M Collectibles
271.Lot Consisting of Bottles, Dagger with Sheath and Misc.
272.(16) Assorted Belt Buckles with Men’s Names
273.Old Medicine Bottles and Misc.
274.Salt & Pepper Shakers, Novelty Glasses, Etc.
275.Assorted Dairy Cow Kitchen Accessories
276.Assorted Home Décor including Welcome Signs, Cutting Board, Etc.
277.Tote with Craft Supplies (Fake Grass)
278.Wool Blanket
279.Clear Glass Punchbowl Set
280.Window Pane with Mirror
281.(2) Handicap Grab Rails (24in.)
282.Small Quilt Top
283.Lot of Assorted Baseball Cards
284.(2) Small Gumball Machines
285.Pair of Wooden Shoes
286.Basket Decorator Items with Black Bellows
287.Resin Wolf Figurine
288.Remote Start and Keyless Entry System
289.(2) Vintage Butter Dishes
290.1996 Kellogg’s Racing Champions, NASCAR Stock Car Replica and Display Case
291.Box of Assorted Figurines, Q-Tip Dispenser, Etc.
292.Winner’s Circle Dale Earnhardt Transporter
293.Coca-Cola 1999 Holiday Classic Carrier
294.2002 Coca-Cola NASCAR Carrier
295.2-Burner Coleman Stove
296.Lot of Bobby LaBonte Cardboard License Plates, 2001 NASCAR, Racing Champions 400 Pace Car
297.50th Anniversary NASCAR 1:64th Scale Racing Champions with (12) Die-Cast Cars
298.#3 Dale Earnhardt Super Collector’s Set
299.Lot of Assorted Indian Items
300.Woody’s Roundup Toy
301.Spongebob Gumball Machine
302.Mr. Peanut Peanut Butter Maker
303.(6) Assorted Dale Earnhardt Collectibles
304.Lot of Assorted Dale Earnhardt Collectibles including Pocket Watches, Christmas Ornaments, Lock Blade Knife, Etc.
305.(7) Acrylic Display Cases
306.18in. Saw Blade
307.Stoneware Decorator Duck
308.(2) Unusual Daggers (Pakistan)
309.Dagger with Sheath
310.(3) Booze Decanters
311.Lot of (4) Matchbox Assorted Tractor Trailer Rigs
312.Brass Mating Turtles
313.Brass Mating Armadillos
314.(4) Assorted Matchbox Tractor Trailer Rigs
315.(5) Assorted 1:43 Scale NASCAR and Other Collector Cars
316.Advertising Cheese Box and Sewing Machine Drawer
317.(2) Bobblehead Bulldogs
318.Cobalt Blue Hen on Nest with Pedestal
319.(4) Assorted Tractor Trailer Rigs
320.(3) Assorted Racing Champions Die-Cast
321.Sheepskin-Style Blanket
322.(7) Assorted Miniature German Steins
323.Dale Earnhardt Goodwrench Service Plus 1:64 Scale Tractor Trailer Rig
324.#3 1:24 Scale Racing Action Dale Earnhardt (1 of 6000) Limited Edition
325.NASCAR Helmet Charger and Display Case
326.Revell Monogram 1996 Limited Edition Chevy Super Truck
327.Chevy Half-Ton True Value Hardware Die-Cast Truck
328.(4) Assorted Revell 1:64 Sale NASCAR Collectibles
329.(3) Assorted Dale Earnhardt License Plates (2 Metal, 1 Cardboard)
330.(4) Assorted NASCAR Models (New)
331.1:24 Scale Sprint Car and (2) 1:24 Scale Die-Cast Cars including Dale Earnhardt
332.(3) Assorted Die-Cast
333.(3) Assorted 1:24 Scale Die-Cast Banks
334.Buggy Jack?
335.Box Lot of Wooden Bear, Wooden Vase, Wooden Train Bank, Etc.
336.(24) Lancer’s Expansion Pack Mage Knight Collector Pieces
337.(10) Assorted Tins
338.(9) Assorted Tins
339.Jack and Jill 1986 Reco Collectors Plate(with Certificate and Box)
340.Collection of Dolphin Decorator Items
341.(3) Cabbage Patch Dolls
342.(3) Assorted Dolls
343.(2) Ragdolls with (2) Foreign Dolls
344.(3) Assorted Dolls
345.Lot of Novelty Dispensers and Jelly Belly Container
346.Dolphin Fountain
347.Assorted Lace Doilies, Etc.
348.Jackpot Electronic Slot Machine
349.Oak Slant-Front Desk with Mirror
350.Keller Die Filer
351.Box with Oval Frame, Vintage Mixer, Airplane, Early Aircraft Photos, Etc.
352.Crowbar, Tape Measure, Hardware, Fuses, Etc. and Quickset Door Handle
353.Cigar Box with Assorted Collector Cards including Jurassic Park, Elvis Presley and Router Bits
354.Box Lot of Assorted Tools, Tape Measure, Tap and Dies, and More
355.Lot of USA Tools including Open and Box End Wrenches, Pipe Wrench, Etc.
356.Box Lot of USA Sockets
357.Box Lot of Quarter Inch and 3/8th In Sockets and Ratchets, Shallow and Deep Well
358.Box Lot of Vintage USA Tools
359.Assorted Trays, Baby Shoes, Over the Hill Playing Cards, Etc.
360.Lot of Assorted Shot Glasses and Jewelry Items
361.Box Lot of Assorted Wrenches
362.Box Lot of Sockets and Other Assorted Tools
363.Box Lot of Assorted Sockets
364.CP 1.5in. Air Impact
365.8pc. Thorsen 3/8th in. Drive Deep Well Metric Socket Set
366.Edge Dowel Jig
367.Vintage “New Easy” Bolt Cutters
369.Early #2 Bar Clamp with Wooden Rail
370.Lot of (5) Assorted Hammers
371.Box of 50-Grit Sandpaper (Approx. 50 Sheets)
372.Box of 80-Grit Sandpaper (Approx. 50 Sheets)
373.Early Sterling Milk Crate
374.(2) Banding Tools
375.(7) Assorted Cutting Tools
376.Assorted Johnson Radio Literature
377.(7) Assorted Fire Training Instructors and Learner’s Manuals
378.Handy-Hannah Electric Knife Sharpener
379.(3) Ivory Bone Pieces
380.American Flyer #1.5 Toy Transformer
381.1964 and 1965 Field and Stream (30+ Magazines)
382.Lot of (18) Assorted Magazines, 1964-1967 Outdoor Life and Others
383.(3) Assorted Baseball Gloves
384.Miniature Cannon
385.Indian Artifact
386.Early Push Vacuum
387.Box Lot with Pitcher, Native Figurine, Apollo Glasses, Etc.
388.Campbell-Housefield Air Regulator
389.Cast-Iron Chicken Door Stop
390.Tonka #354 Construction Dump Truck
391.Tonka Construction Dump Truck
392.Sliding Barn Door Hardware
393.Early Automotive Coils and Misc.
394.Remote Control Robot
395.Peavey UMA 75T Mixer/Amplifier
396.(2) 6-Pane Window Sashes
397.(9) Assorted Character Glasses
398.Old Stereo Viewer Cards, Pictures, Etc.
399.Triple Beam Ohaus Scale with Badger 2.5 Gallon Fire Extinguisher
400.Child's Desk with Chair
401.Ford Parking Sign
402.John Deere Sign
403.Ford Sign
404.Dekalb Signs
405.Assorted Banding Tools
406.Westinghouse Switch Plug-In Unit
407.Set of Vintage Dinette Table Legs
408.Early Wooden Vice
409.(3) Assorted Square-End Shovels
410.Round-Point and Square End Shovel
411.Lot of Scraper, Hoe, Rake and Post Hole Digger
412.(2) Dining Room Chairs
413.4ft. and 6ft. Wooden Ladders
414.Box Lot of Misc. Glassware
415.Box Lot of Misc. Glassware
416.(6) Model Home Sign Inserts
417.(2) Boxes with Misc. Glassware, Etc.
418.Box with Vintage Door Hardware Set, Extension Cord, Misc. Abrasives, Etc.
419.Box of Light Fixtures
420.Box of Troll Dolls
421.Box of Troll Dolls
422.Set of Hespeler Expandable Ice Skates (Size 2 to 5 Women’s)
423.Leather Motorcycle Jacket (Size 40)
424.Burmins Leather Motorcycle Jacket
425.Wilson's Leather Motorcycle Jacket (Large)
426.Harley Davidson Motorcycle Jacket (40 Regular)
427.Victorian Picture with Little Girl and Dog in Ornate Frame
428.Vintage Trolley/Pulley System
429.Craftsman 7.25in Circular Saw
430.Slaw Cart
431.(2) Box Lots of Misc. including Glassware, Candle Holders, Etc.
432.(2) Boxes consisting of Empty Tins, Oil Funnels and Misc.
433.Large Box of Assorted VHS Tapes (Walt-Disney, Etc.)
434.Large Box of Assorted VHS Movies
435.Box Lot of VHS Movies including Disney and Others
436.(3) Assorted Pump Sprayers
437.Box Lot of Assorted DVD Movies
438.Hat Display Rack
439.Hat Display Rack
440.Aluminum Diamond Plate Pickup Tool Box
441.Step Stool
442.Box of Assorted Tools including Vice Grips, Channel Locks, Needle Nose Pliers and More
443.Box Lot of Drill Bits, Screwdrivers, Etc. + Wooden Music Box
444.Assorted Keyhole Saws, Hack Saw, Tin Snips, Etc.
445.(2) Drill Braces and Sliding Bar Clamp
446.Duct-O-Bar Tool and Banding Tool
447.(5) Assorted Tins
448.(2) Boxes consisting of Vases (McCoy) and Other Glassware
449.Dewalt 12V Drill with (2) Batteries and Charger
450.Puller, Chisels, Wood Cutting Tool, Etc.
451.Box Lot of Assorted Old Automotive Tins
452.(2) Bar Clamps
453.Craftsman Shop Creeper
454.Lot of BBQ Baskets
455.Unusual Box with Assorted Imported Beers
456.(11) Assorted Hubcaps


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