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Kigar Realty & Auction
Farm Machinery & Equipment ONLINE Auction, Yoder Location, SPRING SALE - March 22, 2021 Starts to Close at 6 p.m.

Item Description
1.Ferguson 2 Row Cultivator
2.Ford 2 Log Subsoiler
3.JD SpringTooth
5.Juko Potato Digger
6.Steel I Beam
7.Henry G1 Dirt Mover
8.Int420 3 Bottom Plow
9.Ferguson 2 X Plow
10.1 Row Planter
13.Enviro Mist Duster
14.Agrex 300 Spreader 3pt
15.Vicon Spreader, 3pt
16.Montana AF427 Sprayer
17.Sprayer 150gal./Boom, 3pt.
18.Plastic Roller
19.JD End Dividers
20.Poly Tank
21.JD Weight Bracket
22.(5) Small IH Front Weights
23.(3) Large IH Front Weights
24.(8) JD Liquid Single Disc w/gauge wheel
25.(8) JD Liquid Single Disc w/gauge wheel
26.Kory Gravity Wagon
27.Clipper B2Cleaner
28.JD 1219 Mower Conditioner
29.(2) 28L X 26 Tires
30.(2) 480 X 46 Tires
31.JD 709 Rotary Cutter
32.Brillion Packer 16ft.
33.500 Gal. Fuel Tank Trailer
34.Case IH 6500 9 X Soil Saver
35.NH 166 Window Inverter
36.JD 2018 Batwing
37.Clark 28 Applicator, 9 Shank
38.Case IH 4800 Field Cultivator, 30ft.
39.Case IH 8575 8575 Baler
40.JD 4055 1994, Duals 4565 hr.
41.JD 4440 1979 Duals, 4780 hr
42.JD 8100 MFWD, 1995, 5480 Hr. Duals
43.U/M 325 Gravity W/13T gear
44.U/M 325 Gravity w/13T Gear
45.Wenzinger Seed Auger 24 ft.
46.JD 9410 Combine, 1998, 3880 E. 2586 Sep Hrs.
47.Kinze 3500 8-16R, 2014
48.JD 1590 No-Till Drill, 350 Monitor, Markers U/M Drill Fill
49.Brillion Field Cultivator 24ft.
50.Kongskilde SBC "S" Tine Cultivator 25ft.
51.JD 620 Grain Head
52.JD 643 Corn Head
53.U/M HT 12 Header Cart
54.Unverferth 225 Rolling Harrow, 28ft.
55.Brillion X 108 Notched Packer, 22ft.
56.JD MX 15 Batwing
57.Woods Cadet 84 Chopper
58.JD 915 V-Ripper 7 X
59.Rhino Ditch King Backhoe w/24" Bucket
60.Tandem Trailer
61.JD 400 Rotary Hoe
62.Chevy C-70 Knaphide 16ft w/hoist
63.2004 Ford Ranger
64.NI 251 Mower
70.(4) Bin Jacks
71.Duals, 18/4 x 34
72.Duals, 16/9 X 38
73.Woods DW 1800 Batwing
74.2012 Chevy 2500 w/Hiniker Plow
75.Unverferth Conveyor
76.Gravity Wagon
77.MAC Tool Box, Top: MB1510, Bottom: MB1500
78.MAC Tool Box, Top: MB8100, Bottom Tech
79.250 Gal Gravity Tank
80.3 Phase Converter, ARCO
81.Farm Fans, 180A
82.Case Int. 496, 24ft.
83.Kilbros 357, 10T Auger/tarp
84.White 8920 Combine
85.White 920 Grain & Cart
86.White 706 Corn Head & Cart
87.(3) Rolling Baskets
88.Batco 1575 Conveyor
89.JD 750 Drill/markers
90.Leinbach Line Thatcher & Roller
91.Wood Stove
92.Baltic-Matic Seeder
93.Woodman Buzz Saw
94.King Cutter/ Bush Hog 6ft.
95.Vogel, Noot F58 Rake
96.JD 7000 Liquid Planter 6 row
97.Int 1900, 1988 DT 466
98.Hawkeye Hopper Bottom, Built 2000, Axle 1979
100.Glencoe Soil Saver, 11 X
101.Woods Twin Cadet, 12ft.
102.Flat Bed Wagon
103.John Blue Fert. Spreader
104.Hayrite Bale Conveyor
105.Gravity Wagon
106.DMI 4100 13 X NH/3
107.David White Transit, Realist, Universal 8123
109.Gravity Box
110.U/M 230 Wagon/Auger mate
111.Auger Mate, 5HP Briggs
112.NH/3 Wagon #17 with inspection papers
113.NH/3 Wagon #18 with inspection papers
114.NH/3 Wagon #19 with inspection papers
115.NH/3 Wagon #33 with inspection papers
116.1000 Gal Poly Tank
117.1000 Gal Poly Tank
118.1000 Gal Poly Tank
119.1000 Gal Poly Tank
120.J&M TF 212, Rolling Harrow, 20ft.
121.2011 Ford F350, 5X
122.1999 Ford F70 Dump Truck
123.Goodyear 73-44-32 Tire
124.JD No-Til Coulter w/yetter, Row Cleaner, Hubs
125.Ag-Chem 3pt. Sprayer Boom, 60ft.
126.DMI Wagon, 1000 Gal Tank
127.Dynaweld Tandem Trailer
128.JD 2720 Ripper, w/Hyd Baskets
129.Bulk seed system, 2 box w/yetter seed jet II vac
130.JD 7000 8 X Dry Precision No-Til Coulter AND JD Donahue Trailer
132.1020 Kenawee Disk, 20ft.
133.Quinstar Rolling Harrow, 20ft.
134.Harragator, 22 ft.
135.Snow Blade
136.Manure Spreader, Horse/draw
137.Single Axle Trailer
138.Mira, fount Hog Waters, Doubles
139.Mira Fount Hog Waters, double
140.(3) Mira Fount Hog waters, single