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Kigar Realty & Auction
Auction Depot, February ONLINE Antiques/Household - February, 18, 2021 Starts to Close at 8 PM

Item Description
1.Electric owl clock
2.Electric Cinderella Coach Clock
3.Stroh's Mirror Advertising
4.Newer, Miniature egg crate
5.Primitive Caning Jar wire carrier with wood bale
6.Buck Saw
7.Marlboro Clock, incomplete, advertising
8.Child's Wood Rocking Toy
9.Canadian Club Advertising Mirror
10.3-D Hunting Shadow Box, Print
11.New York Yankees License Plate Souvenir
12.Lighthouse wall hanging
13.Nautical Knot Art
14.Kerosene Barn Lantern
15.First Act Guitar with case
16.Rotating Card Display Stand
17.Lancaster Oil on Canvas Art, framed
18.Westminster Wall Clock
19.MeisterBrau Beer Advertising Wall Plaque
20.Coachmen Plastic sign
21.Skol Store Display unit
22.Marble, signed, dated
23.Army Canteen
24.Miner's Lamp, carbide
25.(4) Ohio Belt Buckles
26.Blo-mold Santa Claus
27.Blue Mountain Pottery pieces
28.(2) Roseville Pottery pieces
29.Small Ship, Made out of Horn.
30.Wood Plane, Union 103
31.Lot Lock-blade pocket knives
32.Regal Guitar
33.Lot Kitchen Utensils
34.Lot Steak, Kitchen Knives
35.Lot tie-tacks and pins
36.Cameo Pin, Costume
37.(2) Safety Razors
38.Blue Mountain Pottery Horse and Cardinal
39.Lot Blue Mountain Pottery
40.Goebel White Swan Pair
41.Santa Claus Candle, Vintage
42.Wood creche/manger, no figures
43.New York Central Oil Can, marked NYCS
44.(2) Brass eagle figures
45.Bowling Pin
46.(4) Blue Mountain Pottery Ducks
47.Blue Mountain Pottery Owl and Coffee Pot
48.Flour Sifter and Pastry Cutter
49.Sterling ring, Blue Topaz stone
50.14Kt earrings
51.Cedar Point token, 1923
52.10Kt ring, ruby stone
53.Anna's Hummingbirds, signed Andrea
54.Lot Political Buttons/badges
55.Lot Kitchen items
56.Lot Brass/cast iron Hooks and lamp, hardware
57.Graniteware coffee Pot
58.Anniversary Clock
59.Lite Beer Advertising Mirror
60.Table-top Jewelry Chest
61.Lot Medallions, bicentennial and more
62.Lot Sterling rings
63.10Kt gold ring, tanzanite and diamond
64.Goldtone car with decanters and bar items
65.Brass Door Knocker, Lion
66.Lot Film Reel Cases, filled
67.(4) Baseball gloves
68.Wonder-Waffle spun aluminum molds in original box, instructions
69.(2) Guitar Amps
70.Wind-up Wyandotte Shooting Gallery Toy
71.Stanley Wood Plane, 220
72.Lehmann German Elephant, friction toy
73.Lot sterling rings
74.10Kt Gold Peridot ring
75.Lot Sterling Rings
76.Horse Shoe Trick Game
77.Metal Pick-up truck toy
78.Knight Model KG-220 FM Monitor receiver, Vintage
79.Mickey Mouse Push-Button Telephone
80.Cabbage slaw cutter, vintage
81.Cast Iron Wheeled wagon with figures
82.Home Telephone Co Metal Truck, Cast Iron Fire Engine
83.Cast Iron Stake Truck and Patriotic Bell
84.Playskool Lincoln Logs in original box
85.Hot Wheels Car Case with 48 cars included
86.Earth Mover Pan toy
87.Lot thimbles, includes Bakelite Needle Case
88.Cast Iron, coated Pot with lid, painted and trivet
89.Lot Big Ben, misc wind-up alarm clocks
90.Hull Duck Shallow Bowl, marked
91.(2) Speakers
92.Crockery Bean Pot, no lid
93.Brass Torch
94.Coca-Cola Tray
95.Glass bottle, Terrarium
96.Tool Box with tools
97.Lot assorted tools
98.Lot assorted Open end wrenches
99.Lot screw drivers
100.Lot Bottles
101.Plastic tool box, assorted tools included
102.Horse Shoe Set in Original Wood Box
103.Wood Crate filled with glass insulators
104.Lot Fast Food Premium toys
105.(2) Boxes, assorted cars and trucks toys
106.Nelson Sprinkler
107.Lot Sports Cards
108.Picnic Cooler, Round, plaid with metal handle
109.Floor stand Ashtray, vintage
110.Wood Swan figure decor
111.Model Ship
112.Pottery Container
113.Gumball Machine and ceramic urn vase
114.Cast Iron Dinner Bell, yoke is included. No clapper
115.160 lb Sheffield Anvil
116.Medicine Cabinet, Metal with Mirror
117.Graniteware Slop Pot with lid and wood Bale
118.Apple crate: Moore Orchards, Oak Harbor, Ohio
119.WWII medal
120.Costume Jewelry Glass stones, gun metal mounting
121.Jason Microscope with Carrying Case
122.Lot small dolls, vintage
123.Bowl & Pitcher
124.Lot American Indian dolls, leather doll coat
125.Lot newer Porcelain dolls
126.Budweiser Peanut/nut machine
127.Lot Barbie & Ken Dolls
128.Bowl & Pitcher
129.Barrel Pickle Jar with metal Lid
130.Jeweled, vintage compact
131.Lot Costume Jewelry
132.Locomotive Legends, Desktop Train Set
133.(2) Glass Kerosene Lamps
134.Lot rings
135.(2) Glass Kerosene Lamps
136.(2) Beaded Evening Purses
137.Car, Push Button Telephone
138.Welby Wall Clock
139.Minolta Camera, lenses and all accessories, carrying bag
140.(3) Cast Iron toys
141.Push Button, Ornate Clock
142.Brass Kerosene Lamp, antique
143.Zenith Am/Fm radio
144.Lot Lock-Blade and assorted Throwing Knives
145.Dagger, Ornate with case
146.(2) Ornate Knives
147.Stainless Steel Oval Roaster with rack
148.Jelly Belly dispenser
149.Nickle plated Kerosene Lamp, antique
150.Wood Telephone Stand with drawer
151.3 legged side table with metal rim
152.Painted half Table
153.Wood Plant Stand, short
154.Wood Plant Stand
155.Horse Head Floor Stand Ashtray
156.Lot Fabric/Material
157.Lot Baseball Cards (cardboard box sleeves)
158.Lot LP's and 45's Records
159.Lot jars with lids
160.Wood Plant Stand
161.Metal Plant Stand
162.Cuckoo Clock
163.Porcelain Doll
164.(2) Model Cars in Boxes
165.(2) small Black Dolls
166.Reverse Painted Lamp Shade
167.Gear Puller Set in Box
168.Lot Duck Decoys decor
169.Lot Plastic toys
170.Norfolk & Southern Battery Operated Railroad Lantern
171.Winebago Tonka Truck
172.Hubley & Kilgore toy pistols
173.Budweiser Mugs
174.Nylint Road grader
175.Craig Pioneer 8 Track Player
176.Lot Metal toys, wind-up,etc
177.Mechanical Horse, MOBO, painted, vintage
178.Nut Grinder, glass and metal
179.Lot Tin Toys, antique
180.Lot Train and Locomotive Toys
181.Sportsman, unusual lamp
182.Lot car toys
183.Lot Multi-tools, etc
184.(3) Galvanized Pails
185.Lot International Dolls
186.Bell & Howell Movie Projector, papers and case
187.Lot Sale and Pepper Shakers
188.Blue and White Crock with spigot, no lid
189.(3) crocks
190.Poloroid Print Copier and Cameras
191.Poloroid Cameras and accessories
192.Wood Coffee Table
193.Tractor-Trailer Truck Toy
194.Tonka Cement Mixer Truck toy
195.Tonka Tandem dump Truck toy
196.Tonka Construction Dump Truck toy
197.Tonka Single Axle Utility Dump Truck toy
198.Wyandotte Truck with Car Hauler and Winch toy
199.Tonka Fire Truck toy
200.Hubley Cement Mixer Truck toy
201.Puff-Puff Train, Made in England, toy
202.Train, Battery Operated, toy
203.Tonka Jeep Truck toy
204.Tonka, Semi with Drop Deck Trailer
205.Nylint Motor Home toy
206.Lot Christmas Items
207.Lot Christmas items
208.Lot car toys
209.(2) Boxes Home Oddities & hardware
210.Lot cars toys
211.Lot Kitchen items
212.Carolina Peaches Wood Crate
213.Wood, flat top Trunk
214.Milk Can, no lid
215.Wood Sled, wood runners, painted with handle
216.Old Quilt top
217.Newer Quilt top
218.Lot keychains, misc
219.Lot Cars & Trucks toys
220.Lot Flashlights
221.Lot Cars & Trucks toys
222.Camoflage seat pad
223.Honest Bartender Mirror Sign
224.Metal Garden Art Assortment
225.Pepsi Sign
226.Lot framed Prints
227.Newer Quilt Top
228.Nylint Truck toy
229.Overland Express battery Operated Train toy
230.San Francisco Car with Original box
231.San Francisco Cable Car and Hubley Fire Truck toy
232.Oil Tanker toy with original box
233.Hubley Tractor with Figure toy, unmarked
234.(2) Wyandotte trucks, wheels missing on one vehicle
235.Bulldozer toy
236.Structo Car Hauler toy
237.Wyandotte Dump Truck and Silver Mountain Train
238.Pony Boy Cap Gun
239.Wyandotte Van Lines Tractor/Trailer toy
240.FairyLand Train and Silver Mountain Train toys
241.(3) Wall Mount Wire Baskets
242.Nosco Seed Corn Bag, Delta, Ohio
243.Lot Suspenders, Harley Davidson, plus
244.Hanging Scale
245.Hand Scythe
246.Barn hardware
247.Newsboys Newspaper Bag
248.Heart Shaped Plant Stand
249.Yukon Jack Metal Sign
250.Painted Open Shelf stand
251.Lot Airplane toys
252.Laminated art prints of USA Presidents
253.Lot Nascar magazines
254.Lot Ertl 1/18 Die Cast Car
255.Lot Metal Die Cast car toys
256.Lot Metal Die Cast car toys
257.Lot Frameable Athlete photos
258.Lot Baseball Card Price Books
259.Lot Nascar toy cars in original packages
260.Lot Road Champ Police Car Series Car toys
261.Lot Hot Wheels car toys
262.Child's Wood Bench
263.Lot Cars & Trucks toys
264.Lot BuddyL toys
265.Lot Collector Spoons and Hat pins
266.Lot Plastic Army Trucks and men toys
267.Lot miniatures
268.Boxes of Tonka Toys
270.Lot Copper and Brass items
271.Lot Dishes & Plates
272.Lot Glass lamp Shades, other glass items
273.Lot Metal toys
274.Lot depression glass, canisters etc
275.Lot Cars & Trucks toys
276.Hall Crock
277.Horse Collar
278.Horse Whips, Leather
279.Hay Hook
280.Kool Cigarette Sign
281.Lot Wood Display Boxes
282.Orange County Chopper Sign
283.No Parking sign
284.Topsy Dairy Sign and a square decorative mirror
285.Jesus Light-up Wall Print
286.Lot Cobalt bottles, plus
287.Lot tools
288.Lot Colored Glass items
289.(2) Boxes Assorted Bottles
290.Farmall Tractor toy
291.Nylint Pick-up Truck toy
292.Tonka Tandem Axle Dump Truck toy
293.Harley Davidson Tin Motorcycle toy
294.Tonka Car Carrier Trailer toy
295.Structo Road Grader toy
296.Tonka Single Axle Dump Truck toy
297.Nylint Horse Trailer toy
298.(2) Leaded Glass Lamp Shades
299.Tonka Motor Home toy
300.Marx Friction, Rocket Plane toy
301.Tonka Trencher toy
302.Ertl Tandem Axle Dump Truck toy
303.Cattle Trailer toy
304.lazy Susan and Vintage Pasta/Noodle Maker
305.Swing-arm Floor lamp
306.Wood Plant Stand
307.Wood Butter Churn
308.Newer Quilt
310.Radio Flyer Metal Wagon
311.(3) Wood Walking Canes
312.C130 Plastic Airplane toy
313.Horn Speaker
314.Harley Davidson telephone
315.Ruby Glass, Dimple Lamp Shade with chimney
316.Occupied japan Dragon Candlesticks, pair
317.Sprinkler Can
318.Wood Berry Carrier
319.Union Carbide for Miners Lamp, 2 lbs
320.Ruffle top, painted, glass lamp shade
321.Lot Belt Buckles
322.Bicycle Pump
323.Box BB's
324.Ceramic Eagle Figurine
326.Wood Silverware case
327.Lot Cassette tapes
328.Wintersville Train Set in original box
330.(2) Quilts
331.(3) Quilts
332.Lot Collector Plates
333.Hanging Lamp
334.Pennzoil Die Cast Airplane
335.Two Burner Hot Plate
336.Lot Children's Books
337.(2) Boxes of Figurines, glass items
338.Knee Drill
339.Lot Racing magazines
340.Joe Camel Items
341.Nascar Christmas Ornaments and Windshield Sun Guard
342.Guitar Hero
343.Lot Stuffed animal toys
344.Binary Arts items
345.Trivial Pursuit Game
346.Hobby Tool
347.Honemann Garage, Hamler, Ohio framed Print thermometer
348.Keen Cutter Meat Grinder
349.Apple Peeler
350.Meat Grinder
351.Lot Figurines, Coasters
352.Lead Soldiers, Boboloop Game, more
353.Lot Golf Balls, Marbles, more
354.Dodge Ram Baby Moon Hub Caps (2)
355.Lot Misc. Ladies Electric Shaver
356.Lot misc.
357.Lot watches
358.Wood Plane
359.Lot Lap Blankets, quilts, crocheted tablecoverings
360.Lot Reading Glasses
361.Lot Wood Figures
362.Lot Cars & Trucks toys
363.(3) Fishing Signs
364.Mess Kit
365.Bud Lite Die Cast Airplane toy
366.(2) Model Corvette car kits
367.(2) Model Kits: Ferrarri and Airplane
368.Pepsi Die Cast Car, Die Cast Bank
369.(2) Slot Machine toys
370.Marlboro Porsche plastic car, toy
371.Lot Mixing Bowls
372.Tupperware Piggy Bank
373.Plastic Gumball machine
374.Yellowware Crockery Mixing Bowl
375.(3) Wood Planes
376.Wood Doll Bed
377.Wood Doll Wagon
378.Lot Kitchen items
379.Lot Christmas Figures
380.Lot Baseball, Football and other Collector Cards
381.(2) Torches
382.Lot Wood Planes
383.Andeker Beer Lighted Sign
384.Miramar, California, 1957 Planter in Metal Frame
385.Aluminum Dog Nutcracker
386.Gilbert Microscope in box, with contents
387.(2) Ertl Grain Wagons, toys
388.McCoy Open Jar
389.(2) Figurine Sets
390.(4) Tequila shot glasses
391.Bailey Wood Plane
392.Cast Iron Space Heater, gas
393.(2) elephants
394.Tiffin Amethyst Goblets, (4)
395.BuddyL Fire Truck toy
396.Art Deco ServTrivet, Ceramic with Metal Frame
397.Yellowware, Crockery Bowl
398.Lot License Plates
399.Cabbage Slaw Cutter
400.Glass Oil jar and Metal Spout
401.Glass Oil Jar with Metal Spout
402.Pig Cookie Jar
403.Lot Cobalt Glass items
404.Northeastern Corn, Hybrid Advertising Bag
405.Tricycle, mini, Repair is needed
406.Churn Cover, Cast Iron, Marked
407.Wood Painted Cutting Board
408.Hand Scythe, newer
409.Rug Beater
410.Army Mortar Container/tube
411.OSU painted hand saw
412.OSU painted hand saw
413.Coca-Cola painted hand saw
414.Graniteware Blue Mixing Bowl
415.Traction pads, studded
416.Lot Cobalt items
417.Barn Lanterns (3)
418.Coin Banks, (3)
419.Lot Brass and Copper items
420.Lot LP's
421.Lot baseball cards, includes (6) long cardboard boxes more
422.Lot Tools
423.Lot Knee Pads, etc
424.Lot Tools
425.Lot Plant Hanging Brackets
426.Lot Figurines
427.Toy Wagon running gear
428.Wood Doll furniture, painted
429.Cedar Point Collector Plate
430.Corona Beer Sign, Lighted
432.Radio Controlled Car
433.Lot Dishes
434.Breyer Bear, Ceramic Bear and Eagle
435.Coca-Cola Pitcher and Tumblers, glass
436.Egg Crate
437.Ice Tongs
438.Bale Hook
439.Wall Art, Bicycle
440.Wind Chimes
441.Wind Chimes
442.Wind Chimes (2)
443.Bale Hooks, (2)
444.Lot Hubley Toys
445.Round Table
447.Lot Soldering irons and Ax head
448.Fordson Tractor Tool Box
449.Maisto Pick-up Truck and Hauler toy
450.Seagull, Metal Art
451.FireKing Bread baking Dish
452.Pyrex Orange Mixing Bowl
453.Pyrex Green Mixing Bowl
454.FireKing Mixing Bowl and Hamilton Beach Mixing Bowl
455.Bench Grinder
456.Wagner Dutch Over with Glass lid
457.Lighthouse and Lighthouse Keeper Decor
459.Parrot Decor, rattan ring
460.Lot Carnival Glass items
461.Wood Sled, Metal runners
462.Pressure Cookers, (2)
463.Lot Salt and Pepper shakers
464.Lot Salt and Pepper Shakers
465.Lot Graniteware lids, dishpan, pot
466.Lot Drinking Glasses
467.Lot Graniteware items
469.Lot Horse items
470.Graniteware Pot
471.Graniteware pot
472.Lot Salt and Pepper Shakers
473.Lot Salt and Pepper Shakers
474.Lot Graniteware items
475.Punch Bowl Set
476.Lot Doll Dishes
477.Lot Cat Figurines
478.Wood Sewing Caddy
479.Metal Boudoir Stool
480.Lot Extension Cords, heavy duty
481.Coleman Burner
482.Lot M&M's Collectibles
483.Blow Torch
484.Cast Iron Tractor
485.Lot LP's
486.Lot Metal Skillets
487.Blow Torch
488.9" Cast Iron Skillet
489.9" Cast Iron Skillet
490.9" Cast iron Skillet
491.10" Cast Iron Skillet
492.9 1/2" Cast Iron Skillet
493.9 1/4" Cast Iron Skillet
494.10 1/2" Cast Iron Skillet
495.8" Cast Iron Skillet
496.10 1/2" Cast Iron Skillet
497.8" Cast Iron Skillet
498.10" Cast Iron Skillet
499.10" Cast Iron Skillet
500.8" Cast Iron Skillet
501.9" Cast Iron Griddle
502.8" Cast Iron Skillet
503.10 1/2" Cast Iron Skillet
504.7 3/4" Cast Iron Skillet
505.10" Cast Iron Skillet
506.10" Cast Iron Skillet
507.11" Cast Iron Skillet
508.10" Cast Iron Skillet
509.10" Hammered Aluminum Skillet
510.9" Cast Iron Skillet
511.10" Cast Iron Skillet
512.Cast Iron Tea/Coffee Pot with Wire Spiral handle
513.10" Cast Iron Skillet
514.9 1/2" Cast Iron Skillet
515.7 1/2" Cast Iron Skillet
516.10" Cast Iron Skillet
517.9 1/2" Cast Iron Dutch Oven, no lid
518.10" Cast iron Skillet
519.10" Cast iron Skillet
520.10 1/2" Cast Iron Skillet
521.7 1/2" Cast Iron Skillet
522.10 1/2" Cast Iron Skillet
523.Wood Shadow Box
524.10" Cast Iron Skillet
525.7 1/4" Cast Iron Skillet
526.6" Cast Iron Skillet
527.USN 9" Bell with clapper, repair
528.9" Cast Iron Skillet
529.10" Cast Iron Skillet
530.6" Cast Iron Skillet
531.7 1/2" Cast Iron Skiller
532.6" Cast Iron Skillet
533.Cardboard framed Print
534.Model Ship, Cutty Sark
535.6" Cast Iron Skillet
536.Tandem Axle Enclosed Semi Trailer toy
537.Nylint Flatbed Truck toy
538.Nylint Stake Truck toy
539.Lot cars toys
540.Auburn Rubber Military car toy
541.Hess ladder Truck
542.Hess Ladder Truck
543.Hess Truck
544.US Army Truck toy
545.Mattel and Nylint plastic cars
546.Marx Lumar Van Lines Truck toy
547.Schmidt Sausage Stuffer. Cast Iron
548.Nylint Car Hauler Trailer toy
549.Hubley Tractor, (2)
550.Army Truck toy
551.Tonka Cement Mixer Truck toy
552.Lot Fast Food Premium toys
553.Lot Open end wrenches
554.Lot Bottles
555.Lot Glass items
556.Lot Glass Vases, bottles
557.Lot Ceramic figures, glass
558.Cheese Box filled with glass Insulators
559.Lot Open end Wrenches
560.Lot Rat-tail Files
561.Lot Cars and Trucks toys
562.Lot Sports Cards
563.(2) Beware of Dog signs, metal
564.(2) For Sale and (1) Keep Out metal signs
565.(3) pieces of Art Glass
566.Half Table with Marble Top
567.Wood Crate and "hoosier" accessory
568.(2) Garage Sale and (1) yard Sale signs
569.Tonka Loader Truck toy
570.Battery Operated Picnic Lights
571.Tonka Plastic Fire Truck toy
572.Owens-Corning Tractor-Trailer Truck toy
573.Tonka Ladder Truck toy
574.Basic Cigarette Price Sign, moveable numbers
575.Mickey Mouse Plate, (3) Comic Books
576.Tonka Rescue Truck toy
577.Thunderbird Friction Toy, Original box
578.Coca-Cola Tractor-Trailer Truck with car toy
579.Nylint Semi Car hauler toy
580.Auburn Rubber Fire Truck
581.Lot Glassware
582.Model Ship
583.Lot Die Cast Nascar car toys
584.Lot Pink Decoy Ducks
585.Lot CB Radio
586.Lot Wood Wildlife items
587.Lot noise makers and tin toys
588.Lot Tins
589.Maisto Mini Cooper Car and Ertl Semi Truck toys
590.Tucker Car, Road Legends, 1/18" ga
591.Ice picks
592.Lot LP's
593.Lot Assorted Tools, Tie-Down Straps, 3 boxes
594.Lot Glassware
595.Lot Milk Glass items
596.Lot Hinges, hardware
597.Hocking Valley Steam & Antique Power Club Souvenir Plate, 1977
598.Vernois Cast Iron Stove
599.HotWheels Carrying Case with Car toys
601.25 piece 1/2" Drive, Socket Set
602.Turtle Shell
603.Lot M&M's Collectibles
604.Lot Mad Magazines, Super Hero
605.Lot Art work, drawings, framed post cards, etc.
606.Lot Fast Food Premium toys
607.Flat-top Truck
608.Lot Samsonite Luggage
609.Carpenter's Toolbox with contents
610.Corner Cupboard
611.Commode/wash stand, painted
612.Bird House on Stand, Decorative
613.Model Steam Engine and Pepsi Tray
614.Lot Character Drinking glasses
615.Aluminum items, cheese jars, etc
616.(2) Steam Irons and Clock Parts
618.Lot Magazines
619.Hutch with 3 drawers, painted
620.Scythe and bent wood pieces
621.Candleholders, decorative, (2)
622.Lot Ball Jars and bottles
623.Cupboard, narrow
624.First At Electric Guitar
625.Fenton Ruffle bowl and Fenton glass Basket
626.Cast Iron, Corn bread
627.Elephant wood chimes
628.Crank and spigot
629.Deer legs!
630.Bookcase, painted
631.Walnut Hutch, carved handles, antique
632.Spinning wheel
633.Lot Copper and Brass Items
634.Delta ShopMaster Band Saw on stand
635.(7) Carpenter saws, wooden case
636.Bicycle Pump
637.Machinery Belt
638.Horse Collar
639.Bird House, yard Pedestal
640.Lot wire, etc
641.Advertising Feed Bags
642.Right Angle Grinder, Gasoline motor
643.(3) Carpenter saws
644.B&D Power Mitre Saw
646.Bookcase, painted
647.Plastic Trash Can with Lid
648.Tackle Box with Contents
651.Walk-behind Cultivator
652.Aquarium Stand and Child's chair
653.B&D WorkMate
654.Liberty Wood Stove
655.Lot electronics, etc
656.Wall hanging, Kitchen misc
657.Lot "as is" toys
658.Canister set, misc
659.Glass, Pottery, Ceramics
660.Kitchen Decor, etc
661.Radio Controlled car and other various controllers
662.Doll Crib, wood on wheels
663.Doll Swing
664.Carpenter's Tool Box
665.Vanity stool/bench
666.Folding shovel, Military belt, CB radio
667.Post cards, etc
668.Bottle capper, wood pulley, drill bits, etc
670.Christmas Ornaments, etc
671.Lot of Misc
672.Lot of misc
673.Lot figurines
674.Shot glasses, tape measuring tools
675.Lot misc
676.Lot Tools
677.Lot drill bits
678.Lot amber glass and goldtone items
679.Nut crackers, tape dispenser, bell and more
680.Noise makers and more
681.Lot of misc
682.Lot Ceramic, wood carved items
683.Lot (2 boxes) glass items
684.Case of (20) 20 x 25 x 1 furnace filters
685.Case of 20 20 x 25 Furnace Filters
686.Case of (20) 20 x 25 x 1 Furnace Filters
687.Case of (20) 20 x 25 x 1 Furnace Filters
688.Case of (20) 20 x 25 x 1 Furnace filters
689.Case of (20) 20 x 25 x 1 Furnace Filters
690.Set of 4 Chrome, 6 lug, 16" Chevrolet Wheels, NEW
691.Porter Cable 14V drill with 2 batteries, Charger and Flashlight
692.Wood Turtle Stool
693.Metal ConServo Caning Double Oven
694.Lot Cars & Trucks toys
695.Lot Train toys
696.Lot Cars & Trucks toys
697.Teacups, saucers, pitcher
698.Lot Glass figures, items
699.Lot Pez Candy Containers
700.Lot Plant Metal Brackets
701.Pyrex Glass Perculator
702.Graniteware Roaster, Navy with white speckles
703.Graniteware Roaster, Navy with white speckles
704.Graniteware Roaster, Navy with White Speckles
705.Floral, Ceramic Cake Plate Pedestal