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Kigar Realty & Auction
ONLINE Estate Auction: Rheadia Sindel Family - March 11, 2021 Closing at 8 PM

Item Description
1.Milk Can, Vintage, Painted black with gold trim, lid included
2.Electric Fan
3.Electric Fan and Healthmeter Bathroom Scales, in boxes
4.Folding Step-stool, Vintage
5..Oval, Art Deco Table with shelf, glass top is cracked.
6.1960's Early American Wood & Milkglass lamp with ruffle & tulle shade
7.1960's Early American Wood & milkglass lamp with ruffle & tulle shade
8.Ceramics Glass Peacock, Electric, light up decor
9.Oak Chevel Floor Mirror, tilts
10.Two (2) Wood framed Battery-Operated Wall Clocks
11.Velvet Club Chair, swivels and rocks
12.Upholstered velvet foot stool, metal queen anne legs
13.1950's Pouf, fabric stool
14.Assortment Dresser embroidered runners, crocheted doilies
15.Velvet Club Chair, includes toss pillow
16.Pink Depression Glass Lemonade Pitcher
17.Assortment, pink glass: 2 Hull vases, (one has chip) & striped pink glass vase
18.Brass lamp with coral Lamp Shade
19.Wood Hexagonal Drum table with cream color "marble" inset top
20.Fabric, Box of Quilt pieces, Sewing items and bag of batting, unopened
21.Assortment of Bath Towels and Stack of Wash Cloths
22.Stack of hand Towels
23.Vinyl Tablecloth, Crocheted Hot Pads, Vintage Crocheted Trivets
24.Picture Frames, Wall Decor, Prints
25.Stack of Games
26.Oak Framed Prints and 2 candlestick sconces
27.Floral Upholstered Couch with toss pillows
28.Wood Book shelf Table, antique
29.Assortment of newer tins
30.Ceramic Ship Ashtray
31.Assortment of Wicker baskets
32.Metal Case with Projector Light array
33.Box of Assorted LP's
34.Box of Assorted Records (I will unseal box and provide better photo soon)
35.Box of Assorted Capitol 78's
36.Assorted Records in Carrying Case, Documented, no sleeves
37.Two (2) shells, large
38.Record Case with records and additional 78's
39.Box of LP's
40.Table-top turntable with Instructions
41.Newer Costume Top Hat
42.California Pottery Gazelle, Carnival Glass Compote, Hallmark Bird of Happipness
43.Fenton Hobnail pitcher, Hobnail inkwell and Hallmark Bird of Happiness
44.Tall, 5 shelf etagere
45.Working Floor Fan
46.Assorted Boxes of Puzzles
47.Large Ceramic Jardiniere
48.Wood Cabinet Sewing Machine
49.Folding TV trays
50.Brass adjustable Desk Lamp
51.Oreck Hand-held sweeper
52.Audubon Print in Oak frame and Owl letter organizer
53.Hook Rug, Pennsylvania Dutch, vintage
54.Safe-T-Furnace ceramic heater in box
55.Assortment of Antique Books
56.Shoe Box of vintage toys
57.Assortment of Old Books
58.NOMA plastic candlestick, electric in box and knit tree decor
59.Assortment of Ceramic Christmas village items
60.Ceramic Christmas Tree
61.Plastic Centerpiece and 2 candlestick rings, vintage
62.Assortment of Ceramic Christmas Village items
63.Box of bags and paper, bows
64.Box of Assorted Wood Blocks
65.Metal Portable File Box
66.Shoe Box of Vintage toys and whistles
67.Vintge Christmas Items, Plastic reindeer and bottle brush trees
68.Fitz & Floyd "Santa's Rail Station" in box
69.Revolving Musical Pixie ELF in original box.
70.Revolving Musical Santa elves, vintage in original box
71.Turning Musical Tree with falling snow, vintage item in original box
72.Two (2) Polaroid Cameras, vintage
73.Assorted Christmas includes two(2) fiber-optic trees, small (battery operated)
74.Junk Drawer Fix-it items
75.a "whatchamacalit"
76.Assortment of Telephones, 2 trivets
77.Cigarette Case, coin carrier, lipstick box. a few rhinestones are missing. Vintage
78.Assortment Safety razors
79.Wall Clock, weights and pendulum. Ceramic, some chips
80.Frame-less Circle Mirror, Vintage
81.Wafer-Board bedside table with glass top, tablecloth and alarm clock
82.Headboard & Footboard. Mattress & box spring. All bedding
83.Two (2) straw dolls, Raggedy Ann/Andy type. Fall Decor
84.Sterling Milk Electric Wall Clock in Box: NEW old stock.
85.Pillar Candle, frosted jars and metal stand decor
86.Chest of Drawers, Wood
87.Pirate Chest, Jewelry Box.
88.Assortment of lamps
89.Plastic dress tray, decor pieces.
90.Dresser with matching mirror
92.Two (2) Heating pads
93.Foot Soaker in box
94.Eureka Filter Queen Vacuum unit
95.Automobile dishes and Blue Willow Gone with the Wind Miniature kerosene lamp
96.Light up Angel and angel figurine
97.Lady Remington Shaver in Box
98.Two (2) boudoir lamps, figurine bases
99.Brush, Comb, Mirror, vintage
100.Two (2) Vintage pincushions
101.Cranberry Glass Dress Set: powder jar with lid and two perfume bottles
102.Dresser with matching Mirror
103.Two (2) prints in wood frames
104.Daisy BB gun in box
105.Assortment of Alarm clocks
106.Touch Lamp
107.Wood Bedside table, open front, drawer
108.January Angel figurine, lidded ring boxes, butter pats, piano ring box, figurines
109.Toothpick souvenirs, souvenir spoons
110.Jewelry Box
111.Decorative fake books, metal bobbing, woodpecker toothpick retriever
112.Slab of Wood, lacquered painted wall clock
113.Two (2) knitted lap blankets
114.Composition Doll
115.Cream lap blanket, knitted
116.Bargello knitted lap blanket
117.Souvenir Wood Bat, Defiance
118.Assortment of Ladies' Purses
119.Sinclair Products, Arnold Cordes & Carl Daman Oil co, Napoleon, Ohio Mirror advertising.
120.Box set of Costume Jewelry. Carved Stones and rhinestones. Necklace, Bracelet and Clip Earrings. Included is a small box of baby hospital items, cards, etc.
122.Brass, wall mount bell with clapper
123.Salt & Pepper Shaker Collection. Nice, some unusual.
124.Headboard, Footboard, Mattress & Box spring. All bedding.
125.Wood Quartersawn Rocker with chair padding and a large art envelope carrying case
126.Natchez, metal showboat musical
127.Glass base lamp with novelty light bulb and Wax flower figure
128.Metal, Vintage wind-up car toy
129.MARSHALL, plastic handle, metal cap gun toy
130.Assortment of Bird figurines, fun and fancy
131.Tall, wood dresser
132.Card Table and folding chairs, padded seats and top, clean
133.Assortment of Office Supplies, includes electrical magnifying glass
134.Souvenir Toothpick holder collection
135.Assortment of thimbles
136.Junk Drawer FIX-IT items
137.Curling irons in boxes, curlers, hair things, ceramic Noah's Ark Musical
138.Mirro-Matic 25 cup perculator urn and smaller electric perculator
139.Oddball items, clippers, tea strainer, paperweight, etc
140.Assortment of Knives, some in original package, paring, butcher, bread
141.Assortment of Kitchen utensils
142.Assortment of Kitchen Utensils
143.Assortment of Kitchen Utensils
144.Huge Turkey Roaster in box
145.Crock pot in box
146.2 large rocks, used as doorstops
147.Wood Plant Stand
148.Huge Turkey Roaster in Box
149.Assortment of Gloves
150.Nesco Buffet Server/Bake kit
151.Tray, warmer, electric
152.Assortment of Contact Paper Rolls, Many unopened
153.Hamilton Beach Blender
154.Bathroom Tub Stool with side handles/grips
155.Whirlpool, Top-load Washer, like new, electric
156.Whirlpool Electric Dryer
157.Utility Closet filled with Cleaning Helpers: Hoover Sweeper, unmarked sweeper, brooms, ironing board, cobweb tools
158.Oak wood display shelf unit, sliding glass. Great for toothpick holders, thimbles, salt and pepper collections
159.Kitchen Table, 2 leaves and 6 chairs.
160.Oak Wood shelf unit for display with sliding glass cover
161.AM-FM Arch top Radio, GE with original box
162.Five (5) metal vintage tumblers (i know, there are only 4 pictured...there is an additional green tumbler)
163.Allah's Proverb, Metal Vintage Wall hanging, marked South Bend
164.14Kt clasp, string of Pearls, strung on string.
165.Heavy Duty Watch chain with ADLAKE DT&I Railroad key
166.1990s pearl necklace with barrel clasp. Pair of pearl pierced studs to match.
167.Spoon Pin, Clasp is present and tight. Marked Sterling
168.10Kt Gold Filled Necklace and Screw-back Earrings with rhinestones, vintage
169.Clear Glass Compote and Square wood cutting board
170.Coty Compact. (Note with this item. Given to Owner in 1943 from a teacher at her confirmation)
171.Hamilton, Gold Pocket Watch. Working
172.Assortment of Turquoise and Sterlng earrings, pendants. Mother of Pearl, Inlay, ring.
173.Unusual set of Salt and Pepper Shakers, Street Lights.
174.Spiedel Goldtone Watch and for Man's Watch
175.Size 11.5 unmarked man's ring. silvertone
176.Westclox Pocket watch has been over-wound. Leather braided Belt Loop attachment
177.Elgin Gold Ladies Pocket watch, working
178.Size 10 Man's Ring. The ring is quite large. It is Gold. I cannot detect initial on surface..
179.Elgin Gold Pocket Watch, non-working
180.Rhinestone Necklace with matching screw-back earrings. Also included is a Rhinestone Necklace with FOE and Aurora Borealis stones. EAGLE logo
181.Assortment of Pierced Earrings.
182.Equate Blood Pressure Cuff & meter
183.Prestige chicken roaster, 2 nut choppers and hamburger press
184.Hoover Electric Can Opener and Waffle Iron
185.Sunbeam Electric Mixer with all the bells and Whistles
186.Udico Electric Can Opener, 2 Baseball insulated tumblers, Potato Cutter, Coffee pot
187.Rival Crock pot
188.Crockery Bean Pot with lid, (chip) and covered baking dish, unmarked
189.Coffee Maker
190.Stack of Pyrex Pie Plates, Hall casserole
191.Coffee Butler insulated pitcher in box and 2 other pitchers
192.FireKing Baking dish and Round casserole plus a pyrex baking bowl
193.Plastic Bowls, Large Plastic Measuring Bowl
194.Rival Crock pot in box
195.Baking dishes
196.Melita carafe and toaster
197.Toaster with Terrycloth cover and Crockery utensil pot
198.Corning ware baking dishes
199.Wood Spice Rack with bottles and labels. never Opened
200.GE elecctric knife with blades and an ACE Storm Door Closer.
201.Stainless Steel, Vintage Aluminum Foil, Waxpaper organizer
202.Stainless Steel, Vintage Bread Box
203.Toaster in box and pedstal Cake Plate
204.Stack of Graniteware bowls
205.Electric Hand Mixer with Beaters and Plastic Utensil Tray
206.Plastic Utensil Tray filled with Eating Utensils
207.Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago, Illinois thermometer, advertising. Two(2) chalkware painted fish wall hangings
208.Stack of colored glass ashtrays
209.Stack of Clear glass ashtrays and two plastic large ashtrays
210.Owl Ceramic Cookie Jar, a few chips
211.Ceramic Utensil jar, large Salt & peppers to match and a chrome napkin holder
212.Two (2) crockery mixing bowls, blue one has a chip
213.Wood napkin holder and salt & peppers in box and a wooden bowl
214.Bakelite Handles, Knife sharpener, Meat knife and fork in original box
215.Aluminum and Wood handle folder...eggs, sandwich?
216.George Foreman Grill
217.Cuisinart Coffee maker
218.Sentsy Wax melter, aromatic
219.Assortment of clear glass items, kerosene lamp. (font does not fit). decanter and large vase
220.Pyrex, vintage refrigerator boxes with lids. blue and 2 reds
221.Green glass kerosend lamp with milk glass hobnail shade. Moon & Stars green compote
222.Wood, cabinet, console HI-Fi, built in speakers, AM/FM, 8 Track tape, turntable. some 8 track tapes, some LP's. Instruction book inside. Will post model and brand soon. It works. Sounds FAB!
223.Stainless Steel Canister Set, Vintage
224.Stainless Steel Cake Carrier
225.Assortment of Pheasant figurines
226.Frankoma Pottery planters, Two (2)
227.Frankoma Wagon Wheel Teapot, creamer and sugar
228.Hereford Steer figurine
229.Assortment of Cat figurines, including kitten, flocked nodder
230.Ceramic Train, (6) Whiskey shot train
231.Collie glass figurine
232.Milk Glass pedestal, 2
233.Assortment of swan figuines
234.5 shelf bookcase
235.Oak Wood, Oval end table with one drawer, brass hardware
236.Wood and Milk glass lamp with shade
237.Oak wood, oval end table with one drawer, brass hardware
238.Costume Jewelry, 3 strand pearl necklace, black/navy, newer
239.Graduated pearl and aurora borealis glass bead, vintage necklace
240.Wide Wale Cordoroy Recliner
241.Super Comfortable Plaid, 3 cushion couch with 2 toss pillows
242.Wood Coaster set, Spun Glass figures, Amber moon & Stars covered pedestal
243.Assortment of Ceramic, China and Glass Birds
244.Oriental motif figurines pair
245.Fish planter
246.Frilly, Colonial children glass figurines pair
247.Mid-Century Cigarette items: Owl cigarette cup with matching table-top lighter. Table-top lighter with rhinestones
248.Siamese Cat chalkware book ends. chippy. Can be re-sanded and re-painted
249.Assortment decor items
250.Nine (9) horse figurines. Plastic, ceramic, porcelain. Start your collection now...or add to yours
251.5 shelf bookcase
252.Small World Rhythm Wall Clock, Quartz, Hourly Melody in working condition.
253.Wood magazine rack
254.Square, Vinyl Footstool
255.Turned Wood Stand, planter? ashtray?
256.Wood primitive footstool and a pair of Moon & Stars amberina candleholders
257.Stack of Cookbooks. Includes a Plaid Better Homes & Gardens, Searchlight and others
258.Dog & puppy figurines
259.Heavy Duty Plastic Television Platform, Vintage
260.Television stand with glass doors
261.Small Portable Television
262.Velvet Painting. Wood Frame
263.Oak Quilt Stand
264.Dell, set of The History of the United States Books, 1-16
265.Rag Rug, clean approx 3 x 5
266.Louis L'amour books. Lots of them
267.Louis L'amour books. Lots of them!
268.Time-Life "The Gunfighters" book
269.Western subject matter novels, Larry McCurty, Elmer Kelton, Charles West, Ralph Compton
270.Navy/charcoal recliner
271.Brass Floor Lamp, 3 candlestick lights and main bulb. Lots of ways to light the room. Lamp Shade.
272.Family Medicine book, Gardening books, dictionary, etc
273.Miscellaneous books, 2 boxes
274.Assortment of Large Print Books
275.Wood stand to re-paint or leave as is...
276.Wood, Oval Coffee table (matches oval end tables)
277.Fulton County Hardcover book and Delta, Ohio hardcover Book. Buying as a set.
278.Large Canning Pot, Graniteware, Navy with white specks
280.Old Cow bell
281.Craftsman Blower, Vac
282.Black & Decker Hedge Trimmer, 20" in box
283.5 carpenter hand saws, carefully wrapped
284.crow bar, mower blade, tin shears, hand saw and level
285.American newer push mower
286.Convertible 440lb hand cart
287.Sears shop Vac
288.12" weed whip
289.Assortment of Gardening Hand Tools
290.Box of FIX-it items
291.Gas cans (2)
292.Spool with extension cord
293.Four shelf storage unit
294.Craftsman front wheel drive lawn mower.
295.Montgomery Ward Fan, heat, automatic electric unit
296.Hand saws, shovels, Garden pruners, electrical work light
297.Plastic storage unit for tools, hand claw hoe, ax, garden rake, sledge hammer
298.Grain shovel and snow shovel
299.Bushel Basket with jars and bottles plus all on top
300.Two (2) saws, tree/limb saw
301.Heavy Duty Plastic storage unit
302.Reels of extension cords
303.Wave master Sprinkler in box, cast iron hook, prners, mug, crow bar, folding wood ruler
304.Two (2) aluminum clamp-on work lamps
305.Two (2) Garbage cans with lids
306.Wood folding ladder
307.4 1/2' Christmas Tree in box (Martha Stewart)
308.Assorted Acylic yarn, Christmas Tree Skirt, Vintage Plastic icicles and more
309.Hot Pink glass ornaments, ornaments, plastic decor, trims and more
310.Ornaments, Vintage, several layers of vintage Christmas
311.ornaments, Vintage
312.Satin gold ornaments, red and white glass ornaments, lots of extras
313.Vintage angels in original box
314.Wood Card snowman box, christmas cards, ceramic items. the rest of the christmas items
315.Revereware pots and pans
316.Aluminum pitcher with green wood handle and top knob.
317.Crockery bowl and bean pot, pressure cooker
318.Stack of pots and pans
319.Electric skillet, plastic storage containers, measuring cups
320.Boyertown meat grinder with all parts
321.Large caning posts and lids, grease guard.
322.Heavy Aluminum roaster with lid, Graniteware roaster with lid, grater, crock pot lined
323.Envirascape Rock Garden Water Feature with light for indoors, in box
324.Indoor grill, angel food cake pan, bundt pan
325.Skillet type pressure cooker. large
326.Huge stack of cookie sheets, baking pans
327.Universal "Bettina" Hair Dryer in original box and clothes pins in vintage hanger holder
328.Lots of items, new metal chopper, thermos, decor items
329.Stack of 8 x 8 x 3 baking pans
330.Kirsch Drapery hardware for standard windows
331.Oreck Iron with fancy iron rest in box
332.Assortment of Salt & Pepper Shakers
333.Assortment of ceramic planters, including nice McCoy
334.Two (2) lot boxes filled with tumblers and mugs
335.Box lot of clear tumblers with gold trim, fancy
336.One Lot box filled with Tumblers
337.Lot box filled with Looney Tunes Character Tumblers
338.Three (3) Roseville, Ohio Crockery Utensil Container/vases
339.Bowl of shot glasses, Kessler bottle stop
340.The remainder of the table: Lots of great stuff. Remember to bring boxes to pack!
341.Natural Wonder 1400 Hood Hair Dryer in carrying case and box
342.Plant planter under dishes, silverplate, lids, broiler, extra cookware
343.Kitchen, swivel bar stool, aluminum tray
344.Tall CD or DVD shelf unit
345.Recorder/DVR player