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Kigar Realty & Auction
Noble Elementary School Online Auction - Ending Sunday, September 27th Starts to Close at 8 PM

Item Description
1.(66) Student Desks
2.(66) Student Chairs
3.(40) Student Chairs
4.(40) Student Chairs
5.(16) Stools
6.(14) Stools
7.Section of (10) Double Door Free-Standing Lockers
8.Shelf and Brackets (Above Lockers)
9.Shelf Unit and Paper Towel + Soap Dispensers
10.Approx (209) Student Chairs
11.Whiteboard (10ft x 46in)
12.Bulletin Board (10ft x 46in)
13.(2) 10ft. Whiteboards, (2) 4ft. Bulletin Boards
14.Pull-Down Screen (5ft)
17.Speaker, Clock, TV
18.Lot of Whiteboard (8ft), Bulletin Boards and Mirror
19.Children's Desk and (4) Chairs
20.Teacher's Desk and 2-Drawer File Cabinet
21.Oak Chairs and (2) Misc. Chairs
22.Bookshelf, Book-Ends, Clock, Picture
23.Shelving in Closet
24.Trash Cans, Crayons and Misc.
25.Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
27.American Time 2-Sided Clock
28.Hallway Display Cabinet
29.Contents of Men's Room - Divider, Paper Towel and Soap Dispensers
30.Contents of Women's Room - Divider, Paper Towel and Soap Dispensers
31.Wooden Medicine Cabinet (in Men's Room)
32.Wooden Shelves
33.Paper and Soap Dispensers with Suggestion Box
34.L-Shaped Overhead Wire Rack (Above Counter)
35.Samsung Microwave with Carousel and Sharp Microwave
36.Wooden Table with (5) Chairs (6ft x 3ft)
37.Wooden Table with (5) Chairs (6ft x 3ft)
38.Paper Cutter (24in x 24in)
39.Lifetime Style Banquet Table (6ft)
40.Shelf and Brackets
41.(2) Bulletin Boards, Small Whiteboard, Clock, "Think Positive" Sign
42.4-Drawer File Cabinet
43.4-Drawer File Cabinet
44.(3) 2-Drawer File Cabinets with Counter Top
45.4-Drawer File Cabinet
46.Metal First-Aid Cabinet
47.Closet Shelving
48.Metal Desktop Hutch
49.Simplex Master Time System (Late Removal)
51.Adjustable Keyboard/Monitor Stand
52.U-Shaped Desk (Late Removal)
53.8ft. Reception Counter with Storage Cabinets (Late Removal)
54.25-Compartment Mail Cabinet
55.Black Shelving on Wall with Free-Standing Bookcase
56.(2) Chairs
57.L-Shaped Desk
58.2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet
59.HP OfficeJet Pro 8600
60.Wood Frame Bulletin Board
61.Wire Shelf
62.10-Locker Unit
63.(86) Student Desks
64.(23) Blue Chairs
65.Stand and (3) Desks
67.(12) 4-Channel PCI Sound Cards
68.(7) Belkin PCI-Express Ethernet Cards
69.(7) Belkin PCI-Express Ethernet Cards
70.Small Desk
71.(2) Steel Teacher's Desks
72.(4) Chairs
73.(2) Overhead Projectors
74.(2) Overhead Projectors
75.(3) Overhead Projectors
76.(2) Overhead Projectors
77.(4) Overhead Projectors
78.(4) Overhead Projectors
79.(9) Wooden Chairs
80.(3) 2-Drawer File Cabinets
81.(2) 2-Drawer Legal File Cabinets
82.2-Drawer Metal Cabinet
83.(2) Wooden Shelves and Stool
84.(5) Office Chairs (As-Is)
85.(3) Office Chairs
86.Plastic Shelf
87.4-Drawer Legal File Cabinet
88.4-Drawer Legal File Cabinet
89.4-Drawer File Cabinet
90.(3) Chairs
91.Sensor S12 Windsor
92.M-Audio KeyRig49 Keyboard
93.(8) Composite Amplifiers
94.Sennheiser Mic and System (As-Is, Not Complete)
95.Lot of Mimio Teaching Items (As-Is, May or May Not Be Complete Sets)
96.Lot of (3) Desktop CD Drives
97.(2) EVGA Nvidia GeForce 8600GS Graphics Cards and (2) Older AGP Display Adapters
98.Family and Friends CPR Anytime + Camera Battery
99.(13) iPad 2's (As-Is, Possibility of being iCloud-Locked by School District)
100.6ft. Vintage School Table
101.6ft. Vintage School Table
102.School Table with Adjustable Legs (6ft x 30in)
103.TV, Speaker, Clock
104.Wire Shelf
106.Vintage Office Chair
107.Entrance Rug (12ft x 6ft)
108.Rolling Metal Computer Table
109.Rolling Metal Computer Table
110.Rolling Metal Computer Table
111.Rolling Metal Computer Table
112.2-Sided Metal Rolling Book Cart
113.Butcher Block Table (42" x 5')
114.Butcher Block Table (42" x 5')
115.Butcher Block Table (42" x 5')
116.Butcher Block Table (42" x 5')
117.Butcher Block Table (42" x 5')
118.Long Wooden Bench (8' x 7.5")
119.70in. Wooden Bench
120.6ft. Painted Wooden Bench
121.Entry Way Rug (6ft x 7ft)
122.Entryway Rug (70in x 12ft)
123.Entryway Rug (70in x 12ft)
124.Entryway Rug (70in x 12ft)
125.Rolling Metal Desk
126.Rolling Metal Desk
127.(2) 6ft. Folding Tables
128.Set of (10) Freestanding Double-Door Lockers
129.Wire Shelf and Bracket
130.(2) 4ft. Bulletin Boards
131.7ft Whiteboard
132.7ft Whiteboard
133.Wooden Shelf
134.Pull-Down Projector Screen
135.(15) Swivel Chairs
136.Wooden Storage Cabinet
137.Bulletin Board (5ft)
139.TV and VHS
140.Epson PowerLite 77C Projector
141.5ft. Bulletin Board
142.10ft. Whiteboard
143.Painted Wooden Book Shelf
144.Rolling Metal Cart
145.Metal Cart with Utensil Holder
146.Metal Cart with Utensil Holders
147.Metal Rolling Cart
148.Sprite Advance 16 Air Scoop
149.NSS SuperSuction Pacer 30
149A.FM-20 Floor Maintainer
150.Tomcat 2700 Floor Cleaner
151.Wooden Desk
152.Wooden Table
153.Pull-Down Projector Screen
154.Wooden Shelf
155.Office Chair
156.Metal Desk
157.(4) Chairs
158.Desk and Wooden Shelf
159.Metal Rolling Cart
160.Wooden Shelf
161.Asia Pull-Down Map (Vintage)
162.Europe + War Between 1861-1865 Pull-Down Map
163.Vintage USA and Mexico Pull-Down Map
164.Vintage Ohio Pull-Down Map
165.Vintage Australia and Philippines Pull-Down Map
166.Vintage Pull-Down World Map
168.Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
169.Lighted Programmable Scrolling Marquee Sign
170.6ft. Bulletin Board
171.(40) Desks
172.(40) Desks
173.(20) Swivel Chairs
174.(20) Swivel Chairs
175.(5) Swivel Chairs
176.(10) Double-Door Free-Standing Lockers
177.Wire Shelf and Brackets
178.(2) 4ft. Bulletin Boards
179.7ft. Whiteboard
180.7ft. Whiteboard
183.6ft. Bulletin Board
184.12ft. Bulletin Board
185.TV with VCR/DVD Player and Speaker
187.(6) Assorted Children's Chairs
188.SunSplash Overhead Projector
189.Rolling Drop-Leaf Metal Cart
190.Rolling Drop-Leaf Metal Cart
191.Rolling Drop-Leaf Metal Cart
192.Rolling Cart and Video Items
193.(24) Student Desks with Built-In Chair
194.Simplex 2-Sided Hallway Clock
195.(10) Double-Door Free-Standing Locker Units
196.Wire Shelf and Brackets
197.(2) 4ft. Bulletin Boards
198.7ft. Whiteboard
199.7ft. Whiteboard
200.(22) Desks
201.TV with VCR/DVD Player
202.4-Drawer Metal Filing Cabinet
203.Pencil Sharpener
204.Metal Teacher's Desk
205.12ft. Whiteboard
206.Epson Projector
207.Folding Bean-Shaped Table
208.Rolling Drop-Leaf Metal Cart
209.6ft. Bulletin Board
210.6ft. Bulletin Board
211.Speaker and Clock
213.10-Unit Double-Door Free-Standing Lockers
214.Wire Shelf and Bracket
216.(2) 4ft. Bulletin Boards
217.7ft. Whiteboard
218.7ft. Whiteboard
219.Calendar Bricks
220.Teacher's Desk
221.Computer Desk
222.5ft. Bulletin Board
223.4-Drawer Metal File Cabinet
224.4-Drawer Metal File Cabinet
225.12ft. Whiteboard
226.5ft. Bulletin Board
227.Wooden Bookshelf
229.TV, VCR, DVD Player and Flag
233.Frigidaire Electric Stove
234.L-Shape Metal Cabinet with Stainless Steel Top (No Sink)
235.All Upper Metal Cabinets
236.Frigidaire Chest Freezer
237.Misc. ?
238.Vintage Banquet Table (8ft x 30in)
239.Frigidaire Fridge/Freezer
240.Market Forge Convection Oven (Electric)
241.Pencil Sharpener, Soap and Paper Towel Dispensers, Drying Rack and Clock
242.Commercial Can Opener
244.Bulletin Board and Coat Rack
245.Traulson Stainless Steel Double-Door Refrigerator
246.Fire Extinguisher
247.First-Aid Kit and Contents
248.(2) Bookshelves and Contents
249.Wooden Cabinet
250.Books, School Supplies, Etc.
251.Lot of (8) Folding Chairs
252.(2) Fans
253.8ft. Whiteboard
254.Bookshelf and Books
255.7-Drawer Storage Bin and Clock
256.Children's Educational Rug
257.Desk and (3) Chairs
258.8ft. Whiteboard
260.Antique Student Desk
261.4-Drawer File Cabinet
262.4-Drawer File Cabinet
263.Metal Teacher's Desk
264.10ft. Whiteboard
265.(2) Wooden Benches
266.Shelves, Tent, Mason Jars
268.USA Flag and Speaker
269.7ft. Whiteboard
270.Large Wooden Bookshelf
271.Teacher's Desk
272.(2) 2-Drawer File Cabinets
273.4-Drawer File Cabinet
274.(4) Misc. Chairs
275.TV, VCR/DVD Player
276.10ft. Whiteboard
277.Soap and Paper Towel Dispensers
278.Coat Rack
279.Wire Shelf and Brackets
280.(12) Blue Chairs
281.6ft. Table
282.Epson Projector PowerLite 1221
283.Clock and Speaker
284.7ft. Whiteboard
285.5ft. Whiteboard
287.(13) Disney VHS Movies
289.TV, VHS/DVD Player
290.Coat Rack
291.Wire Shelves
292.Wooden Bookshelf
293.Wooden Bookshelf
294.Wooden Bookshelf
295.Wooden Children's Tables and (4) Chairs
296.Wooden Children's Tables and (4) Chairs
297.Wooden Children's Tables and (4) Chairs
298.Wooden Children's Tables and (4) Chairs
299.Clock and Speaker
300.Table, Chairs, Fan, Etc.
301.Amerex Fire Extinguisher
302.Old Printer
303.Netgear ProSafe 8-Port Gigabit Network Switch
304.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
305.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
306.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
307.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
308.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
309.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
310.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
311.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
312.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
313.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
314.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
315.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
316.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
317.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
318.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
319.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
320.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
321.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
322.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
323.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
324.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
325.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
326.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
327.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
328.HP ProDesk 400 G2 PC, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor
334.Cabinet and Contents
337.Misc. Educational Items
338.Rolling Desk/Cart (No Contents)
340.Epson PowerLite 77C Projector
341.(2) Tables
342.All Bookshelves in Library
343.6ft. Whiteboard
345.(2) Desks and 2-Drawer File Cabinet
346.TV, VHS/DVD Player
347.Children's Rug
348.Lot of Books and Hunter Automatic Dehumidifier
349.(23) Chairs
350.Speaker and Clock
351.Workbench with Vises
352.Walker Turner Drill Press
353.Cabinets and Contents
354.Speedaire Refrigerated Dryer
355.Johnson System Air Compressor
356.(3) Chairs
357.Mops, Shovels, Etc.
358.2-Sided Metal Book Cart
359.Table, (5) Chairs, Etc.
360.Vintage Metal Door on Tracks
361.Metal Shelf Unit
362.Metal Shelf Unit
363.Metal Shelf Unit
364.Wooden Desk
365.Wooden Shelves
366.Contents of Corner, Desk, Chair, Shelves
367.2-Door Metal Cabinet
368.2-Door Metal Cabinet
369.2-Door Metal Cabinet
370.Approx. (5) Sections of Stage Risers
371.Teacher's Desk and Chair
372.(2) File Cabinets
373.Stage Curtains
374.7ft. Whiteboard
375.(3) Mic Stands and Music Stand
376.Wooden Shelf Unit
377.Contents of Room (Off Stage) including Gym and Sports Equipment, Etc.
378.Clock, Speaker, Pull-Down Screen
379.Approx (38) Student Desks (1 Row)
380.Approx (86) Student Desks (2 Rows)
381.Approx. (88) Student Desks (2 Rows)
382.Approx. (82) Student Desks (2 Rows)
383.Approx. (120) Student Desks (3 Rows)
384.Approx. (42) Student Desks (1 Row)
385.Approx. (132) Student Desks (3 Rows)
386.(2) SHS Speakers (Opposite Corners in Gym)
389.Flags in Room - (2) Tinora, (1) Ohio, (1) US Flags
390.Approx. (100+) Folding Metal and Plastic Chairs
391.Cafeteria Table
392.Cafeteria Table
393.Cafeteria Table
394.Cafeteria Table
395.Cafeteria Table
396.Cafeteria Table
397.Backetball Hoop and Backboard
398.Basketball Hoop and Backboard
400.6-Seat Swing Set
401.Balance Beam
402.Jungle Gym Unit
403.Funnel Ball
404.Small Jungle Gym
406.Jungle Gym Unit with (3) Slides
407.Black Dividers/Barriers in Playground
408.Woods Mow'N Machine 6200 Zero-Turn Mower (50in. Deck, 20HP Kohler Motor with 1,440 Hours)
409.12'x16' Storage building...vinyl siding,steel roof,wood floor....
410.Metal Cabinet
411.Desk Fan, Misc. on Back Wall, Chair Cart, Chairs, Hose
412.Cart, Trash Cans, (2) Metal Waste Baskets
413.Kid's Table and (4) Chairs
414.Yardwise Yard Sweeper
415.44ft. of Playground Border
416.Lot of Yard Tools, Brooms, Salt
417.Lot with Rugs, Kid's Storage Table
418.3-Swing Slings, Pump Sprayer, Ryobi Blower/Trimmer
419.(2) Metal Shelves with Contents
420.Noble Elementary Sign
421.Flag Pole
422.York Stellar High-Efficiency AC Unit
423.Large Mail Box
450.Justrite Fireproof Cabinet (43" x 46" x 18")
451.4-Drawer File Cabinet
452.4-Drawer File Cabinet
453.4-Drawer File Cabinet
454.4-Drawer File Cabinet
455.Legal 4-Drawer Metal File Cabinet
456.4-Drawer Metal File Cabinet
457.Legal File Cabinet
458.4-Drawer File Cabinet
459.4-Drawer File Cabinet
460.Legal File Cabinet
461.Legal File Cabinet
462.Yamaha Clavinova Electric Keyboard
463.Adjustable Table (2' x 5')
464.Simplex Fire Alarm System including (10+) Bells
465.Desk and Chair (54" x 30")
466.Contents of Corner
467.ProForce Sweeper and Extension Cords
468.Stanley Double-Ended Grinder
469.Lot of Chairs, Fan, desk, blower
470.Paper Shredder and Waste Basket
472.Rubbermaid Mop Bucket
473.School Sign
474.Drawer Organizer Cabinet with Screws
475.Workbench and Wall Shelf (contents not included)
476.Piece of Rail (9in)
477.American Electric Water Heater (50-Gallon)
478.Box of Vintage Desk Phones, Etc.
479.Box of Phones, Etc.
479A.Rolling Cart
480.Misc Cookware
481.Lot of 38 red, white, and blue lunch trays
482.24 Red Lunch trays
483.Stainless steel Bus cart
484.Vulcan Rolling Warming rack
485.Accutemp Stem n hold
487.2- Glass enameling kilns
488.60" 2 stage PTO driven 3 point snowblower
489.2 hand rails
490.2 hand rails
491.2 hand rails
492.Binder cutting machine
494.Rolling craft paper cart with paper decorations