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Kigar Realty & Auction
Dale L. Nafziger Trust - Online Auction - Ending Sunday, September 20th Closing at 8 PM

Item Description
1.Sears Craftsman 15.5in. Drill Press
2.8" Bench Grinder
3.Box of Assorted Scale Weights, Belts and Wire
4.Box of Male and Female Plugs and Other Misc. Electrical Items
5.Box of Assorted Plumbing Supplies
6.Forster Bit Set .25 - 1in
7.Box of Assorted Hinges, Precision Screwdriver and Dryer Vent
8.Assorted Router Bits and Misc.
9.Set of Craftsman Bits
10.Drawer Glides and Assorted Peg Board Hooks
11.32-Drawer Storage Unit (1 Drawer Missing) with Contents
12.25-Drawer Storage Unit with Contents
13.Tray of Misc. including Drill Bits, Screws, Nails, Etc.
14.Box of Misc. Hardware, Weatherstripping, Etc.
15.4ft. and 16in. Levels
16.Box of Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Etc.
17.Assorted Nails, Etc.
18.Drawer of Screws and Assorted Fasteners
19.Tray Full of Hose Clamps, Bolts and Assorted Fasteners
20.Box Lot of Abrasives, Sandpaper and Wire Wheels
21.Assorted Weed Whip String and Misc.
22.Rivet Tool and Assorted Rivets
23.Benzomatic Torch
24.Wilton 4in. Vice on Steel Stand
25.Countertop, Shutters and Plexiglass
26.Basket with Vintage Light Fixture, Hinges, Etc.
27.Ice Tongs and Hay Hook
28.Vintage Ice Skates
29.28in. Wooden Plane with Small Plane
30.18in. Wooden Level
31.Vintage Grain Flail
32.(2) Electrical Boxes
33.Box of Buffing Pads, Rope, String, Etc.
34.Box of Misc. - Pump Parts, Etc.
35.11in x 23in Milk Crate
36.11in x 20in Milk Crate
37.11in x 20in Milk Crate
38.10-Drawer Craftsman Top Section Toolbox with Key
38A.5-Drawer Craftsman Rolling Base Section with Shelf and Underneath Storage with Key
39.Craftsman Belt Sander
40.Dremel 16in. 2-Speed Scroll Saw
41.Black & Decker Professional Miter Saw
42.Weller Soldering Gun with Case
43.Vibrating Sander
44.Machinist Vice
45.Edison Double-Ended Grinder
46.1/2in. Drill Motor
47.Set of (2) 12in. Planer Knives
48.Caulking Guns, Sandpaper, Etc.
49.Hole Saws and Misc.
50.Black & Decker Drill Bit Sharpener
51.Plate Edge Jointer Kit
52.7in. Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Disks (Approx. 10)
53.(3) 7in. Cut-Off Blades
54.Black & Decker 3/8ths in. Drive Drill
55.25 ft. Drain Snake
56.Staple Gun with Staples
57.Craftsman 3/8ths in. Reversible Variable Speed Drill
58.Box Lot of Assorted Tools
59.5pc. Mechanic's Pliers Set
60.Lot of Assorted Screwdrivers
61.Punches, Chisels and Square
62.Tub Shower Valve Stem Socket Set
63.Box Lot of Plumbing Tools
64.Craftsman 28pc. Tap-and-Die Set (Complete)
65.100ft. Steel Tape, Padlocks with Keys, Tin Snips, Hack Saw Blades, Wire Strippers and More
66.5pc. Screw Extractor Set and (6) Taps
67.Screwdriver Kit with Bits
68.Flaring Tool
69.Wire Stripper Kit with Wire Nuts, Etc.
70.Assorted Drill Bits with Masonry Steel and Wood
71.Snap-Ring Pliers, Vice Grips, Etc.
72.Assorted Open-and Boxed End Wrenches
73.7pc. Wood Handle Screwdriver Set
74.1/8th - 1/2in Wood Bits with Drill Bit Extension
75.Nut Drivers
76.Wood Chisels
77.Rat Tail Files
78.Open and Boxed End Craftsman Wrenches
79.Assorted Open-and Boxed End Wrenches with Tape Measure
80.40pc. Socket Set
81.52-Piece Socket Set
82.Misc. Sockets, Extensions, Ratchet, Etc.
83.Assorted 3/8ths and 1/2in Drive Sockets
84..25in Sockets in Wooden Case
85.Wooden Stool
86.Vintage Stool
87.24in. Pipe Wrench
88.18in. Pipe Wrench
89.10in. Pipe Wrench
90.30in. Bolt Cutters
91.Vintage Tree Trimmer
92.Shopsmith Lathe Tools
93.Primitive Draw Knife, Etc.
94.10-Shelf Storage Compartment/Bolt Bin
95.American Power-Pull Cable Winch
96.Assorted Plastic Holders
97.Shelf Brackets, Storage Hooks, Etc.
98.Contico Plastic Toolbox with Tool Tray
99.Hedge Trimmer and Hatchet
100.Clamp-On Light with Trowels
101.Aluminum Frame Clamp with C-Clamp
102.Crowbar and Misc. Crank
103.(3) Empty Tool Cases
104.(New) DeWalt Reciprocating Saw
105.Black & Decker 12V Drill with Charger
106.Makita Electric 1/2in. Impact Wrench
107.McCullough 18V Drill with (2) Batteries and Charger
108.(6) Assorted Pipe Clamps
109.Walk-Behind Concrete Roller
110.Propane Tank with Contents
111.LB White Propane Heater
112.Assorted Clamps
113.Sears Robuck Table Saw
114.Craftsman Router with Router Table
115.Delta 12in. Portable Planer
116.Vintage Table
117.Craftsman Radial Arm Saw
118.Shopsmith Mark V with Band Saw Attachment, Router Dovetail Template, Drum Sander, Bevel, Planer Attachment, Etc.
119.Assorted Saw Blades
120.Sears Router Dovetail Template
121.Scrap Lumber
122.5ft x 30in Workbench with Vice
123.Scrap Metal (under Bench)
124.1970 Ohio License Plates
125.1971 Ohio License Plates
126.1971 Ohio License Plates
127.1971 Ohio License Plates
128.1972 Ohio License Plates
129.1972 Ohio License Plates
130.1973 Ohio License Plates
131.1973 Ohio License Plates
132.Archbold and Ohio License Plates
133.Assorted Newer Ohio License Plates
135.Stack of Cinderblocks
137.(2) Propane Tanks
140.Wooden 3-Drawer End Table
141.Milk Can
142.Milk Can
143.Milk Can
144.Milk Can
145.Milk Can
146.Milk Can
147.Milk Can
148.Milk Can
149.(2) Loungers with Cushions
150.3-Piece Patio Set
151.6-Piece Patio Set
152.(2) Chairs with Cushions and Foot Stools
153.Love Seat with Cushions
154.Glider Chair with Cushions
155.(5) Chair Frames (No Cushions)
156.(2) White Patio End-Tables with Lounger
157.6-Piece Red Patio Set
158.(2) Beige Patio Tables
159.(4) Chairs and (2) Loungers (Woven)
160.(6) Assorted Cushions and Umbrella (As Is)
161.Grandpas Workshop Sign with Horseshoe
162.Black & Decker Blower Vac with (2) Nozzles
163.Black & Decker 1.5HP Edger
164.Worx Battery-Operated Weed Whip and Homelite Gas Blower (No Charger or Battery)
165.Worx Electric Blower Vac
166.Gas Powered Craftsman Hedge Trimmer
167.18in. Homelite Chainsaw
168.McCullough 14in Chainsaw
169.(Hand-Made) Ash Drop-Leaf Table with (5) Leaves and (7) Chairs
170.Ice Cream Parlor Tale
171.Ice Cream Parlor Stool
172.Metal Step Stool
173.Assorted Christmas Decorations
174.Mat with Light Fixture, Drawer, Plastic Divider, Captains Bell
175.Beverage Cooler
176.Assorted Tupperware and Plastic Containers
177.(2) Sprinkling Cans
178.Evinrude Boat Fuel Tank
179.Plastic and Metal Gas Cans
180.Stack of Bricks
181.Sling-Style Chair
182.Multi-Function Ladder
183.Partial Antique Croquet Set
184.Large Planter
185.Small Window with Expanded Metal Pieces
186.Ice Cream Parlor Bar Stool
187.Ice Cream Parlor Bar Stool
188.Ice Cream Parlor Hi-Chair
189.Upright Cylindrical Ice Chest with Lid
190.Fiberglass Handle Shovel with Snow Shovel
191.Pick, Shovel and Axe
192.Hand Cultivator, (2) Rakes and Pitchfork
193.Tile Scoop, Hoe, Sledge Hammer
194.Shovel, Paint Roller, Snow Shovel
195.Pitch Fork, Rake, Square-Ended Shovel
196.Hoe, Weed Puller, Shovel, Edger
197.Rake, Hoe, and Other Assorted Lawn Tools
198.Misc. Cleaning Tools
199.Hose Reel with Hose
200.Tomato Stakes and Wire Fencing
206.Orange Flag and Safety Reflectors
207.(3) Umbrellas
208.Large Galvanized Funnel
209.Pruning Saws and Camp Fire Grilling Tool
211.Bucket with Assorted Mole Traps
212.Set of Craftsman (12) Open Box End Wrench Set .25in - 15/16ths
213.Stanley Nut Drivers
214.(3) Adjustable Wrenches
215.40-Piece Socket Set
216.Black & Decker Gripmate
217.Electric Work Light and Vice Grip-Style Adjustable Wrench
218.Assorted Screwdrivers, Wire Strippers, Etc.
219.Brookstone Light, Screwdrivers, Ratcheting Drive Set, Etc.
220.Brace, Staple Gun, Misc.
221.Hammer, Wire Brush and Other Misc. Tools
222.Electric Drill and Hand Drill
223.Vice Grips, Pliers and Other Misc. Tools
224.(2) 4x4 Stakes and Old Baby Crib
225.Schaefer Hard Dip Ice Cream Freezer (54 x 20 x 32)
226.Menu Board with Letters
227.Ice Cream Cone Display
228.Craftsman Work Bench with Drawers
229.Black & Decker Workmate 300
230.(3) Boxes of Misc including Planters, Baskets, Light
231.(2) Boxes including Planters, Etc.
232.Candelabra and Misc.
233.Coffee Server, Pitcher and Clear Bowl
234.Ice Cream Cone Server
235.Vintage Candy/Cookie Jars
236.Vintage Candy/Cookie Jars
237.Vintage Candy/Cookie Jars
238.Orange Porcelain Bowl with Metal Painted Bowl
238A.Serving Platter (goes with lot 234)
239.Card Table with (2) Milk Crates
240.Box of Canning Jars
241.Heavy Duty Wooden Milk Stool
242.Wooden Ladder
243.Vintage Safe (Combination will be Provided)
244.Weather vane
245.Weather vane
246.Adjustable Shelf Brackets and Hardware
247.Aluminum Posts
248.Set of Left-Handed Golf Clubs with Bag
249.Set of Left-Handed Golf Clubs with Bag
250.Crate Full of New and Used Golf Balls
251.Crate Full of Mostly New Golf Balls with Golf Shoes
252.Bicycle Pump, Assorted Balls and Bat
253.(2) Wire Baskets with Garden Tools, Knee Pads and Misc
254.(3) Wire Baskets with Lawn Chemicals and Misc.
255.(2) Sets of Jumper Cables
256.Lot of Assorted Trouble Light and Various Extension Cords
257.(2) Extension Cords
258.(2) Extension Cords
259.Green Shelf Unit and Contents
260.Green Bench
261.(3) Ice Cream Cans
262.Nafziger Ice Cream Can
263.Kid's Card Table with (3) Chairs
264.(2) Bentwood Chairs
265.Kid's Wagon
266.Primitive Ladder
267.Inflatable Water Floaties
268.Galvanized Wash Tub
269.Walk-Behind Plow
270.Evans Vintage Bicycle
271.Huffy 3-Speed Bike with Baskets
272.New Braunfels Smoker Grill
273.Assorted Wooden Items
274.Lot of (3) Flags
275.Wicker Planter
276.Box of Light Fixtures
277.Garden Cart
278.Sun Dolphin Pedal Boat