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Kigar Realty & Auction
Bachelder Moving Auction (Lyons, OH) - Ending Sunday, August 9th Starts to Close at 8 PM

Item Description
1.(2) Fire Extinguishers
2.Lot of 4pc. Gloves and Boxes of Soap Stone
3.Magnavox Boombox
4.Snack Trays, Plastic-ware and More
5.Lot of Work Gloves (12 Pairs)
6.6-Amp Battery Charger (Schauer)
7.100ft. Heavy Duty Extension Cord with Trouble Light
8.Rolling Metal Cart with Wood Top
9.Lot of (3) Assorted Car Covers
10.150+Ft of Heavy Duty Extension Cord
11.Pitch Fork, Round Point Shovel and Weeder
12.John Deere Aluminum Clipboard
13.Garden Hose and Hanger
14.Lot of Tarp Straps
15.(2) Pump Sprayers
16.Buck/Tree Saw
17.Harley Davidson Insulated Jacket (Size XS)
18.Hudson Leather Vest (Women's, Size XS)
19.Hudson Leather Jacket (Women's, Size XS)
20.Leather Chaps (Size Unknown)
21.Denim Vest with Pins (Size Small)
22.Leather Chaps (Size Unknown)
23.Food Saver and Supplies
24.(3) Assorted Shovels
25.(2) Sony Boombox Radios
26.2-Wheel Cart
27.Partner Saw 6'
28.Box of Assorted Dog Accessories
29.Shovel and Garden Rake with Fiber Glass Handle
29A.Harley Davidson Belt (Size 28)
30.(2) Boxes of Misc. Painting Supplies
31.(2) 3' x 21" Dog Cages
32.Dog Cage (40 x 26)
33.Lot of VHS
34.Lot of DVD's
35.Lot of VHS
36.Lot of VHS
37.40ft. Retractable Cord Reel
38.Lot of VHS
39.Lot of DVD's
40.Lot of CD's
41.Lot of DVD's
42.Lot of DVD's
43.Lot of DVD's
44.Clay Fire Place on Stand
45.DieHard 275/125 Amp Battery Charger
46.Fire Extinguisher
47.Cooler with Cleaning Supplies
48.Vintage Sled
49.Clamp On with Trouble Light
50.Early Saw
51.16-Gallon Shop-Vac
52.45" Antique Steel Wheel
53.TrueTemper Post Hole Digger
54.Unusual Hoodie
55.McCullough Titan Weed Whip
57.Dream Catcher
58.Husquavarna Pole Saw 326p4
59.Tree Trimmer
60.Typewriter, Copier and Printer
61.Lot of Religious Books
62.Lot of Baskets
63.Lot of Books
64.Reebok Toning Ball
65.Lot of (3) Helmets and Accessories
66.Stihl BG72 Gas Blower
67.Top (3) Shelves of Misc.
68.Metal Display Shelf
69.(2) Tarps
70.Lot of Assorted Jeans
71.Lot of Misc. Including Mirrors, Purses, Cooking Items
72.(2) Cushion Love Seat
73D.(2) Harley Davidson Shirts (Size L, LIKE NEW)
73E.(3) Harley Davidson Shirts (Size M)
73F.(3) Harley Davidson Shirts (Size M)
73A.Harley Davidson Shirt (Size L ) New with tag
73.Harley Shirt (Size L) New with tag
73B.Harley Davidson Shirt ( Size L ) New with tag
73C.Harley Davidson Shirt (Size L) New with tag
74.Plastic Garbage Can with Garden Tools
75.Plastic Garbage Can with Garden Tools
76.2-Piece Craftsman Rolling Tool Chest
77.Bug Zapper
78.Container Full of Grass Seed
79.10-Gallon 4HP Shop-Vac
80.3/4" 17pc. Socket Set with Case
81.Presto Air Popper (Brand New)
82.Vintage Ceiling Light Shade
83.Rolling File Cabinet
84.(2) Sharp Microwaves
85.Empty Egg Cartons
86.18" Wooden Ext. Ladder
87.Hanging Cupboard
88.Tub Full of CD's
89.(3) Stoneware Pieces (2 with Lids)
90.Nut Dish
91.Box of Misc.
92.Assorted Coffee Pots
93.Lot of Nylon and Leather Holsters
94.Lot of Assorted Coffee Cups
95.Picture Frames
96.A&W and Beer Mug
97.Assorted Christmas Cups and Glasses
98.Fan and Light
99.Bean Pot
100.Lot of DVD's
101.Paint Marker
102.Jumper Cables
103.Lot of Tools with Craftsman 1/2" Swivel Ratchet, Vise Grips, Screwdrivers
104.(4) 36" Turn Buckles
105.Flaring Tool
106.Air Buffer
107.(2) Vintage Water Pitchers
108.Misc. Office Supplies
109.Lot of Assorted Extension Cords, Etc.
110.(2) Coffee Makers (Mr. Coffee)
111.Box of Assorted Plumbing Fittings, Etc.
112.Misc. Painting and Patching Items
113.Jumper Cables
114.Cast-Iron Bell with Clapper, Yoke, Complete Livingston Inc.
116.Lot of Door Knobs, Cold Packs, Etc.
117.Cutlery Knives
118.Cutlery Knives
119.Pro Cut Steel Knives
120.Healthy Cook Books, Etc.
121.Paint Supplies
122.Jack Lalaine Juicer and Misc.
123.Harley and Biker Books
124.Cool Bucket and Roasting Pan
125.Brace, Bit, Hatchet and Misc.
126.Short Handled Ladle
127.Wagner Cast-Iron Bean Pot
128.Cast-Iron Flower Pot
129.Cast-Iron Bean Pot (16'x14")
130.Cast-Iron Skillet (8")
131.Metal Pale
132.Small Metal Pale
133.Steel Bean Pot
134.Tongs, Whistles, Etc.
135.10.5" Iron Skillet
136.8" Cast-Iron Skillet
137.Metal Milk Crate
138.Cast-Iron Lead Pot
139.Exercise Items
140.Spirit of 76 Bell with Yoke and Clapper (Aluminum)
141.Sun Timing Lite and Tachometer
142.(3) Heavy Duty Canvas Tarps (16' x 20)
143.Box of (12) Clamps
144.Metal Suitcase with 1960's Craft and Sewing Magazines
145.Pair of Folding Saw Horses
146.Plastic Tool Box
147.Plastic Tub with Yard Stick, Crow Bar and Ken Tire Tool
148.Lot of Industrial Casters
149.GE AC Unit (In Box)
150.Campfire Utensils
151.Pair of Folding Saw Horses
152.Buckets with Tool Caddy
153.Salt and Crate
154.Dog Clothes
155.Box and Tote Full of Craft Stuffing
156.Box of Books (Health)
157.Rag Dolls
158.Lot of Paper and Plastic Gift Bags, Etc.
159.Tupperware, Misc. Dishes, Etc.
160.Work Knitting Basket and Magazines (1960's and 1970's)
161.Cookbooks with Tote
162.Baby Blankets, Pillow and Misc. Bedding
163.Plant Stand and Box of Dishes
164.Little Giant Pump and J.D. Parts
165.112 Hammer Drill (New in Box)
166.Cast-Iron Amish Figurines and Misc.
167.Box of Assorted Candles
168.Box of Glassware, Crockery, Etc.
169.Hinges, 100in. Tape Measures, Etc
170.Wood Nail Tray
171.Cut Off Blades, DeWalt and Casco 12" , Etc.
172.Desert Mist Diffuser (new)
173.(2) Boxes of Misc.
174.Meat Grinder, Nails, Etc.
175.Drying Rack
176.(2) Decanters and Misc.
177.Misc. Glassware, Umbrellas, Etc.
178.Wood Shelves, Coat Racks, 3-Piece Boots, Etc.
179.(2) Happy Lites Verilux
180.Clothes Pins
181.Trick Dog Cast-Iron Coin Bank
182.Gun Rack
183.Camel Lighter and Misc.
184.Cuisinart Convection Oven
185.Lot of Tuppeprware
186.Drill Bits and Holder
187.Pentax 35mm Camera
188.(2) Boxes of Oxi-Clean and Dishwasher Tabs
189.(2) Suitcases
190.Kitchen Utensils
191.Nippon Salt & Pepper and Sugar
192.(3) Banks and Cast-Iron Tractor
193.Lot of Assorted Tarp
194.(2) Sampsonite Vintage Suitcases
195.Jumper Cables
196.(5) Assorted Cast-Iron Pieces
197.Knitting Hoops
198.Milwaukee 7.25HP Circular Saw
199."Patches Motorcycle" Hand-warmer, Cassette Recorder and More
200.Eagle Galvanized Gas Can
201.Amber Products Mini-Mask Spa
202.Cat Carrier
203.Buckets with Crate
204.(2) Crates of Tupperware
205.5-Gallon Zephyr Motor Oil Can
206.Harley Davidson Boots (Women's Size 7, Good Condition)
207.4-Pair of Women's Heavy Duty Riding Gloves Etc.
208.Hudson Leather Riding Jacket (Size 44)
209.Harley Davidson Chaps (Size S)
210.Pipehorn Pipe and Cable Locator 800 HL Series
211.Lot of Files
212.10-Piece Metric Craftsman Crowfoot 3/8" Drive
213.6-Piece Snap-On Tools
214.Lot of Proto Tools
215.(4) Totes of Bows and Fabric
216.Group of Tools - Rigid, Craftsman, Etc.
217.Flaring Tools
218.Dremel Moto Tool Kit
219.Heat Shrink Tubing Kit
220.Rigid #138 1/8" - 1 1/2" Cutter and Ace Tap & Die Set
221.Box lot of Tools with Voltage Tester, Etc.
222.50' Air Hose on Reel
223.Steel Tool Box on Wheels
224.Hubbell Light Unit
225.Lot of Assorted Tools
226.Jewelry and Watches
227.(3) Craftsman Ratchet 3/8" 1/2" Drive and 1 1/2" Drive Flex
228.(2) Estwing Hammers
229.(3) Proto Adjustable Wrenches
229A.(3) Adjustable Wrenches - Proto and Diamond
230.(4) Crescent Wrenches (up to 15")
231.Set of (5) Proto Wrenches
232.(8) Channel Locks and Cutters
233.(2) Sharpening Stones
234.Igloo Drink Cooler
235.Set of (4) Casters
236.14-Piece Combination Wrench Set
237.1970's Women's Household Magazines
238.3-Drawer Dresser
239.Box of Material
240.Craftsman Rolling Shop Stool
242.(3) Boxes of Yarn
243.Samsonite Suitcase
244.Wood Bench
245.Wash Tub
246.(2) Vintage Chairs
247.Reddy Header with Thermostat
248.Mustang Solo Seat
249.Set of Harley Davidson Pipes
250.Harley Davidson Screamin' eagle Air Cleaner, Etc.
251.Harley Davidson Solo Seat
252.Set of Soft Tail Exhaust
253.FLH Mufflers
254.Sportster Mufflers #65741-87
255.Sportster Mufflers
256.Assorted M/C Parts with Windshield (As Is), Speedometer, Etc.
257.Compression Tester Kit
258.Compression Tester Kits
259.Lot of Hooks and Pens
260.Lot of Clamps, Pliers, Stud Finder, Etc.
261.Lot of Small Screw and Nut Drivers
262.Starret Micrometer and Thickness Gauge
263.(2) Levels, Line Bender, Etc.
264.50', 100', Lufkin Steel Tapes, Etc.
265.(2) Scherr/Tumeco Calipers
266.Air Panel Flange Tool
267.Mitoya Calpers
268.National Micrometer
269.Rodac Air File
270.(5) Vice Grips and 25' Tapes
271.4 Vise Grips and 25' Tapes
272.Tape Measures, Utility Knives, Etc.
273.(2) Craftsman Auto Locks
274.Actron OBDII Diagnostic Tester
275.7 PC. Ratcheting Wrenches 3/8 - 3/4"
276.Chisel, Crowbar, Etc.
277.Lot of Craftsman Tools including 1/2" Flex Ratchet Wrenches, Sockets, Etc.
278.Assorted Pullers and Ring Compressor
279.Vintage Coloring Books
280.Black and Decker 1/4? Air Ratchet, Torch Heads, Etc.
281.Christmas Items
282.Albion? Set of (4) Steel Swivel Castors
283.Air De-scaler, Air Chisel, Etc.
284.Snap-On Easy-Out Set
285.Craftsman Handle Hex Set
286.7-Piece Craftsman Handle Hex Set
287.(3) Color-Coded Spark Plug Sockets
288.9-Piece Craftsman Metric Combination Wrenches (6mm-14mm)
289.Valve Compressor, Impact Driver, Hollow Punches, Etc.
290.Craftsman 5pc. Stud Extractor Set
291.Easy Outs and Drill Bits
292.SK Wayne Metric Wrenches (Set of 6)
293.SK 8-Piece 3/8 - 1" Box End Wrenches
294.3/8" NAPA Air Ratchet
295.Craftsman Deep Well ?? Sockets (9 Pieces, 9mm - 17mm)
296.(8) Misc. SK Tool Wrenches
297.Set of Crescent Nut Drivers
298.Craftsman Flex and Open End (6-Pieces, 3/8ths - 3/4ths)
299.Misc. Screwdrivers with ???, Pliers, Wrenches, Etc.
300.(10 SK Screwdrivers
301.Gear Wrench, Metric Ratchet Wrenches (7 Pieces, 10mm-19mm)
302.Craftsman Combination Wrench Set (9 Piece, 1/4th - 11/16th)
303.Craftsman Metric Combination Wrench Set (10-Pieces, 15mm-24mm)
304.Proto 16-Piece Challenger Combination (3/8th - 1 1/4th)
305.Tru-Temper Sledge Hammer with Sweeper
306.(4) Rubber Wheel Castors
307.(5) Flower Garden Tools and Tool Tray
308.Shop Rags and Large Zip Ties
309.(5) Mag Lights
310.Barn Door Hardware, Etc
311.Iron Worker Tools
312.Box Lot of Zip Ties
313.(4) Case Lift/Pry Bars
314.ReadyWelder - Portable Welder
315.(2) Boxes Electrical Fittings, Tools, Etc.
316.Box of Electrical Supplies, Testers, Etc.
317.Box of Electrical Supplies, Testers, Etc.
318.125-Amp Battery Tester
319.Knitting Hoops
320.Box Lot of Quilt Kit with Finishing Kit
321.Rope and Candles in Shelving Unit
322.Pale Full of Winter Wheat, Yard Chemicals, Salt, Etc.
323.2 Piece American Tourister Luggage
324.(2) Hubbell Work Lights with Extra Bulbs
325.Metal Shelf with Contents
326.3-Piece Prodigy Luggage Set
327.Windsor Box Fan
329.Singer Buttonhole and Monogram Attachments
330.(2) Folding Lounge Chairs
331.(3) Folding Lawn Chairs
332.Box of Mantle Wicks, Sewing and Other Misc. Items
333.Nesco Roaster Oven (Brand New)
334.Assorted 18qt. Roaster Oven (New in Box)
335.Covered Litter Box
336.Wooden Cabinet Base
337.(2) Boxes of Sewing Items
338.(2) Boxes of Sewing Items
339.Pet Gate
339A.Round Wooden Decorator Table
340.Chilton Auto Repair Manuals - 1980's and 1990's
341.Chilton Auto Repair Manuals - Honda Briggs/Stratten, Etc.
342.19-Drawer Craftsman 6' - 3 Piece Tool Cabinet
343.Step Stool
344.Trailer Plug, Tape, Etc.
345.Box Lot of Assorted Tools
346.(4) Metal and Plastic Gas Cans
347.Microwave Oven
349.(3) Gas Cans with (5) Bottles of 2-Stroke Oil
350.Steel Tool Chest on Casters
351.Central Tool Depth Gauge and Midland 23-139 Calibration Meter
352.SK Micro Adjust 3/8" Torque Wrench
353.8 Pc. Set 3/4" Deep Well Impact Sockets (Ingersoll ?) 1-1.5"
354.Proto 6016 1/2" Drive Torque Wrench 3/8ths" Drive
355.Hitch Insert with 1 7/8th - 2 5/16 Extra Balls
356.Mac Tools 7-Piece Hex Socket Set 3/8" Drill
357.Box of Assorted Tools
358.Black and Decker 1/2" Electric Impact with Sockets
359.Aluminum T-bar, Carpenter Square and Thermometer
360.Contents of Cabinet including Oil, Cleaners, Paints, Tape, Etc.
361.Heavy Duty Steel Cabinet with Shelves (16" x 7") [Late Pickup]
362.Werner 6' Fiberglass/Aluminum Step Ladder
363.Devilbiss 6.5HP 80-Gallon 175 PSI 2-Stage 220V Air Compressor
364.Large Lot of Compressor Accessories
365.Grease Gun, Pruners Saw, Dolly, Etc.
366.Metal Garbage Can with Lid
367.(2) Fire Extinguishers with Brackets
368.Large Lot of Assorted Tools, Etc.
369.Craftsman Tap & Die Set (Like New)
370.(2) Dead Blow Rubber Hammers
371.(2) Brass Hammers
372.(4) Dead Blow Hammers
373.SK 1/2 Drive Socket Set (7/16" - 15/16")
373A.SK 1/2 Drive Socket and Extensions
374.SK 3/8 Drive Socket Set with Extra Pieces
375.SK 3/8 Drive Metric Sockets (8mm - 19mm)
376.SK 1/4" Drive Extensions 3,6,15"
377.SK Tools 9-Piece Hex Set (3/8 and 1/2 Drive)
378.SK Tools 1/4" Drive Socket Set
379.SK Tools 1/4" Drive Deep-Well Sockets 1/4" - 1/2" (7 Pieces)
380.SK Tools 3770 Flex Head 3/8" Drive Ratchet and 12 Extensions
381.(3) Ball-peen and (1) Auto Body Hammers
382.Craftsman Deep Well 3/8" Drive Socket Set (up to 1 7/8ths)
383.SK Tools 7-Piece 3/8 Drive Swivel Socket Set (3/8" - 3/4")
384.Amprobe Voltage Tester
385.(4) Assorted Hammers
386.Champion Drill Index
387.Porter Cable Quick Charge Drill and Drive Set
388.Craftsman off? Set Ratchet Wrenches (1/4" - 7/8")
389.Lot with (2) Sets of 6-Point Sockets (1/4" - 7/8")
390.USA Torque Sockets (1/4", 3/8", 1/4" Drive)
391.Set of Aluminum Ramps (7ft.+)
392.Set of Folding Table Legs
393.Patio Umbrella
394.Clock and Telephone
395.Frigidaire Upright Freezer
396.Electrolux Perfect Balance Front Load Washer (Like New)
396A.Electrolux Perfect Steam Natural Gas Front Load Dryer (Like New)
397.Crock Pot and Plastic Ware
398.Contents of Kitchen Cupboard
399.Cuisinart Electric Knife
400.Pasta Machine (Like New in Box)
401.Rival Oval Crock Pot
403.TV Stand
404.Oak King Size Bed Frame with 6 Bottom Drawers
405.Canon Fireproof Gun Safe with Digital Combo
406.Oak Secretary Bookcase (Nice Condition)
407.Rocking Chair
408.2-Drawer Oak Lateral File Cabinet
409.(2) Hex-Shaped End Tables
410.(2) Saw Horses
411.Patio Swing
412.Rubbermaid Trash Can
413.Rubbermaid Trash Can
414.Rubbermaid Trash Can
415.Rubbermaid Trash Can
416.Rubbermaid Trash Can
417.New Fire Pit
418.Yard Machine 6HP 22" Push Mower (Handle Broken)
419.Yard Tools with Metal Stakes
420.(4) Shepard's Hooks
421.(2) Propane Tanks and Kerosene Can (Full) (1 Propane Tank Full)
422.(3) 30-Gallon Propane Tanks (All Full)
423.Wagon and Roll of Wire
424.Scotts Speedy Green 3060 Spreader
425.Lot of Yard Tools
426.Memorial Stone and (6) Flags
427.Yard Man 28" 10HP Snowblower Loaded on Tracks (Electric Start)
428.Construction Wheel Barrow
429.Construction Wheel Barrow